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Amicus Response Corps

Amicus Response Corps (ARC), is a Volunteer Emergency Medical Service in Alberta. ARC funds itself th


Happy New Year!

Please celebrate responsibly!
We are looking forward to our 2022 events!

To our volunteer members currently working EMS, Fire, Policing or Nursing stay safe!


Are you as excited as we are for Christmas?

Many of our members are actively working flights, ground ambulance, and in hospitals this time of the season.

We at ARC want to thank every single one of our Paramedics, Nurses, and Medical First Responders for all that they do during our volunteer season and throughout their professional careers.


Remember! Our neighbours to the south and Canada's partnership with NORAD is extremely important when tracking Santa every year!

Check out for more information! Santa goes live in 16 hours!

Remember! Our neighbors to the south and Canada's partnership with NORAD is extremely important when tracking Santa every year!

Below is a video from the official Youtube NORAD channel, explaining the foundations of this Christmas service. All rights belong to them! Thank you NORAD!


We are excited to announce another upcoming event with the Heavy Armored Combat Sports Association. Come watch with us as we support their first Buhurt League Event! Come see the Knights in Action and be part of the biggest medieval combat tournament in Canada!

The link for the event and more information is here:

AHS | Medical First Response 30/11/2021

We are proud to be a part of the Alberta MFR program. Alberta Health Services assists us at all the events we volunteer at by providing us a tonne of resources!

For those interested in volunteering with us, or wanting to know more about our MFR program, we recommend checking out Our volunteers get access to a lot of training through AHS as a perk too!

AHS | Medical First Response Welcome to the Official AHS Medical First Response Portal


Don't forget, if you are a charity or non-profit we can help provide cost effective options for Standard First Aid and CPR. If you know a group that would benefit, pass our information along!

Sadly, we do not provide public courses as our services are volunteer! Private groups can be helped though with proceeds benefiting our service! Go to to find out more!


We are grateful to have represented ourselves and lay a wreath at the Al Azhar Shriners Remembrance Day ceremony in Calgary.

Thank you to the various groups, Corps, and individuals present for running a great ceremony.

Lest we forget.


At 1100hrs Mountain Time, take a moment to reflect on the freedoms and peace in your life, and to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for all we have today.

Lest we forget.


ARC has proud ties to several military & paramilitary organizations. We are extremely proud to have past members of the Canadian Armed Forces volunteering for us at a variety of charitable events.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of communities have had to endure smaller ceremonies or outright cancellations. We are excited to announce that you can see the virtual ceremony at The Royal Canadian Legion - National Headquarters page.

Keep in mind it starts at 1045am (Ontario Time) or 0845hrs (Alberta Time).


As a company heavy with veterans, we are proud to support them. We are excited to be joining the "Slip on your red campaign". This campaign is brought to you by the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada and the Wounded Warriors Canada.

On Fridays, or significant days of memorial, you will see our members sporting them!

We encourage all services to join where appropriate!


When we started supporting charities, non-profits, and non-profiting community events the GY6: Charity Shooting Competition was one of the first to have us out.

For those of you who don't know, GY6 is a fundraising event that supports the Military, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and EMS who are struggling with PTSD. All money raised has gone to different programs such as Wounded Warriors Canada, Can Praxis, & Valour Place.

Excitingly, another event is coming Summer 2022!


Shout out to Marshal the Fire Dog from Paw Patrol for showing up to the Make-A-Wish Canada, Southern Alberta Rope For Hope, which had Over The Edge helping people cross off some amazing experiences.

We love being able to support such a terrific cause!

First Aid App 28/10/2021

Want a great resource at the tips of your fingers? The Canadian Red Cross has come out with a terrific app that has lifesaving information available during emergencies. It is available for Apple and Android and is something we recommend in all our classes.

First Aid App The official Canadian Red Cross First Aid app puts lifesaving advice in your hands.


For our volunteers and those that may be interested! AHS is offering a unique (and free) opportunity to attend a great event and earn 12 continuing education credits.

On behalf of AHS EMS, you are invited to attend the 2021 Virtual Cardiac Resuscitation Symposium hosted by Stryker on November 17, 2021.

Details for registration are below, please use the code AHS100 to attend for free. To successfully register you must remember to select 1 ticket from the drop down menu. Speaker details and topics coming soon!

This activity has been approved for 12 CE credits with Alberta College of Paramedics.

Mark your calendars for this virtual event to gain information that could help you improve resuscitation survival rates at your hospital, EMS or law enforcement organization.

At the upcoming Virtual Cardiac Resuscitation Symposium, sessions will focus on the importance of the continuum of care – from first responders including EMS or law enforcement throughout the patient’s journey through the hospital. Sessions will also feature new data and strategies regarding improving CPR quality, mechanical CPR, post-arrest care, airways in EMS and CPR feedback.

Virtual Cardiac Resuscitation Symposium
November 17, 2021
11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (ET) / 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (PT)
EMS and hospital providers can earn 4.0 CNE/CRE/CEH credits.

Learning objectives:
• Learn about the newest innovations in cardiac resuscitation.
• Discover actionable techniques you can take back to your organization.
• Hear from industry leaders on important topics for improving resuscitation survival rates in your organization.


Thinking of last labour day when we were able to work the Canmore Highland Games again! We were able to help them out with their Covid-19 protocols.

Did you know that our volunteers wear a kilted uniform at this event? We proudly wear the Black Watch Utility Tartan from Claymore Imports! Our Chief does wear the Town of Canmore Tartan as well!


This summer we were able to support the Heavy Armored Combat Sports Association with their tournament! Talk about exciting! We are looking forward to volunteering at another tournament this upcoming winter!

Check them out at for more information!

Meet Amicus Response Corps (ARC)

In 2015 the Armour On Safety: Medical Division (AOS: MD) was founded to serve the Children’s Hospital Aid Society and its benefactor “The Easter Seals.” AOS:MD was a volunteer division sponsored by Armour On Safety (AOS) that consisted of 4 professionally trained volunteers and a rented ambulance. Quickly after volunteering for its first event, it found itself getting calls from Charities, non-profits and community programs throughout the province. Four years later, AOS:MD found itself serving over 20 clients.

The owners of AOS and the founder of the Medical Division both agreed that separating into an independent entity and acquiring a Non-profit status was appropriate to keep up with the increased demands on its service. The new entity would be called Amicus Response Corps or ARC. AOS would maintain its sponsorship of the new services and annex several of its EMS related courses to help the Non-profit develop. ARC plans to complete its transition by September 2019 and concrete itself in Alberta as a BLS and ALS provider by 2020. ARC currently provides Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR courses, as well as Heart and Stroke BLS course to fund its initiative.

In addition to event EMS, ARC will provide easy access to first aid and other EMS/Nursing courses at an easily accessible with fair price rates. ARC will use the funds to support its EMS initiatives, as well as support its operating costs. As ARC progresses, it will provide training seminars, SIM-labs and other modern clinical/theory education options for its staff, volunteers and the general public. ARC will provide an affordable training rate that meets the needs of its clients, students, and partners.

Amicus Response Corps partnered with the Alberta Health Services MFR program in 2019. this program helps provide ARC by laying out practice expectations, BLS protocols, and access to medical directions within the AHS EMS body. ARC is not a body of AHS, ARC is registered as a partner agency with the AHS MFR program.

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Remember! Our neighbours to the south and Canada's partnership with NORAD is extremely important when tracking Santa eve...
This summer we were able to support the Heavy Armored Combat Sports Association with their tournament! Talk about exciti...
Come say hi! We are Canadian Pacific with their medical at Spin For A Veteran!Canadian Pacific Railway Police convinced ...
Having a blast at the Dog Jog with Calgary Humane Society!


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