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(Hue) Therapy is a psychotherapy counselling service for individuals, couples and families.

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"The Book You Wish Your Parents Read"- Author Philippa Perry

The book is a compassionate, relatable and relieving read. It guides parents understand and overcome their own childhood traumas and support their children's development by building healthy relationships based on mutual respect.

Its not only for parents but for people who are reparenting themselves. It first teaches you how to communicate with your child and then identifies the factors that hinder developing a a safe and emotionally intimate relationship. – (Hue) Therapy


– On Journaling –

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs? Journaling could be your remedy. A simple yet effective practice - free and accessible to all.

Try setting aside just 5 minutes a day and let your thoughts flow freely onto the page. From reducing stress and anxiety to boosting immunity and sparking creativity, regular journaling offers powerful benefits for your mental and physical health and fosters self-care, self-discovery, and self-expression.

Follow our newsletter to learn about journaling, different approaches and our upcoming journaling workshops. – (Hue) Therapy


Reflective practice, inner knowing, and our breath are our greatest allies in parenting.

Understanding our own inner child wounds will help us show up safely as parents.

Reflective practice and our breath are the greatest allies in parenting. Our own inner child's unmet needs will be what trigger signals to our nervous system to respond.

Developing a deeper self-understanding in therapy can help support you to respond to the needs of your inner child and your child's presenting needs.

Parenting is our opportunity to do deep healing work – (Hue) Therapy


Spring brings forth the fruition of seeds planted during periods of darkness (winter), spring reflects the emergence of our intentions and the blossoming of what is alive in our inner landscapes. The blooming flowers and vibrant life represent the rewards of nature's process, which is often echoed in the therapeutic process. As nature renews itself, so do we, embracing the symbolic rebirth of our intentions.

If we give it space, the essence of spring becomes a powerful therapeutic tool, encouraging conscious reflection, celebrating progress, and fostering a sense of renewal and alignment with our intentions. - (Hue) Therapy


– On Jounraling –

Hi, I’m Andrea, the new face at Hue Therapy. I’m not just a psychotherapist and systemic life coach, but an avid literature enthusiast, too. Journaling seamlessly bridges my two passions. It's not merely about putting pen to paper; it's a pathway to mental well-being. For me, it’s more than a hobby - it’s my daily ritual of self-care and grounding. Just a few minutes of pouring thoughts onto the page, help me declutter my mind and regain a sense of clarity. Whether I’m focusing on gratitude, becoming aware of my emotions, making a list or setting intentions, journaling sets the tone for how I navigate life.

Keen to learn more? Subscribe to our newsletter for insights into various techniques and upcoming workshops. – (Hue) Therapy

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Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art - by Author James Nestor

This book provides a foundation in the reader's understanding of the breath and breathing from both a scientific and historical context. It highlights how our modern lifestyle negatively impacts our breathing patterns and overall health. The book offers some practices and potential solutions to consider if you are motivated to improve your understanding or relationship to your physical body, mental well-being and breath.

A great resource if you are wanting to begin your journey into using your breath in your therapeutic or well-being journey.
– (Hue) Therapy


~ International Women’s Day~

“When a women is cut away from her instincts and natural life cycles are lost, subsumed by the culture, or by the intellect or the ego—one’s own or those belonging to others”- Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Equality, balance and harmony of the masculine & feminine is rebirthed in our return nature. – (Hue) Therapy

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Hi there 👋

I’m Hannah (she/her), a Mother of two, Doula, Birth Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner.

I’ll be at the (Hue)Space on Thursdays starting in April!

I’ve been through many transformative periods of life, but none compare to the rite-of-passage that is Motherhood. My own journey inspired a completely new version of myself and the way I operate in life. From a completely new career path (was previously a designer for 10 years) to how I treat my body, self, and others - I found it to be the hardest, most confronting, most liberating, beautiful and even healing passage - one that has empowered me to embrace change and life’s mysterious and sometimes messy ways, trusting that the ‘contractions’ of life will always lead to ‘expansion’.

I’m passionate about nurturing and supporting women and birthing people through this journey - and through any transformative journey you may be on. I offer doula services, birth mentorship, photography,  rebozo massage, and reiki healing. I’m thrilled to be a part of this collective of women at Hue and have a space to offer my services. I am excited to lead small-group birth preparations - all the details on that coming SOON!

You can book a session with me via my website at or DM me at .birth.doula_

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Our attachment and bond with caregivers significantly shape our adult relationships. Attachment patterns established in childhood serve as a template for how we show up in emotional connection and intimacy. Our unique attachment styles and nervous system response will shape our internal narratives, emotions and behaviours in connection with others. Our unique experience will influence communication, conflict resolution, and the ability to form close bonds. Understanding one's attachment style(s) can promote self-awareness, leading to more conscious and safe relationship dynamics and emotional connections. - (Hue)Therapy

– (Hue) Therapy


Meet Rachel, the heart and soul behind Womanhood.

Every Monday, Rachel transforms the Hue Therapy space into a haven for women’s health. Womanhood is a woman-centred physiotherapy practice offering specialised pelvic health care for pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction. 

Rachel brings a holistic, whole-person approach to treatment and is passionate about helping women overcome pelvic pain and dysfunction so that they can live life to the fullest. She particularly loves working with women during pregnancy and postpartum, and helping them return to their sports and exercise goals after birth. 

If you’re curious to learn more or embark on your pelvic health journey, you can contact her at [email protected] or book an appointment at - (Hue)Therapy

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Meet Rachel, the heart and soul behind Womanhood ().

Every Monday, Rachel transforms the Hue Therapy space into a haven for women’s health. Womanhood is a woman-centred physiotherapy practice offering specialised pelvic health care for pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

Rachel brings a holistic, whole-person approach to treatment and is passionate about helping women overcome pelvic pain and dysfunction so that they can live life to the fullest. She particularly loves working with women during pregnancy and postpartum, and helping them return to their sports and exercise goals after birth.

If you’re curious to learn more or embark on your pelvic health journey, you can contact her at [email protected] or book an appointment at - (Hue)Therapy

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What does it feel like to be in a safe intimate connection?

The answer to this lies uniquely within the heart & nervous system of the one answering the question. But some common needs are found in the following:

◦ Emotional Intimacy
◦ Emotional Safety
◦ The ability to be vulnerable
◦ Interdependence & independence
◦ Trust
◦ Respect
◦ Joy & celebration
◦ Free/ open communication
◦ Commitment to constructive conflict resolution
◦ Freedom to be inspired both in the relationship and personally

Do any or all of these resonate with you?
If so, do some hold more meaning to you than others?
Which area do you feel your needs aren’t being met?

Are you able to reflect upon these together with your intimate partner?

Individual & Couples therapy can create a reflective and safe space to increase emotional intimacy with both yourself and your partner.

Join our waitlist via the link is Bio - (Hue) Therapy

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Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Author - Lindsay C. Gibson

This is both one of mine and my clients favourites!! I often hear- "was this book written about me?".

This book helps the reader to understand and identify what an emotional immature parent looks like and help them recognise how this has impact them. These reflections and ideas can support them to think about how they can take this understanding to help heal themself. Additionally it prompts the contemplation and consideration of their own experience of emotional intimacy with themselves and others.

This is a very insightful and powerful book. I always encourage my clients to take note of what stands out for them and bring it to session to safety and supportedly unpack what is alive in them. – (Hue) Therapy

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It has been a great privilege to be a witness too, a student and admirer of the Aboriginal culture. The stories, practices and wisdom interwoven in creative expressions that reflect so much of nature and what it feels like to be human being or person of the land. I acknowledge, celebrate and give great thanks to those who have shared their words, art, stories, songs and being that I cherish inside of me. - Kerime Abay

What expands, resonates, ignites in you when your gifted with the wisdom of Aboriginal or any indigenous culture or spirit?

Please write to us if you would like guidance on where to find people to connect more with in this space - (Hue) Therapy

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BOOK CLUB: "the myth of normal" by Author - Dr. Gabor Mate

This remarkable book illustrates how social realities shape our understanding of normality and how toxic stress and trauma fuel addiction and disease. Dr. Gabor Mate is an expert in trauma, and within these pages, he delves into the effects of trauma, showcasing how it deeply influences one's experiences by keeping them anchored in the past and detached from the present.

The book captures the intricate nuances of trauma, aiding readers in contextualizing how it affects not only individuals but the collective being. - (Hue) Therapy

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Our empowerment and healing emerge from our response to others' reactions to the boundaries we set.

One approach to setting boundaries is through making requests. However, the way someone chooses to react to these requests falls beyond our control. When we resort to demands or lace our requests with ultimatums, it becomes a form of coercive control. Operating from this place means acting from a place of pain

How we respond to how someone decides to respond to our boundaries is where we are empowered and healing. - (Hue) Therapy

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I give great thanks to all of you who connect with me here. And to my inspiring clients who honour me with their trust and stories.

This space gives me so much hope for our future as human beings. All seeking individual and collective liberation.

Happy New Year 🙏

With warmth,

(Hue) Therapy

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At every end, there is a begin. In every loss, there is a gain. In every death, there is rebirth.

As we close the year, we can create our future reality with a single thought.

What do want your year to look and feel like- can you draw it, create a vision board, journal it, tell its story with somebody you trust?

Do you need to let go of something or someone? Try writing it on a piece of paper and burning it or throwing the something away.

We cannot under estimate the power of the mind.

Dream big, you are worthy of it all - (Hue) Therapy

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Christmas can be a time full of many beautiful emotions like joy, connection & love. But it can also be a reminder of heartache, loss and loneliness.

If you are spending time with loved-ones and are feeling a mixture of tension and warmth, let it be what is.

If it’s a time of darkness, anxiety, regret or loneliness hold yourself tenderly.

Whether we can find a place outside of us were we feel safe- in a forest, at the local library, with a friend or pet. Or whether we find that warm, cosy and safe space within us.

We meet ourselves and others at the end of the year. At every ending we reflect and process consciously and unconsciously. Things will surface in order to be released. Ready for the new year and the next phase.

It can feel intense, whether good or bad. Let it be felt. - (Hue) Therapy

Image: Phillip Leonian

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Book: "Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?"

This Book is an empathetic and practical guide to improving and maintaining mental well-being. It offers bite-sized, actionable advice and coping strategies for anxiety, depression, unexpected setbacks, a lack of self-confidence, and more.

Author Dr, Julie Smith memoir sheds light on women's experiences growing up in patriarchal societies. This book provides invaluable guidance for any woman seeking to empower herself and live a fulfilling life. – (Hue) Therapy

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The essence of the human experience lies in balancing the light and dark, the positive and negative. It involves navigating the natural fluctuations between joy and despair and learning to hold ourselves in all that is felt.– (Hue) Therapy

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COUPLES THERAPY- Psychotherapist Kerime Abay provide's couples with a space where they can return to each other by deeply exploring their relationship dynamic, patterns ("the dance"), desires and to recreate a shared foundation of love and safety. This is achieved by supporting couples to identify their shared goals, developing insight and understanding and building internal resources.

If you and your partner have been contemplating reconnecting in this intimate space- you can read more about our service via our website - Link in Bio

We provide couples counselling using both the Emotion Focused Therapy & ‘The Gottman Method’. – (Hue) Therapy

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By repressing, diverting, or ignoring challenging emotions, we may overlook opportunities to learn how to effectively address or cope with the very real, necessary, and often justified feelings. These emotions frequently serve as signposts guiding us towards transformation and liberation.– (Hue) Therapy

Image: Playing String Games series, March 2010, Antwerp

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An invitation to deepen your self-understanding-
Reflecting on your own narrative and social constructions of happiness can help you explore what limiting beliefs/ideas you embody and what motivated you. – (Hue) Therapy

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In the realm of psychological research, positive psychology has garnered substantial support for its effectiveness. Yet, it prompts a significant question: should we pause to consider its cultural, systemic, spiritual, and psychological implications? It's well-established that each therapeutic approach must be tailored to individual needs, suggesting that adopting positive psychology may not be suitable for everyone. An example of positive psychology includes adopting a strength-focused perspective or attempting to find the 'silver lining'.– (Hue) Therapy

Image: Adeolu Osibodu

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A mother's instincts guide her thoughts and decisions to create the best environment for her child, family, and community. The transformative process of pregnancy prompts mothers to address various aspects of their lives, such as relationship dynamics, environment, and financial circumstances. This is a crucial part of the life transition, where mothers prepare their surroundings for their child's arrival. – (Hue) Therapy

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What if we viewed the hormonal spikes in a woman's life as opportunities? What if we saw them as a powerful tool that highlights areas in our lives that require change and growth for our prosperity?

Whether it's during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, these moments offer us a chance to delve into our inner depths, to reflect on what internal experiences may be causing friction, unease, or anger. Instead of shaming, ignoring, or dismissing the wisdom of our bodies, we can harness this knowledge to evolve into our authentic selves and create lives that truly reflect who we are – (Hue) Therapy

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In our dominant culture, the narrative surrounding female hormones has often been steeped in shame and taboos, sometimes even perceived as a burden. Medical perspectives have made attempts to empower women by providing clarity within a medicalised context, offering relief through defined parameters. However, a cultural shift is underway, where we are witnessing a return to a more traditional, matriarchal perspective – (Hue) Therapy

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"It Didn't Start With You" is the first book of its kind to offer step-by-step guidance to help people break the cycle of destructive inherited family patterns. You will learn: How to identify inherited family trauma that lives in your anxious words, fears, behaviours and unexplained physical symptoms.

We highly recommend this book – (Hue) Therapy

Image: Self portrait by chidofauxreal

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This simple metaphor can be used when thinking about when to go to therapy. Just as preventive dental care is undertaken to avert potential issues, therapy serves as an early intervention and a means of preventive support. Engaging in reflective practices enables the recognition of early signs of emotional shifts, allowing proactive attention to areas of tension before they escalate into more substantial problems. – (Hue) Therapy

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