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Bastow’s farm

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Mel's Majestic Facepainting
Mel's Majestic Facepainting


Who doesn’t like cows? I’m lying inside the hay ring looking at them. They are so gentle. These girls are getting a year away from the bull this year so no calves next February. They have had calves every year since 2016, just after the fires. It’s a gap year!
Meet Sonny. He has lived here for about 12 years, before most of the sheep, cows, goats, alpacas and fowl came onto the property. We used to ride him, as Jai well remembers, but he is older now, like the rest of us and is resting out his days. I saw him chase off a wild pig once so I guess he still plays a role in the farm life.
I’ve decided to put our farm adventure online. Why bother, say all of you who know my aversion to social media. Read on and you may get some idea of how wonderful life is with a farm and a family to share it with.

Sara’nJimby Downs is the Bastow‘s farm in Wagerup. Since 2006 it has been our home away from home and we now graze a few cows and sheep. But really it’s something of a petting zoo too.

Operating as usual

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 07/01/2022

James is now officially the youngest member of the Waroona Community Men’s Shed - by about 20 years😂. Went along to, well, watch James work and offer him some wifely advice - you know, the kind of advice that is most needed but not always so appreciated.

Take a look at what they make for sale. Love these men, their enthusiasm, skills and their ability to drink beer at noon - after the power tools are put away👏👏

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 30/12/2021

Not sure what other parents do with hungover children. Jim came home with friends last night, stayed up late and ate all our food. So, in response, we got him up nice and early, fed him (baby Yoda toastie), put him into his bee suit and then pushed him out the door. He soon woke up when 20,000 bees😂🐝 started trying out his bee suit for themselves. Let’s just say, mission accomplished! Hangover cured and hives robbed for another year. We’re offering this service to other patents throughout the silly season. T’s and C’s apply.


James and I went for a walk this afternoon with Molly, Pooh Pooh, Taz and Bella. As James and I had been drinking, this left the rest of them without any adult supervision. I hadn’t realised quite how much I had drunk until I mounted Molly and proceeded to fall off the other side😂. Got a sore bum for my sins 😱

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 27/11/2021

Shearing alpacas is a special form of torture, not to mention the teeth rasping 🙄 Hamish (the alpaca) thinks he is too old for this carry-on and whinnied the whole way through. Actually he is very, very old and I’m not sure he should still be alive. He has outlived his 3 paddock friends but I have a young female on her way to keep him company. Bet he forgets all about protecting the sheep then. Typical!😂

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 09/11/2021

Molly celebrated her 5th birthday with a home made carrot jelly cake, which I made in the Tupperware jelly mould we had as kids. She hated it!😥 But she’s boarding with Natalie Barr Vaughan for the week so had lots of friends to share it with. As an aside, both Jim and Sarah said exactly the same thing to me, “how come you’re making her a cake and you never made one for me?” I hope they see this post and now feel grateful I never did😂🎉🎉

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 31/10/2021

Molly is doing a great job at looking after little Poo Poo, our orphan ram lamb. We weaned him this weekend and that is always quite distressing. Luckily Molly is around to smooth his journey.

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 30/10/2021

Another amazing day at Bastow’s Farm - for me at least😂. James ripped out a wall and did something with wood and Damon dug a hole (down to the water table) for the new grey water system. But because it’s important to me to be a team player (or at least be seen to be😉), I did some things too - I played with my horse; bought a $3.00 vase from the op shop and filled it with lilies; did some daytime drinking with the peacocks and, now, am doing this post. Team work, wouldn’t you say?


Today it’s time for everyone to move paddock. After 4 weeks, the sheep are giddy happy to move on to fresh pasture. (The cows were a little bit more “meh” than “moo” about it).

We only started rotating the animals last year and its allowed each paddock to rest and the grass to grow between grazing (so less food to buy in).

Finally, a word from “James’s Well Hung Meats”, which is having a sheep sale after Christmas. If you want a dressed lamb at $200.00, please direct message Cathy (the keeper of James’s well hung…whatever!) They should all weigh in at around 25 kgs after this amazing season. Single sides of lamb are also available. 😉

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 15/10/2021

Bloody Ferdinand tried eating the hay bag! Panicking that he’d die with a hay bag wrapped around his gut (and James would find out it was my fault) I found a distraction. Fed out the hay and he dropped the hay bag, like an old used chewy. Then Molly moved in to share his hay because her muesli, mash, bran, chaff, iron and mineral supplements weren’t anywhere near as yummy as his meadow hay 😉

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 10/10/2021

Goddamit! Isn’t everything just so much better when shared with family and friends? Thank you to everyone who shared the Waroona show weekend with us - great company, food, drink, happy children and well behaved pooches.

Congratulations to Robyn and Wade and Kim and Matt on winning the door prizes - their respective halves of the hapless lamb. Enjoy 😊

Should we do it again next year? (We can’t promise you’ll win again Kim, no matter how much work you give James. Just saying…😉)

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 04/10/2021

Have our new farm sign, an original by Deborah Zibah. She’s hoping this could be her major break🤞😂😂Even when we’re not at the farm, there’s lots of farm things to do and didn’t we have fun with Poo Poo the lamb at the estuary last night 🌈

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 03/10/2021

Strutting his stuff! Poo poo the lamb is getting ready for the Waroona show weekend and what a weekend it will be! So glad the show is back after Covid shut it down last year.

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 24/09/2021

Our sheep dog is on overtime, looking after a sick lamb. He has a bad cold and, after spending a day in vet hospital, is home on antibiotics. It was so cold this morning, I turned the aircon on and they both settled down right under the hot air. Ok, cool sheepdog but a sook😂

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 20/09/2021

How’s this for a “before and after” shot! On the left is planting in 2007 and on the right is last weekend, 2021. And bonus, we grew a donkey too. Nice photo bomb, Puffy 👏👏

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 18/09/2021

So, this is not a picture of an Indonesian tending their rice paddy. It’s farmer Cathy trying to round up her heifers in a very wet paddock. Got bogged and went down to the knees and farmer James was kind enough to photograph me rather than offer me his arm.

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 29/08/2021

So today we marked our most recent surprise lambs. Molly did her best to point out the ram lambs (see her top right✔️). But the star of the day was Taz, our lounge loving sheep dog, who got them all into the yards. Oh, so I posted the video of the weeds on the windowsill to show my contribution to the day - only because James kept asking what I had been doing🙄. I cut them, put them in the coffee plunger and photographed them. Well done me👏👏. So there, James 😉😘😘


Harvey River Stories - Cathy and Jimmi Bastow


So this Mick Davis from Peel-Harvey Catchment Council who came to do a final inspection of our trees today before acquitting our tree planting grant. I know I shouldn’t say this but if I never plant another tree again, it will be too soon. 3,000 trees is enough for one year!!
I was actually in the photo but Molly elbowed me out to get her big mug in there. They don’t call them ‘show ponies’ for nothing!

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 15/08/2021

Who doesn’t love Italian sausage making day? Cranked up the Spotify “Italian sausage making” playlist (really? Yes, there is one!) and we minced our way through 78 kgs of pork to Dean Martin’s ‘Amore’. Thanks to Charlie Audino for being this year’s celebrity Italian and getting our spices just right for us.


Horse walks into a bar…


Abigail and Amelia Gabble go swimming! Our geese found their new pond which was, until recently, our bull paddock. I guess the fence posts we were using for fire wood (circled) won’t be too good for a while.


Tree planting frustrations

Such beautiful planting conditions! We found a small tornado had ripped our tree guards off and they were sailing around on the lake that was once a paddock. So while James was trying to unite trees with guards, Molly caused her own tornado effect. I tried to video her taking off the tree guards off but see how sneaky she is 👏👏🐎

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 26/07/2021

Thanks to everyone who helped us with this huge task - BirdLife Australia volunteers, Jan, Mary, Veronique, Lisa and their team of 4 teenagers. I’m wondering how many are doing the “tree planter shuffle” today. I sure am!

We got about 2,000 trees in the ground over the weekend so another 1,000 to go!


This is me saying “whatever gift God brings us is indeed a gift from heaven”. Inside I’m thinking “how the hell could this have happened AGAIN?” I’m feeling so catholic with no contraceptive on hand!!

5 months (gestation period of a sheep) and 2 whole days after we found the last drop, we have lambs again! Bloody Ashley the Ramm! He got to them for the couple of days we brought them back into the home paddock. Looks like we have 6 out of 4 ewes and every other ewe looks ready to drop. I’m sick of these little blessings from our Lord. 🙏


We’re ready to plant the trees donated by BirdLife Australia next Saturday. There are still some opportunities to get involved so if you’re interested, please dm me. We’re excited to do our bit for the black cockies by planting out their favourite bush tucker plants.

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 10/07/2021

What a difference a day can make! Rain cleared and I’m on my way to grownups pony club, Murray Adult Riders Club. Most fantastic and welcoming group of horse crazy girls I could ever hope to meet. My favourite photo is of my teacher taking a break to feed her baby in between her 5 hour day. These girls are completely horse crazy. Love it 😂👏🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 09/07/2021

Over 30 ml of rain so far so there was nothing for it but to stay indoors, drink mulled wine and eat fresh muffins in front of the fire.


There is nothing quite as lovely as a beautiful winter’s day, says my sister, Mary. And she’s right! The farm looks like a billiard table and the animals are fat as googs.

Sarah has been missing Dot and Violet, the orphan lambs so she pulled them back out of the flock and brought them back to the house for the weekend.


Covid update.

Look at this muppet. At The Waroona Hotel for Sunday roast.

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 27/06/2021

We’re being invaded by bin chickens! I think they’re after the little moaning frogs we hear all winter. The WA Museum has a recording of the moaning frog call if you’re interested but don’t all rush off at once or you’ll crash the site 😂😂.

Anyway, while I’m doing a post about birds, let me share a little known fact about our bin chicken buddies: they live to 28 years of age and are monogamous. Now that - and the fact they can stomach eating frogs - deserves some respect, don’t you think 🤔

The other photos are of my gentle man, playing with fowls in the sun. Do we call that “fowl play”? 👏👏

And, of course, a gratuitous picture of Molly with a rather tenuous connection to today’s bird theme.

BEST FISH RECIPE!! Black Arse in crazy water! (Catch and Cook Ep1) 21/06/2021

BEST FISH RECIPE!! Black Arse in crazy water! (Catch and Cook Ep1)

Jimmy’s taken up cooking 😂😂

BEST FISH RECIPE!! Black Arse in crazy water! (Catch and Cook Ep1) Welcome back guys! This is just a little catch and cook video on a recipe I tried on the Black Arse Cod from last week. Honestly it tasted AMAZING and I woul...


You can cut your own hair but you’ll get a better result if you consult a professional.

Making a Will is no different. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a legal Will drafted by Holly Pritchard or Catherine Bastow at NashClavey-Mandurah.

Quote promo code “winter warmer” for our current special price of $198.00 for a simple Will.


Take a look at this! Molly and I have a long way to go together.

As everyone knows, I love Molly but, at the moment, Molly only loves Valentine and Violet, the orphan lambs.

After Molly and the lambs were reunited (after ground work and full-on gallop around the paddock) Valentine tried to head butt Molly when she nestled into him. Me, I thought, “oh, no Valentine, you’re so tiny, she could jump on your head and kill you!”

But Molly didn’t kill Valentine. She did a pig root and fart and a little rear up. But she didn’t kill Valentine.

Horsey person note to self: Be brave with your horse, you’re bigger than Valentine 😊

Profile pictures 12/06/2021

Check out these guys. Pretty exciting!!

Photos from Bastow’s farm's post 12/06/2021

Ed and the clever people from Tiny Cabins are changing the way people experience the natural beauty of this State. They nestle cabins in isolated, cozy spots in the bush and on farms as luxurious getaways from busy lives. As an “off the grid” alternative to conventional accommodation, we’re keen to get involved. Watch this space, as they say🤞

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