Good Food Market at GBC - St. James Campus

Good Food Market at GBC - St. James Campus

The St. James Campus GFM is held every Thursday from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM in front of the GBC Bookstore located at 200 King St. E. The Good Food Market (GFM) at George Brown College is a non-profit initiative of the Academic Upgrading Program with the support of FoodShare.

The GFM strives to offer access to fresh food at affordable prices for the college and surrounding community. Beyond simply selling produce, the GFM seeks to be a hub for connecting, learning and organizing around something that connects us all: food. FoodShare works in partnership with community organizations and neighbourhood leaders to run the markets, and delivers top-quality fresh produce purchased from local farmers and the Ontario Food Terminal on market day. We pass on tools, training and ongoing support to community partners and residents who manage all operational aspects of the market. At the George Brown location the market is run by interns and volunteer students and is overseen by a faculty member. Good Food Markets feature seasonal local produce plus imported favourites to offer the greatest quality and cultural value to the neighbourhood they serve. Each market uniquely reflects its community and is a vibrant and important gathering place providing opportunities for neighbours to meet, share information and celebrate.

Operating as usual 07/20/2018

Who Really Decides What Goes Into Canada’s Food Guide?

"“It is flawed,” says Elizabeth Campbell, who teaches grades 2 to 6 physical education and health at Pierre Elliott Trudeau elementary in Gatineau, Quebec. “Because it is the product of marketing by the meat and dairy association. They do a lot of lobbying. They have a lot of influence over policy decisions. They did heavily influence the last food guide.”" Teachers rely on the guide to help students learn about healthy eating—and that's why lobbyists shouldn’t be allowed near it 07/19/2018

Fisher River Cree Nation lighting the solar farm path for other communities in Manitoba – Fisher River Economic Development Corporation

"Nearly 3,000 panels make up the solar farm- generating enough energy to power up to 400 homes- making it the largest solar farm in Manitoba. Installation isn’t complete yet but the community is already looking to expand, according to Crate.
Once up and running the farm can generate anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 per year, which will go right back into the community.

The community has an agreement with Manitoba Hydro that will see the company purchase power generated from the solar farm, according to Crate. He adds they may look at exporting the energy to the United States and Ontario.." “I always enjoyed working around Fisher River. I did a lot of work here at home. I was with housing. I was at the hotel. Just helping out wherever I can,” said Sinclair.

[07/19/18]   It's market day! If you're looking for snacks or to save time and money on your groceries, make sure to stop by! 07/18/2018

BCCF 6th Annual Farm Festival | Black Creek Community Farm

Looking for something to do this weekend? Black Creek Community Farm is having their Annual Farm Festival this Saturday (July 21) from 12 to 4 pm. Location: 4929 Jane Street. A free shuttle bus will be operating in the Jane-Finch/Black Creek area. Shuttle schedule in the link below.

"Lots of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy!

😻 get your face painted,
📚 gather for storytelling under our magical apple tree,
👟 take part in an amazing race scavenger hunt,
🎨 visit our art corner hosted by The Livingroom Community Art Studio,
🥋 enjoy a live Capoeira performance by BatuCapoeira,
🐢 meet living creatures from Toronto Wildlife Centre,
and much, much more!

🍕 Our famous pizza made in the wood-fired oven and 🥕 fresh organic vegetables will be available for purchase!" Join us for our 6th Annual Farm Festival! Lots of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! 😻 get your face painted, 📚 gather for storytelling under our magical apple tree, 👟 take part in an amazing race scavenger hunt, 🎨 visit our art corner hosted by The Livingroom Community Art St...


Hi folks, check out our price list preview for tomorrow's market! Avocados are back! 🥑 Also prices on produce like blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini have dropped a bit this week. See you all tomorrow! 07/17/2018

Local Voices: Cooking in the Shelter – The Local - Health stories from Toronto's neighbourhoods

This article highlights one of the most important aspects of working with people who are food insecure: Dignity. This means the dignity of choice, access to appetizing meals, meals that meet individual health needs and are also culturally appropriate. Simply diverting rescued foods and expiring donations to shelters is not a long-term solution. I have cooked in restaurant kitchens, and for newspaper readers. Working at a shelter taught me a new way to look at food.


Two days til market day! 🍎🍊🥝


Hi friends, check out the price list preview for this week's market! See you all there!


Food Secure Canada

Job opportunity for Indigenous folks with a background in Indigenous Food Sovereignty. Position is a 6-month part-time contract. Details below.

[Job Alert] We are looking for a self-identified Indigenous person with broad experience and knowledge of Indigenous Food Sovereignty issues for a 6-month part-time contract.

-> Applications end this Wednesday!

Social Planning Council of Sudbury 07/05/2018

Eating Dinner With Canada’s Migrant Workers

"Most migrant agricultural workers live in barrack-style dorms, where sometimes dozens of people sleep in an open room lined with bunk beds, sharing one or two bathrooms. Workers frequently have to accept dilapidated buildings as their homes for eight months a year. Sometimes, there are bedbugs; workboots coated in pesticide from the field may be stored inside as well. Some labourers, after they’ve been here a few seasons, share rented houses away from their workplaces. This allows workers more freedom and the ability to cook—though that is costly. And the commute, sometimes by bicycle, eats up what little free time they have."

"Sometimes, workers, stir-crazy from their farms, will go into town on Sundays just to walk around. In Leamington, business owners proposed an anti-loitering bylaw that many observers said was intended to prevent migrants from gathering in public. According to migrant-labour activist Chris Ramsaroop, the attitude in Leamington was the most overt, but the sentiment is common. He mentions towns across Ontario where communities have objected to a school or storage facility being converted to a bunkhouse—or, as was the case in one town, where a popular doughnut-and-coffee franchise put up a sign limiting guests to a thirty-minute stay." For the people who work our fields, food is both a livelihood and a way to stave off isolation

[07/04/18]   Look at those apples go! By the way, Norfolk Fruit Growers are the lovely folks that grow our customers' favourite baby apples and pears! Check them out on Instagram @norfolkapples


Hi good food friends,

Hope you all had a restful long weekend! Our market will be back in full swing this Thursday. Check out the price list preview below! We're expecting our first batch of Ontario Strawberries this week, though the price is still to be determined. See you there! 07/03/2018

In wealthy Canada, why do we need food banks?

Graham Riches (expert on hunger, the right to food and food banks) nails it when he says "“Food banks give the impression that the problem is being addressed...but food poverty is still growing. It’s not a problem of food supply. It’s a problem of lack of income.”" We saw this recently in Toronto when the provincial government raised the minimum wage resulting in an 8% decrease in food bank use for the first time in years. To eliminate food insecurity we need a living wage for all. PARKSVILLE — Graham Riches was teaching at the University of Regina in 1983 when the province opened its first food bank. “I was curious because I had no idea what a food bank was,” he recalls. “. . .


Student Association of George Brown College

Looking for part-time work this Fall? The Student Association is hiring students in a number of different positions that run from August 2018 - April 2019. Resume deadlines in July. Check link below for details.

We have new part-time jobs for George Brown College students available! Our positions start as early as August and can last until the end of April 2019. We pay $15/hr for up to 20 hours a week. Come work with and for students!


Hi folks, this week is intersession week at GBC but the Good Food Market will still be running. We'll just be quite a bit smaller. But if you are around St. James Campus tomorrow, be sure to come visit! 06/26/2018

Winter losses of bee colonies in Ontario could be worst on record | The Star

Climate change and pesticide use has led to record winter losses for Canadian bee populations, which could impact local food prices this year:

"“I’ve been getting calls from beekeepers around the province,” said Coneybeare, who lives in Fergus, Ont.

“The number of dead or weak colonies is astounding. These could be the worst winter losses on record.”

That’s bad news not only for beekeepers, but for vegetable and fruit growers who depend on bees for pollination." A survey of almost 900 Ontario beekeepers indicated that 70 per cent suffered unsustainable losses.


FoodShare Toronto

Without our amazing partners at FoodShare we wouldn't have our weekly Good Food Markets at GBC. Check out their impact report for 2017!

"In 2017 we reached 262,197 people through food, demonstrating inspiring models of change. We animated 1,343 community led food initiatives. And we trained 9,151 children and adults across Toronto."

Announcing our 2017 Impact Report! Last year we continued working to advance "Good Food for All" and reached 262,197 folks across the city.


Don't forget to join us today at the market! We suspect this week might be the last week for local Ontario asparagus. Sadly, the asparagus season is coming to a close, so don't miss out!


Sweet Potato & Kale Chilli

Looking for some tasty comfort food using fresh, in-season Ontario veggies? Check out this Sweet Potato & Kale Chili recipe!

A warming, flavourful dish that's easy to make, healthy and frugal too! Naturally vegan & gluten-free. Full recipe at:


Hi good food friends, it's almost that time of week again! Check out tomorrow's price list below and be sure to come visit us! 06/19/2018

Unauthorized genetically modified wheat found in Alberta; Japan cancels Canadian sale

Genetically modified wheat engineered by Monsanto found growing in Alberta:

"Still, Lucy Sharratt, co-ordinator at the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, said the discovery is perplexing.

“’It’s a concern that we don’t know how this genetically modified trait made its way into these wheat plants,” she said. “Without an answer as to how this contamination happened, we should be concerned there’s the chance that it would happen again.”" Though Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials are puzzled by how it arrived, they say discovery last summer poses no risk to food safety 06/19/2018

Senator Eggleton tables motion to launch a National Nutrition Program for Children and Youth | School Food | Canada | Coalition for Healthy School Food

Imagine if Canada had an "adequately funded national cost-shared universal nutrition program with the goal of ensuring healthy children and youth who, to that end, are educated in issues relating to nutrition and provided with a nutritious meal daily in a program with appropriate safeguards to ensure the independent oversight of food procurement, nutrition standards, and governance" June 15, 2018 (OTTAWA) - The Coalition for Healthy School Food issued the following statement in support of Senate Motion no. 358, which was introduced late yes


Kale: so popular and yet it can still be so confusing to use. If you're looking for a kale recipe, look no further than this week's Kale Pesto Pizza: 06/18/2018

Opinion | I won’t stop using plastic bags, so please ban them

PEI may become the first Canadian province to ban plastic bags after bill passes third reading:

"Last year Norwegian researchers euthanized a distressed beached whale and upon conducting an autopsy of the mammal, they found 30 plastic bags in its intestinal system.
Early this month another whale died as a result of human pollution; this one in southern Thailand after it swallowed a total of 80 plastic bags." The tide of public opinion is turning on the issue of single-use plastics, writes Emma Teitel.


We've got another great way for you to cook up some bok choy this weekend! Check out this Bok Choy with Garlic and Sauce recipe over on our blog. Enjoy! 06/15/2018

Climate Change Could Lead to Major Crop Failures in World’s Biggest Corn Regions

"Nutritionally important vegetables and legumes can be particularly sensitive to temperature increases and more vulnerable to heat stress than staple or cereal crops. The researchers found that without efforts to reduce emissions, a lack of water and increased ozone would cut yields of vegetables by about 35 percent in the second half of this century." Two new studies looking at corn and vegetables warn of a rising risk of food shocks and malnutrition with unchecked global warming.


FoodShare Toronto

Check out this awesome Kickstarter to improve the quality and nutritious value of food served in schools, hospitals and other institutions. Informational video below in the link.

What if hospital, school and other institutional food was actually nutritious and delicious? Joshna Maharaj is figuring out how to Take Back the Tray and you can help.


Don't forget to stop by the Good Food Market today! We'll be here 10:30-3:00pm.


Still looking for ways to put your bok choy to use this summer? Try out this delicious Thai curry vegetable soup over at our blog!


Struggling to find time in your busy schedule to pick up your weekly groceries? Looking for a healthy snack on your break? Come visit us tomorrow (Thursday) at the Good Food Market! We're conveniently located right on SJ campus, in front of the GBC Bookstore. Here's a quick preview of this week's price list. See you all there! 06/12/2018

Canada needs a National Plastics Strategy

"In Canada, nearly 90 per cent of plastics end up incinerated, or in our landfills, lakes, parks and oceans. Once in the environment, they contaminate ecosystems, kill wildlife, and leach toxic chemicals. It’s time for Canada to deal with its plastic production, waste, and pollution problem. It’s time for government action." TEA, along with more than 40 other environmental, health and community groups, issued a joint declaration calling on the Canadian government to create a national plastics strategy.


Never cooked with bok choy, but looking for the chance to try it out? Check out this classic Chinese beef stir fry recipe up on our blog: 06/11/2018

Teachings from the Land - FoodShare

A call out for all Indigenous, racialized and settler youth (17-29 years old):

"The Teachings from the Land Program: A Cross-Cultural Food Justice Program is a youth-focused land-based program that is being implemented by the Indigenous Food Access Program at FoodShare Toronto. The program will bring in various Indigenous leaders and Elders to facilitate sessions.

There is also an opportunity for youth to attend an Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering on Tkaronto Islands scheduled in October.

Sessions include: Cultural teachings, traditional foods and cooking, food justice, harvesting, Indigenous history walking tours, Anti-oppression & Anti-racism training and more!" Teachings from the Land: A Cross Cultural Food Justice Program Call out for youth (17- 29 years) to join! The Teachings from the Land Program: A Cross Cultural Food Justice Program is a youth focused land based program that is being implemented by the Indigenous Food Access Program at FoodShare Toro... 06/07/2018

Seasonal Fruit/Veggie of the Week: Rhubarb (#2)

Never cooked with rhubarb before? Head over to our blog and check out this classic rhubarb crisp recipe. Enjoy! Welcome to recipe #2 of Rhubarb Week! If you’re unfamiliar with how to use rhubarb, the classic way of using it is in a rhubarb pie. Below you’ll find a recipe for a classic rhubarb cri…


A reminder to stop by the market today (Thursday) any time between 10:30am and 3:00pm. See you there!

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The Good Food Market in affiliation with FoodShare is a weekly market that provides quality, affordable produce to students and the surrounding community in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Everyone is welcome!

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