Nathifa Dance Company

Nathifa Dance Company


Celebrating Black History at the Downtown YMCA!! This is Nathifa Dance Company performing traditional West African dance Nathifa Dance Company
These ladies were AMAZING at tonight's celebration!!! You must see them perform.
This week the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center hosted Adventures in Art: Sharing Our Stories. Auburn City Schools 5th grade students were lead in dance by Nathifa Dance Company out of Birmingham. They participated in a visual arts workshop where students created their own story with quilt squares, inspired by Alabama quilter, Nora Ezell. Students also viewed a special exhibit created by Studio 222. Every year, Adventures in Art seeks to provide Auburn students with creative experiences in the arts through exploration and hands-on activities.
My son really enjoyed the African Drum class during the Aftercare program at Phillips Academy this year!
Thank you!
Check out this awesome video from our School-Wide Enrichment vendor, Nathifa Dance Company!
Nathifa Dance Company celebrates 25 years of connecting traditional West African and African-American dance and drumming culture to Alabama. Join in the festivities this Saturday, June 9 at The Dance Foundation in Homewood.

Tickets and more information in the link below. #al200 #alabama200 #honoringourpeople
Better Basics was proud to partner with Build A Better Community Vredenburgh to provide exciting enrichment opportunities to the children of Vredenburgh, AL. Special thanks to Nathifa Dance Company, Alabama Wildlife Center, Quite A Catch, and Beatin' Path Rhythm for the wonderful programs they provided!
This is an invitation I am extending to you for an event I hope you all would be extremely interested in! Please let me know if you have any questions!! 😊
I'm hoping this would be of interest to you all!! Feel free to leave any questions in my inbox or in the comments! 😊
What church do you guys preform at? I would love to come see you guys.

Nathifa Dance Company & Outreach, LLC was established in 1992 to provide a venue for African Dance a

Operating as usual


We welcome you to fall classes 2022 for teens and adults. Call UAB ArtPlay to register 205 975-4769


Save the date time is creeping up.


Mark your calendars....

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 03/02/2022

Gathering young minds together sharing my experience as an artist allowing the drums to capture their attention.


We will be on the dance floor tomorrow preparing for our Spring performance


When God created a woman he knew what he was doing when he created this Queen here. Ashlee Binford rocks in everything she does.


We love our new vibes that Eddie brings our community. Coming soon reaching community through cultural arts and education programs. We are excited about what God is about to do in our artists. Peace love and respect.


We are still accepting applications for our performing arts program.

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Looking to connect with positive, creative and mission minded artists? Nathifa Dance Company might be for you. Catch us at the Dance Across Birmingham Dance conference 2021. Visit Alabama Dance Council on the Arts website for more details. See you on August 30th at the BJCC

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 07/18/2021

We welcome our new community of dance and drumming Eddie Gatson Jr. Kendra Williams and Matthew Westberry. Doors are still open for 2021/2022 but will close soon as we approach our new fiscal year. Email [email protected]


My apology I did a live filming of the class today but some thing went wrong. But in the mean time the show must go on. Until next time we are still seeking artist that want to share good vibes, explore the world of cultural dancing and drumming. Call us for more information.


Gm, just a reminder that we are meeting today at the chief William C Hewitt park on 2475 Pinson valley Pkwy drumming and dancing recruiting the willing and able to join our community of African dance and drum family from 4:00 until 6:00 see you all soon Empress LaVondia Smith 😎


Kwanzaa Celebration

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 11/08/2020

We are having a great time learning how to play these awesome African instruments. You're welcome to come join us.


We are still looking for new faces to join our performing touring company. Call today to register for upcoming workshops and training 205-370 8745


We have been reaching communities for over 26 years. Doors and our arms are open for the willing and able artists to become a part time artist and share our vision for the state of "Sweet Home Alabama".


Nathifa Dance Company is pressing through this pandemic staying focus on vision and purpose. If you are 18 and older and think you can dance, have a strong ear for rythmn then we want you. Are you willing and able to go to another level? Call us now 205 370-8745


Nathifa is still looking for five more willing and able artists that's ready to go to another level with their gifts, talents and earn funds are they reach community. Call now to register your space while you still have time.

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 07/02/2020

As we condition the body, the minds and the spirit as Nathifa welcome new faces as part of the next level vision as we move onward to keeping cultural dance vibrant during this pandemic. We still have space available for ages 18 and up. Mark your calendars. Giving thanks to our guest artist Germual Barnes for sharing improvation as we danced to the rhythms of our ancestors as the drums and other instruments lead us.

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 06/25/2020

Juneteenth Celebration at Sixth Avenue Baptist Church 2020


African Dance at Dance Level Studio

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 06/25/2020

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post


NDC at Alabama School of Fine Arts staff Germaul Barnes and Kim Scott

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 06/25/2020

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post


Nathifa Dance Company are looking for dancers, drummers, percussionist and vocalist artists to complete the 2020/2021 fiscal year. We are looking for artists that are willing, able and ready to take their artistic level to another level. We are serious and fully committed to our vision to serving our communities and the state of "Sweet Home Alabama" with the cultural arts. Call Queen LaVondia today to see how you can join our family.


Today is our Last Community Class Event for 2019!! Come out and Join us for a Dance or Drum Class! We start at 11:00 today at East Lake Methodist Church. Check out the Event Details Below!!


Thank you Sara Custer for allowing us to share. Sara quoted "The rhythm and spirit of you guys will remain a part of the Arts Center forever. Thank you for one of the most positive and fulfilling times of my career. This was the best Adventures in Art I've ever experienced and I'm 40 so there have been many years!"

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 09/02/2019

Teaching/Performing Artists Ashlee Binford shares her gift with Auburn 5th graders at Adventure Arts project 2019

Photos from Nathifa Dance Company's post 09/02/2019

Adventure of Art in Auburn with 5th graders. Thank you Alabama State Council on the Arts for all you are doing for the arts and our communities.

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When God created a woman he knew what he was doing when he created this Queen here.  Ashlee Binford rocks in everything ...
We love our new vibes that Eddie brings our community.  Coming soon reaching community through cultural arts and educati...