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Photos from Akupunktur Klinik's post 07/04/2021

Photos from Akupunktur Klinik's post


🌼Beautiful herbs from @tcmlearninggarden
Ju Hua ~ Chrysanthemum morifolium
Category: Herbs that Release the Exterior
Properties: sweet, bitter, slightly cold
Channels entered: Lung, Liver
Key Characteristics: cooling, aromatic, and light; can ascend or descend, drain or tonify; particularly effective for dispersing wind-heat, cooling and tonifying the Liver, and brightening the eyes; also resolves toxicity
Actions and Indications: Disperses wind and clears heat: for wind-heat patterns, either from common cold or warm pathogen disease with fever and headache.
Calms the Liver and clears the eyes: for red, swollen, dry, and/or painful eyes due to either wind-heat in the Liver channel or ascendant Liver yang.
Calms the Liver and extinguishes wind: For such symptoms as dizziness, headache, and deafness due to ascendant Liver yang.
Resolves toxicity: for toxic sores and swellings
“Rectification of the Meaning of Materia Medica” notes that “All flowers lift, dissipate, and drain— only Ju Hua contains, accepts, and directs downward to calm Liver fire, extinguish internal wind, and thus suppress the transverse rebellion of wood qi accosting the earth.” #juhua #chrysanthemum


@therock knows the benefits of acupuncture and cupping therapy!🙌🏼
Repost from @therock

First time cupper over here 🙋🏽‍♂️
Looks more gnarly than it feels, but over all I enjoyed the therapy.

Always looking for new techniques to keep this 250million year old dinosaur 🦖 body balanced and optimal with not only all my past injuries but my daily grinding family/work/training/repeat schedule.
It all takes it toll, so being proactive is critical.

We only get one body, so we gotta take care of it.

⚖️ ☯️ 🦖


Spring has sprung and so have the allergies for many people. We love this DIY acupressure protocol and advice from @kanpobliss
#repost🌸Spring means flower buds and blooming trees in some countries. If you’re one of those with allergies, you might be having running nose, congestion and teary eyes! .
• Press the acupoints daily for 2-3 mins, several times a day to clear congestions.
• Wear a 😷 mask.
• Stay indoors on windy days.
• Change clothes you've worn outside and shower to rinse pollen from your body.
• Don't hang laundry outside - pollen can stick to them.
• Rinse your nasal passages with saline solution. #diy #acupressure #allergiesbegone #acupuncture

[03/23/21]   Vi åbner igen
d. 6/4

[12/24/20]   Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår🎊🎉


Emperor's College

Great research found in the January 2021 edition of ScienceDirect from David Y.W. Lee, Qing Y. Li, Jing Liu, Thomas Efferth.
“According to Huang Di Nei Jing, 12 meridian lines run through the human body and play a pivotal role in maintaining a balanced immune system and good health. Based on the TCM theory of exterior-interior correlation, the lung meridian line, which functionally interconnects with the large intestine, is the most important meridian teaching for controlling body fluid (water). The lung meridian communicates with the large intestine meridian, creating an exterior and interior relationship between these two organs. The two organ systems influence each other closely. The large intestine is called the “Minister of Transportation” (传导之官: Chuan Dao Zhi Guan, Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, 2600 BC). It controls the transformation of digestive wastes from liquid to solid state and transports it for excretion outwards through the re**um. It plays a major role in the balance of bodily fluids and assists the respiratory function of lung by controlling the skin's pores and perspiration. This ancient TCM theory may be interpreted by human physiology, in which water molecules serve as lubricants during oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange by pulmonary cells and the large intestine serves as water reservoir of the human body. Expelling phlegm and relaxing the bowels with laxative are common methods for treating lung diseases. Therefore, maintaining a smooth and open channel is an important function served by the lung meridian line. This explains why the lung meridian is connected to the large intestine... Thus, the primary guiding theory of treating COVID-19 is to expel the toxic moisture from the upper respiratory system and to improve intestinal obstruction. In essence, TCM is to maintain the balance of the lung meridian system, and to restore the balance between lung and intestine.”
Full article available can be found here:


Photos from Akupunktur Klinik's post


Praktiserende Akupunktører - for dig der vil vide mere

Skal du også have varmedunken med under dynen for at kunne falde i søvn? Du er ikke alene. Rigtig mange mennesker døjer med kolde hænder og fødder. I de køligere årstider, som vi nærmer os nu, bliver problemet tit værre, da hænder og fødder oftere bliver udsat for kulde.

Heldigvis kan der være hjælp at hente i akupunkturens verden. Akupunktur er en traditionel kinesisk behandlingsform, som i flere tusinde år er blevet brugt til at lindre en lang række lidelser og symptomer.

Vil du høre mere om, hvordan akupunktur kan hjælpe dig med at få varmen tilbage? Så kontakt din lokale PA-godkendte akupunktør, som du finder via søgefunktionen på vores hjemmeside: www.aku-net.dk/for-patienter/soeg-behandler.html


Emperor's College

A good acupressure point for election stress and anxiety. We hope that you are finding ways to stay calm and grounded during these stressful times. Meditation, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure , and herbal medicine are helpful ways. Please make your personal well being a priority and continue to stay safe and healthy.
Repost from @dr.kara.aculand

🖤Pericardium can be translated to various Chinese terms: Master of the Heart~ Xin Zhu/ Envelope of the Heart~ Xin Bao/ Connecting Channel of the Envelope of the Heart~ Xin Bao Luo.
💗In Chinese Medicine this organ is closely related to the Heart. The ‘Selected Historical Theories of Chinese Medicine’ confirms the nature of the Pericardium as the outer covering of the Heart by saying: “The Pericardium is a membrane wrapping around the Heart”.
🖤One of my favorite acupuncture/ acupressure points to help with feelings of anxiety or any heart issues physically and or emotionally is Nei Guan translated as Inner Gate or Inner Pass: Pericardium 6
💗This point calms the heart and spirit , good for anxiety, irritability, insomnia, any heart problem
🖤relaxes the chest and regulates the Qi
💗suppresses rebellious qi and stops vomiting suppresses pain (in stomach/chest pain)
🖤It is commonly used to help relieve nausea, upset stomach, motion sickneess, carpal tunnel syndrome, and anxiety.
📍This point is located about three finger breadths (2 cun) below the wrist on the inner forearm in between the two tendons. You can apply acupressure to this point by gently massaging it while taking some nice deep breaths if you feel anxious, tightness in the chest or nauseous. This point also has an indirect action on the Liver and can therefore be used for irritability due to Liver Qi Stagnation.#acupressure #pc6 #pericardium6


Akupunktur Klinik's cover photo

aku-net.dk 09/12/2020

Leder du efter den perfekte julegave?🎁

Leder du efter den perfekte julegave?🎁 Med et gavekort på akupunktur kan du gøre livet bedre for den, du elsker❤️ Bestil gavekortet hos din lokale PA-godkendte behandler, som du finder på www.aku-net.dk.

Glædelig jul!

aku-net.dk Find højtuddannede akupunktører i dit nærområde via "søg behandler"-funktionen på vores hjemmeside.


Emperor's College

“Acupuncture demonstrates clinical efficacy for postviral recovery from the loss of the sense of smell. COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients often experience diminished olfaction, with a median return of the senses of taste and smell within eight days. However, long-term impacts on both gustation (tasting) and olfaction have been reported in COVID-19 cases. Research on acupuncture’s ability to benefit the restoration of olfaction indicates that it is a potentially effective treatment modality for the relief of anosmia, dysosmia, parosmia, hyposmia, dysgeusia, and ageusia in postviral recovery.
COVID-19 presents challenges because the completion of most current research is pending. Looking at prior investigations, a controlled clinical trial published in the Journal of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery finds acupuncture effective for restoring olfaction in patients with dysosmia (sense of smell dysfunction) due to viral infections.Notably, patients that recovered with the use of acupuncture were non-responders to conventional pharmacologic therapy. The results indicate that additional studies are warranted.” Article from @healthcmi https://www.healthcmi.com/Acupuncture-Continuing-Education-News/2066-acupuncture-for-covid-19-loss-of-smell-and-taste


Emperor's College

🌿Huang Qi ~ Astragalus ~One of the most researched botanicals in Chinese Pharmacopeia.
🌿Powerful immunomodulator
Immune stimulating
Anti inflammatory: reduces production of TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12
Antiviral effects
Antibacterial effects
Increases the function of humoral immunity
Increases the production of macrophages and increases the body resistance
🌿Category: Tonify Qi
Taste and Property: Sweet, slightly warm
Meridian: Spleen, Lung
Actions: replenish the Qi and stop perspiration
Consolidate the defensive energy
Generates flesh, accelerates wound healing
Tonifies the Qi and blood
Tonifies the Spleen and raises the yang
🌿Chemical constituents: sugars, choline, folic acid, amino acids, betaine, astragalan, beta sitosterol, polysaccharide
Pubmed.gov has close to 10,000 results on Astragalus!🌿#immunesupport #immunomodulator

psychologytoday.com 01/11/2020

Acupuncture for Self-Injurious Behavior

psychologytoday.com Acupuncture can help reduce self-injurious behavior along with therapy.


Emperor's College

“Tufts University School of Medicine (Boston, Massachusetts) researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 16 medical reviews and 11 randomized controlled clinical trials and determined that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of these conditions. They add that there is considerable evidence that acupuncture produces pain relieving effects by stimulating nerves that trigger the body’s natural opioid systems.
🔬The Tufts University researchers also note that fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) studies “demonstrate that acupuncture has regionally specific, quantifiable effects on relevant structures and restoration of the balance in the connectivity of the human brain implicated in descending pain modulation, and altered pain-related attention and memory.” [1] The researchers note that acupuncture is a “safe and reasonable referral option” for patients with knee osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain.” [2] They note that the scientific data also indicates that patients suffering from fibromyalgia experience relief from acupuncture treatments.” Article from Healthcare Medicine Institute, full copy in link below


#Acupuncture #AcupunctureSchool #Education #AcupunctureStudent #SantaMonica #LosAngeles #bestjobever #emperorscollege #acupuncturist #cuppingtherapy #highereducation #mastersprogram #doctoralprogram #tcm #chinesemedicine #taichi #qigong #emotions #meditation #ayurveda #meditation #acupunctureresearch#acupunctureworks


Praktiserende Akupunktører - for dig der vil vide mere

Skal du også have varmedunken med under dynen for at kunne falde i søvn? Du er ikke alene. Rigtig mange mennesker døjer med kolde hænder og fødder. I de køligere årstider, som vi nærmer os nu, bliver problemet tit værre, da hænder og fødder oftere bliver udsat for kulde.

Heldigvis kan der være hjælp at hente i akupunkturens verden. Akupunktur er en traditionel kinesisk behandlingsform, som i flere tusinde år er blevet brugt til at lindre en lang række lidelser og symptomer.

Vil du høre mere om, hvordan akupunktur kan hjælpe dig med at få varmen tilbage? Så kontakt din lokale PA-godkendte akupunktør, som du finder via søgefunktionen på vores hjemmeside: www.aku-net.dk/for-patienter/soeg-behandler.html

aku-net.dk 06/10/2020

Kontakt din lokale PA-godkendte akupunktør.

I Danmark er antallet af mennesker, der lider af overvægt, steget markant i de seneste år. Sundhedsstyrelsen anslog i 2018, at hele 51 procent af befolkningen kan defineres som overvægtige, hvoraf cirka 17 procent er svært overvægtige.

Akupunkturens positive effekt er blandt andet blevet fastslået i et videnskabeligt studie fra 2018 med 2283 overvægtige deltagere. Her viste en kombination af akupunkturmetoder sig at være mere effektivt til at reducere kropsvægt og BMI (et tal for forholdet mellem vægt og højde) end medicin, livsstilændringer og placebo ved et længere forløb.

Vil du høre mere om, hvordan akupunktur kan hjælpe netop dig? Så kontakt din lokale Praktiserende Akupunktør. Du finder veluddannede, PA-godkendte behandlere i hele landet via ”Søg behandler”-funktionen på Praktiserende Akupunktørers hjemmeside, hvor du også kan læse mere om akupunkturens mange fordele.

aku-net.dk Brug søgefunktionen til at finde veluddannede akupunktører i dit lokalområde.


Emperor's College

A noun with many points! 😊 image from @empire.acupuncture


Emperor's College

Stressed out? Acupuncture.
What would you add to the list!?
#repost from @deannacarellacupuncture ☯️#acupuncture

aku-net.dk 22/09/2020

Røgfri med akupunktur

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Emperor's College

Who is ready for an Acu Nap right about now !?
✨Yin Tang (Hall of Impression)
✨Pacifies wind and calms the shen
✨Benefits the nose
✨Activates the channel and alleviates pain
Artwork by @silkandpalm 😍#yintang #acunap


Emperor's College

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fruit is a nutritional complement to grains and supports the formation and preservation of body fluids. Their thermal nature is primarily cool to cold, for some types of fruit it is neutral and warm. Fruit should be eaten primarily during the warm and hot seasons since it cools heat conditions, replenishes body fluids, and moistens dryness.
Pears are especially good during the fall season as the weather is becoming dry and specifically right now due to the smoke in the air from all of the fires on the West coast.
Thermal Nature: Cool
Flavor: Sweet
Organ network: Lung, Stomach
Direction: Downbearing
Phase: Wood, Earth
Effect: Clears heat, Moistens dryness, creates body fluids, transforms phlegm
🍐You can eat raw, cooked, or make a delicious pear tea and add some ginger and honey. Enjoy!#pears #asianpear #chinesemedicinenutrition #lunghealth


Maryland Acupuncture Society

A practice in Mindfulness guided by the rain:

Listening- What qualities do you hear? Is there a rhythm to the rain? Where in your body do you feel the echoes of the sound? How does the sound wave appear- could you put a shape to the qualities of the sound?

Smelling- What qualities can you put to the smell of rain? Is the smell heavy or light? Full of empty? Round or sharp? What other expressions can you add to describe this smell?

Sensing- Where do you feel the rain? Are you sensing it on your skin- what qualities and textures do you sense? Where does the rain end, and your body begun? Can you sense the physical boundary?

brightside.me 11/09/2020

4 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Start to Eat Almonds Every Day

brightside.me Eating almonds could literally save your life. In a study, the American Heart Association found that low nut consumption increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Among nuts, almonds are the favorites not just for their taste, but for their benefits too.

aboveandbeyondacupuncture.com 11/09/2020

Can Acupuncture Treat Colds & The Flu? | Above & Beyond Acupuncture | Scottsdale Acupuncture

aboveandbeyondacupuncture.com Did you know that acupuncture can be used to treat colds and the flu? Instead of relying on over-the-counter and prescription medications try acupuncture!

aboveandbeyondacupuncture.com 11/09/2020

Can Acupuncture Help Me Heal? | Above & Beyond Acupuncture | Scottsdale Acupuncture

aboveandbeyondacupuncture.com Are you wondering if acupuncture can help you heal? Read this article to learn more about how acupuncture can help speed up the healing process naturally.

aku-net.dk 10/09/2020

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Smerter i muskler eller led⚡️Prøv akupunktur

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Maryland Acupuncture Society

Triple Heater, also known as San Jiao, ‘an organ with a name but no shape.’ This Official correlates to the three jiao of the body ♨️

Below the belly button is the lower jiao containing BL, KI, SI, & LI. The lower burner separates the clear from the turbid, like a swamp breaks down vegetation 🌱

Above the umbilicus is the middle jiao, the territory of the digestive processes, including the SP & ST. The middle burner is in charge of digestive function, like a foam as food decomposes through the process of transformation and ripening 🍑

Finally, the upper jiao includes the breaths and rhythms with the HT & LU. The upper burner is the Mist in charge of distributing Qi, xue, & body fluids throughout the body ♨️


Internet side


Søndre Fasanvej 90, 1. Tv


Tirsdag 10:00 - 18:00
Onsdag 10:00 - 18:00
Fredag 10:00 - 18:00
Andre Akupunktur i Copenhagen (vis alle)
Privatklinikkenkbh Privatklinikkenkbh
Frederiksholms Kanal 21z
Copenhagen, 1220

Københavns flydende oase. Klinik for massage, skadesbehandling stress- & smertelindring Book online. Velkommen om bord.

Mackenhauer Terapi. Akupunktur - ReflexZoneterapi - Ernæringsterapi Mackenhauer Terapi. Akupunktur - ReflexZoneterapi - Ernæringsterapi
Vendersgade 14, St Th
Copenhagen, 1363

Behandlinger: Akupunktur, reflexzoneterapi , neuromuskulær afspænding/massage, ernæringsterapi. Sygesikringen Danmark yder tilskud . Mange sundhedsforsikringer via job eller privat yder tilskud

Akupunktur v Jordemoder Helen Gerstenberg Akupunktur v Jordemoder Helen Gerstenberg
Slagelsegade 1, 3. Sal
Copenhagen, 2100

Ørestad akupunktur Ørestad akupunktur
Richard Mortensens Vej 75.
Copenhagen, 2300

Ørestad akupunktur drives af Laura Karlsson, som er uddannet sygeplejerske og akupunktør.

Myoreflex Terapi v/ Mathias Frederiksen Myoreflex Terapi v/ Mathias Frederiksen
Slagelsegade 12
Copenhagen, 2100

Velkommen til Naturligt Sund. En tværfaglig klinik med speciale i akupunktur, Myoreflex Terapi og traumebehandling. Her er det hele menneske er i centrum, og årsagsbehandling er i hovedsædet.

Zoneterapi og massage ByShiloh Zoneterapi og massage ByShiloh

Uddannet zoneterapeut, massør, personlig træner, kostvejleder og i øre akupunktur.

Biomedicinsk Klinik Biomedicinsk Klinik
Østerbrogade 45, 1 Sal
Copenhagen, 2100

BIOMEDICINSK KLINIK tilbyder biopatisk/biomedicinsk behandling, laserakupunktur ifm. rygestop eller ønsket vægttab og slankebehandlinger.

Gladmuskel Gladmuskel
Rosendalsgade 8, Kld. Tv.
Copenhagen, 2100

Mit navn er Jeannet Brandt Jensen. Jeg er diplomuddannet akupunktør samt sport-og fysiurgiskmassør, som er en læge- og fysioterapeuteksamineret uddannelse.

Ziva Therapies Ziva Therapies
Godthåbsvej 101 A
Copenhagen, 2000

Jeg hedder Maria Gøtze og er uddannet Registreret Alternativ Behandler (RAB) i både Massage Terapi og TCM Akupunktur. Det betyder at du kan få dækket dine behandlinger hos mig gennem din sundhedsforsikring.

Nål & Tryk Nål & Tryk
Nørre Søgade 27A St Tv
Copenhagen, 1370

Akupunktur og Ancient Thai Massage tilbydes af Julie Holmgaard; certificeret RAB- akupunktør v. Jiewei Chen & certificeret massageterapeut v. Rahul Bharti

Akupunktør, zoneterapeut og massør Anna Holm Akupunktør, zoneterapeut og massør Anna Holm
Vester Farimagsgade 3, 1.
Copenhagen, 1606

Jeg tilbyder professionelle behandlinger tilrettet mine kunders individuelle behov; typisk en kombination af flere behandlingsformer, bl.a. zoneterapi, massage, akupunktur og cupping. -Sportsskader -Hælsporer -Fertilitetsproblemer -Kolik m.m.

Sei-mei Sei-mei
Holbergsgade 12
Copenhagen, 1057

Jeg har indgået et samarbejde med 3 generations kinesiske læge Alice Dan Mao som har klinikken Nordic Health Center i Holbergsgade 12, 1153 KBH K. Jeg behandler i klinikken hver tirsdag og torsdag. Jeg glæder mig til at byde dig velkommen.