Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours

Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours


Steph 😎
a fantastic day out with Steve and Cath today...awesome conditions on the back real soon...thanks guys
Magnificent way to spend a Sunday morning on the Pambula River. Thanks to @merimbulastanduppaddlelessons @pressuresystemsurfindustries

​​Feel inspired as you glide across the crystal clear waters of the far south coast with Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours. We cater for everyone!

Operating as usual

Photos from Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours's post 23/04/2021

We have had an absolutely amazing Summer, Autumn SUP lesson season this year and most importantly, no bushfires and minimal COVID interruptions. This year we have decided to close Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons and Tours through the Winter months. We will be closed for May, June, July and August. We will reopen in September. During this time I plan to build a series of Instructional SUP videos which you will be able to purchase for a small fee from our website and learn from the comfort of your home. The videos will include, Beginners Lesson, Beginners SUP Surfing, Advanced SUP Surfing and also a video on how to select the right board for you. Of course this all depends on whether or not I can find the time😆 but that is my goal anyway! Here are are couple of pics of my session yesterday with Deb and Ingrid. Great morning, great company in a great location!


Check out my little Winter side hustle!😉@Merimbula Recycled Homewares. I started playing around with this last Winter and had heaps of fun, so this year I have even added a page👍. I have heaps and heaps of goodies to post on there and I am doing my best to get them on but finding time is a little tricky🙄. Who knows, you may even find a stand up paddle board or 2 on there. Make sure you like the page to help spread the word!

Check out my little Winter side hustle!😉@Merimbula Recycled Homewares. I started playing around with this last Winter and had heaps of fun, so this year I have even added a page👍. I have heaps and heaps of goodies to post on there and I am doing my best to get them on but finding time is a little tricky🙄. Who knows, you may even find a stand up paddle board or 2 on there. Make sure you like the page to help spread the word!

Photos from Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours's post 14/04/2021

It’s been a very busy holiday period! Just another perfect morning on the water this morning and tomorrow is looking even better!! Here are a couple of pics from this morning compliments of De Peterson. Thanks De!


What an awesome shot of our lesson on Saturday!

Not sure if SUP conditions can get much better than this. 😱 These paddle boarders were treated to some clear, glassy perfection in Merimbula on Saturday, as were walkers strolling the new Lake Street pathway to Bar Beach, with views like this the whole way! Just a couple of Autumn activities to add to your list. 👌

Photo by IG/@rodcthom

Merimbula Visitor Information Centre Visit NSW


I’m sure you will all agree that that was the most incredible Easter. We experienced the most perfect Autumn weather with all day light winds. Paddle boarders paradise! Looks like the light winds will carry over every morning this week. Bring it on!😎


This is why we live here!🙂

Photos from Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours's post 22/01/2021

OH MAN it has very hard work this week for me on our magnificent estuary! Although I have been surrounded by plenty of smiling happy people and we have been blessed with the perfect early morning conditions, I have had the bloody bar absolutely cranking in the background! I have had one eye on my group and the other eye on perfect 6 foot drainers screaming down the sand bar😩😩😩😩. It is very hard to work when you have one of the best waves on the east coast calling your name🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!! Ah well, my time will come🙏


Photos from Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours's post

As the conditions were soooooo perfect this morning we decided to venture out of the lake and we headed for the wharf! This is a big test for beginners! Some came back a little moist🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and some managed to stay high and dry. A great experience, a perfect morning.👍


If you’re the type of person that likes sleeping in, I just thought I’d show you what you are missing out on. Today could possibly be the best morning of the year! And you choose to snooze🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️


Very nice on the water this morning! It looks like tomorrow could even be better. If you are planning to head out tomorrow, make sure you get on it early before the wind👍


Plenty of action on the water this morning!😎


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Today is the first day of summer!!! Not exactly but the first true summer weather pattern. What do I mean by this? Well, clear skies, very light wind early and then a NE sea breeze for the rest of the day. In true Merimbula SUP Lessons and Tours fashion we were out on the water super early and got the job done before the NE wind arrived, creating probably the best SUP experience we have had this season! To top it all off, we were out there right on the high tide which allowed us to explore sections of the lake which can only be paddled during those high tide periods. It was a pleasure to be out there and show some very lucky customers what my SUP addiction is all about!


It has been busy, busy, busy here on the water in Merimbula! Some very crazy weather has been going down! We’ve been experiencing lots of wind and quite a bit of rain. Lucky for us, Merimbula is beautiful in all conditions!!!!


I have been receiving lots of calls in regard to paddle board hire. Just a quick post to let you know that we don’t hire out gear we just specialise in our early morning lesson/ tours. If you would like to hire SUPs or kayaks head down to Mitchies Jetty and see the crew. They specialise in hire gear and would love to help.


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We had a ride the tide session organised for a group of ladies from Canberra. Getting one of these sessions right involves watching the weather forecast like a hawk as to ensure everyone is safe on the trip. I started my day by walking the dog at 5am. Whilst I walk I’m consistently watching the tops of the trees for wind strength and direction. This morning everything was looking good. Out to the east, over the ocean there was a crazy electrical storm with intense lightning which made me a little nervous. Anyway, we got organised and headed into town. We dropped my wife’s car at Top Lake and the conditions were pristine👍. We then jumped in the Ute and towed the trailer of boards to the starting point at Spencer Park. When we arrived at Spencer Park the wind started howling!! The trees were seriously bending in the wind, the lake became choppy and the ocean was a mess. This was a serious SE wind that had whipped up! Myself and my wife looked at each other and said SH*T! We need to cancel this! I stood by the waters edge and looked closely at the situation. The dark storm clouds were moving out to the east, could this just be a crazy squall tailing on from the storm? I made the call to give it 10 minutes before we made the call. Suddenly the wind started to ease. Within the 10 minutes it had become dead still and the lake cleaned up. By the time we started the tour the conditions were back to perfect! Then the sun came out making it up there with one of the best ride the tide sessions we have had! My job can be pretty stressful at times! Mother Nature has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Check the pics.


Say no more!🤣


Very nice this morning!


Photos from Merimbula Stand Up Paddle Lessons & Tours's post

The water has warmed up here in Merimbula and the sting rays are in full flight! The sting rays put on an awesome display this morning for our guests.👍


Very interesting weather here on the east coast at the moment! When you’re a weather nerd like me you love these unpredictable weather systems 😉. After the crazy storms of yesterday we snagged some perfection on the lake this morning! I would say it’s the calm before the storm though with some more unsettled conditions moving across the mountains. 11/10/2020

My Octopus Teacher | Official Trailer | Netflix

This morning I have a bit of a different post. This is actually a movie recommendation! Last night I sat down with my family and watched a documentary which is available on Netflix called My Octopus Teacher. I have attached the trailer. This is an amazing piece of work which I highly recommend you take the time to watch. Beware, you may need a box of tissues😢 A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world. SUB...


Although the steady rain was sensational, it was nice to see it clear up so we could get back out on the water this morning👍


I think these pictures speak for themselves!! As good as it gets!😆


All set up ready for another fantastic session on the Merimbula Lake!


Long weekend perfection!!


A big thank you to HUEY the god of surf for blessing us with perfect SUP conditions over this weekend!!! But be warned YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE! The Northerly wind will blow today and tomorrow. If you want to experience perfection get your head off that pillow and cruise! Why not have a little nanna nap in the arvo with a smile on your face when the wind is in😉.


[09/21/20]   Our first ride the tide session for the season this morning and it was sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! The perfect morning to just kick back in the sun and cruise with the incoming tide😊👍.


Back out there again this morning and once again, perfection! How awesome it is to show visitors around our perfect place!


Lovely this morning! Spring has sprung!😉

[09/13/20]   Overcast stormy conditions nearly always makes for perfect paddling. It’s mornings like these that we get perfect balmy still conditions! Our lesson this morning was magnificent! Check out all the Trevally! The conditions were soooooo perfect we even ventured out into the ocean😊.


Michelle celebrated her birthday today with a SUP lesson. Happy Birthday Michelle!!!🥳 It was her first SUP experience and my first lesson for the season😊. What a perfect spring morning👍


Pressure System Paddleboards

Check out this vid! I have some super cheap paddleboards for sale! Give me a call if you're interested on 0407420496. All boards come complete with fins, leash and board bag. Sorry I don't have any paddle available.

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