Focused on promoting good health. VicHealth acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government We pinpoint and prevent the negative influences of ill health and champion the positive influences of good health.

Our pioneering work includes creating and funding world-class interventions; conducting vital research to advance Victoria’s population health; producing and supporting public campaigns to promote a healthier Victoria; and providing transformational expertise and insights to government. We work with all levels of government, across political parties and communities, and a range of sectors across health, sports, research, education, the arts and media.


Move because it makes you feel good.

ID: A background photo shows an overhead shot of a smiley face painted onto cement. There are a pair of feet and legs standing at the bottom of the smiley face. Text reads 'people who exercise for at least 30 minutes most days, are about 30% more likely to consider themselves 'happy'...'


, our Future Reset Youth Summit has extended registrations until Monday 10 October!

What does that mean for you?

✔️If you like getting crafty
✔️If you need some more inspirational vibes in your life
✔️If you want to connect with like-minded brilliant young people
✔️If you're big on the big-picture thinking and dream about our future
✔️And if you're a chronic last minute person

This is your sign to register for a few days full of free (FREE!!!!) sessions to reset, redefine and reimagine for a youth-led future.


Can definitely relate.

ID: Tweet reads 'Every morning my 2 year old sits up in her bed and yells "HELP, I WOKE UP" and I think we can all relate.


Parents, what fun, creative or time-saving lunchbox hacks do you have for us?

ID: Light green text on a dark green background reads 'Hit us with your Lunchbox Hacks'. There is a white and light green icon of a bowl of noodles with chopsticks poking out.


Gym fans, do you ever feel intimidated using the weights or machines at the gym?

ID: A set of dumbbells sit on top of a wooden box in a gym. A yellow headline reads 'Gym Intimidation'.


So little time and so many podcasts. Here are 5 great mental health podcasts to get your ears around.

ID: White and blue text on a pink background reads '5 podcasts that are great for your mental health
1. Ologies 2. How Did This Get Made? 3. The Happiness Lab 4. The Hilarious World of depression 5. Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata.' In the bottom right corner is a vintage microphone.


This Girl Can Week

We are getting in FORMATION! This Girl Can VIC has officially kicked off with a bang! We've sprung into this sun with Pilates in the Park, we're getting our Tai Chi on at the Museum and we'll be at Fed Square all week with pop up spin classes, cello yoga, q***r friendly dancing and more!

This week is all about getting active, trying a new activity and just having fun. Doesn't matter what you look like, what you're good at or what people think.

Join us in empowering women across Victoria to move their body in their own way, on their own terms.


Future Healthy Award

Who and what are you grateful for?

Through our Victorian Health Promotion Awards, you can acknowledge the incredible contributions made by community legends, grassroots initiatives, ground-breaking research, state-wide campaigns and everything in between.

Consider nominating Victoria’s next health promotion champions by Sunday 11 September.


It's the Bourke St Broccoli for us! Where would you love to see more green rooftops or urban veggie gardens in Melbourne?

ID: White text on a dark green background reads 'More green rooftop veggie gardens! Imagine a meal with Exhibition St eggplants and pumpkins from St Paul's Cathedral.' Underneath the text is a black and white image of a cathedral.


Today, we're celebrating 'Wear It Purple Day'.

We stand with our community, focusing on our LGBTQIA+ youth and the issues they face, whilst showing them they have the right to be proud of who they are and who they are becoming.

If we want to see change in this space its crucial that on this day and beyond we play an active and visible role in this space.

For more information on how you and your organisation can start, strengthen or refresh their ally skills head to


Crawling to that school holiday start line? Need an activity to keep the kids engaged and you de-stressed? We have just the thing!

We're popping up at Fed Square from Friday-Sunday to transform it into the Wellbeing Village!

What does that mean?

From activities on how to grow seeds, free bike tune-ups, spin classes and very excitingly, the Future Healthy Activation Zone, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy and to learn the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Come on down with the kids so that they can learn how to make a zine, dance their best moves and hone their hula-hoop skills.

Details below.


VHPA 2022

Do you know someone who’s great at connecting your community and encourages improved health and wellbeing for Victorian communities? Let’s celebrate them! Nominate them for the 2022 Victorian Health Promotion Awards by Sunday 11 September


What’s better than 120 community-led projects? Even more projects, for the community, led by the community. JumpStart! Round Two is now open for all your ideas on building active communities through sport, active play, art and food.

Get in on the action to help young Victorians feel supported to get active, connect through arts and so much more. Don’t miss out and apply from Tuesday 23 August to grab a share of $2.8 million and make a difference.


With the increased cost of living, more Victorians are concerned about how they’re going to put food on the table.

At Vichealth, we’re on a mission to create healthier communities. That means increasing access to affordable, healthy foods in our community.

And to make this vision a reality, we’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with 7 Victorian Food Hubs, as part of our latest initiative.

We’re investing $4.15 million to help these food hubs increase access for communities to locally produced and healthy foods in regional and urban fringe communities.

As part of this investment, we're also creating meaningful employment pathways through paid traineeships for young people. Plus, these Food Hubs will create opportunities for communities to celebrate our diverse food cultures.​

It’s time to think local, for local - because everyone deserves access to nutritious, delicious food, that represent the flavours of your neighbourhood!

Find out more about our latest Future Healthy Food Hub partnerships


Consent is about making sure everyone is keen, comfortable and happy to proceed. Consent should be freely given, clear, enthusiastic, informed and it can be taken back at any point.

ID: [A black and white close up photo of two hands intertwined. Text over the top reads 'If it's not an enthusiastic YES, it's a NO.']


A healthy future is one where spaces are not just accessible, but also inclusive. This includes designing spaces that are welcoming and friendly for people with neurodiversity.

Here are 5 things to consider.

ID: Blue and white text on a pink background reads 'Things to consider when designing friendlier spaces for Neurodiversity: 1. Sensory - stimulation intensity, lighting, smell, sound and physical stimulation. 2. Sequence - intuitive design, workflow and daily routines. 3. Escape - create retreat spaces with controlled sensory elements. 4. Safety - allow opportunity for non verbal communication and privacy elements that can allow for both connection and autonomy. 5. Transition - introduce buffer transitions to navigate between sensory zones.


It’s nominations time for the 2021 Victorian Health Promotion Awards!

Take this chance to say thank you to someone doing amazing health promotion work in your community before nominations close on Friday, 1 October.

Details at


Team sport has so many benefits for kids beyond keeping active. Here are 5 reasons to get your kids playing team sport.

ID: Yellow and white text on a blue background reads '5 reasons kids should play team sport: 1. Builds friendship and connection 2. Teaches kids to work together towards a common goal 3. Cultivates empathy and the understanding that winning isn't everything 4. Boosts self-esteem on and off the field 5. Improves communication'. In the bottom left hand corner there is a black and white photo of a team of girls wearing sports uniform in a circle with their arms around each other and heads leaning in.


We want to see a future where all young Victorians have access to physical activity spaces. What do you think is most important for accessibility when designing public spaces?

ID: Four young men sit on a bench at a skate park, two of them are holding skateboards and they are all smiling and watching something off to the right of the image. Underneath is a yellow banner with red text that reads 'Let's talk accessible activity spaces...'


A future where there are loads of opportunities for inclusivity and connection. Does your idea of a healthy future look like Manahil's?

ID: Pink text on a blue background reads "a healthy future for me would look like where everyone is inclusive and they come together to support each other no matter of their age or culture. - Manahil, Community Champion" Underneath the text there is a pink arrow pointing up, featuring a black and white photo of Manahil, a woman with long dark hair wearing a t-shirt and smiling directly at the camera.


Live in an apartment and want to get involved in growing your own food? Here are five of our faves for balcony growing.

🌿 Herbs - any kind but we love parsley, coriander, thyme and rosemary. Plus you can't go past fresh basil in summer.
🥗 Spinach - pick and eat as you need and avoid ending up with a bag of green sludge in the bottom of your fridge.
🌱 Kale - a superfood you can turn into chips
🥬 Lettuce - quick to grow and another great one to harvest leaves as you need.
🌶 Chillies - from mild to blow-your-head-off hot, you can choose your own adventure when it comes to growing chillies.

ID: A green headline reads '5 great plants for balcony growing'. Underneath a 5 images stacked on top of each other with white text over the top. The order is 'herbs', with a picture of various herbs in the background, 'Spinach' with a picture of spinach in the background, 'Kale' over a picture of kale, 'Lettuce' over a picture of lettuce and 'Chillies' over a picture of chillies.


What education and resources would you like to see in your local community to get kids eating more healthy food?

ID: Red text on a yellow background reads 'A future where kids are confident in the kitchen and educated about what healthy food really is.' Underneath in the shape of an arrow is a picture of a woman and a young boy tipping a jar of passata sauce into a pan on a stove.


We’re so excited to congratulate 123 organisations that we’re backing through our JumpStart! program.

Each of these organisations is getting a slice of $3.75 million to create 100’s of new community led projects for young people to feel connected, included and invigorated. We’re talking about programs to connect young people with their cultural heritage, feel included in physical activity and more.

Get to know each of our new friends now!


Future Reset is our latest Future Healthy initiative and it's about connecting young people with the arts to improve mental wellbeing.

Watch Jessi's story to hear how art enhanced her mental wellbeing at a key time in her life.


We've been listening. Young people told us that access to healthy outdoor environments is important for building a healthy future.

To hear more about what Victorians had to say, download our Community Listening Report here:

ID: Yellow text on a red background reads 'Lots of cool new spaces and skateparks to bring mates together in a healthy way.' In the bottom left corner there is the picture in the shape of an arrow of the bottom of a skateboard with somebody rides it as it comes to the top of the halfpipe.


Grocery prices just keep rocketing up. Here are some tips that might help reduce some of the weight on your wallet:
🌮 Before you shop write out a plan for what you are going to eat for the week, factoring in left overs. Check what you already have in your fridge and pantry to use up and then only buy what you need.
🥦 Buy fruits and veggies that are in season locally. They are usually available in abundance, so you can get them for a pretty good price.
﹩If you can afford it, buy some non-perishables in bulk at the lowest unit price you can - things like rice and dried beans can go a long way.
🥕Meat is more expensive than legumes and (most) veggies, so try having some meat-free meals or eating smaller portions of meat so you can stretch it out through the week.

ID: A pink tile with blue and black writing reads 'Tips for saving on your grocery shop: get meal planning, buy fruits and veggies that are in season, check out the unit price and buy non-perishables in bulk, switch out meat for more beans and fresh veggies'.

Photos from VicHealth's post 12/07/2022

We've been listening and when it comes to a healthy future things like green space, locals supporting and locals and giving young people the skills to cook and eat healthy food are what's important.

Download the full Community Listening Report here:

ID: 1. A woman with braided hair and glasses in a white t-shirt stands opposite a young boy with dark hair in a blue hoody and jeans. They are planting seedlings into a raised garden bed. Light green text on a dark green background in the bottom left hand corner reads 'A health future is...'.
2. Light green icons of fruit and vegetables are scattered along the bottom of a dark green background. White text reads 'More green rooftop veggie gardens! Imagine a meal with Exhibition Street eggplants and pumpkins from St Paul's Cathedral.'
3. Light green icons of lettuce growing and people sitting at a table eating on a dark green background. White text at the top reads 'Local people supporting local businesses. Local businesses supporting local people. Sharing land, stories and culture.' White text at the bottom reads 'Hands on learning for kids to get them involved in food from sowing to harvesting to eating and cooking.'
4. An older woman with light brown hair and glasses in a red, white and black checked shirt is looking off to the left and midway through saying something. She is carrying a basket of fresh produce. Another older woman in on the right wearing a white jumper and jeans also carrying a basket of produce and laughing. There are people gathered in the background.


Sure you have healthy options, but no one is going through the drive through for a salad.

ID: Picture of small child (Prince Louis) covering his mother's (Kate Middleton) mouth with his hand and looking away from her. Black text on white background at the top of the image says "Fast food outlets telling us they have healthy options."

Photos from VicHealth's post 08/07/2022

Meaningful allyship for First Nations people is about listening, elevating, educating yourself and calling out inequality.

ID: Image 1 - Red and white text reads 'NAIDOC Week: How to be a good ally'. In the background there is a photo of Future Healthy Community Champion James. James is a man with short dark hair, wearing a dark t-shirt, and light coloured shorts with a below the knee prosthetic on his right leg. James is standing in an urban setting with buildings behind him and a metal railing to his right.
Image 2 - White text on an orange background reads "I think the best tips on how to be a good ally are to continue to listen to and elevate first nations people and their voices, continue to educate yourself and others all year round not just in NAIDOC week or Reconciliation week. Other tips that are easy to include all year round are: call out unfair behaviours for first nation people and ensure we are included. James, Community Champion" To the right of the text is an image of James from the waist up, wearing a dark t-shirt and staring directly at the camera.

Photos from VicHealth's post 04/07/2022

Proud Wiradjuri man and Future Healthy Community Champion, James shares what NAIDOC week means to him.

ID: Image 1: A white headline at the top of the image reads 'NAIDOC Week: What it means to me' A black and white profile photo of James, a man with short dark hair, light facial hair, wearing a dark t-shirt and looking directy at the camera, sit underneath the headline. At the bottom of the image is a graphic featuring the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags and the words 'Get up!', 'Stand up!', 'Show up!' inside speech bubbles. Text in he shape of an arch beside the flags reads 'white Australia has a blak history! No pride in genocide! Stop stealing our kids! Blak lives matter!'
Image 2: Red and white text reads "To me, NAIDOC week is a time for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to come together to celebrate our traditions, our culture, our history and how far we have come as first nations people. It is also a time to show other non-indigenous Australians our culture and what it means to us as Indigenous Australians and educate them. - James, Community Champion" On the right of the text is a black and white photo of James sitting on a window sill, wearing a hoody, shorts and looking at the camera. James' right leg below the knee is prosthetic.


We have a lot of feelings about expensive lettuce...

ID: White square over a dark green background. Inside the white square it reads 'when I talk about plans for the weekend' with a voice memo 6 seconds long and a play button. Followed by 'when I talk about dinner' with a voice memo that is 2 min and 10 seconds long. Followed by 'when I walk past a $12 lettuce in the supermarket' with a voice memo that is 10 hrs 32 min and 10 seconds long.

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