Beauty Within by Grace

I’m a Micropigmentation specialist & Canadian Trainer for Softap Permanent Cosmetics in CA USA

Procedures are roughly 90 minutes & cost $250-350

Training available by appointment at 275 10th St, Hanover ON

By appointment only

Open with service changes

Beauty Within by Grace updated their information in their About section. 10/07/2021

Beauty Within by Grace updated their information in their About section.

Beauty Within by Grace updated their information in their About section.

Beauty Within by Grace updated their business hours. 10/07/2021

Beauty Within by Grace updated their business hours.

Beauty Within by Grace updated their business hours.

Beauty Within by Grace updated their address. 10/07/2021

Beauty Within by Grace updated their address.

Beauty Within by Grace updated their address.


Moving ! I can be found at: 1165 Government Road, Tehkummah, On. My new studio is attached to my home and I look forward to the independence this will bring in serving my clients this summer.
For my followers from before, this location is on Manitoulin Island in Ontario,s Lake Huron.


Hi everyone.....thanks for checking on me and my business.....we are fine and now settled on Manitoulin Island. If this covid stuff ever ends...I will be back in business again. When the ban on working passes i will be working in Walkerton at Beautiful Beginings.
I will be down there a few days every month if business requires it. So just call me at
My old number 226-432-2111 and I will return your call and set up a time.
Have a great Christmas and a healthy New Year...


Sorry folks I have had to close my start in Owen Sound this month. I am still working from my Durham headquarters and will continue here.
I don't know if the six months there was not enough or I was maybe not in the correct location.......could also have been the time of year.
Moving forward ..... Looking forward to serving you in
Durham and Walkerton and always looking for other places
to work out of in other towns.


Thanks everyone for viewing my page. Please remember to share and get the word out...


It is going well in Owen Sound shop.....I am looking forward to the Women's Show in Owen Sound on this Wednesday at the Best Western down by the hockey rink. Come and see me there. Also please check your gift bag given you for attendance as it has a $50 certificate for my services.


This is a very busy spring this year and loving every minute of it......if you have a special day coming this year...please check out getting your proceedure done early to allow healing etc.
YES I do microblading.......but only after skin acessment to be sure you dont scar. I dont personally recomend this generally becauce it does not last like other procedures. But like I tell all my customers "It's you wearing it....Not me" and thank goodness we are not all the same.


Hi everyone, yes I am learning this thing but still dont understand why we need it in business. PLEASE call me on the phone.....not everything we do should be blasted all over the place....some things concerning our beauty and health are no one else's business.


Facebook is not my business. I do not understand why it keeps adjusting what i enter.
Pricing for my business is best done on the phone because each person is an individual and requires their needs to be addressed.


Busy new year ahead of me......In January I am training a very spe ial lady from Aurora who has decided to add the Softap method of makeup to her already extensive knowledge of medi-spa services.
still looking for a couple of models for lipliner for Jan 23 if interested please call me 226-432-2111


Well it looks like I am getting into more Facebook....not real good at this medium but will give it a try. You are asking my price range and thats hard to quote because I dont sell a product only a service...and that can vary from $200 to $300 for permanent makeup and facials are $50.00. Brow waxing $10.00. The VERY BEST WAY TO TALK TO ME is by telephone 226-432-2111 as
im not always hooked to social media.


Well spring is happening and with the new siding on the front of my shop we welcome the long awaited sunshine.
Time to refresh those eyes and brows and maybe add lip color this
year. You know that wash and wear happening that you get from wearing NO makeup at all, well maybe just some mascara!!!
Give me a call and we can talk or set up a consultation so you can make an informed decision.


Just working with my Customers to make then happier for Christmas....trained a new permanent makeup spe ialist in Kitchener last month......dont be afraid to call me anytime....226-432-2111




1165 Government Rd
Tehkummah, ON
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