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Photos from's post 27/08/2021

“I am exactly where I’m supposed to be doing exactly what I’m supposed to do”

This was going on my mind today when I was giving a treatment to an amazing human being 💛

So I decided to do something special

For the rest of this year, I will offer my treatments on a donation base.

I have so much to give, and I hope this way it can reach more people.

I know how limiting money can be and how hard it is to prioritize and gift ourselves in ways of body therapy or massage. So if you feel like your soul&body needs some healing, contact me and we’ll find a way 🙃

Photos from's post 20/06/2021

nurture 🌱 means care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.

I don’t only mean it in an eating-habit way, but all the other factors involved..

..what you read, what you watch, where you put your focus and energy, who you surround yourself with.

It’s all energy and it’s always circulating around us.

It’s so easy to get lost and withdraw attention from our mental and physical health.

I encourage you to look at those patterns, and give all the love and care for yourself that you deserve!

Because we all deserve the best! And often times it’s us that can give it to ourselves 🌻


when you focus on the good, the good gets better 🌻

spending time at my makes this smile on my face 🙃


Making my first videos while having a huge Herpes Simplex outburst on my face made me think about how I handle my body’s symptoms. 👀

I used to ignore or numb them, and most of the time I felt annoyed or angry with my body for showing symptoms. I thought she is letting me down, when I want her to look and feel beautiful! 🙉

Truth is that I was letting her down. 😔

When a the body is experiencing high level of stress, the Herpes Virus travels to my lips/around my nose and makes a visible and painful scar, so I can acknowledge that I need to rest or leave the stressful situation.

When I eat two bags of chips with some chocolate, my body creates pimples or stomach pain to show me that it’s not what she needs.

When I don’t drink anything for hours and I don’t stop for a minute to sit down or eat, I will have a headache ...and so on!

Our bodies are working in an amazing way, showing us their needs all the time 🌻 all we have to do is learn to read them and take care of ourselves ♥️


When we have each other, we have everything. 🌻


✨these words speak for themselves✨

This quote from Emily McDowell keeps coming into my sight.
It makes so much sense, I felt the urge to share it here. 🙃♥️


good news alert ✨

🙌🏻 massage is back on the list of treatments🙃🥳

check out my new webpage at 🌻

you can book appointments through the webpage, facebook or instagram ☺️


🌱 nature

after spending some days far from the city, connecting with nature, I’m back again, ready for the summer 🌻🏄🏼‍♀️🌊☀️✨🥰🏕☺️

I have some news for you, more information is coming soon 👀♥️


keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again 🌻

Spring is such a transformational period, just look at nature, it takes so much energy and time to bloom again ☀️

If you feel like you’re off the road, or that you’re tired, it’s okay to rest and just take your time with getting back on track 🦆


You drown not by falling into water but by staying submerged in it.

The past months I felt like I was constantly drowning, getting deeper and deeper in a sea made of unfair situations and sadness.

Some days ago I had a heavy, but super important talk, that made me realise some things.

First of all, that I am finally able to have a hard conversation with someone I love, and that there ARE people around me who deeply care about me, no matter what is going on. ♥️

When things go wrong, I tend to forget about my ‘safety net’ and turn inwards, I even get a bit angry at the world, and it leads to bad vibes and micro-aggression.

Even though I think that it’s SO OKAY not to be okay nowadays, given all the circumstances, I am truly happy to be reminded that on top of those things I cannot change, my mindset is 100% up to me.

So if you feel under water, just try to get your head up to the surface, and breathe. Even if you cannot climb out yet, you can choose to look at the sky, wait for the sunlight, or learn how to swim while you’re there.

Nothing lasts forever, these hard times won’t either! 🌻

📷 by @lupebasagoitia_ ✨


Words can not explain how excited I am!
After long months, I can start working on my dreams again ☺️🥳

Coming back with new energy, great plans and good vibes 🌱🌊

More information is coming soon, stay tuned 👀




✨✨✨Christmas giveaway✨✨✨

Win a free 50 minutes massage at aegle body therapy. 🥳🎁

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Good luck 🙏🏻🥰🥳☺️🤩

The competition is not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

If you find this post on Facebook, switch to instagram, and participate there ☺️🌻


One must always remember that change is an imperative part of life.

While many people are afraid of change, it is, in fact, a good thing, when you train yourself to see the positive in it. 🌻

Life is full of change - weather, moments, wins, losses, people, jobs - everything is temporary.

Whether you want it or not, things will keep on changing and you will keep on growing. Thus, the best way to accept change is to embrace it. Imagine all the benefits you get once you embrace change instead of running from it. ✨

📷 by @lupebasagoitia_ ♥️🦌




What about your clothes? Are they comfortable? 🤔

I’ve recently discovered (and changed) a pattern in my clothing.

I used to buy smaller sized clothes, because I felt ‘big’ and I was always planning to ‘get in shape soon’ (haha)..

When I started to choose things that made me feel good, I figured out that almost all my clothes are suuuuper uncomfortable.

They didn’t let me move freely, they suffocated and limited me in so many ways.

Right now I couldn’t make a day wearing a bra with an underwire, or skinny jeans with a tight top.

I think it’s so important to feel free in our body and choose clothes that let us move.


To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around it.

They say F.E.A.R. means Forget Everything And Run, but it can also mean Face Everything And Rise.

It’s up to you, which one you choose.

We have a great amount of fear to deal with, and it’s really not easy, but it won’t last forever, and we will be over it.

Try to face your feelings, fears, doubts, and sit with it. There’s always a way, there’s always a solution.
And please don’t forget that asking for help when you need it, is not a sign of weakness, it actually means that you are f✨cking strong.

📷 by @lupebasagoitia_ ♥️


The situation we are going through is quite a special one, something that none of us have ever experienced.
Isolation, fear, uncertainty, instability, doubt, responsibility, anxiety ..and so on.

It affects all of us in so many ways.

Human touch can help so much in these times, since it is the fundamental language of connection.
When we’re touched in a positive way, a cascade of events happens in the brain and one of the important ones is the release of a neurochemical called oxytocin. This process reduces stress and improves immunity. That’s super valuable in a time of pandemic. 🙌🏻🥰✨

Do you get enough human touch?
Book your appointment for a massage ☺️✨


feel the fear & do it anyway ✨

when it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump
otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life 🌻

📷 @lupebasagoitia_ ♥️♥️


a moment of peace ✨

I believe we can use some peace during these times, just to stop for a second, to give some time for ourselves.

To slow down, listen, understand and appreciate. We need it to be able to feel connected.

My peaceful time is when I’m working with bodies, muscles, tissues. It gives me the feeling of timelessness, it’s like a meditation when I can connect to my deepest core.

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klinikwestend har samlet nogle af landets mest engagerede behandlere i et unikt behandlinghus, hvor alle er velkomne. Hvad enten du er elitesportsudøver, motionist eller bare er faldet på cyklen, så kan vi hjælpe dig.

Elite Fysioterapi Elite Fysioterapi
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EH Fysioterapi & Træning EH Fysioterapi & Træning
Præstøgade 2A
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Jeg er autoriseret fysioterapeut og har praktiseret siden 1994 med erfaring både inden for almen fysioterapi og specialer som gynækologi - graviditet relateret - bækkenløsning – smerter i underliv.

Havnestadsklinikkens Fysioterapi Havnestadsklinikkens Fysioterapi
Kigkurren 6-8, St.
Copenhagen, 2300

jj.xlr8 jj.xlr8
Copenhagen, 2200

Aut. Fysioterapeut. forbyg/genoptræning af skader.

Prassé - Personlig træning Prassé - Personlig træning
Grøndal Multicenter, Hvidkildevej 64
Copenhagen, 2400

Aut. Fysioterapeut, Master of Exercise & Fitness og personlig træner med speciale i idrætsfolk på vej tilbage efter skader. Se mere på

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Århusgade 88 3
Copenhagen, 2100 // John Verner, m.fl.

Ryggen Ryggen
Frederiksgade 7 TheRainbowFactory
Copenhagen, 1265

PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT! Stabilitets- og Balancetræning med fokus på det transversospinale system.