Faith Hope & Charity Barnstorming Co.

2020 is our 8th season with a total goal of $100,000. We are currently over $70,141 in donations! Thanks for all your donations, and our sponsors Western Propeller/Aeroparts Plus, Adams Aero, Pennywise, Vernon Morning Star, Christina Lake eBuzz.

We fly in Support of BC Children's Hospital with a 1941 Boeing bi-plane, a true charity where 100% of one's donation goes to the Hospital, and in return, a scenic 30 minute flight on a set route around the Grand Forks, BC area, as well as a tax receipt. Ops are from May to October, weather permitting. Come fly with us and help the kids out!

Operating as usual


Wilson Stewart started Coast Powertrain Ltd. in ’72, now son Dave and daughter Emma proudly took over with mom Millie there too. They kindly sponsored a Nelson family to go for a flight! Pics show Jen and Paisley in back with Milo learning the ropes in front for a 1 hour sightseeing flight then back to Nelson to pick up Nathan (the Dad) for return to Grand Forks. Thank you Coast Powertrain Ltd. (New West) for generous donation to BC Children’s Hospital and forging an everlasting memory for this happy family!


We'd like to thank Dave From Aviation of Red Deer for lending us a propeller for the Stinson, while ours in in for overhaul. Another winter flight coming up next week. Thanks Dave!


At the controls are Gracie and Jake having made off with the plane, their horizons are unlimited! Thank you Boundary Truss (1995) of Grand Forks for your generous donation to BC Children’s Hospital. We flew GF to Valhallas, Slocan, Kaslo, St. Mary's, Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, Rossland to GF (3 hrs). Pictured are Dan, Janelle, Gracie, Jake and 2 more boys not pictured (Jo and Finley) in school.


Faith, Hope & Charity Barnstorming is in a magazine! The latest edition of Canadian Biker (Cdn Bkr). It was the result of two photo shoots last summer, arranged by James Leigh of DMZ Motorcycle Co. and Joe Adams of Adams Aero Specialties. A big thank you to Canadian Biker and all involved!


Christmas miracles do happen! Thank you Mike and Sandra Bjarnason for your generous donation to BCCH this Christmas! Mike flew with us in 2019 when the Kelowna Flying Club arranged his flight during the COPA for Kids event. Good wishes to you both over the holiday season, and many thanks!


Christmas Greetings and many thanks for another successful season of fundraising for BCCH. You have all been fantastic and we wish you a safe New Year!


Here is the official summary from BC Children's Hospital for our 2020 season! We are proud to be supporting this worthwhile cause and we thank our riders and sponsors for supporting us!

Faith Hope & Charity Barnstorming Co. offers flights in their 1941 Boeing Stearman, allowing people to get a rare glimpse into aviation history. They donate 100% of the funds to BC Children’s Hospital.

Joe and Shelley Melatini raised $8,990 this year and $70,741.33 overall since they began flying for us eight years ago. A special thank you to the Melatini family, sponsors of Faith Hope & Charity Barnstorming, and the communities of Grand Forks and Christina Lake for their ongoing commitment to BC’s kids.

Faith Hope & Charity Barnstorming Co.


England was in big trouble, save for Chamberlain buying another year of peace. The decision to bomb London instead of finishing off the RAF, Army was regrouping after Dunkirk, Navy was at full tilt, so the primary defense of our island was in the hands of a few squadrons of young pilots.


Remembrance Day picture! One more to go.


Remembrance Day picture. How would you like this one on your tail? (no thanks)


Another Remembrance Day picture!


Summary of 2020 season to date: In 14.8 flying hours, $8,990.00 was raised of which 2 flights were in Skybolt C-GFPR, 1 no-flight donation, for a total of 25 charity rides approximately ½ hour each, 1 test flight, 1 ground crew ride, and lastly an oil change flight. Non-covid year 30 flights would be normal. Grand total of donations to date $70,141.00 to BC Children’s Hospital, with $30,000.00 to go!


Remembrance Day pictures! Will tally up the totals for this season and let everyone know how we did, then BC Children's Hospital will give us an update on total donated, coming soon! Thanks everybody, especially the amazing support out of Christina Lake and Grand Forks!


Okay folks, almost a wrap for the 2020 season in the open cockpit! Not forgetting the most important ride, the ground crew! Thanks for all your help Shelley & Pip! 10/24/2020

Modern Military Motorcycles | DMZ Motorcycle Co. | North America

This is the culmination of DMZ and James Leigh motorcycle photo shoots which took place this year. Thank you very much James for your donations to BC Children's Hospital! DMZ Motorcycle Company creates modern WW2 military motorcycles complete with hand-painted artwork, custom accesories, full manufacturer's warranty and so much more.


Up front is another Nurse! Bonnie McGibbon of Grand Forks, thanks for donation to BC Children’s Hospital. Dr. Coleshill and Dr. Szynkaruk decided their hard working crew needed something different other than the daily challenges in the local hospital. Thanks to all the health care workers for their much needed efforts to keep us healthy! They all did the optional loop and hammerhead, and I can’t say that I dislike flying all these girls in a row!


A big thanks to Dr. Szynkaruk of Grand Forks who provided Bavenjit Kaur with a ride in PT-17 and donation to BC Children’s Hospital. Bav is doing part of her internship in Grand Forks and I think she might always remember her ride! Good Luck with your MD. That’s 7+ years of study!


Debbie Quesnelle of Grand Forks up front! Thank you very much for BC Children’s Hospital donation. Friend Rozanne (centre) and Bav (right). Rozanne and Debbie celebrated with some ‘spirits’ then went for a flight in Bill Gillespie’s Jetranger while Bav flew in PT-17 (pics to come). Smoke at 7,500 ASL, air was smooth cruising at 6,500 ASL.


Debbie Taylor from Castlegar, with friend Lenny from Birmingham, UK. Debbie has only a few more hours to do on her PPL. Flight was so smooth, not one bump except for hitting our wake exiting a loop! Thanks Debbie and Lenny for donation to BC Children’s Hospital!


John and Mae Fawcett of Vernon drove their camper down to Grand Forks, and their well-behaved dog Duke came along too! Mae has been looking forward to a flight all summer, we did the optional loop and hammerhead. Thank you for donation to BC Children’s Hospital!


Kim and Debbie Fehr of Grand Forks, Happy 35th wedding anniversary! Thank you for donation to BC Children’s Hospital and the gas money! So kind and much appreciated! Not a bump in the sky but I’m wearing my long johns and an extra sweater. Leaves starting to turn, no smoke.


DMZ Motorcycles (James Leigh of Vernon) came back for another photo shoot to market their WWII messenger bikes of which each one produced carries the serial #, on the front mudguard, of choppers that went down in Vietnam. Many thanks to James Leigh for his donations to BC Children’s Hospital. Oh yes, and a splendid model came along this time! Waiting for a break in the smoke to resume flight ops. 09/16/2020

2020 PT Stearman Flight

A short clip of Les Isted's flight which he filmed almost to the end! Waiting for the smoke to clear, so flights can resume! 09/15/2020

Canadian wildfire attack south of the border has Washington family in tears

This is Air Spray Electra 489 and her crew fighting fires south of the border and helping our neighbors out! The B.C. Wildfire service is not only fighting fires but boosting relations between the U.S. and Canada.The wildfire service has been assisting its American


Chris Knox in the front cockpit from Vancouver for his ride. Many thanks to Rozanne Knox of Grand Forks for donation to BC Children’s Hospital. Family pic: Chris is flanked by Balyn and Rozanne, and our one and only Dr. Geoff Coleshill supporting us from the start! His father was a Tempest/Typhoon pilot in WWII and survived!


Thanks to Richard Schmidt and Jill Jarvis of Grand Forks for your donation to the BC Children's Hospital! Beautiful warm morning, ending the flight with a loop and a hammerhead! Also in the picture is their friend Fred Berg. The support from Grand Forks and Christina Lake this year has been exceptional! Thank you everybody!


Upfront is Dean Vessey of Burns Lake. Ride provided by Dave and Barrie Stanyer of Grand Forks, thank you for your donation to BC Children's Hospital! Dean opted for the loop and the hammerhead!


Les and Lynne Isted came down from Vernon for a ride in the Boeing. It was a beautiful calm morning and Les did the loop and a hammerhead! Thank you so much for your donation to BC Children's Hospital!


Would like to thank Frank Schlichting and Sharon Colonna, both of Grand Forks, for their donation to BC Children's Hospital. Thanks for the movie clip of Sharon's ride. Frank and Sharon are about to embark on another abandoned mine tour up north so Good Luck! Check out his youtube channel!


Well, this is Lisa LaFond of Grand Forks who has never been in an airplane (ever). So Lisa got to experience the wonders of flight in an open cockpit! Brave girl! The whole gang came down to the airport. Last pic shows Willy, Greg + Ethan, Lisa, Russ and Sarah! Thanks Duane LaFond for Lisa’s ride and donation to BC Children’s Hospital.


Greg Hayward of Grand Forks up front. He’s an equipment operator so a natural at the controls! Russ + Ethan in the rear cockpit. Thanks Duane Lafond for providing a donation to BC Children’s Hospital and a chance for Greg to go flying!


Happy 70th birthday Fred! Jan Berg of Grand Forks bought her lucky hubby a surprise ride, thank you for donation to BC Children’s Hospital! Friends Richie and Jill came along to watch and now Richie (in red hat) wants to go up! (funny how that works!)


Brody Kolodychuk up front for this trip, thanks to Duane LaFond for providing the flight for his nephew Brody and donation to BC Children's Hospital. Sunny skies, smooth air, no smoke yet!


A big thank you to the anonymous donor from Nelson Pilots Association for providing a ride to winner of 2019 Christmas Party raffle, Duane LaFond of Nelson. Duane showed up with family members and bought them a ride each (x3)! Thanks for lunch, your company and generous donation to BC Children’s Hospital!


Thanks to Reid and Christine Huzzey of Victoria, BC for donation to BC Children’s Hospital. Wheels up by 10:00 a.m., Reid flew most of the way; he used to have a PPL and has owned many makes of aircraft. Finished off the flight with a loop and hammerhead! It was roasting hot by 11:00 a.m. and I’ll bet the asphalt around the airport was 50 degrees C at least! Too hot for bare feet!

Videos (show all)

'41 Boeing
'41 Boeing
Crerar School of Float Flying
Skybolt Taxiing
Skybolt Landing
C-FHUH landing after another BCCH flight!
2016 Abbotsford Airshow



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At 6:57 a.m. on June 11, 1940, the 300,000 inhabitants of Malta heard the high-pitched wail of air raid sirens. Minutes later, 10 Savoia-Marchetti 79 bombers in two V-shaped formations approached the island at 14,000’. The unopposed (as expected) raid completed, they set course back to Sicily. Suddenly, the rear plane in the tidy Italian formation was stitched by machine gun fire. Faith, Hope and Charity were in the air! In all of the annals of aviation there has never been anything quite like them – for raw courage, for inventiveness, bravery, dogged determination, for the measure in which so few, so very few, could affect so much the fortunes of war – for the unbelievable, preposterous, mind-boggling improbability of it all. Three RAF pilots with their outdated bi-plane fighters, together with a meager force of resistance, fended off an invasion of the Island during the early days of the war. The civilians, catching on to what was happening, in gratitude aptly named these fighters Faith, Hope and Charity.
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