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Lamourie Public Relations and Marketing, founded by Tracy Lamourie, is a boutique full service P.R firm offering professional media management, public relations, social media, and strategic promotions that gets real results. Lamourie Public Relations represents an elite selection of authors, public speakers, public figures, celebrities, and ethical businesses and business owners. Lamourie Public R

[04/01/19]   My latest press relase : Dateline - Los Angeles !

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Los Angeles, April 1 ) Los Angeles is known for taking beauty seriously - and on Wed, April 10th, the city is expected to sit up and take notice as a unique new hair product called Noggin Oil - and there really is nothing else like it! - makes its California debut. Celebrity loctician Karen Wallington, founder of the world renowned Modlocks will be in town to introduce film and TV stylists, fashion editors, writers, and high profile bloggers to her exciting new product line.

Noggin Oil has been racking up rave reviews around the world - and Industry watchers expect it to be extremely well received in L.A

Media is invited to a private, invite only event at CINEMA SECRETS in the heart of Burbank. This intimate evening is limited to news media, celebrated beauty writers and editors, stylists for film and TV, celebrity braiders and locticians and other renowned hair stylists who need to keep up on important industry information and advancements.

This exciting launch event isn’t just about showcasing a new hair product - it is an exclusive opportunity to learn about a groundbreaking new tool in hair care. There is literally nothing in the world like the unique Noggin Oil product line - specially formulated for sectioned hairstyles like braids, dreadlocks, and hair extensions. Noggin Oil is the first beauty brand that works for ALL hair types. NOT a dry shampoo, NOGGIN OIL WASH “lifts away dirt, impurities, sebum, dirt, perspiration, and pollution from the scalp,” while NOGGIN OIL CHILL (used for tension relief during/after braid, dreadlock or hair extension services) and NOGGIN OIL REPLENISH (used to relieve mild to moderate dry scalp) are applied directly to the scalp using roller bottle applicators. 100% Vegan, made with therapeutic grade essential oils, Noggin Oil products contain no sulphates, phthalates, parabens, gluten artificial fragrance or colour and the products are not tested on animals. This game changing product line can be used on all hair types.

NOGGIN OIL founders KAREN WALLINGTON and BRIAN PHILLIPS will be in attendance.

All attendees will receive VIP GIFT BAGS - Products from Noggin Oil, World Hair And Skin (& Cinema Secrets?)

Delicious vegan snacks and vegan wine will be served

Please RSVP to : Lamourie Public Relations - [email protected]

WHERE : Cinema Secrets, 4400 Riverside Drive, Burbank California
WHEN Wed April 10, 7-10 PM


Modlocks founder Karen Wallington is world renowned for her 20 years of experience in the care, styling, and maintenance of dreadlocks. More than a decade ago, Karen authored the manual that was used for Knotty Boy Loctician Training & Education. Today, Karen is increasingly in demand across North America as a public speaker and educator in the natural hair industry, teaching her techniques at natural hair conventions. Karen was also in the top ten on Slice TV’s “Superstar Hair Challenge” produced and hosted by celebrity stylist Marc Anthony. With a reputation as one of the top locticians in the industry, she often travels to work with celebrity clients, including NFL and NBA athletes. She is the co-founder of NOGGIN OIL.

Noggin Oil is Karen’s groundbreaking brand of products designed and formulated specially for locs, braids, extensions and all sectioned hairstyles. The idea first came about during a conversation with one of her dreadlock clients who mentioned that she’d recently had a migraine and how much her scalp hurt. Because her client used the word “scalp”, rather than “head,” Karen had an “ah-hah!” moment: formulate a remedy to alleviate the tension & discomfort that is often associated with “sectioned-hair” services like dreadlocks and braids.. and use a roller bottle applicator directly on the scalp! Karen doesn’t agree with the saying, “pain is beauty.”, she says “no one should suffer for a hairstyle,” which is why she was and is always looking for ways to make her dreadlocking services as comfortable as possible.

Understanding that she had hit on a unique solution that would help stylists and their customers like no other product ever had, Karen was determined to make her idea a reality. She reached out to her friend and client, Brian Philips, owner of World Salon and World Hair and Skin, for guidance in bringing it to market. Brian, who Karen has described as “one of the most environmentally conscious hair stylists in Toronto,” was excited to hear about Karen’s product idea. Phillips shared with her his own idea to solve a problem he’d experienced with his own dreadlocks - the need to clean the scalp without getting the dreadlocks wet -he’d been working on developing a showerless spray cleanser. Realizing that working together and developing a partnership would make both products stronger, they paired together to create the exciting new Noggin Oil line : ‘Essential oil therapy for your noggin’ - the first and only vegan hair care products specially formulated for dreadlocks, braids, extensions and other sectioned hairstyles. .
Karen is available for media interviews at and in advance of the event by arrangement.


Tracy Lamourie, Lamourie Public Relations
[email protected]


Classified - Legal Ma*****na (Official Video)

The CLASSIFIED music video I appear in with some of my cannabis community friends celebrating legalization ... this was filmed the last week of September last year at Christie Pitts in Toronto. Check it out!

Directed by Harvey Glazer. Taken from Classified's new album "Tomorrow Could Be The Day Things Change" OUT NOW via Half Life Records. Stream/Download Here: h... 03/28/2019

Reflect On Life With These 24 Captivating Books

Another successful Lamourie PR pitch as UK media includes my client, Canadian author Joseph Braithwaite and his book “Not Your Average Cup of Joe” in his list of “captivating books,” calling it “one of the finest books to meditate on the experience called life.” What is life? What is life’s purpose? Why are we here? What are we meant to do? Does it even have a point? These are questions that have plagued most people during their lifetimes, in


Natural Products for Itchy Scalp and Dandruff | Noggin Oil Product Review

Check out this detailed review of Noggin Oil - invented by my friend and client, Karen. Invented to solve the special challenges of dreadlocks, braids, extensions and other sectioned styles, this all natural product is gentle enough for kids, and good for EVERY hair type. We're heading to Los Angeles for the film, tv & west coast fashionista product launch soon - and you're hearing about it first. Check it out! Available for order on the website, or ask your local beauty supply shop to stock this amazing Canadian product making international waves!

An in-depth review of the Noggin Oil products for scalp care specifically for people with locs that experience dandruff and itchy scalp. Read Full Review: ht...


City of Hamilton looks into funding menstrual hygiene for females in low-income families

ALL of this is because of the work of my friend, Halima Al-Hatimy... WATCH THIS! *(she appeared on Toronto's Breakfast Television today in a story that is going to have a national impact. GREAT WORK, Power lady!

The city of Hamilton is pushing to end period poverty! Their board of health recently voted to study the cost of funding hygiene products to females in low-income families. This morning, FemCare founder Halima Al-Hatimy and Hamilton city councilor Maureen Wilson stopped by with more on this initiati...


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[03/28/19]   FUPPING UK choose our clients at Cannabeds h**p mattresses as the #1 "Most Memorable Gifts for Men for Valentines Day this year" after one of our media pitches!


How is This Woman Breaking Free from Chronic Pain & Opioid Addiction to Find Health and Wellbeing?

If you missed my friend and client Niki Norlock when she appeared on the Breaking Free podcast stateside, they just sent us the link... Check this out!

Host Marilyn Shannon ( of The Breaking Free Show and author of the “In Just One Afternoon” book series sits down with Niki Norlock, a chro... 03/28/2019

“Rockstar Publicists: Be real, Be authentic, Be you. Don’t be cookie cutter,” with Tracy Lamourie.

Thrilled to have been profiled in this fantastic series of articles in AUTHORITY magazine about "How To Be A Rockstar Publicist" I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Lamourie, a well known publicist in the Toronto, Canada area. Tracy is the recent winner of the… 03/28/2019

Noggin Oil

Let me tell you something... my friend and client Karen Helena - long well known as the brilliant hair stylist and loc expert who owns Toronto's Modlocks - has truly invented a genius product that now that I had the chance to try I want EVERYONE to know about. Noggin Oil - Even though this product comes from her awesome line of products made especially for those with dreadlocks, braids, or extensions...I'm telling you, I rolled a little bit on my temples near the hair line and my headache disappeared. Pain relief for hours.
Also see the WASH and REPLENISH products - get yours now at ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY FOR YOUR NOGGIN Dreadlocks • Braids • Twists • Extensions 03/28/2019

Get Repped! Build Your Brand with Effective Public & Media Relations

The publishers promo page for my upcoming book :

"Public Relations and Media representation isn’t just for celebrities and sports stars. Smart business owners know that having your name or business name appear in the media builds credibility – and a customer base – that you just can’t buy. In GET REPPED, PR expert Tracy Lamourie writes about the value of public and media relations to any business, and shares some of the secrets behind her many PR and media successes. GET REPPED also includes hints on how you can duplicate some of Tracy’s PR magic in your own projects.

Tracy Lamourie, Owner of Lamourie PR has been providing professional PR services for more than 20 years. She focuses on working with ethical businesses, progressive politicians, media personalities, public speakers, and social justice groups — and other interesting people! Smart, edgy, focused, savvy, and skilled — Tracy Lamourie is passionate about helping people and companies build their brands and elevate careers into the stratosphere! In politics, the arts, entertainment or business. Get Repped! Build Your Brand with Effective Public & Media Relations by Tracy Lamourie Public Relations and Media representation isn't just for celebrities and sports stars. Smart business owners know that having your name or business name appear in the media builds 03/28/2019

Cannabis Entrepreneurship (December 10th 2018)

Our client on Hamilton's CITY MATTERS in December : With recreational cannabis now legal in Canada and the Ontario Government developing plans to allow private cannabis retailers next spring, our next guest is focussing on how you could invest in the development of your own business serving the cannabis culture. 03/28/2019

Woman raising money to get prosthetics for rescue dog that had paws cut off

This CTV news story ran tonight from a press release we wrote in December. A one-year-old dog rescue dog named True is in need of a helping hand -- or two prosthetic paws, to be exact -- after suffering a horrible act of animal cruelty in Ukraine.

[03/03/19]   Recent review from Andre Ledoux, CEO of VOISE, the company that sent me to Los Angeles last year!
"Tracy is dynamic, she has helped me tremendously, she is commited and has laser focus. Tracy has become part of the family and has proved to be adaptable in many settings, confidant, knowlegable, and goes above and beyond expectations. Her assistance with things related to pr and marketing will be an invaluable asset to anyone that requires her services. I will gladly work with Tracy many times going forward!" 01/17/2019

“Rockstar Publicists: Be real, Be authentic, Be you. Don’t be cookie cutter,” with Tracy Lamourie.

SUPER excited to be the featured interview in this article from the HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR PUBLICIST series in AUTHORITY Magazine stateside. The article about me is called, "Be real, Be authentic, Be you. Don’t Be Cookie Cutter,” With Tracy Lamourie" .... Please read!!
"I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Lamourie, a well known publicist in the Toronto, Canada area. Tracy is the recent winner of the Hamilton Spectator READERS CHOICE awards in the Public Relations category, where she received 1st Place Platinum award for Public Relations. She is the CEO & Creative Director of Lamourie Public Relations . Lamourie PR works with high profile entertainers, artists, filmmakers, public speakers, and newsmakers of all kinds across North America...." I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Lamourie, a well known publicist in the Toronto, Canada area. Tracy is the recent winner of the…



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