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For all of our guests that have been asking about Austin and Natasha, the pics below show how devastating Dorian
was to their home. They are staying at Bita Breeze until they can secure a safe and dry place to live. They are hopeful they can make their basement livable. I am attaching the go fund me link that was set up for people that want to help them. Please open your hearts and help any way you can. Thank you all for your concern.


Another pic of Bita Breeze post Dorian. We are so blessed. Most others weren’t as lucky. Please continue to support the people of Abaco. They are resilient and will rebuild!


Well, we finally have visual and verbal evidence that Bita Breeze survived Dorian!! We got a quick sat phone call from Natasha tonight saying that, although there is some damage to the sliding door, the house is sound. Waiting on cell service to resume so we can get more details. Beth and I are ecstatic about this news. Natasha and Austin are staying at our house as their’s wasn’t as lucky. So many people on the island have lost their homes. If you haven’t already, please go to the donation site and pledge whatever you can. It doesn’t have to be a lot, it all adds up. God bless the people of Green Turtle Cay and all of us for supporting them! 04/09/2019

Click here to support Green Turtle Cay / Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund organized by Green Turtle Club and Friends on Empty Pockets

Many of our guests have asked how they can help in the relief efforts of our beautiful little island and its residents. There are several organizations collecting items to transport to the island, but this is difficult to coordinate. Several people have offered to volunteer their time toward cleaning and rebuilding. However, with 90% of the homes damaged and unlivable, there is no place to house workers. The best way to contribute to the relief effort is donating funds. Below are links to the two that we recommend. They are both reputable and are being administered by the Green Turtle Cay Foundation, and are tax deductible. ALL donated funds, not just the proceeds, go to the residents of Green Turtle Cay. If you choose another fund to donate to, beware of frauds. A few have popped up. Donations to national charities like the Red Cross rarely make it to the people it is intended for. Green Turtle Club and Friends on Empty Pockets Green Turtle Cay / Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund GREEN TURTLE CAY / HURRICAN DORIAN RELIEF We guarantee that 100


For safety, we have turned the power off to the house. Therefore, the we**am will be off until the storm passes. We hope to have it back on as soon as we can.


Hard to believe that Dorian is 24 to 36 hours away!! Seems like a beautiful day in GTC.... praying for all in the Bahamas, especially friends on Green Turtle Cay. Please stay safe!!


A HUGE thank you and congratulations to the volunteers and organizers of the Cheeseburger in Paradise party!!! Wow, $100,000 raised to benefit the community!! Quite an accomplishment!!! Bita Breeze is proud and honored to be a sponsor for this very worthwhile event. Set your clock for Tuesday July 7th, 2020. They’ve set the bar high but I’m sure we can surpass it if we all get involved!


Bita Breeze's cover photo


Bita Breeze


Beautiful pics from Julie at Island Property Management. Thanks Julie!!


Everyone, the we**am is back up!! For those of us that can’t be there right now, it sure makes me feel better to view the beauty!! Also, visit our website at!!


Great pic of the Cheeseburger in Paradise Party, 2018!!! They raised a lot of money for the community! Great job by all the organizers!!!


Great News! Our we**am is back up. You can also access the we**am through our website Go check it out! 26/06/2018

Bita Breeze at Green Turtle Cay

Exciting News!! Bita Breeze now has a website!! Visit and check it out. Welcome to Bita Breeze, a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath Beachfront home on Green Turtle Cay.  Our home is located directly on the beautiful turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The white sandy beach is just a few short steps from the large screened back porch. Come relax on the secluded beach, swi...


A big “Thank You” to Evan Brown for resetting the we**am. We have pics again!!!


For those of you who noticed the web cam has been down ..... IT’S BACK!!!! Take a look.


Check out the new Bita Breeze Web Cam!! Let us know what you think!


Bita Breeze, Green Turtle Cay 2016

Just a recap of our summer trips to our little piece of paradise.


Bita Breeze now has whole house backup power generator! Woohoo!!! No more power outages here! 😎


Young Mr. Roberts enjoying the August view!


Thanks Natasha for the video showing no damage!!


We made it through Matthew round 1 without a scratch!! Hoping he will go out to sea and die. But we are preparing for round 2 in case he comes back.

Untitled Album 30/08/2016

Untitled Album


Photos from Bita Breeze's post


Photos from Bita Breeze's post


Bita Breeze's cover photo


Bita Breeze


Bita Breeze


Bita Breeze's cover photo


Bita Breeze

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Thanks Natasha for the video showing no damage!!



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