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INSIDE THE VAULT - EPISODE 1 (featuri ng Head Coach & GM Mike Roon ey) presented by Trustmark Insurance Brokers & Roy al Drug Mart

Full episode available online at:…

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In September 2019, the IBAS boa rd of directors approved the creation of t he IBAS Emerging Brokers Council.
The council 's mandate is segmented into three equal ly important directives:
Ensure the unique perspectives of you ng and emerging insurance brokers are represent ed in IBAS activities, within IBAS poli cy directives, and at industry functions;
Promote t he insurance broker profession as a mode rn, rewarding, first-choice career; and
Champion association-wide fundraisi ng activities in support of IBAS’s Annu al Charity Partner.
Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Broke rs Ltd, Trustmark Insurance Brokers, Affinity Insuran ce Services, Harvard Western Insurance, Western Financi al Group Kelly Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Mark's Agency is now Trustmark Insuran ce Brokers. Home grown in Saskatchewan a nd based in Melville,

Operating as usual


We wanted to remind everyone the re are major changes to Reduced Spe ed Zones for Schools. Schools will n ow be 30 km/h daily from 7 a .m. to 7 p.m.

More Changes al so include:
1- New playground zones with reduc ed speed limit of 30 km/h
2- Year-rou nd lower speed limits in both scho ol and playground zones 7 days a we ek from 7 a.m. to 7 p .m.
3-Adjustments to posted signs and leng th of current school zones
Removal of lower speed school zon es from high schools, designating them as a “scho ol area” where u-turns are still restrict ed.


Whether you’re just starting out in a care er, or you’ve been working for yea rs, you should start saving for retireme nt as early as possible. Even if yo ur budget only allows very small amou nt, you can end up with thousan ds more at the time of retireme nt. Here’s an example:

Cory decided to sa ve $20 per pay cheque in h is 20s. Barry chose not to sa ve anything before he turned 30 becau se he didn’t think it was wor th it. He wanted to wait unt il he earned more to begin savi ng for retirement. Barry started saving at a ge 30, investing $100 per pay. Co ry also decided at age 30 to inve st $100 per pay cheque starting at a ge 30.

At the time of retirement, Co ry has saved over $277,000 whereas Bar ry has only saved $240,000 (based on a 5% retu rn and 26 pay period). That $37,0 00 will give Cory greater financial freed om during retirement.

Bottom line is: start savi ng as early as possible, regardless of h ow much money you have. You’ll be surpris ed to see how it can p ay off in the long term!

If you’re struggling to save some ext ra money, talk to us so we c an make sure you are getting t he biggest bang for your buck wi th your insurance policy.


Game day today- let’s go Ride rs!


We took this just outside of Melvil le last night. Beautiful scenery and sto rm. Hope everyone had a safe nig ht.


Farmers, you have been crushing it th is year, despite some of the toughe st weather conditions the Saskatchewan climate lik es to throw at you. ‘Thank Yo u’ for everything that you do to he lp feed our world! You are und er appreciated! Also, just a reminder th at we do offer free quotes f or you and your farming needs.🚜


Driving up to your favourite vacati on spot? Visiting family in another provin ce? Running some errands in a b ig city nearby? You might be usi ng one of Canada’s highways to g et there!
Whether you're a newer to Cana da or have been driving here f or years, take a few minutes to familiari ze yourself with these tips for highw ay driving.



Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a li ne of severe thunderstorms capable of produci ng very strong wind gusts, nickel to pi ng pong ball size hail and hea vy rain.

This line of severe thunderstorms is locat ed all over the province.

Heavy downpours c an cause flash floods and water pooli ng on roads. Large hail can dama ge property and cause injury. Strong wi nd gusts can toss loose objects, dama ge weak buildings, break branches off tre es and overturn large vehicles.

Severe thunderstorm warnin gs are issued when imminent or occurri ng thunderstorms are likely to produce or a re producing one or more of t he following: large hail, damaging winds, torrenti al rainfall.


SGI Rebates are likely in yo ur mailbox! Be sure to be on t he lookout for some extra 💰

#$1 00


We want everyone to be awa re about a huge scam that is circulati ng via text.

Many people across t he province have received a text telli ng them to click a link to app ly for their SGI rebates.

while $100 rebat es are being issued this spring to vehic le owners, SGI said customers do n ot have to apply for them. A ll vehicles, excluding trailers and snowmobiles register ed as of March 9, 2022 a re eligible to receive the rebate.

You wi ll be receiving the rebate in t he mail. Please make sure to repo rt these texts when you receive th em.


Hey Moms of Melville, you’re amazi ng and outstanding!


If your vehicle is damaged, yo ur local autobody shop can help – b ut only once they’ve got the par ts they need. And replacing a stol en vehicle – whether it’s your fami ly SUV or a company truck – c an be difficult when dealerships have l ow or no inventory,
and many used vehicl es are being snatched up within hou rs of arriving on the lot.

Lo ss of Use Coverage is your be st protection – you’ll get use of a simil ar rental vehicle (or fares for taxica bs or other public transportation) until yo ur own vehicle is repaired or replaced.
Howev er, if you’re considered at-fault for t he damages to your vehicle, you’re on ly covered up to the limit y ou set on your Loss of U se Coverage. With the current supply cha in issues, you could exhaust your poli cy limit well before your vehicle is rea dy to use again. To protect yourse lf, give Trustmark a call about increasi ng your Loss of Use
coverage limit. In Saskatchew an, the coverage limit can be as hi gh as $2,000 for Personal Auto, whi le Commercial Auto coverage can be as hi gh as $8,000 for light trucks a nd $12,000 for heavy trucks.

If you don ’t need a vehicle all the ti me, another option is to rent o ne only when you need it. Y ou can also use taxis and publ ic transportation, which are cheaper than renti ng, so that your coverage will la st longer.


Just in case, we got y ou covered 👇

A deductible is the amou nt you pay out of pocket wh en you make a claim. Deductibles a re usually a specific dollar amount, b ut they can also be a percenta ge of the total amount of insuran ce on the policy. For example, if y ou have a deductible of $1,000 a nd you have an auto accident th at costs $4,000 to repair your car.


We apologize for any inconvenience th is may have caused anyone. SGI h as been making software changes which h as caused extreme slowness over the pa st few weeks.

Please be patient with us as we t ry to work through these issues.


Current storm system moving through Sa sk today. Freezing rain and snowfall warnin gs are in effect in the ar ea. Stay safe today, check highways a nd watch for changing conditions.


Happy Easter, Melville! We hope y ou have a fantastic day! 🐣🐰


We will see you all ne xt Tuesday. If you need anything, ma ke sure you come in this afterno on or give us a phone ca ll before 5 pm. Have a Hap py Easter everyone!


Be careful out there, Saskatchewan!


The truth is, in most cas es you most likely would need bo th Home and Auto Insurance to be cover ed properly. Give us a call tod ay if van life for the summ er is something you are interested in!


Insurance Tip: Taking pictures of yo ur possessions can be used as pro of of ownership. Receipts are great to ha ve, but they are not always realist ic. We recommend creating a special fold er for pictures of all of yo ur important belongings.


Stay safe tonight, Melville! We ho pe everyone has fun and plans a sa fe ride home. 🍻


💰You’ll receive a $100 rebate f or each vehicle you had registered as of Mar ch 9, 2022. SGI will issue t he rebate to the person or enti ty listed as the registered owner of t he vehicle. If you had multiple vehicl es or motorcycles registered as of Mar ch 9, 2022, you’ll receive rebates f or all vehicles combined into one cheq ue.


The sleigh ride is today fr om 1 - 4 pm!
Adults are $ 10 and kids under 12 can ent er for $2. The price includes a hotd og and hot chocolate.



Today we a re celebrating international women’s day. Here is to a ll of the strong, inspirational and influenti al ladies out there! Today is a vit al day in taking action towards gend er equality. Let us continue to pu sh towards political change around the wor ld and to connect with women’s histo ry to take action for gender equality.


Do you have any tips th at help you heat your home efficient ly? Share them with us in t he comments.

We’ve compiled a handful of simp le tips that can improve the efficien cy of heating your home during the se chilly months.

🔥 Clean or change yo ur furnace filter if you haven’t do ne so in the past 3 mont hs. This will help more warm a ir to flow from your furnace to t he vents in your home.

🔥 Adjust yo ur thermostat a few couple degrees low er when you sleep. You can sti ll keep the temperature comfortable overnight b ut save on heating costs. Install a sma rt thermostat which you can program to low er automatically.

🔥 Rearrange the furniture so th at you’re not blocking heat sources. Ma ke sure that air can flow free ly from all sources to optimize heating.

Take advantage of your curtains. Ke ep your curtains open during the morni ng to let natural warmth and sunlig ht in. Close them in the afternoon/eveni ng to prevent heat from escaping.

🔥 Consid er more significant upgrades such as n ew windows and sealing cracks to preve nt drafts.

If you make significant changes to yo ur home to be more energy efficie nt, contact a BIG broker to upda te your home insurance. Adding smart technolo gy or new features may impact yo ur rates.


Happy Family Day, Melville! We wi ll see you all tomorrow! Enjoy a well-deserv ed day off!

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