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*intentional workout experiences* Workouts should not feel like punishment. Let’s party.

Our philosophy is to make fitness, health & mental wealth uncomplicated, inclusive and fun for everyone. If done right, they can feel like empowerment movement party’s. They can be your sanctuary away from every day pressures & responsibilities, that leave you feeling a sense of release & relief.

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Our puppy yoga classes bring us and the community so much joy :)


The best challenge, are you in?! -


(plus more gifts inside)


I'm feeling a bit weird about this... -


JUST LAUNCHED: new in-person dance party -


Free Class & Dessert Recipe Inaisw -


I know I said I wouldn't, but.... -


So....I'm shutting down Royally Fit?! -

I wasn't kidding yesterday! 20/12/2023

I wasn't kidding yesterday! -

I wasn't kidding yesterday! Puppy yoga really is the most popular class.  I sent you an email 24 hours ago, and both SOLD OUT in 15 hours!  So we're going to open one more class at 11am! REGISTER HERE  PS...I can't do more than 3 in a day, so this is your last chance! PPS....If it's a gift, you'll get the PDF print out in ...

Puppy Yoga is BACK!! 19/12/2023


Puppy Yoga is BACK!! I think Puppy Yoga was a big hit this year (we saw 225 participants just for this class alone!) because it's a family event (ages 6+), adorable AF, accessible for all abilities, and gives back to the community!  Feels good right?! This year puppy yoga helped us raise $1195 for the Clarington An...

For the women.... 07/12/2023

🖤🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ -

For the women.... Today is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, and I wanted to honour the 14 women killed at Polytechnique Montréal in 1989. Speaking out against harmful behaviours, listening to (and believing) women that have been hurt, and creating safe spaces for women is impor...

🖤 RF & LOCAL SAVINGS 🖤 24/11/2023

Black Friday Deals - SAVE $$$$


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A Haunted House - Fitness, Health & Mental Wealth Edition.

Anything else you would add?
I likely could have added 10 more!

Thanks for the inspiration you blew me away with yours!

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How do we keep winning all these awards?!

I’m embarrassed it’s taken me so long to give thanks for them, since it was announced in September, and I truly am grateful.


And honestly how am I wrapping up my 18th year as a personal trainer?! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!

At this point I’ve watched some of my clients move through 2 decades of their life. That is WILD!

Vroom vroom!

You all Royally Rock 🤘🏼🖤👑
Love, Ash xx

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Going for it 🤘🏼🖤

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Royally Fit has been nominated for several Reader’s Choice Awards AGAIN this year!!


I’ll be honest; I don’t really feel deserving of all of them.

So I have an unconventional request:
Please vote for others, and don’t feel bad about it.

I’m not looking to build this business anymore.

I’m only looking to maintain the little that I have left (my 6am classes, a handful of personal training clients, and the weekly Freebie Friday emails).

My attention has been in other places:
🤘🏼 Building the with Matt (who has been voted as well 😉)
🤘🏼 Going back to school 📚
🤘🏼Being more present with Ro

There are other fitness & health companies that are providing more valuable (and consistent) content on here, while also staying involved with the community. I’m just not!

I’m flattered by your everlasting support, but it’s time to pass the torch to others while I pursue new challenges!

Here are some amazing ones from the same categories as me:

(for a different category but good follow)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVE! It makes all my years “here” feel special & so badass.


Secrets out!! .elizebeth and I are doing a POUND & POUR EVENT together, and you can win 2 free tickets for you and a friend!

* Cost: $40/person (includes class, 1 free beer + $5 donation)
* Cause: Raising money for the Mom's at The Denise House
* Date: May 27th from 1-4pm
* Location: in Bowmanville 
* Tickets: On sale May 1st

🤘🏼 Tag a friend (or more) you’d like to join you

We cannot wait to pound out some and pour the good vibes into something for another Mother!


We’re doubling down on the dopamine again with another experiential exercise class - PUPPY YOGA featuring the pups from

🐶 🧘🏽 Here are the deets 🐶🧘🏽
Date: April 29th
Times: 10 & 11am
Duration: 50 mins/class
Location: in Courtice
Cost: $30/ticket
$5 from each ticket will be donated to the Clarington Animal Shelter

It’s - Feels like a fitting time to celebrate raising healthy, happy, confident and well-socialized pups!



Do you like puppy snuggles?
So I’m pairing two feel-good things together: movement & puppies!

Royally Fit will be partnering with a local ethical breeder to help socialize and raise happy, confident and well-adjusted K9 companions before they go to their furever homes.

🐾⬇️ How it works?

We will do 30 minutes of yoga while the puppies sleep, nibble, sniff, and do their cute little puppy things around us! (You may even end up with a puppy napping on you during class!!). Afterwards… 20 minutes of puppy snuggles and wet kisses!

Talk about happy-chemical explosion!

Best part - we bring the puppies, you just bring the snuggles!

I haven’t taught yoga in many years! This will be so fun for me!

DATE: March 11th
TIME: 9am, 10am, 11am & 12pm
LOCATION: PKS Dance Elite in Courtice
COST: $30
GIVING BACK: $5 from every ticket purchased will go to the Clarington Animal Shelter

Tag a friend you’d like to join you for a chance to win 2 free tickets!!!!


I scored ZERO in gift giving when I did the 5 love languages quiz. Although I do enjoy a thoughtful gift, I’m not the best at giving or receiving them.

⬇️🖤⬇️🖤⬇️🖤If you’re like me, or inflation is hitting home, here are 10 free ways to celebrate Valentines this year!

❤️ Cook a romantic dinner together.
❤️Go on a romantic hike.
❤️ Write love letters/cards for each other
❤️ Have a movie night.
❤️ Take a walk, and enjoy each other’s company.
❤️ Have a game night (video games count!).
❤️ Watch your favourite band perform on YouTube.
❤️ Have a dance party or play loud music.
❤️ Have an outdoor winter fire.
❤️ Create something together.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money.

These are all amazing Galentine’s ideas too!

What’s your favourite way to celebrate?


Get out there and be yourself today.
You badass 🤘🏼🖤


So what’s your favourite pie or dessert to eat this weekend?!



Just a friendly reminder to stop comparing yourself to others.

You are enough as you are, right now, in this moment.

Show up for you, and no one else.


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I’m not sure how this is possible!

Yet, in 2022 Royally Fit has struggled more than it ever has.

You see, the gym/fitness industry is cyclical.
Most big and small places you see around right now thriving, won’t be in 5 years.
It’s mind-blowing to me that we’ve been around for this long to be honest.
I’m so freaking grateful!

But it’s not just that things are cyclical that have impacted us…

This last year my attention has been in other places.
I’ve been craving stability & calmness - less hustle.
I am looking for a full time career that offers me a pension, paid vacation, sick days and more.

So what are my goals?

To find something that compliments what I’m doing here.
That takes the pressure off me, and brings me back to why I started…


Not that my passion is gone, but it’s mixed in with lots of stress and pressure. Similar to relationships that are fun but also intense… doesn’t feel calm and stable.

I used to LOVE the hustle, but I just don’t anymore.

When I started personal training I had a full-time job and did it part-time for fun.
I did it because it was purely my passion and I was told I’d be good at it.

Then I blinked, it became my full-time gig, and it’s been 17 years!

I am making really big steps in finding something else…but I am still obsessed with Royally Fit.
It’s not going anywhere!
So thank you for being here for so long, and of course, thank you for your support!


Big shoutout to the amazing crew that made this ship go round the past year:


It couldn’t have happened without you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


No better truth has even been spoken!


Happy Birthday to our firecracker .lennox⁠

We hope your day is filled with your favourite iced lattes, dance moves, snuggles from Huey, and everything else in between that lights your soul on fire.⁠

Erin is one of the hardest working people I know, and does WAY MORE for this business than I (Ashley) can even put into words.⁠

So thank you, Erin, for being born this day 31 years ago.⁠

You Royally Rock!⁠
We love you!

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We all know how good it feels to take regular p**ps 💩 💩 💩

Find out one of the easiest ways to stay regular, yet most of us miss the mark on.

And don’t forget to save this post for when you need a 💩 reminder!


Our Mission

To make fitness, health & self-development accessible, efficient, and fun for busy women.

We want to inspire you to spend more time developing the person they are, and less time worrying about what you’re not. Because that’s when the real magic happens in your fitness, health and mental wealth.

“Surround yourself with people who act on their big ideas, who take action on making positive change in the world and see nothing as out of their reach”. - Jen Sincero

Welcome, let’s make today badass.

The badass approach to fitness, health, and mental wealth.
The RF Girls (Ash & Kaylie)

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WARNING: dancing while working out can trigger even more feel-good neurotransmitters to release.⁠⁠SIDE EFFECTS:  feeling...