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Anelli e Cose

Hi, my name is Josie and I have a passion for making rings. I am so thankful for any type of support you have for my page. Thank you for checking it out. :)

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hop into the new year with some bling! 🤩
🌸necklaces $15
🌸earrings $10
🌸single gem rings and flower rings $6
🌸anelli specials (gem with bead band) $10


beetle juice… beetle juice… BEETLE JUICE! i am so excited for spooky season that i just can’t wait to share my first threes designs🤍🖤💜💚 stay tuned for more😆

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buy one get one 50% off sale! all ring and earring styles included! as well as custom pieces! sale begins now (July 28th) and ends sunday (August 1st) dm to order!

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come check out the vedder farm and artisan market! this is my first time attending, i am so stoked to be apart of it! there are so many talented people here


here is a sneak peak of my inventory😃i will be at the vedder artisan market every saturday during the month of july! come say hi!😁 i accept cash and e-transfer
i cant wait for tomorrow!!😆

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vibey earrings ✨💖


more gems!


snake rings are now available for $10 each. currently i only have gold, but black wire is soon to come!🖤💛🐍

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authentic jade and pink zebra gems. $12 per ring 💚💗


i am so excited to be introducing gem earrings! 😆 these are $10 a pair or $8 with a matching ring! so far earring styles are dangle flower power and dangle anelli special🤍👂🏼✨

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i am so very thankful for this order from Sharon Wareham i can’t wait for you to receive them! this is my first order outside of BC and the biggest order i have gotten🥳🤩🥰❤️


gradient green🖤💚🤍🐍

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watermelon sugar high🍉 💚🤍❤️🖤

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add some flair to your beach days🌊☀️💍

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pride month starts tomorrow, you know what that means 😉 rainbow rings are available in 3 styles! rainbow band, rainbow special, and rainbow flower. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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anelli specials☺️

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these flowering power rings are a vibe🌸🌼❤️


happy victoria day!! i’m obsessed with the pink and green💚💖


I’m so excited to deliver this ring to the lovely human who purchased it! She gave me full creative freedom, I hope she loves it as much as I do! 💜🤍


new wire colours!!!!

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here are all available beads:)


Full ring selection (for now;) and the prices.
-original pearl (only in pearl)
-flowering power (in 15 colours of pearls, soon to be posted)
-triple gem (in 15 colours, soon to be posted)
-pearl band (in 15 colours of pearl)
-anelli special (15 gem colours and 15 pearl colours)


first ring sold!!💙🤍💍

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