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Could e-invoicing lead to an ATO automated BAS? 11/03/2021

Could e-invoicing lead to an ATO automated BAS?

Could e-invoicing lead to an ATO automated BAS? While the government continues to peddle e-invoicing for its productivity benefits rather than its tax compliance potential, the international experience suggests that e-invoicing data could eventually be used to combat tax evasion and the black economy. 08/04/2020

Working from home because of coronavirus? There's a new tax shortcut Claiming tax deductions for working from home due to coronavirus is being made easier. A new tax shortcut will apply from March 1 to June 30. 23/03/2020

Fresh $66bn package reveals bigger cash payments, access to super Larger cash payments to small businesses and temporary access to superannuation have now been revealed in the second tranche of the government’s economic support package in response to the coronavirus threat. 30/09/2019

Audit warning sounded as ATO clamps down on dodgy claims The Tax Office says it will be scrutinising every tax return lodged this year as it continues its crackdown on illegitimate claims. 20/06/2019

Government to ease in ABN changes The ATO has sought to assure that the impact of the proposed changes to the ABN system will be minimised wherever possible, such as allowing ABN holders to confirm their details through the lodgement of tax returns. 10/06/2019

ATO set to contact clients over STP changes The ATO will soon begin contacting your clients’ employees to inform them of several changes that will be taking place with the introduction of Single Touch Payroll. 31/05/2019

Introducing standard deduction ‘not a high priority’ A standard deduction in place of the constantly misunderstood current $300 substantiation limit would be sensible, but there is a lack of political appetite from both sides of Parliament, says one tax expert. 29/05/2019

Practitioners cautioned ahead of ATO’s CGT focus The Tax Office’s ever-increasing data-matching capabilities means tax practitioners need to be pushing clients for contemporaneous and thorough records, particularly as the agency places a focus on capital gains tax. 24/05/2019

What accountants can expect under a Liberal government A Liberal government means that the cap on deductibility of accountants’ fees is now off the table. Scott Morrison’s Liberal government declared victory in the federal elections on Saturday, in a surprise win over the Labor Party. Morrison’s campaign, which included tax cuts and a focus 17/05/2019

Surprising number of errors in rental property returns - The Tax Institute HOBART, 14 March 2019: In his speech at The Tax Institute’s 34th National Convention in Hobart today, Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan AO revealed that estimates suggest that nine out of 10 rental property returns lodged are incorrect. 17/05/2019

Labor’s 30% trust tax to raise $7.7bn Labor’s plans to introduce a 30 per cent tax on discretionary trust distributions to adults will rake in $7.7 billion over the forward estimates, close to double its initial costings. 03/05/2019

Crypto transactions in ATO sights with new data-matching program Up to 1 million taxpayers who have engaged in buying, selling or transferring cryptocurrency will now be subject to ATO scrutiny as it begins a new data-matching program ahead of tax time. 15/04/2019

‘Bottom of political barrel’: Profession slams Labor’s attack on accountants ‘rort’ Opposition leader Bill Shorten has labelled the deductibility of the cost of managing tax affairs as a “rort”, hammering home his plans to limit deductions to $3,000, as the industry hits back. 14/04/2019

The same business test replaced by the “similar business” test   Among the first batch of tax legislation the government dealt with in the new year was Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Enterprises Incentives No.1) Bill, legislation that contained changes to the “same business” test. It sees the 18/03/2019

Tax man warns: Get your rental property claims right Claims for rental property tax deductions contain errors in 90 per cent of cases, the Australian Taxation Office reports. It is planning a blitz on what it calls ‘its next big area of focus’. The ATO says it recently completed investigations of 300 rental property claims and found errors in almo... 16/02/2019

Tax losses and franking offsets for corporate   Companies are not entitled to a refund of franking tax offsets, however they may be able to convert them to carried forward losses in subsequent years. Companies are able to choose the amount of prior year

[01/30/19]   "TESTIMONIAL"

As his taxation client, I rely on Joe to do my tax returns and those of my wife. As he is the sole tax
agent for his business, Joe always works autonomously. Joe is strongly motivated to complete all
aspects of the work in a timely manner while remaining mindful of current tax legislation and relevant

Joe is not only dependable as my tax agent but also proactive in that he will often remind
me of things that are due in the upcoming months.

Joe has expert knowledge of taxation
He also has people skills - Joe understands human nature and together with his taxation experience, is able to
understand, connect with and work with his clients appropriately.

Joe has always taken a careful and attentive approach to perform my tax returns. Joe takes a lot of
pride in his work and this shows in the ordered and neat way that he prepares and stores
documentation. He is meticulous and detailed in his approach but is always aware of the big picture of
a client's concerns.

Joe seems to have uncommon wisdom in his areas of expertise. Whenever I have asked for his
input on any taxation-related point, whether it be on investments or negative or positive gearing, Joe always has a clearly informed position that is up to date.
Joe has a real edge when it comes to connecting with and working with people. People warm to him
easily and this facilitates interactions and working relationships.

Joe has been doing my tax returns now for about 15 years. He is not just 'another great tax agent,' but
for my purposes, really is the best. His combination of expertise and ability to understand and connect
with people really put him above other agents that I have dealt with in the past. I trust Joe.

Frank Gutierrez (Lecturer - University of Westen Sydney) 30/01/2019

What clients need to know with regard to “luxury” sets of wheels   According to the government, a vehicle is a “luxury” if it costs more than $66,331 (for 2018-19) or $75.526 (for “fuel-efficient” cars). It was $65,094 for 2017-18, with the same fuel-efficient price level. The target 14/12/2018

Guide to making motor vehicle expense claims   A perennial tax topic that clients keep coming back to is claiming expenses for a car. The following notes summarise the most salient points for your clients when it comes to claiming a deduction for


Another happy client. 12/08/2018

Annual vacancy fee for foreign residential property owners   At the end of 2017, an annual fee was introduced for dwellings owned by non-residents of Australia. The measure is part of the government’s housing affordability plan, and is also a financial incentive for foreign 16/03/2018

Airbnb and the Australian tax system Airbnb and the Australian tax system, although the tax concepts outlined could be applied to anyone seeking to rent out a part of their home. 14/03/2018

Depreciation Estimates Boost Project Sales The legislation has changed but depreciation benefits remain for investors. See how you could boost project sales with a depreciation estimate. 02/03/2018

The value of a good car log book The value of a good car log book. Many taxpayers miss out on maximising their work-related claims claim due to inadequate record keeping. 02/03/2018

Crackdown on “other” work related expenses Crackdown on “other” work related expenses, and inquiry into tax deductibility 12/01/2018

ATO creates taskforce to tackle crypto cheats The Australian Taxation Office is assembling a team of tax experts, lawyers, tech specialists, bankers and financial advisers to help it identify and track crypto currency transactions.


Unusual things that may be claimed as a tax deduction.


[12/20/16]   A testimonial from one of my clients;

'Joe has always completed my tax returns efficiently and accurately. For this reason, as a Financial PlannerI have no hesitation to recommend my clients utilise Joe's taxation services.

Joe always attends our meetings on time and has always been dependable.

Joe's strongest qualities are that he has integrity, honesty and he is reliable. Joe demonstrates all these qualities not only in my dealings with him on an individual basis but also with the many happy clients I have referred to Joe over the years.

His work performance is excellent, always providing a quality result. I trust Joe to complete my personal and business returns and those of my clients with due diligence and expertise.

Joe is always accountable and makes sure he stays in touch to keep you informed of the progress of the work.

His great strengths are that he is a great communicator, always stays in touch and provides reminders as required. He is a quick and lateral thinker and is able to resolve difficult tax issues with speed and efficiency. Joe is also knowledgeable. He always demonstrates excellent knowledge of the tax law/legislation.

Joe always goes above and beyond for his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe based on our many years of association. He truly shines above other tax agents I have known over the years. This can be put to his excellent communication skills, accuracy and integrity.

Best Regards

David Kerr
Financial Planner - Centric Wealth


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