St Ursula's Church, Bern

St Ursula's Church, Bern is an Anglican Episcopal church in Bern, Switzerland.The church is one of the ten Anglican chaplaincies in Switzerland that have a resident chaplain (minister) and together form the Archdeaconry of Switzerland.

St Ursula’s has a long tradition of ministry to all English-speaking people in the Canton of Bern and beyond. It also provides a home for Christians from many different denominations and cultural backgrounds.History19th CenturyBetween 1832 and 1847, the Chaplain from Christ Church, Lausanne held 21 services in Bern at the invitation of the British minister. These were probably held at the British

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Andere Religiöse Organisationen in Bern (alles anzeigen)
Kirchgemeinde Petrus Bern Kirchgemeinde Petrus Bern
Brunnadernstrasse 40
Bern, 3006

Vineyard Bern Pfingstkonferenz 2012 Vineyard Bern Pfingstkonferenz 2012
Postfinance Arena, Bern

MMM Berna - Suiza MMM Berna - Suiza
Bern, 3018

Iglesia pentecostal. Ejerciendo la tarea de predicar el evangelio a todas las almas, bajo la guía y el poder del Espíritu Santo de Dios.La Iglesia MMM Berna Suiza esta fundamentada en la palabra de Dios, donde se enseña la sana doctrina.

RCCG Springs of Living Water, Bern Switzerland RCCG Springs of Living Water, Bern Switzerland
Wylerringstrasse 60, 3014 Bern
Bern, 3014

Springs of Living Water Bern Switzerland, RCCG. Parish Address: Wylehuus Wylerringstrasse 60 3014 Bern

Asian Church of Switzerland Asian Church of Switzerland
Strasse Blankweg 27
Bern, 3072

We pray together with Asian People, We Follow Jesus Christ and holy sprit

Kirchensonntag Kirchensonntag
Altenbergstrasse 66
Bern, 3000

Die Facebook-Seite zum Kirchensonntag

Buddhismus Zentrum Bern Buddhismus Zentrum Bern
Gerberngasse 14
Bern, 3011

Zentrum für Buddhismus und Meditation in der Tradition der tibetischen Karma Kagyü-Linie.

Vineyard Konferenz Vineyard Konferenz
Nägeligasse 9
Bern, 3011

Vineyard Konferenz ist eine Plattform welche Konferenzen der Vineyard Bern promotet.

St Ursula's Berne St Ursula's Berne
Jubiläumsplatz 2
Bern, 3005

Anglican - Episcopalian - but for all! Making Christ known to the English-speaking community in and around Berne.

Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists
Schosshaldenstrasse, 17
Bern, 3006

The Inter-European Division is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventists Church, comprised of 18 countries with several languages and cultures. Its mission is to make disciples for Jesus

ஜீவநதி ஜீவநதி
Bern, 3172

EUD Women's Ministries EUD Women's Ministries
Schosshaldenstrasse 17
Bern, 3006

Women's Ministries Department of the Inter-European Division of Seventh-Day Adventists. News about what our women are doing.