Omowunmi Owolabi

A Public Speaker and entrepreneur who has passion to inspires, connect, impact and add value to life

I love to use my little knowledge and experience to contribute positively and have positive impact to people's emotion and well being I come across


Loving other people in your life or around you is very paramount, no gain in doing evils. Let your life reflects positively in others people’s life


Let us be observant and pray ahead for evil plan. May God continue to deliver us…Amen in Jesus name


Prayer is the answer key, don’t let us relent or tire in our daily prayer. Reading the bible and using the word of God as a weapon can give you victory


Trust God, exercise your faith in him and you shall enjoy his grace. Hallelujah


Dedicate time always to pray to God and table your requests. It is only him that can give your heart desires, support and back you up in difficult situation. Man will fail you but God can never. Hallelujah


Don’t be in haste so that you will not regret your action in future. Wait patiently for God to establish you.


As a believers of Christ, we should understand that God will always fight and win all battles for us. What we need to do is just seek, trust and rely on him. Hallelujah


Complaining will not solve our problems or added value to our life. In all situation let us appreciate God because some people wish to be in your situation. Appreciate what God has given you and still planing to give you. Hallelujah


Just believe and know all that troubled you and those that rises against your destiny, progress, health, family and prosperity shall finally bow because you have in you what is greater than them and their gods. Hallelujah in Jesus Mighty Name


God that kept you till this moment despite the evils, sickness, wicked act, and infirmity flying around. The same God will not Leave but win the battle and deliver you from all evils that arise or planing to manifest against you. Amen in Jesus name


Let us table our requests unto God by prayer and fasting. He will answer us speedily in Jesus name.


Everything in your life that is hindering your progress is sickness, evil forces, yoke, bo***ge, poverties, curses, evil covenant, evil planted, etc shall bow and destroy totally by the name of Jesus Christ. Amen hallelujah


Christ is love, part of the examples Christ taught us is to love others, compassionate, kind hearted, forgiving etc


Hallelujah God will continue to protect us and win the battles for us because we serve a living God that does not forget his children.


Oh God put to shame with disgrace those that seek the life and downfall of your Children. Amen in Jesus name


As long as we do what will please God and fear God in everything we do. Then we will enjoy his divine grace and mercy. Everything we do shall prosper.


Are you the type that goes to church today and seek traditional alternative tomorrow. If you deceive others human being, you can not deceive God and don’t let his wrath comes upon you. We need to serve God only with our pure mind. You can not take add something else to your Christianity.


We don’t need to agree or talk too much. As long as God does not abandon us we will be victorious . He will be around and be our helper at all time. Hallelujah


Have you forgotten that the God we serve is a consuming fire. Yes! Therefore call on him to consume all evil and whatsoever tormenting your life, hindering you success, progress, and testimonies. Hallelujah


Everyone needs to learn from the story of the rich man and Lazarus. The way of life and the life itself everyone is living will be accountable for. How you impacted people’s life and how you treat other will be judge after death.


We should never think of revenging with evil, never fight back yourself but let us wait unto God who will fight the battle for us.


Don’t give up on God. Who told you he can not turn your situation around and make your dream comes true. This year your story will change for better, you will be better than those that once look down on you. Amen in Jesus name


Everything is in God’s hand and makes all decision. Brought down and lift up. May we enjoy his goods side, grace and mercy forever.


It is certain that this year, we will rejoice in the Lord always. His salvation, victory, good health, testimonies are our proportion in Jesus name


No power on earth, underneath the earth, in heaven can compare with the God we serve. To him be the glory and adoration. Hallelujah


Say Lord, we should endeavour to encourage one another to pray and study the words of God together. With two or three people gathering form a church and enjoy and enjoy the presence of God


In all situation let us praise him. We shouldn’t allow our problems and challenges hinder us from appreciating God’s goodness. Thanksgiving is a pillar to our faith.


As we start a new year 2023 let all your plans, dream and desires involve God. You can achieve that success, healing, sound mind etc with the help, grace and mercy of God. Hallelujah


What is in us is greater than all the troubles or problems in the world… because we have Jesus Christ as our personal saviour therefore we are an overcomer, nothings can shake us.


There is not hidden things in presence of God. We should be mindful that God sees all we do either privately or publicly.


God have given us the power through his Son Jesus that by the name of Jesus Christ we have the authorities to destroy every yoke, bo***ge, sickness etc


Marriage bring blessings from God….two heads are better than one. Finding a good wife brings breakthrough.


Calling on the name of the Lord can do exceedingly, protect, deliver, save and conquer. Seek him today before it is late.


What God needs is your faith, believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ for if you believe you can achieve, move, conquer, over, succeed and excel through Christ.


I wish you all merry Christmas. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ brings you all your heart desires and fulfill your purpose in life in Jesus name. Merry Christmas.


Is not today God has been fighting for you and me. By the special grace of God he will continue to fight and win the battle on our behalves. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah


God love obedience children, honestly if you adhere to his commandment then you will enjoy is everlasting grace.


Is God that answers prayers, faithful God that never disappoint. What he needs from you is your repentance, humbleness, righteous and trustworthy


I don’t know why you are still doubting and worried when God has given you his Only Son “Jesus Christ” to fulfil your good desires, to give you everlasting life and peaces. Seek him now before the situation worsen. He cares


In all situation, whether good time, bad time. All circumstances let us give glory to Almighty God and appreciate his doing in our life. Many people wish to be in your positions. Even alive from January till December. Give God the glory and adoration for being alive.

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Don’t be obsessed with what will not give you everlasting joy.
Don’t be obsessed with what that will not give you everlasting joy.
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No matter what never use evil to fight evil…
His anger is for a moment….
Consistent leads to persistent and gives desire result. Repeat that…”I can do all things through Christ that strengthens...
God will never disappoint and he has all you desire…hallelujah
For political power and wealth
What goes around comes around…Galatian 6:7
Karma 1 (psalm 7:15)
Karma part 1 (psalm 7:15)
Don’t give’s all about you.....receive your testimonies as you watch and share🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️



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