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Dr. Dave is joined today by his three children, making us a family focused Dental Practice run with


9 years ago we all jumped on the GO Train to watch and celebrate Dr Ben graduate from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry. What an amazing ride it has been. So grateful for each other and the team we have become. Here’s to the next 9! 🤍🦷

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Good morning beautiful. 🤍🖤🦷


Our first inspector was onsite today. 🧐 Dr Ben’s little daughter came by to confirm all is in order. This little bundle of love seemed to be all smiles during her walk through. She is especially impressed with the children’s education room and the plans for her future brushing instruction for independence and confidence in her smile care. 😀❤️

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“I’ve never seen a dental office like this.” Said by our construction crew 50 times in the last week. 🤍🖤🤍


Check your inboxes for an update this morning on where we are in the construction process and our move goal. These next few weeks are crucial and our entire team is focussed on making this a smooth and successful transition. Promise to keep you up to date as it unfolds! ❤️


Another patient walking out of our office with the smile of their dreams. 🫶🏻 These are some of our most exciting moments. Patients smile like they never smiled before. 🦷 👏


Good morning. Working on some discussion videos for you today. We love Fridays, love coffee in the morning and most of all love talking everything dental! Stay tuned.


This year our 12 days will be dedicated to our team. They got a message from us this morning to let them know each day for 12 days we will be showing them how much we appreciate them. We are grateful to each of them for their dedication to our patients and their team. Here’s to another amazing year and a big one to come. 🦷🖤🤍


What are you doing this Sunday evening? We are reviewing electrical plans for the fourth time this weekend.


Grateful that we are starting our new home for Fielding Dental Healthcare and reminiscing of the time we surprised the team and told them what was coming. Dreams do come true. 🖤🦷🖤


More B-roll video today for our recent video project. It’s always a joy to talk about what we do and why we love it. Having at the helm of the project makes us feel so confident we are going to be proud of the final product sharing our vibe and hopes for the future.


The oral systemic link is the connection of your mouth to your body. Overall health is everything to us. We can get a pretty good indication of what is happening with your overall health by evaluating your oral health. Another reason why we want to help our staff prioritize their health and well being. Never mind the importance of moving your body to help you feel better. This winter we have an open invitation to our staff for cycling on Thursdays if they feel up to it and want to join. Hoping to grow this group each week!


What a great shot of Dr Ben and his family shared by Burlington Today reminding us of this wonderful event last Sunday raising money for the . As always, we are grateful to be a part of the Burlington Community.


Thankful for this team coming and helping us support the at the Diwali Community Garba.


Age is just a number, but your smile tells a story! 💫 Did you know that the daily grind could be aging your teeth faster? 😱 Lets make sure your night guard fits and you use it. People judge your age by the look of the incisal edges of your teeth, it's an unknown visual cue.


Testing Clinical Operatory layouts today. 💛🦷😂


It’s an kinda day over here. Carly and the boys. 🚚📦👍

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I’m sorry… but we have the most handsome, most polite patients in the world and we are here for it! These brothers got their braces on together. It felt amazing making this a moment to remember for this family and supporting them with a convenient and fun appointment the boys will always remember with positivity. Feeling lucky to have patients like these.


Ready for the teens to arrive!

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Leftover Halloween make-up at Breakfast club this morning. Nothing like a Halloween on a Monday! 🎃 good luck to all the parents and teachers this week,


We are so lucky to have incredible people on our team who are constantly working to get better at their craft. Behnaz was busy this weekend at the University of Toronto Dental Department’s Orthodontic Assistant Training. We can’t wait to see her in action with all the new skills and techniques.


Heading out for the long weekend. We will be closed till Tuesday to give all of our incredible team a break with their families. The emergency phone number is on our voicemail and email. See you Tuesday.


Can your sterilization technician do the splits?! Meet our incredible sterilization support system all in one beautiful person. You may not ever see Christina when you are in for your appointment but you should know she does a lot to help us be ready and on time for you.

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These are some of our most common early intervention orthodontic cases for children. If this looks familiar you should come in for some more information on what and when we can start working on your child's malocclusion.

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Having one of our kids starting Invisalign reminds us of the tips and tricks that can save parents stress. There are moments that will occur when trays go missing accidentally or they brake or they discolor. But we have solutions. We haven't had an issue yet that hasn't been solved!


Carly’s little guy learning the feel and sounds of a dental appointment when he was just a toddler.
We recommend you start bringing your little one early, like the age of one or when they get their first teeth. Not because we are worried about them having cavities. Of course we will check their oral health but It’s also because we want them to get to know us, trust us, trust the sounds and feel safe in a dental health environment. This way they will enjoy their dental health journey, like coming to their dental appointments and have the best chance at maintaining their teeth and smile for their lifetime.


7 years ago today. This is us at Union Station after celebrating Dr Ben’s graduation from The University of Toronto’s School of Dentistry.


The American Academy of Periodontology Periodontal Disease Classification System gives us simplified metrics on determining how often we should see you for periodontal therapy, otherwise known as your teeth cleaning appointments!
Now that is a mouthful! Here is Jocelyn with a more fun and simple explanation.


So what do I do if I took an extended dental vacation?⁠
📞HINT📞 Call us.⁠⁠
BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. That’s it. Easy.⁠⁠
To be honest, we work in a dental office and even WE get distracted by life and busy enough that we miss our regularly scheduled appointments by accident. So we get it. ⁠⁠
But there is no better time than now. We will only applaud you if you make the commitment to you and your periodontal health. We are excited to see you soon and help start getting you back on track!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠


So, when your gums are puffy and red it's a sign that there is periodontitis or gum disease present. ⁠⁠⁠⁠
Inflammation like this is our body's response to the growing bacteria in our gums (also known as plaque), as our immune system goes into over drive and tries to fight it.⁠⁠⁠⁠
This bacteria feeds off of sugars and carbohydrates so we want to minimize these foods in our diet and try to limit the inflammation.⁠⁠⁠⁠
Simple as that.⁠⁠⁠⁠
And we said limit not remove. We all need a little chocolate in our lives! ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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So, when your gums are puffy and red it's a sign that there is periodontitis or gum disease present.  ⁠⁠.⁠⁠Inflammation ...
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