Aars Church

Aars Church is a Lutheran church in Aars, Vesthimmerland municipality, North Denmark Region, Denmark.History and descriptionThe original church on the site, the church of the mediaeval Aars parish, was a Romanesque granite building dating from the first half of the 13th century.

By the 20th century the town of Aars which had grown up round it was much larger and it was necessary to expand it. In 1921 it was enlarged and extensively re-built on a cruciform plan; the re-build included the construction of a new nave. At the same time it was painted white.The baptismal font was made by Christian Andersen in 1937 from a re-cycled steam roller; it includes the symbols of the fo




Andre Kirke i Aars (vis alle)
Aars Frikirke Aars Frikirke
Markvænget 11
Aars, 9600

Evangelisk karismatisk Frikirke

Hornum Ulstrup & Gundersted Kirke Hornum Ulstrup & Gundersted Kirke
Kirkevej 41
Aars, 9600

Hornum Ulstrup sogn og Gundersted sogn er begge under Provst Hanne Petersen. Begivenheder samt gudstjenester mm er anført under sidens begivenheder. Menighedsrådet samarbejdet på kryds af lokalsamfundet med fælles arrangementer.