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Welcome to Spirit Quest Books. We r passionate about sourcing quality, hand selected healing crystals Logo by: Sarah Eshpeter ([email protected])


When is setting a goal or intention even more Universally supported than usual?
On the New Moons...like today! 🌝🌛🌜🌚
We are setting our intentions at SQB.
How about you?

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Moonstones & moonlight...so magical! 🧙‍♀️💜
moon, eclipse May 2023


Spring is here and we are as busy as the bees working to switch from 20+ years as brick & mortar to an online retail & services one stop for all our customers, new and loyal!

Keep following posts and be the first to see new arrivals as we get them added to the web store. Soooo many ideas and exciting products coming! Hang in there...


Last week sale on at Spirit Quest Books.
Lots of deals are going on.

25% off Books, Cards, Incense, Sprays, Sage and Jewelry.
30% off all Stones, Tumbles, Crystals price marked under $100
40% off all items price marked over $100
50% off select inventory

Most furnishings are for sale as well.


Very Exciting News!!

Spirit Quest Books is under new ownership and we couldn’t be happier. Renne Harrison, a former employee and long time friend of the store is taking over and ushering Spirit Quest Books into its next evolution.

Watch for news and exciting changes on Instagram .quest.online, Facebook .quest.books and online at www.spiritquestbooks.ca

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Closing sale at Spirit Quest Books.
25% off tumbles crystals and Stones price marked under $100

30% off everything price marked over $100

20% off select jewelry and all books and cards.

Come in and treat yourself. Or find that perfect gift for loved ones. You deserve it!


Happy Hump day! Sale still on at 121 Hudson Ave.
10% off all books, cards and select jewelry.
15% off all tumbles, crystals, stones
25% off items price marked over $100
50% off selected items.
Come in and treat yourself or get that special gift for a loved one or friend.


Come into Spirit Quest Books and grab your body butter. While you’re at it, get your tarot cards read by Natalie. Treat yourself. You deserve the best.💜🖤💜🖤


Tarot reading today at Spirit Quest Books by Natalie. 121 Hudson Ave. Come treat yourself. Walk ins are welcome.


Spirit Quest will be open today Monday March 6th. Stop in and treat yourself and find that perfect gift for a loved one. Or simply stock up for March 7th full Moon, the “Worm Moon”. This moons name refers to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring.


Big sale still on at Spirit Quest Books. 121 Hudson Ave Salmon Arm. Come on in and treat yourself. You deserve the best.

I need to give a huge shout out on this day of wind here in Salmon Arm to my parents generation and their hard fought battles against Mother Nature.


Come on into Spirit Quest Books today. Lisa MacDonald is in doing tea leaf readings. Treat yourself. You deserve the best. Walk ins welcome.


Sale is still on at Spirit Quest Books


The rippah the whippa! The pancake flippah. Hide your nacho chips because she’s a double dippah! So happy to have Tilly back in the store today! Lets celebrate. All stones and crystals priced over $100 dollars will be 25% off.


Happiest of fun Friday vibes to you all! Sale is Carried over from Valentine’s Day. Come treat yourself.

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Tea ☕️ 🫖 🍃 leaf readings with Lisa MacDonald are today. Book now. Walk ins are welcome. So come into Spirit Quest and treat yourself. You deserve the best.

Lauren Fernie on Instagram: "#cyrstals #cyrstalhealing #cyrstalstore #salmonarm #bigrockenergy #shuswaplife" 16/02/2023

Big Rock Energy!

Lauren Fernie on Instagram: "#cyrstals #cyrstalhealing #cyrstalstore #salmonarm #bigrockenergy #shuswaplife" 1 Likes, 1 Comments - Lauren Fernie (.quest.online) on Instagram: " "

Lauren Fernie on Instagram: "Happy Hump Day! Sale is still on. Tea leaf readings available on Friday with Lisa MacDonald. Tarot card readings available on Saturday with Natalie Salvino. Walk in and treat yourself." 15/02/2023

Sale still on. Happy hump day!

Lauren Fernie on Instagram: "Happy Hump Day! Sale is still on. Tea leaf readings available on Friday with Lisa MacDonald. Tarot card readings available on Saturday with Natalie Salvino. Walk in and treat yourself." 1 Likes, 0 Comments - Lauren Fernie (.quest.online) on Instagram: "Happy Hump Day! Sale is still on. Tea leaf readings available on Friday with Lisa MacDonald. Tarot card readings available on Saturday with Natalie Salvino. Walk in and treat yourself."


Valentines Day Sale on now at Spirit Quest Books



Just met this interesting fella. (Click the link) Mounce Creative Studios give him a follow and check him out for some sweet wire wrapped creations.


Hey hey! Natalie Salvino will be in today reading Tarot cards at Spirit Quest Books.


So come on into Spirit Quest Books! Walk ins are welcome.


Lisa MacDonald will be in today doing tea leaf readings. 1:00 till 5:00pm. $30 for 30mins. Or $55 for one hour. Walk ins welcome.


The store will be closed until 2:30 today. I have a kids Christmas concert to attend. Sorry for any inconvenience. But there will be a Valentines Sale, to be announced tomorrow. Yay!


Happy Tuesday!

Photos from Spirit Quest Books's post 05/02/2023

Heyo! Happy Saturday! Today I would like to show case my favourite stone, Spirit Quartz.

One of the coolest properties this stone has to offer is the ability to connect our consciousness with our higher self that taps into every memory, of every life our soul has ever lived.

The Amethyst within this South African beauty is basically Patrick Swayze (Dalton) from “Road House”. It allows oneself to express and understand the divine wisdom of our higher selves, while it round houses negative attachments and clears our auras and etheric bodies.

The white Quartz clustered within resembles a more peaceful Patrick Swayze from “Point Break” (Minus the bank robberies). The white quartz clears and cleanses the physical body to become the most optimal vehicle in reaching your higher self. Like Bodhi’s surf board on the 50 year storm.

Spirit Quartz is a fantastic tool to have in your repertoire of metaphysical tools. And as per usual. It’s so pretty to look at. - 🤓 (Mr Quest)


It’s Friday! Tea leaf readings and sound essence balances available today by Lisa MacDonald. Walk ins are welcome.


Had to leave this right here. It’s quite alright to just come in and look. Happy Friday

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Will you look at that! It’s Friday! Chippy chip chu-raw!!!!

Also if you find yourself downtown You could pop into Spirit Quest and hold this beautiful Apophyllite cluster. This powerful vibrational transmitter enhances any room’s energy and is known to connect physical realms with the spiritual.

Great for exploring past life knowledge. This piece is clustered in with pink Stillbite. The two clusters complement each other divinely by grounding spiritual energy while providing direction and guidance. Whatever your journey maybe, this is a great tool to have in your collection. Plus it’s real pretty to look at.🤓 (Mr. Quest)


Come in. Stay a while. Pull up a chair and open that book you’ve been eyeing up. Or come in and place your hand on this beauty. Let’s celebrate this beautiful piece, sodalite.

Sodalite supports communication, intuition, truth and boosts confidence. It helps over come negative thinking as it corresponds with the third eye chakra increasing mental clarity.

A perfect stone for my fellow Sagittarians to Meditate with. (Mr Quest)

Our Story

Spirit Quest Books is located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. We are an independent store providing knowledge, a quiet space, and healing. Our three main products are books, crystals, and gift ware, all leaning toward "new age" thinking. For books, we have more width and depth than the "big box" bookstores, and in addition we provide a venue where customers can explore “new age” topics such as spirituality and philosophy and a variety of related topics, including meditation.

We are told we are "the best" store of this type in Western Canada - this compliment is repeated by both our customers and by the vendors who travel across Canada. In late 2007 we introduced re-usable environmentally friendly blue bags with our name, logo and location clearly displayed on the front of the bags. These bags have been spotted in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, and Edmonton - a bag was even seen in a Wal-Mart in the oil fields in Northern Alberta. We seem to be very well known to the tourists who return each year with the exclamation of "Oh, I am so glad to be back in this space again! I just want to stay in this calming energy."

In October 2019 we celebrated 20 years in business. The first store motto was "Growing old is natural, growing up is spiritual" - but in 2009, recognizing what we really do in the store, the motto became "Knowledge is Free, Bring Your Own Container."

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