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Tipsy Strokes De

Paint & Drink! #MindfulnessFun


Wouldn´t it be nice to be doing this right now?

Like this post if you would like to be having a with us 😉


Why not?


Let that sink in. ☺️


Set peace of mind, as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.


Besides the obvious... do you know what happens when you experience happiness?

Happiness allows us to achieve a balance between physical, mental and social health.

»The brain works better
»Improves our immune system
»Eliminates insomnia thanks to the healthy fatigue it produces
»It rejuvenates us by stimulating and stretching the muscles of the face
»The spine and cervical areas are naturally massaged and stretched
»Sends positive messages to our environment and attracts people
»Release emotions that have been kept repressed
»Allows us to assume our responsibilities in a more positive way
»Reduces stress by reducing cortisol and adrenaline in our body
»Eliminates toxins in sweat
»Biologically, it stimulates the secretion of happiness hormones (endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin) which, in turn, lowers levels of bad mood, worry, anguish or sadness

So... let's work on that happiness


1 glass per day 🍷😉


"Creativity is Inventing, experiencing, growing, taking chances, breaking the rules, making mistakes and having fun."
-Mary Lou Cook


Start your day with a positive attitude.

Believe today is going to be a great day 🌈🫶

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Let that sink in 😉


Friendship is born, the moment someone says "What? You too? I thought I was the only one!"
-C.S. Lewis

We don´t just offer Paint&Drink, we cultivate a place for you to create memories.


You spend all your time inside your head…
Make it a nice place to be in 😉


Less is more.


What you imagine, you can create 🫧


Creativity comes in many forms. Find out your own.

Come and release your inner artist with us 😁


Did you know, that you can book a private event with us?
Imagine sharing this art making activity with your team, family or friends...
Give them the best gift, the gift of creating.

Contact us for more info 😉


how´s the mood going this tuesday?
try a new activity today, soon you will be able to try a new one with us in our Paint&Drink events!
Keep posted to find out new dates!


Dog lover? we can help you create art in the most amazing form or love, our dogs.


Are you a cat or a dog person?

Either one, works!

Come and try your skills with us and create art, from you, to you.


Enjoy the company.

Enjoy life.



We all live in our own head.
No one can take your peace away.


and the use of creativity as a group practice, provides the same relaxing benefits as meditating. Thanks to this, you can be ready to face any challenge and excell at it. You can enjoy this by yoursefl, or in a group of friends or coworkers 😉


Join us, practice paying attention to the present moment, without judging.

Paint & Drink | Upcoming dates in our profile

Pop Up Events | Berlin

Not an art class… but a mindfulness one



If it´s not in your 👐🏼

Don´t let it be in your 🧠


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“A great place to enjoy your friends in a completely differente plan.

I never imagined that painting could be sooo realxing.

The experience is really fun.
And the wine makes it all better.

Highly recommended. You will make yoursef a favor.”


“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”

👁️‍🗨️ Same picture, different outcomes


Use your hands & relax your mind 🫧


Join us for wine & mezcal, while creating your own piece of art 🫧



Coming 🔜 2023

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🎨 How to mix colors?

By mixing primary colors, you get all the secundary ones:

🦀 red ➕ yellow 🟰 orange
🦜 blue ➕ yellow 🟰 green
🦄 blue ➕ red 🟰 purple

By mixing secundary colors, we get tertiary colors:

🦩 red ➕ white 🟰 pink
🦥 red ➕ green 🟰 brown
🐘 black ➕ white 🟰 grey

Join us and create your own colors and contrasts



According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution...

🔜 Berlin 2023

Come and paint a small piece of art, while having bottomless & 🍷🫧🎨

Exact dates and locations coming soon 😉


A glass of wine a day… keeps the doctor away 🍷


Need a new type of activity?

Follow us 😉



Work on releasing the creative part of your brain.


Coming close to you… very soon!

We invite you to a new experience



First Up | Berlin


Enjoy Life…. make it
worth living 🫧🔜🍷 2023

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Wouldn´t it be nice to be doing this right now?Like this post if you would like to be having a #MindfulnessMoment with u...
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