Yarloop Hotel

Yarloop Hotel


I visited Yarloop in 2013, on my way to Collie. It was a facinating place.
I went mad with my camera in the old Mill/Museum. The machine shop & old machinery has been a fascination of mine since childhood.
My Grandfather worked for Lewis & Reids Timber mill north of Collie, from its origins to closure in about 1925.
His hobby was photography, & left his family a legacy of B&W negatives of the Mill, Collie surrounds, Wellington Dam construction, & various images from around WA, during his movements.
One such Image is if the Yarloop Hotel in it'ss heyday.
It was a Handsome Two story building, which sadly suffered a fire which reduced it to singe story status, which was how i saw it in 2013.
My purpose in the visit was to donate a photo of the Two story building, which i did. I dare say that has perished in the recent raising of the town.
The story of the period this photo was taken was of a shooting incident, in August 1924.
I can't add any further info about the hotel, the earlier fire, or the shooting.
If there is anyone interested in my photos of the Old Hotel or my visit to the museum, I'm happy to furnish copies.
My email address: [email protected] I live in Perth.

Alcohol does not make you FAT - it makes you LEAN .... against tables, chairs, floors, walls and ugly people.

Operating as usual

[09/07/19]   Hi all just a heads up. The property has sold. The new owners are in negotiations for the license.... so all going well Yarloop will have its Hotel back. Thankyou to all those who supported us though this hard time.

[12/16/18]   To our valued customers,with great consideration it is with heavy heart that we will not be rebuilding the hotel due to health reasons. The property will go up for sale with liquor license in the hope that someone will take up the challenge. There is 4acres that is zoned commercial and 3acres that is zoned rural, septics and leach drains are still intact, licence is unrestricted. There is an opportunity to incorporate a caravan park along with hotel or simply build a tavern, the sky is the limit. Greg and myself thank all our customers for there patronage and support thoughtout the years. It is our hope that the buyer of the property will rebuild the hotel in which all the community can benifit from. Anyone interested in buying the property please contact us through our face book page. Please only people with genuine interest. Thakyou.

[06/07/17]   Hi to all our face book friends just a update on our progress . We are slowly getting our town cleaned up and we do have some new homes being built. Progress is slow but moving forward. Both Greg and I are still in no mans land regards to our rebuild .We have no option but to wait. Hopefully by end of year we will have more of an idea.

[01/07/17]   1 year ago we lost 2 souls our hearts home business and 90% of our town. I would like to thank everyone for there support and generosity though the last year it has been a difficult one for lots of Yarloopians . Both greg and i say thankyou very much Australia.

[06/10/16]   Woo hoo pub site free of any contamination last site works being done today....

[05/19/16]   Just thought i would ask the government seen as we are paying for all the clean up of our hotel and house would they put the save 75,000 towards a new community resource centre please share

[05/16/16]   Hi all got some news to share . We had the government tell us we had to pay for clean up of hotel but they would clean up our house. We requested a quote from them it took a wail but they finally gave us the writen quote. To do the hotel they quoted $199,243.72 plus GST. They said verbally that the house is going to cost $75,000. We where blown away. There is no way we could pay that and rebuild our hotel. So as you would we got quote from local company. So total amount to do hotel and house is by government $274,243.72 plus GST. Our quote from local company $50,000 plus GST for the house and hotel so we told government we do not wont any of there help and we would do the lot ourselves. I can not believe the difference in the price how can they justify that. How much are they ripping of the tax payers for this clean up . They could of got local company for quarter of price. And put the money they saved to rebuilding our CRC community centre , workshops, hall and still had leftovers. This needs to be known by all please share as its robbery what there doing.

[05/10/16]   Hi all just to let you know sqizzys funeral is on at freo cemetery west chapel at 1pm please pass it on. Less taylor

[05/03/16]   Weĺl it official the government has told channel 7 they will not clean hotel. All i can say is thankyou to them for coming to both greg and i and telling us directly. Our premier has showed his true colors he is a man who talks with fork tongue. Thanks for nothink state government. If i had my way you would be sacked .

[04/28/16]   greg has started cleaning the hotel. We have been told by government that they will not remove our hotel as we are a business. But go figure guest house which is a business do not have to pay also several other dont have to pay. So we are starting it ourselves then to get told that we have to wait till government finish there clean. All i can say is [email protected]#k them.

[04/14/16]   I would like to say a huge big thankyou to all that donated to the yarloop bush fires. Both greg amd myself are humbled by the support that our fellow Australians have given.The money will help so many who lost everything
Both greg and I hope to see you all when we rebuild. Yarloop will stay alive.

[01/17/16]   Thankyou all we have a generator amazing

[01/17/16]   Was wounding if anyone out there has a 6kva generator we need one to power 5th wheeler caravan please

[01/14/16]   R.I.P sqizzy we will miss you and you will always be in our hearts ###

[01/12/16]   I would like to say thankyou for all the well wishes

[01/09/16]   To every one who have message us both greg and myself would like to thank all there has been so many we can not keep up . You thoughts have been heartfelt thank you all

[01/08/16]   Thankyou to all that have sent well wishes to both greg and i. Yes we lost our hotel and house but greg and major are safe . We are so deversated . But there is so many other people that have lost there homes. Thankyou also to all the firies who tried to save our beautiful town thankyou guys and girls you done the best with what you had.

[01/02/16]   Hi guys and girls tomorrow at the loop we have the increadable skimpy bebe here from 1pm til 5pm . Happy hour from 5pm til 6pm hope to see ya here

[12/31/15]   To all our valued customers we wish you a very happy new year from all the staff greg and jules. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year

[11/04/15]   What a great turn out yesturday for cup day. Thankyou to all that made the day a great one.

[10/26/15]   Hi everyone this Melbourne cup day we are having a champion breakfast which will kick of at 10am entry is $25 per head. Lots of prizes. So why not get dressed up and come join us for a fun day.

[08/28/15]   Hi all its the weekend again yee har. We have skimpy from 5 til 9 friday also try your luck at chase the ace from 6.30 til 8.30 currently at $1950 . Hope to see you here .

[08/16/15]   Hi all dont forget today we have skimpy on from 2 til 6. Come down and cheer your team on in the derby bar snacks at halftime. Hope to see you here.

[08/13/15]   Hi all hope this week has been gòod . This friday come along and try you luck with chase the ace at $1850. From 6.30 til 8.30 also we have skimpy from 5 til 9. Sunday come and cheer on your team in the derby we will have skimpy on from 2 til 6.hope to see you here.

[07/30/15]   Hi all this friday from 5 til 9 skimpy . From 6.30 til 8.30 try your luck at chase the ace $1750. Also a bonus this sunday we have skimpy from 12 til 4 hope to see you here

[07/24/15]   Expression of interest: Yarloop Hotel are looking for people who are interested in competting in a friendly Pool and Dart comp against The Yarloop Bowling Club. If interested please leave your contact details at the Hotel. This will be a Saturday and Sunday event.

[07/24/15]   Hi all tonight we have skimpy on from 5pm til 9pm. Our chase the ace os at 1700 come along and try your luck hope to see you here.

[07/13/15]   A big thankyou to all who came alone on sunday to support the easyriders perth chapter fund run. It was a great day and they raised 1000 for the women's refuge in mandurah. Well done..

[06/05/15]   Omg god guys our skimpy is bueatiful come down and check her out . On until 9


Yarloop Hotel

hi all we require a Casual Barperson, mush have R.S.A able to work weekends, nights aprox 25 hours per week.Call Jules on 97335055 or call into hotel.

[04/29/15]   hi all we require a Casual Barperson, mush have R.S.A able to work weekends, nights aprox 25 hours per week.Call Jules on 97335055 or call into hotel.

[04/27/15]   Hi everyone what a fantastic turn out for our dawn service. And a big thankyou to all those who kick on at the band . It was a great day.


Yarloop Hotel

Don't forget in the wee hours of dawn service, there will be the live cannon blasting,a must see for all ;)

Hi all come and join us to celebrate Anzac day . From 2pm on saturday 25 we have panelvan playing . Live music til 6pm. Also roast beef and gravy rolls available. Hope to see you here

[04/23/15]   Hi all come and join us to celebrate Anzac day . From 2pm on saturday 25 we have panelvan playing . Live music til 6pm. Also roast beef and gravy rolls available. Hope to see you here




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Yarloop, WA