Rob Parry Masso-kiné-orthothérapeute & Soft Tissue Therapist

Rob Parry Masso-kiné-orthothérapeute & Soft Tissue Therapist


So proud of you,glad to see you practising in Quebec and that you are using your biolingwistics..'

Australian clinical soft tissue & muscular therapist based out of London. 13 years of experience working with world-class athletes, elite business owners, celebrities & royalty; alongside Australia/USA/UK's top health & fitness practitioners.

Service de massothérapie sportive et thérapeutique à domicile
Région : Beauce, Chaudière-Appalaches et la Capitale Nationale
Par Robert Parry, thérapeute musculaire clinique

Operating as usual

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“Every man wants a son, but every man NEEDS a daughter”

Happy Birthday little miss Ellie! Your mama and I love you very much.


Take care of your feet guys!
I’m seeing a lot of people right now with foot and ankle pain.
Here is an awesome daily routine to keep your feet healthy.

Do you treat your feet to a massage?

With this illustration you should be able to follow a programme which you can do each day

1. Gently pull your toes
Hold your foot with one hand & gently pull the toes with the other hand, keep the foot relaxed & increase the pulling strength just a little for 10-20 seconds per toe.

2. Massage the top of the foot, specifically in between your metatarsal bones. Begin at the top of the arrow in the image & slowly run the finger down to the joints of the toes. Spend 1 minute here.

3. Massage the bottom of the foot, beginning near the heel & massage towards the forefoot, use your thumbs, small golf ball or similar. During this phase, take a mental note of any sore areas in preparation for phase 4. Spend 1minute - 90 seconds here.

4. If you’ve located sore /painful areas then we proceed to treat these. Using a thumb, press fairly hard on the area whilst alternatively pointed toes up, then toes down. Perform this with each painful area up to 30 seconds with a maximum of 3 minutes spent per foot on all areas. Note here, if you’ve been diagnosed with other conditions please be careful doing this phase.

5. Massage the top portion of the foot. Please refer to other posts when we particularly press within this area. This is a critical area for improving the squat, people who are signed up for our workshops should know this area well. 45 seconds per foot is ideal.

6. Grabbing your foot with one hand or simply relaxing the feet with crossed legs, proceed to bend the toes back, towards the bottom of your foot & then in the opposite direction. This should be done slowly & relaxed. The exercises previous to this should already result in this final phase being easier.

Doing this 2 times per day should leave your feet a little more supple & will help you improve your overall foot function.

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I received my purple belt from @guylbjj and @keesengo at Sampa Québec Jiu-Jitsu Brésilien
Merci beaucoup, guys, pour la confiance.
The grind continues….

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Home Massage Holiday Version 🌤🪨🌿


Robert vient de se gâter, ou plutôt de VOUS gâter une nouvelle table hydraulique 😎



De retour au travail dès demain le 19 février!

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Jess and I welcomed our baby Ellie into the world. We couldn’t be more happy!!
27/01/21 - 10:59am - 8lbs 9oz

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Good home visit today! 👍🏻


We're BACK ! On est de retour !

Hey c'est la nouvelle année et on reprend nos services à partir d'aujourd'hui après un 2 semaines de "repos"! (c'est jamais un repos le temps des fêtes même sans party😅)

Vous savez quoi faire si vous avez besoin 😉


🎉 On l'a eu ! On est passé au travers ! Une merveilleuse nouvelle année à tous ! J'ai hâte de vous revoir en 2021 ! 🥳🥂
🎉 We made it through ! Happy New Year to everyone ! Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2021 ! 🥳🥂


🎄 À tous mes clients et amis, je vous souhaite un très Joyeux Noël ! Merci pour votre confiance tout au long de l'année ! 🌟
🎄Wishing all of my clients and friends a very Merry Christmas ! Thank you for your trust throughout the year ! 🌟

Rob Parry Masso-kiné-orthothérapeute & Soft Tissue Therapist updated their information in their About section. 12/22/2020

Rob Parry Masso-kiné-orthothérapeute & Soft Tissue Therapist updated their information in their About section.

Rob Parry Masso-kiné-orthothérapeute & Soft Tissue Therapist updated their information in their About section.



Notez que je serai à la Chiropratique St-Roch jusqu'au 24 décembre.

Puis, je serai de retour en 2021 dès le 4 janvier, selon mon horaire habituel; les lundis, mardis, vendredis et samedis.

Tout est complet pour moi d'ici le 24 décembre, mais vous pouvez vous inscrire à ma liste d'attente via notre application de prise de rendez-vous au

Sinon, vous pouvez déjà planifier votre RDV pour janvier. :)

Joyeuses Fêtes à tous et au plaisir de vous voir ! 🎄🌟

🤶 Correctif du gouvernement concernant la masso-kine-ortho 🎅

Contrairement au confinement du mois de mars, cette fois-ci le gouvernement a confirmé que la massothérapie, la kinésithérapie et l'orthothérapie font partie des soins personnels et thérapeutiques. Bref, pas de confinement jusqu'au 11 janvier pour Denis et Robert! 🥳

La clinique sera tout de même fermée jusqu'au 4 janvier comme prévu à l'exception de Denis qui fera une journée de massage le 28 et le 29 décembre en guise de célébration pour leur reconnaissance! 🙌

Bon vendredi et bonne fin de semaine! 🤗


Here is a simple and effective deep glute max/piriformis stretch for pregnant women and people with hip and lower back pain. Enjoy! 😉👍🏻
Voici un étirement simple et efficace pour les muscles du grand fessier et piriforme. Excellent pour les femmes enceintes et les personnes avec douleurs aux hanches et au bas du dos. Amusez-vous! 😉👍🏻


Clients de la Beauce, je ne vous oublie pas!

Même si je suis maintenant basé à Québec, je me rends en Beauce quelques fois par mois pour vos traitements à domicile. 🙂

Voici mes prochaines disponibilités pour St-Georges (et les environs) et Ste-Marie :

- Mercredi le 16 septembre 2020
- Mercredi le 30 septembre 2020

Contactez-moi au (438) 728-6774 ou par Messenger pour planifier votre rendez-vous.


Bonnes nouvelles! 🙂

Je réouvre officiellement les plages horaires pour masso-kiné-orthothérapie à partir de la semaine prochaine (1er juin).

• À domicile : Mercredis et jeudis - RDV : (438) 728-6774 👍🏼
• À la Chiropratique St-Roch : Lundis, mardis, vendredis et samedis - RDV (581) 742-3808




I will break this into 5 different techniques I like to use to treat rhomboid and levator scapula dysfunction.

1. I work on a 45 degree angle from the C7 vertebrae down to the medial border of the scapula. I start with the rhomboid minor and move each segment down into the rhomboid major.
2. I use a towel to enhance winging of the scapula which allows me to access the deeper fibres if the rhomboid.
3. Then using the same winging position I release the trigger points of the muscle.

4. I like to anchor my thumb on the superior angle of the scapula and work through the muscles fibres towards the upper cervical attachments.
5. I do this same technique but with the scapula winged with usage of a towel.
6. To release some pressure over the C7 (neck hump), I start next to vertebrae and move superiorly and inferiorly

Instagram : @rpsofttissuetherapist


Whoa!! Bicep Cramp!

Quite a fascinating look at the bicep muscle fibres as they rejuvenate after a concentric contraction cramp.

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Cervical Facet Joints!

A common cause of neck pain is an irritated facet joint. There are two facet joints in each spinal segment and each facet joint is innervated by the recurrent meningeal nerves.

Each facet cervical segment can initiate a pain referral pattern.
C2 for example refers to the base of the skull and C6/7 refers to the scapula region.

Instagram : @rp_softtissuetherapist

Credit to @anatomylinks for the picture.

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Pregnancy treatment🤰🏼

There are many ways to help relieve pain during pregnancy. Because of the baby bump, side lying release can be very effective technique in easing pressure off the lumbar paraspinals.


Massage pour femme enceinte 🤰🏼

Il y a plusieurs façons d’aider à soulager les douleurs musculaires durant la grossesse. Pour éviter de se coucher sur le ventre, la cliente peut se coucher sur le côté. Ainsi, je peux quand même aisément relâcher la pression au niveau des muscles paradorsaux lombaires.

Instagram: @rp_softtissuetherapist

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It’s Marathon Season!! The Quebec Marathon is in October so this is the time of the year when the training miles start increasing. Because of this I’m starting to see a lot clients with calf, ankle and foot pain.
One thing to appreciate is the relationship between the calf muscle (the gastrocnemius) and arch of the foot (the plantar fascia).
Trigger points in the gastrocnemius and have pain patterns that can refer down to the arch.
A good way of taking pressure off the arch is to release the gastrocnemius either by hand or a foam roller.


💆‍♀️ Massage à domicile 💆‍♂️
Je serai dans le coin de St-Georges et St-Prosper demain jeudi le 25 juillet pour des traitements à domicile.
RDV ➡️ 438-728-6774
💆‍♀️ Home visits 💆‍♂️
I will be in the St-Georges St-Prosper area tomorrow Thursday July 25th for home visits.
Bookings ➡️ 438-728-6774

Timeline photos 07/16/2019

I saw this great post from @neurokinetictherapy a couple of weeks ago and I have been using this treatment pattern on clients with lower back pain and getting great results.

Understanding the relationship between the QL’s, glute med, adductor magnus (posteriorly) and QL’s, TFL, adductor longus (anteriorly) is huge advantage when assessing someone’s lumbar pain.

Instagram : @rp_softtissuetherapist

My Story / Mon histoire


Hi there!

My name is Robert Parry and I am an Australian clinical soft tissue & muscular therapist based out of Quebec, Canada. Born in Australia and raised in the United States, I have travelled around the world, working with sports professionals for over 14 years, alongside the top health & fitness practitioners.

I qualified in Australia in 2004 with an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy (Clinical Muscular Therapy) at the Australian College of Sports Therapy (ACST) in my hometown of Melbourne. After practicing in Melbourne for 10 years, I moved to London, United Kingdom, where I practiced for 4 years, establishing a loyal consistent clientele.

Over the years, I have worked closely with many different health care professionals such as sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, osteopaths and pilates instructors. I treat many sports & fitness professionals, martial artists, world-class athletes including:

  • UFC / Bellator
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    440 Rue St-Joseph E
    Quebec, QC
    G1K 7Y1

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