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At the risk of oversharing: we're already getting a bit nervous! Today (Saturday) is the last day of voting in the 2023 British Travel Awards and we'd REALLY like to continue our winning streak!

For a small, independent travel company such as Healthy Options, winning the BTAs has made a tremendous difference. It's the kind of external validation that tells us and others that we're doing something right.

If you haven't voted yet but you do think we deserve to win, please take some 30 seconds out of your schedule and go to right now. I'm sure we've already told you, but the organisers of the BTA will raffle off tens of thousands of pounds worth of travel prizes, including a Healthy Options holiday for two. So this might just be the most lucrative 30 seconds you've ever spent!

If you did already vote, let me just thank you for your support on behalf of everyone here in Vassiliki. Your love and support really means the world to us!


Hey, can you please help Healthy Options out?

In 2019, 2021 and 2022 we were the proud winners of the British Travel Awards, coming in first in the category small activity holiday companies. This was such a fantastic recognition of the hard work of our dedicated staff!

Obviously, we would like to continue our winning streak - and we have indeed been nominated again! If you have a moment, we would surely appreciate your vote. It only takes a minute and it would really mean the world to us! If you believe Healthy Options offers a unique holiday that makes you return home all relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated, then please head over to - it only takes a minute.

Anyone can vote. If you’re not from the UK, simply uncheck the box that says “I have a UK postcode”. Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

Healthy Options' 2023 mini-makeover 05/09/2023

Allow our fantastic Manager, Alex, to guide you through the exciting offerings at Healthy Options. Just as our team of skilled experts has always been a cornerstone of the Healthy Options journey, our diverse program is equally significant. The best part? Most of the classes and activities are included in your holiday package at no extra cost, setting us apart from other vacation destinations. Many delighted guests have left us with newfound knowledge to seamlessly integrate into their daily lives.

Preview our sample itinerary here (subject to slight variations each week):

As Alex aptly puts it, the wealth of choices available does not in any way diminish your holiday experience. Our haven is far from a rigid boot camp – the level of your involvement is entirely at your discretion. Whether you prefer soaking up the sun followed by a leisurely poolside G&T, the choice is yours. After all, it's your holiday, and your preferences take center stage.

Healthy Options' 2023 mini-makeover Europe's best Yoga, Pilates and fitness holiday has had a mini-makeover this year! Programme manager Alex tells you what you can expect.


Porto Katsiki, a little slice of heaven on earth

Porto Katsiki is a renowned beach located on the Greek island of Lefkada, situated in the Ionian Sea. It is often regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in Greece and has garnered international acclaim for its exceptional beauty. The name "Porto Katsiki" translates to "Goat Port" in English, and it is believed that the name originates from the fact that the beach was once accessible only to goats.

What makes Porto Katsiki truly remarkable is its dramatic landscape. The beach is nestled at the base of towering limestone cliffs that stretch high above the azure waters below. The cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop and create a sense of secluded serenity. The pristine white sand contrasts beautifully with the vibrant turquoise colour of the sea, creating a picturesque setting.

Accessing Porto Katsiki involves descending a series of steps carved into the cliffside, which adds to the sense of adventure and anticipation. Visitors are rewarded with an idyllic beach surrounded by natural beauty. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, allowing visitors to explore marine life and underwater wonders.

Porto Katsiki attracts both locals and tourists alike, drawing large numbers of visitors during the summer months. It has become an iconic destination for travellers seeking a quintessential Greek beach experience. While it can get crowded during peak season, the mesmerizing scenery and the overall allure of the beach make it a must-visit location for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts.

This exotic beach isn’t famous just in Greece, but all around the world, as it has been listed as one of the best beaches in Greece, the Mediterranean, Europe and the entire world on many occasions, and who could argue?

Porto Katsiki is located about 40 kilometres southwest of Lefkada Town, the island’s capital city. There are two ways to access the beach. You can take a boat from Nidri or Vassiliki to Porto Katsiki or catch a daily cruise and visit Ithaka Island, Skorpios Island, Kefalonia and Egremni Beach.

However, the boats are not allowed to come onto the beach and you’ll have to swim to the shore, otherwise, you'll need to stay on the boat and enjoy the stunning sights from there.

The other way to get to Porto Katsiki is by car, however, be ready for some zigzag roads! At the top, close to the steps, you’ll find a car park and some snack bars and a cafe, where you can buy some food, drinks and other refreshments.

Once you arrive, you will be blown away by the breathtaking landscape and crystal clear blue sea. Porto Katsiki is surrounded by incredible hills and a cliff, which offers you a natural shade spot for some suntanning too.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available for rent on the beach when you get there, so don't worry about having to carry an umbrella all the way down and back up those stairs!

We do advise you to get there early and if you have children, come well prepared but we guarantee you this is a beach you will definitely admire!

Lefkada: A Touch of the Caribbean in Greece 01/06/2023

Greek Reporter:

Lefkada, widely known as the “Caribbean of Greece,” is a recipe for the perfect summer holiday in the Ionian Sea, a perfect dream destination for people who love exotic islands.

Lefkada: A Touch of the Caribbean in Greece Located in the Ionian sea, Lefkada is a stunning island, even by Greek standards. It connects to the mainland by a small bridge and is easily accessed by car.


Spoilt for choice with new schedule

Key to Healthy Option’s reputation over the past 15 years has been the provision of an incredibly broad range of Yoga, Pilates, fitness and watersports activities for you to choose from. We are particularly delighted to share our new schedule for this year: with all the innovations following our mini-makeover that will be waiting for you in Vassiliki - along with the sun and Metaxa!

Just as high calibre, expert staff have always been an important part of the Healthy Options experience, so is the extensive programme - importantly, the bulk of which is provided at no additional cost to your holiday as most of the classes and activities are all provided for free - unlike at many other holiday centres. Many happy clients have returned home after a holiday with us, ready to introduce all they have learned into their daily practice.

Please see our new schedule here

Tailor make your holiday
With so much to choose from you can select from all that is on offer to tailor make a bespoke holiday for you. It’s rare indeed for people to make all the same choices so you meet a range of people in the different sessions during the week.

Relaxed with no pressure
As highly experienced Healthy Options Manager Alex explains, this plethora of options available does not detract in any way from your holiday. This is no regimented camp - it’s totally up to you how much or how little you want to take part in. If sunbathing followed by a G&T by the pool are more your cup of tea, then so be it: it’s your holiday and totally your call.

Be the first to try the new schedule
So, if the weather has been getting you down, some sun on your back appeals and you can’t wait until later in the year to get away to our beautiful Greek island fishing village, April 29th may be for you. This may also suit if you want to be the first to try out the new Yoga equipment, shiny new fleet of bikes, Snorkel Safari, SUP Social, Herbal Talk, early morning Power Walk Pilates along the beach, Joint Freeing Yoga Classes and Dancercise.

The only downside to having so many new activities available is that, as they haven’t started yet, we don't have any photos to tempt you with: so there’s a high chance you may feature on our website if you join us on this opening week.


Mini Makeover for 2023 at Healthy Options!

New options and improvements at Europe's best Yoga, Pilates & fitness holiday

The Healthy Options team has been in full planning mode for the 2023 season with manager Alex in fine form and enthusiastically waxing lyrical about innovations for the year as Healthy Options has a Mini Makeover!

New equipment, snorkel safari and SUP around the bay

There will be new equipment in the tent to make your classes ever more professional as well as a fleet of shiny new bikes for the Monday and Friday rides.

The weekly boat trip is evolving into a Snorkel Safari. Dive George will be sharing his expert knowledge of Vassiliki Bay to explore the best spots to discover the underwater wildlife.

For the Stand Up Paddle Boarding enthusiasts this year Mike will lead a SUP Social around the bay, helping you with your technique on the way before stopping off for a well earned early morning coffee and pastry before gliding back to the beach.

Unique dream seminars

New this year will be Dream Seminars led by Dream Keeper Aris, whose key question is: ‘when did you last have fun in your dreams?’

Using creative meditation and matching theory he will guide you in how to navigate your dreams and master your subconscious. The focus is having fun and overcoming fears. We anticipate these sessions will be very popular and so they will be scheduled to allow as many as possible to attend.

Improved sailing, herbal walks and meditation on the beach

Our Sailing Tasters will be back this year but, for those who would like to, with more of a focus on learning more about sailing and the opportunity to take the helm with Mike on hand as coach.

Local Herbalist, Aris, will now be leading Herbal Talks as part of our extended options on the timetable. He will highlight the local flora and fauna hidden in plain sight on our doorstep, demonstrate burning sage and also share his range of creams and tinctures to give the opportunity to take his magic home with you.

We are also looking into the possibility of having extra meditation classes on the beach early morning or in the evening.

New additional classes

There will also be some different style classes such as:
• early morning Power Walk
• Pilates along the beach
• Joint Freeing Yoga Classes
• Dancercise.

Whilst these are all new things to try there will of course be the same core programme. Our wonderful Stefanie, who joined the team last year, will be back with more of her hugely popular and informative yoga sessions. There will also be the popular workshops to give you fresh, up to date information to take home with you, so you can continue to develop your personal practice when your holiday is over.

Our social nights remain as eclectic as ever, with live music and boogying at the BBQ or perhaps you'll join us for cocktails on Thursdays?


Lefkada vom Which Magazine zur besten griechischen Insel gekürt

Lefkada, die Heimat von Healthy Options, wurde von der Verbraucherzeitschrift Which zur besten griechischen Insel gewählt. Unser Zuhause führte die Rangliste mit einem Gesamtergebnis von 86 % an und erhielt 5-Sterne-Bewertungen für die schönste Landschaft und die ruhigste Insel mit geringem Touristenaufkommen.

Lefkada schlug die beiden berühmtesten Inseln, Santorin und Mykonos, um Längen mit doppelter Punktzahl für Strände, Essen und Trinken. Unsere "weniger bekannte" Insel wurde als "praktisch unberührt und immer noch typisch griechisch" beschrieben und für ihre "atemberaubende Landschaft" gelobt.

Diese beiden Giganten vom ersten Platz zu verdrängen, ist keine Kleinigkeit, denn beide Inseln haben einen hervorragenden internationalen Ruf. Santorin gilt seit langem als eine der schönsten Inseln nicht nur von Griechenland, sondern der Welt. Dank ihrer atemberaubenden Landschaft, spektakulären Ausblicke, herrlichen Sonnenuntergänge und natürlichen Schönheit ist sie das beliebteste romantische Reiseziel für Flitterwochen. Die Which-Leser haben die Landschaft unserer schönen Insel Lefkada ebenfalls mit 5 Sternen bewertet.

Mykonos ist schon seit den 1960er-Jahren ein Hotspot für A-Prominente wie Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor und Sharon Stone, aber in den letzten Jahren hat sich der Ruf der Insel als bevorzugter Zufluchtsort für Privatjets und Yachten von Leonardo DiCaprio, Alessandra Ambrosia und Mariah Carey weiter gefestigt.

Die Kunden von Healthy Options hüten unser Juwel im Ionischen Meer seit über 30 Jahren als Insider-Geheimnis und schätzen im Stillen seine phänomenale Schönheit.


A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Healthy Options!


I’m writing this happily hugging a bottle of champagne: we’ve just jumped from the stage at the British Travel Awards wielding the Gold Award for the best sports/activity holiday company!

John, Ann and Debbie, the office team here with me, are ecstatic and promise to get even more ecstatic (tipsy) as the evening goes on...

We're absolutely thrilled to be top of the podium again. Pre pandemic in 2019 we won gold with our first nomination. This time, the award holds even more value as it covers two years: 2021 and 2022.

Our first thoughts are to thank everybody who voted for us and of course a massive shout out to all our staff at Wildwind and Healthy Options, who put their hearts and souls into providing a great holiday experience for all our lovely clients.

Once again thank you so much for all of your support! It seems I’m being dragged onto the dance floor....

Cheers, a big grinning Simon


Just one more day to put us over the top!

If you had been planning to vote for Healthy Options in the British Travel Awards, but haven’t had time to get around to it, voting closes TOMORROW and so, if you haven’t already voted and you think we deserve to win, please help us out by voting for us in by filling in the form in the following link:

Voting is easy and will only take a minute. You’re automatically enrolled in a raffle that allows you to win great travel prizes, the best one of which undoubtedly is a free Healthy Options holiday for two in any week of the 2023 season!

Winning these awards means a lot to all of our staff, who we think have put in the effort to make your holidays with us really special. Please help us become number one once again!

Thank you so, so much. We look forward to seeing you again soon - we’ll be opening again in Vassiliki in the first week of May 2023.


Not voted yet for the British Travel Awards? Do so now at and win a Healthy Options holiday for two!


Ab sofort werden Buchungen für die Saison 2023 angenommen

Saison fast ausgebucht

Im Juli und August dieses Jahres sind wir fast komplett ausgebucht und wir haben daher beschlossen, früher als sonst Buchungen für 2023 anzunehmen.

Wenn ihr für nächsten Sommer vorab buchen wollt, dann meldet euch bitte bei eurem Buchungsagenten und wir merken euch unverbindlich vor. Die Anzahlung werden wir erst im Herbst in Rechnung stellen, wenn die Preisliste steht.

Wer diesen Sommer noch auf eine Chance hofft, sollte uns schnell kontaktieren, vielleicht finden wir noch ein Plätzchen! Juli und August sind ziemlich dicht (wobei es immer lohnt, anzufragen, vielleicht gibt es ja eine Stornierung), aber im September haben wir noch Plätze frei.

Die Nebensaison ist eine Überlegung wert

Der Sommer in Griechenland beginnt früher und endet später. Urlaub ist möglich von Anfang Mai bis Ende September und die Preise in der Nebensaison sind niedriger, es ist weniger Trubel und die Temperaturen sind angenehm warm, wenn es zuhause noch grau und regnerisch ist.



Are you qualified in Yoga, Pilates or Fitness Instruction?

If so, this could be the summer season for you, here on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada. Situated on the beach in Vassiliki, Healthy Options provides truly exceptional holidays with various tailored Yoga, Pilates and Fitness classes as well as a range of local activities and excursions. We are not a retreat, but instead our aim is very specifically to give our clients the option to relax or to get active; either way, we want them to return home refreshed, renewed and inspired.

That’s where you come in!

With varying lengths of contracts between May - October 2022 and a flexible approach to your style of teaching, this competitively remunerated position is likely to be filled quickly so please get in touch asap: [email protected]


Joe, our excellent manager and Alex our Healthy Options manager bid you all the best from a rather chilly Vassiliki


Xmas greetings and plans for 2022

First of all, the Healthy Options team would like to wish all of our friends and guests a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Above all we hope that you are and will remain in good health through and beyond the current difficult times.

Our Vassiliki centre is expected to be open as of the 30th April; our prices are already live online. Meanwhile you are welcome to ‘pencil-in’ any advance booking without any financial commitment.

We were naturally really happy that none of our clients tested positive on holiday with us in either of the past two years. Feedback from our guests was just so welcoming to our team who had tried so hard to give our visitors a truly wonderful holiday and a much needed break.

Because there is still some uncertainty with holiday travel arrangements though, we have decided to postpone re-opening Syvota in 2022. Unlike in Vassiliki, where we work closely with Wildwind Holidays and to some extent the two programmes support each other, in Syvota, Healthy Options stands alone in this respect and until we are confident that the number of holidaymakers will return to something like pre-covid levels, we cannot afford the risk of re—opening there at this time.

However, Alexia, who was previously our manager in Syvota, is putting together two weeks of her own progamme with Olympia, who has taught yoga at both our centres. If you are interested in joining them please contact [email protected] (June 5th - 12th & June 12th- 19th) **

Finally, Varvara Dranidis, Alexia’s sister and one of the founders of Healthy Options is now based on the south coast and is offering a combination of Yoga principles and mind-set coaching as well as her more traditional 1-2-1 Yoga sessions either face to face or via Zoom.

We are looking forward to a series of article posts from Varvara in the New Year explaining what she would suggest to keep you in the best of health both mentally and physically through the winter months; if you are interested in a private session, joining in any of her classes or finding about her coaching Varvara is offering a free 20 minute ‘discovery’ call that might have you looking forward to a really fresh start for 2022. See for more details


Last chance for Yoga in the Sun this year?

Our 2021 summer season on the gorgeous Greek island of Lefkas is coming to a close.

Because we’ve been full most of August and September we’ve put on one extra week starting October 2nd. What’s more if you are a solo traveller you can have a room all to yourself without any single supplement (saving you SFr.200) OR if you are travelling with a friend and sharing a room we’ll give you both SFr.100 off your holiday cost.*

So from only SFr.680 overseas transfers and our unique programme of healthy and fun activities of yoga, Pilates and fitness classes as well as our amazing aqua-safari, access to our Stand Up Paddleboard fleet and mountain bikes (guided rides available too) a taster sailing session, a wonderful herbal walk into the countryside as well as our friendly atmosphere and occasional events such as BBQ’s and cocktail nights with live music, what are you waiting for? Time to get some sunshine before winter is upon us!

Our Healthy Options holidays are aimed at anyone who wants a healthy break and our programme has been widely praised with our winning the British Travel Awards 2019 Best Sport/Activity holiday company gold prize.

While we have a wide range of classes and activities on offer for you to choose from there’s no pressure for you to join in - we never forget that it’s your HOLIDAY first and foremost and if you simply want to lounge around the pool with a glass of wine in your hand you’ll be more than welcome.

We have a very few places left for the week of the 25th September and a dozen spaces still available for our last week of October 2nd. Please do get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are keen on joining us.


We are now opening an extra week in Greece

Hoping this message finds you in the best of health and having made the most of summer so far.

As you might imagine running a holiday centre over the past eighteen months hasn’t been easy but we are delighted to tell you that we have received amazing feedback from out guests this year and have been busy and indeed full for some weeks.

So much so that we have decided to out on an extra week at the end of our season on our beautiful Greek island. So our last departure date will be on October 3rd finishing on October 10th.

We do still have a few places left on some weeks in September as well so if you are thinking of getting away still this year please do call us as soon as possible.


Sa-gen-haf-te Last-Minute-Angebote und Solo-Gäste-Wochen

Da die Briten aktuell noch Reisebeschränkungen unterliegen, haben wir weniger Gäste als normal. Daher können wir ein paar tolle Last-Minute-Angebote machen, die wir überdies mit unseren jährlichen Solo-Gäste-Wochen kombinieren! So günstig war ein Healthy-Options-Urlaub noch nie!

Leider sind die Reisebeschränkungen für unsere britischen Gäste noch sehr streng. Das bedeutet dass zur Eröffnung von Healthy Options am 19. Juni noch Plätze frei sind. Wir haben uns entschieden, unseren Gästen aus Ländern mit weniger Beschränkungen aus diesem Anlass ein wirklich sagenhaftes Angebot für Urlaub auf unserer sicheren Insel zu machen.

Wir kombinieren diese großartigen Sonderangebote obendrein zusätzlich mit unseren jährlichen Solo-Gäste-Wochen! Das heißt, zusätzlich zu diesen unschlagbaren Preisen zahlen Solo-Reisende keine Einzelzimmerzuschläge bis zum 3. Juli, in den ersten beiden Juli-Wochen dann nur 50% Einzelzimmerzuschlag.

Die Sonne scheint, das Wasser ist warm, das Yogazelt steht und unsere erstklassigen Yoga-Trainerinnen warten auf dich - worauf wartest also du noch?

19. Juni
7 Nächte ab 440SFr.
14 Nächte ab 870SFr.

26. Juni
7 Nächte ab 540SFr.
14 Nächte ab 980SFr.

3. Juli
7 Nächte ab 600SFr.
14 Nächte ab 1090SFr.

10. Juli
7 Nächte ab 650SFr.


Ilias, Eleni, Ourania, Nik, Effy, Kryssa, Thanos, Stephania, Joe and all of our friends of the Wildwind and Healthy Options ‘family’ in Vassiliki and Syvota wish you all an extremely happy GREEK ORTHODOX EASTER, ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ (many years), and we wish you the best of health to you and your families wherever you are.

Greece will Reportedly Open for Tourism Earlier than Expected | GTP Headlines 23/04/2021

Greece will Reportedly Open for Tourism Earlier than Expected | GTP Headlines Greece is said to be lifting its quarantine restrictions, under conditions, for travelers from specific countries in a first step to re-open for tourism.

PM: Greece will be Open for Tourists in the Summer | GTP Headlines 19/03/2021

Wir freuen uns auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen!

PM: Greece will be Open for Tourists in the Summer | GTP Headlines Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has confirmed that Greece will open this year for tourists as of mid-May.


Can you imagine taking a working break on a Greek island this summer?

If you have had enough of Covid or of sitting around in an office and you’d like to take a minimum of a couple of months, (and ideally longer) working on a beautiful Greek beach this summer then please get in touch.

Our Healthy Options holiday programme of yoga, Pilates, fitness and an assortment of other great fun activities such as sailing, windsurfing, bike rides, aqua-safaris, herbal walks and more won the prestigious British Travel Award for the best sports and activity holiday in 2019 and we are always interested in attracting professional and enthusiastic teachers on to the team, especially if you speak more than just one language.

We don’t promise great wages, but we do provide accommodation and guarantee a season of fun, excellent company, superlative sailing, bike riding in the beautiful countryside, aqua-safaris, herbal walks and much more…. and of course, a sun tan! If you are interested, or if you know someone that this position might appeal to, please get in touch in the first instance to [email protected] with a brief description of your qualifications and your availability. We are particularly looking for yoga, Pilates and fitness teachers with a big smile on their face!

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Joe, our excellent manager and Alex our Healthy Options manager bid you all the best from a rather chilly Vassiliki