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I hope Canada observes Small Business Saturday this week and that it is a Magnificent day for Chaiya Decor 💕💕Winston n'Lisa Card
I love my glass blown bowl on driftwood!
We added led lights
What do you have in the way of statues at the moment?
The bench that became a coffee table completes the cozy room. Thank you!
I want to let you know that the melted glass on driftwood bowl arrived safely in Calgary today. Thank you, I love it!
Bought my buddy "Big Bird" from Chaiya Decor. Thought he'd be a big 'supporter' of my studio sign. Finally he is doing his job.
Wanted to share that your wonderful item was featured in Our Homes Magazine from my shop. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to carry such a beautiful item in my store.
Can't wait for our table & chairs to arrive at our new home 🏡 this upcoming week!! Thank you again Andy for helping us choose this gorgeous furniture!!! 👍🏻
A treasure found! A story behind every piece, to be treasured.
Love my new happy Buddha from Chaiya Decor in Merrickville! Beautiful place with beautiful people. Highly recommend checking it out.

We travel to India and Indonesia and import unique hand-made decorative items for your home and garden. Chaiya Home & Garden Decor - A unique shopping experience located in the heart of beautiful downtown Merrickville.

We bring the world to Ontario!

Operating as usual


It’s going to be a beautiful day for a shopping adventure in Merrickville!

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Hundreds of mosquito coil holders now in stock!

Photos from Chaiya Home & Garden Decor's post 06/24/2022

One meter long, teak charcuterie boards. Freshly oiled with Linseed oil and Beeswax. $89.95 while they last!

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Hand carved natural stone Buddhas in a variety of sizes and styles now in stock. Carved from basalt rock, these are all weather and can endure our Canadian winters. Prices range from $849.00 to $1795.00.

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If you have visited our store in Merrickville, you have probably noticed one of the shoreline trees. These are fashioned from the inverted roots of teak trees. The glass vases are blown directly on to the root stems. Spectacular pieces of art.

Photos from Chaiya Home & Garden Decor's post 06/21/2022

We have explored ancient ruins all over the world, but nothing we have seen in our travels can compare to Angkor in Cambodia's northern province of Siem Reap. Angkor Archaeological Park contains the remains of successive capitals of the Khmer Empire, dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The entire site stretches over 400 square kilometers and was the centre of the Khmer Kingdom for centuries. The complex is home to scores of temples including Angkor Wat, the Bayon, Preah Khan and Ta Prohm. It is still home to several villages; in fact, some of the inhabitants can trace their ancestors to the Angkor period.

Photos from Chaiya Home & Garden Decor's post 06/19/2022

We are frequently asked how the shoreline products in our store are made? Scroll through the images below to see for yourself.


Lava Flow

We usually try to visit places we have never been before when we are on one of our buying trips. Several years ago we decided to spend a week exploring the The Big Island of Hawaii. At the time of our visit, it was possible to view the lava flow emerging from The Kilauea volcano. To see the visible portion of the lava flow, it was necessary to hike over a very large moonscape of hardened lava to a distant point where you could see smoke rising and a slight glow. It was extremely difficult to see where the visible portion of the flow started during the day. In this clip, you can see a shaky portion where we discovered our shoes were starting to melt because we were actually standing on top of the lava flow and didn't realize it!


Hand woven Silk Buddhist Prayer Flag.


Silk Weaving

If you have been in our store or the Mainstreet Family Restaurant in Merrickville, you have probably seen some of our beautiful Buddhist Prayer Flags hanging on the walls. This video clip is one of the independent silk weavers we buy some of our silks from while we are traveling in Laos. Almost every home has one of these hand fashioned looms as the locals tend to make a lot of their own clothing.


Elephant Prosthetic

Tragically, there are still some areas of Laos and Cambodia where unexploded ordnance left over from Vietnam war remains a serious hazard for both people and wildlife. Unfortunately, this elephant lost the lower portion of one of her front legs in a land mine explosion and has been fitted with a prosthetic leg at one of the sanctuaries we visited to allow the animal some degree of normal mobility.


Elephant Sanctuary

We both have a background in wildlife conservation, so we often visit and support reserves or sanctuaries in the places where we travel. This is just outside an elephant sanctuary for retired working elephants in Laos. It is a well regarded operation that provides a high level of care for these animals.


In stock now. Hundreds of colourful metal geckos for your outdoor space ranging in size from 18” to 45” long. Each one is airbrushed by hand, so no two are exactly the same. Prices range from $26.95 to $52.95.

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Get ready for a very special announcement. Trust us, this will be very exciting! Details coming soon!


Now in stock. A wide selection of styles and sizes of these beautiful Balinese Buddha carvings. Prices range from $99.95 to $795.95.


Bat Cave

While traveling around Northern Cambodia on one of our epic buying trips, we were lucky enough to witness the nightly spectacle of millions of bats emerging from the Battambang Bat Cave on their way to feed on insects for the evening.

Photos from Chaiya Home & Garden Decor's post 06/14/2022

Often when we are traveling on our buying trips, we will take spontaneous detours. Most of the time, these little diversions end up being our best memories, but occasionally things go off the rails, and so it was with our decision to take a three day kayaking trip in a relatively remote region of northern Laos. Looking back, the experience was amazing, but we honestly spent more time in the river than in the Kayaks!

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We have a fantastic selection of outdoor mosquito coil holders, tealight holders and whimsical garden decor to brighten up your outdoor spaces. Each piece is hand painted, so virtually no two pieces are exactly the same. These are only a few examples, stop by for a visit to see the wide selection we have in stock.


Buddhist Full Moon Festival

This is one of our favorite destinations in Laos, one of the few places left in the world that offers an authentic cultural experience if you have an adventurous spirit. We were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to witness the full moon festival at one of the Buddest temples in Luang Probang a few years ago. We actually ended up sponsoring the education of one of the young novice monks in this video. He has gone on to become quite successful managing a fair trade organization in Laos and is also a good friend.

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We have a wide selection of natural stone vessel sinks starting at $319.85 now in stock.


Apparently Joni also approves of our new patio furniture. I guess we will sit on the ground🤷‍♂️.


It’s day 2 of the Knox Wedding Venue’s wedding marathon hosted by! Five happy couples tied the knot yesterday and five more today. Congratulations and welcome to Merrickville to all the happy couples and their guests!


Tropical paradise in Merrickville, Ontario.

A little something to inspire the creative gardeners!


If you are looking for a great gift idea, we have a wide selection of styles and sizes of shoreline products available!


We currently have numerous versions of these gorgeous garden sculptures in stock. These remarkable pieces are carved out of the trunks of either mango or durian trees and have extraordinary details.


I think we just spent $400 on an outdoor dog bed for Farley 🤷‍♂️.

Photos from Chaiya Home & Garden Decor's post 06/03/2022

We can definitely say without exaggerating that we carry the widest variety of unique whimsical garden decor in the Ottawa Valley. Come visit Chaiya Home and Garden Decor in Merrickville this weekend and see for yourself!

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We have a wide selection of elegant natural stone sinks in stock starting at $319.95!

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Elmo’s everywhere!


Have you met our store greeter Farley? He’s an Aries and loves napping, searching customers for elicit dog treats and belly rubs.


Our very own local pet store, “Wags, Whiskers and Wings,” has everything you need to turn our shoreline vases into amazing aquariums! Stop in and see them at 211 St Lawrence in downtown Merrickville.


Wall mounted shoreline vases in stock.

Our Story

We offer a unique shopping experience located less than an hour from Ottawa, in the beautiful and historical village of Merrickville, Ontario. We travel the world in search of new and unique handicrafts, home and garden decor, and gifts - from the whimsical to the elegant and everything in between!

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Lava Flow
Silk Weaving
Elephant Prosthetic
Elephant Sanctuary
Bat Cave
Buddhist Full Moon Festival
Tropical paradise in Merrickville, Ontario.
Merrickville locks
Mosquito Coil Holders



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