Western Equine Salt Therapy

Equine Salt Therapy offers a unique world first mineral salt therapy treatment for horses. Our patented dry salt aerosol delivery system assists with high

Western Equine Salt Therapy updated their address. 16/10/2021

Western Equine Salt Therapy updated their address.

Western Equine Salt Therapy updated their address.

[02/13/20]   Topline Equine Salt Therapy
Now in Perth
ring David or Peter
ph 0457219391

[04/01/19]   looking to touch base with other practitioners, compare notes etc
Bob 0401042082

[08/26/18]   W.E.S.T.
Thanks for all the enquires
We are currently unable to service clients due to salt erosion with"in the float.
Apology"s to our clients


How good does Sammy Charles' coat look! He feels even better than he looks, winning again! #SaltWorks

Sammy Charles wins the last race - now bring on the fireworks!


Gloucester Park

Bob Mellsop is wading through the good and bad luck of racing - his up-and-coming pacer Real Lucky is on a heater at the moment, while one of his trotting stars has been forced into retirement...


Gloucester Park

Real Lucky is just one of the many W.E.S.T. treated horses racing in great form at the moment - make sure YOUR horse has the winning edge and give Bob a call TODAY!

Bob Mellsop is wading through the good and bad luck of racing - his up-and-coming pacer Real Lucky is on a heater at the moment, while one of his trotting stars has been forced into retirement...


More great results tonight from W.E.S.T. treated horses... #ItJustWorks

Real Lucky led all the way and showed plenty of up-side as he brought up Jnr’s hat trick!


Western Equine Salt Therapy

That’s another WEST winner - Lord Liam shows them how it’s done today ✅


That’s another WEST winner - Lord Liam shows them how it’s done today ✅


Real Lucky? No, No, Real Results!

Real Lucky has been treated with Western Equine Salt Therapy and was a brilliant winner tonight at Gloucester Park.

IMAGE: Gloucester Park/Scott Hamilton Media

Real Lucky and G Hall Jnr take Race 2...


Salt is a medication free option, it won't swab!

The use of Equine Salt Therapy can reduce or in some cases eliminate the reliance on antibiotics, corticosteroids, and bronchodilators; thus reducing potential side effects of those medications.

Halotherapy - or Salt Therapy as we call it - helps to eliminate or reduce airway obstructions that limit the performance of horses.

Our salt float provides a natural healing environment, bringing the curative sea air to your horses’ home, in a stress-free treatment experience.

The use of Halotherapy shortly before racing allows horses to benefit from the effects of sodium chloride which enhances the horse’s ability to rest, recover, and perform at an optimal level.

Maczaffair was a recent winner at Gloucester Park following a treatment schedule with W.E.S.T.

IMAGE: Gloucester Park | Scott Hamilton Media
Source: Adelaide Equine Salt Therapy


Is your horse suffering from any of these ailments? We can help!

☣️ IAD (Inflammatory or Allergic Airway Disease)
⚠️ RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction, COPD aka Heaves)
⛔ EIPH (bleeding)
🚫 Sinusitis
🌏 Environmental allergies
🚛 Post travel stress
🐎 Post racing stress
⚕️Various inflammatory skin conditions


How salt treats your horse?

- Mucus Clearance -
When the salt particles enter the sinus and lung cavities, it reacts with the mucus by decreasing viscosity and allowing it to be expelled. Drawing out the mucus helps open up the airways and helps rid them of allergens and bacteria.

- Anti-Inflammatory -
The micronized salt which the horse breathes benefits the irritated lining of the sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi down to the alveoli. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces tissue irritation and swelling, opening the airways for improved breathing and oxygen utilization.

- Antibacterial -
In many respiratory tract conditions, airways become narrowed and irritated filling with mucus where bacteria flourishes. Not only does salt help expel bacteria through mucus clearance but salt being a natural antibacterial agent helps to kill harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract.

Source: Adelaide Equine Salt Therapy


What does salt do for your horse?

Salt naturally has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

When horses breathe salt into their lungs it reduces inflammation and congestion that can cause airways to restrict.; once clear, lung function improves.

Improved lung function results in more efficient oxygenation of the blood and a more effective removal of CO2 from the blood stream which leads to increased stamina and reduced recovery time.

In addition, salt helps to treat skin issues and overall inflammatory responses.

Salt particles inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, reduce swelling, and ease inflammation throughout the horse's body.

Because the treatment only involves 100% natural salt, it is safe to use on all performance horses and is therefore a completely safe, natural and compliant way to improve your horse's performance.

Source: Adelaide Equine Salt Therapy

[12/12/17]   We will be doing treatments in Byford next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
book early to get your airways clean
ph Bob 0401042082


Gloucester Park

Check out Bob's interview with #GPTV - his horses are racing with consistency and it's all down to #SaltTherapy!

Bob Mellsop can be excused for his confidence this week...


Real Lucky, a #winner at Pinjarra today, is a Salt Therapy horse - the 5yo has only missed a placing once this preparation! #SaltWorks!

Call Bob today! 0401042082

twitter.com 03/11/2017

Gloucester Park on Twitter

Salt Therapy WORKS!

Your Excused wins at Gloucester Park after being treated by the mobile salt chamber.


📸: Gloucester Park / Scott Hamilton Media

twitter.com “Your Excused for @jocceyyoung and Bob Melsop win the hard way in the first of a big night of #HarnessRacing at #GloucesterPark in #Perth”

horseandhound.co.uk 30/10/2017

Is salt the secret to a healthy horse? - Horse & Hound

If you need more proof that Salt therapy is the best way to treat your equine athlete - read this article from #HorseAndHound magazine!

READ: http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/equine-salt-therapy-for-horses-635886

horseandhound.co.uk The founder of Equine Salt Therapy spoke at the Horse Tech Conference in London


Racing and Wagering Western Australia - RWWA

If you're an Inter Dominion contender and need a winning edge, look no further than Western Equine Salt Therapy!

Even if you aren't in the top 30 for this year's TABtouch Inter Dominion, W.E.S.T. can treat your horse to get the most out of your equine athlete!

Call Bob TODAY - 0401 042 082

We're under a month out from the beginning of the 2017 TABtouch Perth Inter Dominion Series at Gloucester Park, and what better way to whet the appetite... than a highlights reel of the 2016 Series..
It all begins November 24, head to www.perthinterdominion.com.au for more details.


Flower Of Scotland has been treated by our mobile salt therapy unit recently and was a brilliant winner at Bunbury today!

The results speak for themselves.

Book your horse in TODAY! 0401042082


Trainer Paige Kenny has been over-the-moon with the the results from salt therapy treatments on her horses; including Entrechat who won brilliantly at Belmont at the weekend.

To improve your horses well-being - call Bob TODAY! 0401042082


We have seen many salt therapy facilities, along with social and mainstream media, compare our salt therapy to spending time at the beach.

While many people have experienced a sense of well-being after spending time at the beach and talk about the benefits of the salty air; there is a distinct difference between dry salt therapy (halotherapy) and beach air.

Beach air salt is not dry. It is moist and wet. The salt is in the air due to evaporation from the ocean.

Once a salt particle becomes moist, it can no longer be absorbent.

One of the main characteristics of Salt therapy is the use of super absorbent dry salt. The inhaled dry salt, which is a primary principle of halotherapy, acts like a super absorbent sponge that attracts and pulls out the mucous, allergens and foreign substances that get trapped in our respiratory system.

Given that salt is water soluble, this is then transported and passed through your horses’ waste system.

Studies show some benefits of inhaling saturated salt; but the concentration levels by the beach are very small in contrast to the concentrated salt in a mobile salt therapy room.



Let Western Equine Salt Therapy take care of your horse!

With a host of health benefits ranging from easing respiratory complaints to clearing skin disease - mobile salt therapy WORKS.

If you book a treatment for a horse that has placed at any show this year, W.E.S.T. will treat your second horse at HALF PRICE!

Phone Bob today to find out more... 0401 042 082


Western Equine Salt Therapy's cover photo

[08/24/17]   With 8 winners and a few placings in 10 days Salt Therapy horses are flying , 13 treated today most racing over the weekend , good luck to all our clients old and New


W.E.S.T Will be treating Horses from Waroona to Byford next Tue ,Wed and Thursday , some bookings still avaliable. ph Bob 0401042082


Great Result for west, Another happy horse

Some amazing results we have seen with our Equine Salt Therapy 🐴 Learn more about how we can improve your pets health and wellbeing by visiting > www.petsalttherapy.com


Another #BeforeAndAfter success story!

'Sprinter' went into our mobile salt therapy unit with a nasty looking sore on his shoulder - thanks to a few sessions, his wound is entirely covered with new hair!

If your horse has a bit of bark missing and a show coming up, give Bob a call to start the healing process today!

CALL: 0401 042 082


Equine Salt Therapy

This video shows exactly how our patent salt is expelled within our mobile therapy units.

Your horse will take salt into it's respiratory system aiding in the removal of mucous and other irritants - plus the salt that falls onto your horses skin will dry out and help heal skin complaints.

Western Equine Salt Therapy will be doing demos and treatments at a number of equestrian events in August - if you think your event would benefit from a mobile salt therapy unit, call Bob today! 0401 042 082

Here is a look at our live demos @hickstead. Helping with mucus, coughs, skin irritations and wound care #naturally F&Co Equine Ltd


Milliondollahanova has recently gone through our Salt Therapy treatment and was winner in Bunbury last night - call Bob today to get the most out of your equine warriors! 0401042082


Sprinter has been a Western Equine Salt Therapy patient recently and his Group 1 winning trainer Gary Elson believes he is back to his peak.

To help your equine warrior perform at their best, call Bob today... 0401 042 082.

IMAGE: Gloucester Park\Scott Hamilton Media


Is your horse suffering from winter-rash?

All year round, and especially in winter, horses are susceptible to various skin complaints such as dermatitis, boils, mud-fever and ringworm.

Our mobile salt therapy room lets salt settle on the coat of your horse, drawing out impurities in the skin.

The salt's antibacterial properties then successfully treat the skin conditions.

Got a show coming up and need to look after your horses skin..? call Bob TODAY! 0401 042 082


Did you see Sightseeing Anvil's win at Gloucester Park last night?

This horse has been using Western Equine Salt Therapy and the results have spoken for themselves!

To book your first session with us, call Bob today: 0401042082

PHOTO: Gloucester Park \ Scott Hamilton Media




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