Get plugged in with fragrance,friendship and fun.

Get plugged in with fragrance,friendship and fun.

Everything you need to make your home look and smell great!!!


Ok everyone 1 more reminder. 2 more days left for 6 Scentsy bars for $36. This deal ends January 31!
Order going in tomorrow. Free shipping!

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Ok everyone Scentsy has hit it out of the ballpark again!!!
This one is only available while quantities last.
Finally wax bars you can put in a warmer next to your bed😴😴😴😴. Or just when you want a relaxing fragrance 😊.
This pack even comes with a sleep mask!!!! All 5 for $37. Available Jan 11,2021.
I’m putting in an order first thing Monday morning. If you want to order a set please contact me by Sunday night or super early Monday morning at the absolute latest. Thanks everyone 😊.

Here are a description of the scents
Lights Out Scentsy Bar
Night falls gently over relaxing sandalwood, sweet vanilla and warm amber.

Pillow Time Scentsy Bar
Blue tansy is tucked in with silk blossom and calming passionflower.

Shut-eye Scentsy Bar
Fuzzy peach, jasmine and a touch of cedar harmonize on a fragrant lullaby.

Sleep Happy Scentsy Bar
Drift off to dreamland, where delicate violet and bergamot rest on musk clouds.

Snuggle Up Scentsy Bar
Settle down in cashmere woods, curled up with angel lavender and soothing sage.

Have a great weekend everyone 🥰.


Who doesn’t love a great deal! Now is the time to stock up😉.


Seriously so much cool stuff coming out this Christmas season!!! I love that this collection comes in a Santa bag❤️.

Scents of the Season wax collection!! 🎄

The complete collection comes as a $33 bundle packaged in a festive Santa bag!! 🎅

This collection includes:
New! Cookies for Santa

Treat the man in the red suit to baked sugar cookie topped with brown sugar and a sip of milk.

New! Gingerbread Hugs

Fresh-baked gingerbread with notes of vanilla and nutmeg wrap you up in the warmest, sweetest embrace.

New! Red Berry & Spruce

A merry mix of cranberry and raspberry swirled with a sprig of blue spruce.

Blue Christmas

Holiday fragrance of orange peels, cloves, festive pine and cinnamon sticks.

Wassail Wonderland

Orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh pine.

Santa bag - only available in bundle, while supplies last. November 16th while supplies last. Bars are available individually for $8 each

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SWEET!!!! Checkout these holiday 6 packs!
Whatever your favourite holiday scents are there’s a 6 pack made just for you!!
These packs are $40. I’ll be placing an order Monday. Please let me know before then if you would like some!

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$32 each or two for $52
Bricks are five times the size of a bar and make a great gift to the Scentay lover on your list! 🎄

New! Crimson Berry Christmas

Comforting crimson berries highlight the excitement of Christmas morning, with a burst of sweet cinnamon that warms crisp snow apple.

New! Marshmallow Mint Cocoa

Cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate as airy marshmallow and peppermint float above a rich layer of creamy cocoa.

New! Salted Caramel Toffee

The sweet scent of salted caramel takes melted toffee and butterscotch to new levels of indulgence.

Pretty in Plaid

Juniper berries jibe with minty-fresh wintergreen, festive pine and bright cranberries.

Snowkissed Cranberry

Frozen pink cranberries trek through fresh-fallen powder, white balsam and glistening sugared woods.

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New Collection alert!!!

The Find Your Happy! Wax Collection was designed to take you to your happy place, put a smile on your face and inspire joy in everyday moments — all through the power of amazing fragrances.😊♥️

The Find Your Happy Wax Collection

First-Kiss Fireworks: Pucker up as pink lemon and sweet red apple explode with a kiss of soft musk.

Sunrise with Friends: Orange zest rises in the air while waves of coastal water lap ocean driftwood for a moment that will last a lifetime.

Taste of Summer: Sit back and relax with iced tea, lemon, sparkling sugar and a moment to take it all in.

Showered in Flowers: Follow the trail of rose petals to a bouquet of sweet jasmine, sun-kissed greens and overwhelming love.

Wild, Barefoot & Free: Throw caution to the wind, soak up the fresh air, and feel the grass between your toes with the aroma of wild ivy.

This one is only available while supplies last.

Only $33 for the set!

I’m putting in an order on August 19 at 11am. If you want this set please let me know prior to that.
Free shipping on this order😊.

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Good morning everyone! Just in case you thought Scentsy was only wax and warmers. Nope! Check it out! These other products are just as awesome!

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Day 7
This is my favourite essential oil diffuser♥️. It has 8 different light settings.
Here are 2 of the light settings.


Alright Day 5 of my Scentsy challenge. Here is the warmer of the month for June. It’s already on back order. (That didn’t take very long). It’s not sold out.


Oops I almost forgot day 4 Scentsy challenge. My favourite scent is:

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Hi everyone, I’m doing a 30 day Scentsy challenge. Everyday I’ll be posting something different.

So a little something about me. For those of you that know me well,this will be quite shocking😂. You know the thing I like to make for dinner is reservations. I’ve never really been someone who loves being in the kitchen.
Well I don’t understand what has happened. I’m loving it now❤️.
Today I’ve already made 2 loaves of bread and I have beef stew in the slow cooker! What?
I don’t make too many cookies or desserts because I’m diabetic. That’s ok though. I’m always warming some of my Scentsy wax😊. Did someone say Banana nut bread. Yep and it’s back for the month of June!
No baking needed😉.
Have a great day everyone. .

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Here’s a nice little bundle of products for all dogs 🐶 lovers out there😊. Pet safe product. Since you can’t take your dog to the groomers. These products get the job done! Try out the cookie recipes😊. $40.00 Canadian👍.

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Hi everyone. Just want you to know I’m placing an order on April 13th (Monday morning). If you want or need anything please let me know. There will be no shipping cost on this order. Here are 2 new products that are launching on Monday. I’m pretty sure the Cinderella warmer will sell out quickly. That’s the reason the order will be going in by 11:00am Calgary time. Feel free to pm me with any questions.
Hope you’re all having a good day😊.

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Check this out! Only for Mothers Day. Goes on sale Monday morning around 10-10:30am.
The bath soak is a wonderful product! Your skin is baby soft after. Feel free to check out my website😊.


Honestly can he be any cuter! The Child will be available on March 11! If interested please send me a message. I’ll do my best to hook you up with one or 2😉

Spring/Summer 2020 Scentsy Canada Catalogue 03/02/2020
Hi everyone. Check out the new catalogue for Spring/Summer 2020. Lots of great stuff!

Spring/Summer 2020 Scentsy Canada Catalogue This interactive publication is created with FlippingBook, a service for streaming PDFs online. No download, no waiting. Open and start reading right away!

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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know All these beautiful warmers are leaving on Friday! They will be discontinued. Also 10 % off will be over as well.


Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I just wanted to let you know for the month of January there are some great deals. The fall/winter catalogue will be discontinued as of Feb 1st. All products are 10% off(excluding Disney).
Also Bring Back My Bar is on for January. 25 of the most loved fragrances are back for this month only. 10% off applies to these as well. Check out the list. I’m sure you’ll find something you love ❤️.

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Check out the new frozen warmer it’s gorgeous and it’s launching on Friday! If you’re interested in this warmer please message me. I can’t promise I’ll get them but I’m going to try. I know this one will sell out fast!
Winnie the Pooh sold out within hours.


Alrighty my friends check this out! It’s the warmer of the month. Only available in October. Enchanted pumpkin 🎃. It’s beautiful and it’s on sale😊 for 59.40!!
It’s so pretty.

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Alrighty my friends. I’ve just started this page so I thought I would do something special. Here it is! I really want to do parties in September and October. The fall line up is over the top!!!!
If anyone books a party starting Sept 15-October 25th your name will be entered to win Maniac Mansion!!! Value ($66.00)
I will do the draw on the 26th live. I will enter everyone’s name and draw the winner at 1:00pm. Who ever wins this fabulous gift will have it delivered on the same day.
Alrighty my friends let’s have some fun!!!!
Pm me if you’re in😊🥳. Look forward to partying with you!!!