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This book is amazing. Its the work of 10 years of hard work and talking to people:


The future of finance is universal inclusion. Let's make that our top priority in 2020.

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[09/29/19]   "Success is not about never failing but rising each time you fail," Confucius.

[07/05/18]   The recent disruption in facebook use due to a tax imposition to Ugandan consumers has led to a few setbacks to our customer engagement. Efforts are underway to find alternative channels of communication in the interim. Management.

[05/19/18]   "Be the change you want to see in the world," Mahatma Ghandi.


Do not be lured into the trap of conformity. It is easy to do what is easy and comfortable. The masses want you in the fold; following the same path like everyone else. They call it security; we call it betrayal of one's unique identity. Be yourself. Dare to be different. Walk in the opposite direction; flow upstream.


Game on tonight; do not miss! With Francis Xavier and Josephine Sandra Kalagira

[05/03/18]   Hello everyone! We are in the process of upgrading the app. We need your feedback on the current features and how you think they should be improved. We are committed to providing you with the best services for the utmost benefit. Thank You!


The cowards never started. The weak never completed. The crown was taken by those brave enough to start and resilient enough to continue against all odds. By doing so, they inherited the kingdom. With all its power and all it's glory. That the rest of us might learn; lest we forget. Bless 'em.


THE POWER OF FAITH: Believing that you are going to make it; come hell or high water, is a prerequisite to your success. Everyone who has ever done something worth talking about saw it before the world saw it. They believed it was possible, even when their friends and family said it wasn't. Faith sees possibilities where others see hurdles; it enables you to hang in there when others are giving up. Faith wakes you up early when others are still asleep; it makes you work harder when hope seems to be lost. It is faith that makes you start on your dream project when everyone is out looking for a job; and it is that faith that leads you to success after so long when everyone you started with gave up. Remember; no matter how bad it is, or how worse it gets, you are going to make it. Those who believe they can and those who believe they can't are both usually right. Yes you can!


THE POWER OF GOING THE EXTRA MILE: When you open a business to make money you fail; when your intention is to serve others, you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. But what is service? Giving the customer what they want is sales. But giving the customer what they want and asking if there's something else they need and you offer it at no extra cost is customer service. You don't just sell them the car; you call them one weekend to find out if the car you sold them is doing fine. And if there's any slight problem you offer to fix it for free. Keep doing that and your name will be known around town.


THE POWER OF COURAGE: Many times we decide to try something new and we talk ourselves out of it. Relatives tell us it is too risky. Friends tell us it is not worth it. Acquaintances make a list of reasons why it is impossible and our own voice says probably it is not the right time. That is wrong. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us that the Time is Always Right to do what is Right. So you my friend have one life to live; give it your best shot. Take courage and start, be resilient in failure. Remember, the timid never start, the weak never finish. The crown belongs to those courageous enough to start and resilient enough to finish.


THE POWER OF PERSONAL EFFORT: A lot of times we look around us and see our mates developing faster, making more money, buying bigger and better stuff and seeming much happier than we are. We feel frustrated. Fact is, you can never be like them; you can only be better than your current self. If you ever want to compete with anyone, compete with yourself. If you ran 2 miles yesterday, run 3 miles today. If you quit smoking yesterday, quit drugs today. If you can be a little better today at something than you were yesterday, you my friend, are making plenty of progress. Pat yourself on the back and repeat that effort. The universe will stand by your side if you keep pushing yourself a little further. Soon it will be your mates envying you!


THE POWER OF LOVE: One of the pillars of Yata2Yata is giving. You give to your friends just as they give to you. Giving is a liberating gift in itself because it symbolizes love. Love is the greatest of all gifts. As we continue to download the Yata2Yata app and swapping gifts with our friends, we get closer to those whom we share with. As a result, we can do greater things with them because of the bond that we develop along the way. Love motivates us to do things we could never do. It motivates us to give and sacrifice. Love heals old wounds and forges new passions. Let's be in love. Let's share. Let's be yatas to all our friends and family.


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THE POWER OF FOCUS: Life can get crowded with detractors and distractions. Yet the days we spend on earth are few and uncertain. How do you achieve satisfaction and happiness in a situation where nothing is certain (except death & taxes) and your time is limited? Focus. Find your why in life and get to work. The economy could be bad, your government could be weak, you might lack money to start a business or connections to get a good job. But always remember that many successful people have been in the exact same situation and some worse off than you are right now. They found something worth fighting for and fought with all their might. Do one thing. Do it hard. Fail many times; but fail early. Learn with every failure. Success is not what you get but whom you become as a person.



Hello Yatas, great to see you here. We are about 5,000 strong and counting. We are nearly 300 new Yatas a day. Let us use our power of numbers to trade with each other and save us some cash today. Download the app now. Thank you.

Get a Small Business Loan from FXMoney today. Our low interest rates make it possible for you to start or recapitalize your already existing business. Call 0754794676 today for our promotional offers. FXMoney, We Care!


Easter, the most important day in the Christian faith, also reminds us of giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. Let's share through this platform. Joyous Easter to you all.

[03/25/18]   What does Yata mean? It means Heart (In Scandinavia) so Yata2Yata means Heart2Heart. Therefore download the app today and give something to your "soulmate". It's Free.

[03/21/18]   Hello everyone! Thanks again for the support; it's overwhelming. We are now adding a few ingredients to the recipe. Let us download the app and post any item we wish to trade. Except of course guns and drugs.


It's 100% Free!!



Thanks pals for liking the Yata2Yata app page. Get stuff without paying a dime from fellow Yatas. Just download the app form Google Play Store and Apple Store. Download it and post your items for free and see available "free" stuff.

Get a Small Business Loan from FXMoney today. Our low interest rates make it possible for you to start or recapitalize your already existing business. Call 0754794676 today for our promotional offers. FXMoney, We Care!

Get a low interest rate Loan Today

We give financial access to mainly small and medium enterprises in order to scale up operations and to meet their immediate needs.

FXMoney also offers a wider variety of financial products that target privately employed salaried workers, landlords and the self-employed.
We have grown from strength to strength with our immediate target being covering most of Ugandans major centres before expanding beyond borders. Our services are professionally delivered with our main focus being customer service, integrity and timely delivery.

Shoot us an email for more information at [email protected] or visit our website at www.fxmoney.net

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Get a quick loan at a low interest rate, today!
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