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sarniathisweek.com 03/26/2020

How to get your tax refund as quickly as possible amid the COVID-19 crisis

sarniathisweek.com Jamie Golombek: CRA continues to process returns and encourages Canadians to file electronically — here’s what you need to know

ctvnews.ca 03/22/2019

Family shocked by $46K price tag after child's emergency surgery in Mexico

Wow. Are you ready for your next trip?

ctvnews.ca An Ontario family is warning parents to take out health insurance when they travel, after their child needed emergency surgery in Mexico -- which cost a staggering $46,000.

moneysense.ca 01/30/2018

An annuity that pays off —if you live long enough - MoneySense

moneysense.ca A new form of longevity insurance proposed by the CD Howe Institute has been commended as a great idea. Here's how it would work.


My husband and I took our children to take your child to work day today. We met with an investment representative from a insurance company, an independent broker and took a tour of the office to see different perspective on the financial services industry. I had fun. My daughter learned more about what we do for a living so I consider it a great day! Did you take your child to work with you today? Tell me how it went! I'd love to hear from you!


What are your goals? Paying off debt? Retirement? Need help with this? I can help you with that. 😀

Dreams DEMAND hustle.


becoming minimalist

Interesting perspective

“You all laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.” —John Davis


Power of Positivity




World Economic Forum


Parents, it's time to ditch the flashcards and give your kids sticks to play with instead. Read more: http://wef.ch/2fjEGTj

makechange.aspiration.com 06/07/2017

This Former Accountant Wants You to Stop Buying Things and Start Borrowing Them

What do you think about this? I love it. 😀

makechange.aspiration.com The Sharing Depot, Toronto’s first library of things, helps space-starved urbanites cut costs and clutter without giving up access to the stuff they love. 

cbc.ca 06/01/2017

'I hope we don't win that house again': Why Home Hospital Lottery winners unload their prizes at a discount

Hmm interesting.

cbc.ca So you've won a lavish $900,000 house in the Hospital Home Lottery. Now what? For the typical New Brunswick winner, the next step has become surprisingly routine — sell quickly at a deep discount.


So much truth in this.


Motivational Baba

Amazing. Don't ever give up.



Here is another article explaining how important Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance is so important. If they had only planned in advance, she wouldn't have to worry about how to keep their home or her lifestyle. Not sure your plan is up to snuff, let us help!


becoming minimalist

“Live like no one else now… so that you can live like no one else later!” —Dave Ramsey


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Beautiful 💗


WTKR News 3

Love this

SO CUTE! The Norfolk Police Department held an event with the public called Cops and Curls to uplift and encourage positive self-esteem in girls from underserved communities.

Full story: http://via.wtkr.com/Xmy6B


becoming minimalist

Could you live with a more simple life? I sure could.

Sometimes you don't feel the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.


becoming minimalist

The best things in life are free

Of course, none of these gifts are on sale at your local department store. But I think that’s the point.



Spot winning dividend stocks. Here's how.



Gifting property for $1 to pay less tax sounds like a smart plan, doesn't it? Sorry to burst your bubble...


Uplift Connect

Are you living your passion?

This moving student-made advert was rejected, but now it has gone viral. Are you living your passion?

Credit: Eugen Merher (www.eugen-merher.com)


Love What Matters

How awesome is that? So sweet.

"He wanted to give you a hug." 👮😍

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Credit: Fort Worth Police Department via Jamie Hubbard


David Wolfe

This Teen Planted 14 Billion Trees In Over 130 Countries (stop talking. start planting.)



Love to see cheap and effective methods to grow some of your own food.

You can repurpose glass jars into adorable seed starters!
FULL INSTRUCTIONS: http://bzfd.it/2mAwC7K


Mind Over Matter

Never give up!



I know that this is not related to my page, but I think that this boy is fantastic!

This 11-year-old created a book club to encourage reading among young black boys



Booze is getting more expensive. So are cigarettes. Oh, and get ready to pay tax on those Uber rides too.



New benefits and maybe new child-care spaces? Here's all the budget has in store for families.

todaysparent.com 11/09/2015

How to teach your kids money-saving skills

todaysparent.com Saving and spending wisely are vital skills to teach our kids, but many of us aren’t great in these areas ourselves. Here are some smart strategies...

themoneycoach.com 10/24/2015

RRSPs And TFSAs—Investing Bootcamp

Confused about RRSPs and a TFSA investment products? Here's a good article that you should find helpful. Questions? Call me.

themoneycoach.com A question I receive on an almost daily basis is, "What is the difference between an RRSP and a TFSA, and which one should I start with?"

moneysense.ca 10/14/2015

The cost of reversing the $10,000 TFSA

Good to know.

moneysense.ca How much would it cost a high-income earner in tax-sheltered savings if the $10,000 TFSA contribution room limit was rolled back to $5,500? Upwards...


Happy thanksgiving to you!



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