Paul Gross Advising

Paul Gross Advising

The page photo is Paul's latest project. Done as chairman of St. John the Divine Church in Cayuga Ont. Please let Paul help you in developing your project.

Paul Gross Advising is owned by Paul Gross. He has been chairman of several successful projects. Paul’s primary expertise is raising funds to meet the new Accessibility laws in Ontario in a charity setting and then getting those upgrades built. Over the past ten years he has raised almost $750,000 with his committees in
• Private donations
• Federal funding
• Mortgage
Of these successes $563,000 was raised for a major addition to his church. Please go to Albums and then the "free photo" to see the great things you can learn about my services. Personal:
- Grandfather of two.
- Married to Heather. Children, Paul and Caroline.
-Director of the Haldimand Optimist Club,
- Recipient of the Bishop's Order of Niagara Medal for outstanding service to the Anglican Diocese of Niagara.
- Member of the Cayuga Chamber of Commerce.
- Studied Business Administration at Brock University,majors were Finance and Human Resource.
-Studied at St.Clair College, Windsor, Recipient of Deans Award for Leadership.
-Licensed tradesman in three trades
- Worked 30 years for Stelco (USS) Retired. 04/18/2017


Hello to Everyone: Hope you all had a great holiday. Looking forward to Victoria Day. The April Knowledge Series Letter is now on my blog at . This months topic is Organizational Leadership and the important role it plays in your business plan. Charities have specific needs to meet when recruiting and retaining leaders. Take a look, the 15th of every month might be one of the the most important days for your charity project. Thanks Paul Paul Gross Advising is dedicated to helping charities with their capital project business plan in-order for it to reflect today's world and provide as much opportunity as possible for funding.

[11/25/16]   HI: The federal government places a high importance on creating dialogue and sharing experiences between seniors and our youth. They especially like to foster the transfer of knowledge from seniors to youth or people younger than themselves. If you have an idea to foster this type of relationship in your community, call me to discuss the possibilities.
Thanks Paul
My Experience Brings You Opportunities

[11/09/16]   The Gift of The Old Car
My absolute favorite hobby is restoring a car that gives me that irreplaceable zing when you find it, often by chance. I am currently looking for my third car to restore.
Restoring a car takes patience, planning, insight, many small objectives in order to achieve the end goal. I always do 90% of the work myself, from tin banging, to sculpting with the putty, to mechanical work. It might take two years to get a project car ready for the professional help to step in and make it perfect with that perfect paint job. I always talk to a pro at the beginning before I do anything. I always add up the expected costs before I buy it. Along the way, when I run into something I have never seen before, I call on those professionals to give me guidance and insight. The light almost always turns on after I talk with them and they always save me time.
I had a great problem with one panel on a car. A great problem, because every one looks at where the driver door meets the front fender. There is a body-line there that usually carries the length of the car. It is unmistakably ugly if repaired wrong. I drew on my alliances, now friends, and the answer was a trick. Make a small adjustment at the door and redo the entire bodyline the length of the car and therefore average the error over the whole car. It looks great. From then on I look at any problem with a big picture view.
But what is going on is way bigger than the car. Friendships and alliances are being built along the way. By involving others, you gain mutual trust through: hearing sound advise; maybe looking at the problem a little differently; hearing maybe what you do not want to hear, but are glad the person told you. Most importantly, you are enriching your life through others as you help them and they help you.
The same is true, I think, about a charity build project or a large fundraiser. The project becomes much bigger than the goal. It takes a lot of trust, advice, alliances, reaching out, maybe adjusting the goal just a little to make the goal attainable. In the end, the project will be a success because of the two most important parts, alliances and trust. Please call me and talk about your project. Let me save you time, effort and money. Hoping we can build alliances and perhaps friendships to make your world and mine a little richer.
Hope you have a great hobby too!!!!
Paul Gross

[11/08/16]   Hello to Everyone: Thank You, to all of you who supported our Spaghetti Dinner Night. WHAT A GREAT SUCCESS!!!!! The desserts were extremely fancy and extremely well bid on. Thanks to Gary Bartlett for his skills and Tom Foolery as our auctioneer. This is a great example of how a community can come together to support a great cause. If you could not attend this year please look forward to doing it again next year, there are no better desserts around.MMMMMMGOOD..Thanks again. Paul

[11/02/16]   Hope everyone had a freaky fun Halloween. Please remember, if you are starting a charity project, set your group up from the very beginning to maximize your chances of success. Visit my albums and read the bullets that accompany them. Thanks Paul MY EXPERIENCE BRINGS OPPORTUNITY

[10/26/16]   Hello to all: Did you know, you can get get provincial help for your event to help cover the cost of accessible washrooms for an outdoor event. There are all kinds of ways to fund an event or project. Call me, My Experience Brings You Opportunity.Thanks Paul 905-379-9767

[10/17/16]   Did you know there are grants out there that will fund your event for two years. They are as interested in building a sustainable long term event structure as you are for your yearly event. Please call me at 905-379-9767 an we cant alk about this opportunity and others. My Experience Can Bring You Opportunities. Thanks Paul

[10/17/16]   Did you know there are grants out there that will fund your event for two years. They are as interested in building a sustainable long term event structure as you are for your yearly event.

[10/13/16]   Are you trying to build a community green space. There are several ways to fund a garden project. Call me by clicking the "call now " button and we can talk about your project. MY EXPERIENCE CAN BRING YOU OPPORTUNITIES. Paul

[10/13/16]   Did you know that by having certain people on your committee for your project you have more grant opportunities. Call me, by clicking the "call now" button, and we can talk about your project.


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