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The Waroona Business Support Group - Peel CCI kicked off the new year with their first meeting for 2022 at Lake Navarino Holiday Park. It was great to welcome the new Shire of Waroona CEO and engage in some robust discussion centred around reflection and needs-based delivery for the Waroona business community. Great ideas where flying around from Drakesbrook Fine Wines, 11 Mile Distillery, Evertrue Solutions and the Visit Waroona Visitors Centre!
Next Saturday I will be running an "Intro to Permaculture" workshop in Waroona.
If you know anyone that is interested in living in harmony with the earth, please tell them about it.
Permaculture is a framework of understanding of how to harness the perfect wisdom, balance and beauty of nature to enrich human life, as well as giving back to the earth to ensure it thrives in return.
I'm very proud to say that Sharon has been my coach for over a year now.
I would be lost without her!
Whatever your situation, she can help ❤️
Just in time to set things up for 2021, join Evertrue Solutions for their Bookkeeper Bliss Workshop. In-person at Make Place, or online for anyone who can't make it in person. Bookings essential, and places are limited!

👉 http://bit.ly/3s8uwKx
In the lead up to the 2020 Alcoa Peel Business Excellence Awards, please join us in congratulating the following businesses from the Strategy Master Category: Angel Lash Boutique, Bosch Car Service Mandurah, Clayton's Auto Centre, Evertrue Solutions, GovernancePlus, Hair Oasis Studio, Kanyana Engineering Pty Ltd, Mandurah Property Management, Oh My Glittery Gosh, On Point Strategy, Petherick Cottrell Lawyers, Play's Kool Childcare Mandurah, Quantum Phases Consortium Pty Ltd, Skin Within & TurnKey 360!
In the lead up to the 2020 Alcoa Peel Business Excellence Awards, please join us in congratulating the following businesses from the Home-Based Business Category: Abbie Marie Hypnotherapy & Life Coach, Adept Photo Booths, AJ Harrington - Branding and Product Photographer, Aliyah Massage Therapy, Balladonia Studios, CB Hair Artistry, Darling Deere, Enzed Mandurah, Evertrue Solutions, Fiona's Fancies, Food + Drink, Gem Pies, Kaleidoscope Tours, Kev's Wheelie Kleen, Kym's Boobie Kookies, Left Coast Australia, Longship Engineering & Fabrication, Mandurah Holiday Rentals - Accommodation, Mandurah Mobile Massage Therapy, Mandurah Property Management, Merricks Maintenance, Mossy Back Clothing, Jan's Nurture By Nature - Natural Therapy practice, Oh My Glittery Gosh, Ovarit Jumps, Overland Media, Pancakes Mobile Dog Grooming Studio, Peak Consultancy, Pinjarra Home Beauty, Pretty Little Designs, Pure Whitening, Rachel Ranger Australia, Safety & Emergency Management Consultants, SociallyEm, Spray Media, Sugaro Little Bakes, Tamala Bosveld - Remedial Massage Therapist, Wild & Savvy Hair Extensions!
Hop to it! Thanks to Evertrue Solutions
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Great read here but don't miss the link at the bottom to a free 12 month financial projection, thanks Evertrue Solutions for the NY gift.

Results Coach, Business Plans, Workshops for the Small Business Owner. Offering PEACE, CONFIDENCE and POWER through coaching programs based on ALIGNMENT, STRUCTURE and MINDSET.

Operating since January 2005. Bronwyn Chompff operated a bookkeeping business from 2005, and specialised in helping micro and small businesses. Living in regional Western Australia, she was quick to master online and cloud accounting and administration processes years ago to enable efficient service to clients based across Australia. A mother of 4, she has lived and breathed the work-from-home jug

Operating as usual


At the centre of every business is a person who matters.
When they have questions, they deserve answers that work.

This is my WHY

I am a business coach. I work with small business owners who are drowning in overwhelm and chaos. I put things right.


Here is my latest blog article - read it!


Have a good look at this image. Several stacks of coins, each growing consecutively larger, each one topped by a seedling of an undetermined plant, which also grows with each consecutive stack, until you get to a large jar of coins with a larger plant.

This image has been used many times, probably because it's available as an open source image. I'm sure we've all seen it countless times, and understood what we believe is it's intended meaning. "Watch your money grow", or something along those lines.

But I wonder.... why was the analogy of a seedling used? Because it taps into our deep and innate understanding that plants grow? And why is that a deep and innate understanding?

The use of analogies has been a means of telling stories and teaching ideas and wisdom since the beginning of time. The use of analogies about nature is just as old. Could it be that nature has always been our reality, literally, since the beginning of time? Before the internet was a thing, before the industrial revolution, before business and commerce, even before the invention of the wheel, we had nature to show us how things work.

Plants start out as seeds, then they grow - ever so delicate and fragile at first - and then, given the right conditions and nutrients and support, they become strong and resilient plants that provide food, fuel, shelter, and other necessities of life. Then they continue on, and self-propagate by creating seeds, and the cycle continues.
It's a beautiful demonstrator that tells a story about growth, persistence, overcoming challenges, and showing that our purpose is to be for the benefit of mankind, which is then made complete by providing for the next generation to do the same.

(Click the link to read the rest of the article)


"Intro to Permaculture" Workshop

Do you want to know what Permaculture is? Is it gardening? Is it being eco-sustainable? Is it going organic for everything? You would be right in any of these, but the broad-spectrum of Permaculture is so much more.

My personal definition is: “A framework of understanding to harness the perfect wisdom, balance, and beauty of nature in order to enrich human life, and how we can give back to the earth to ensure it thrives in return.”

I believe that Permaculture may be the only way to live well in years to come.

There is a huge amount of information about Permaculture on the internet, so if you get overwhelmed, it can make it really hard to know where to start.

A workshop like this one is perfect for starting that conversation. You will find out the basics, and how you can start making it work in your life, home, and even your business!

SATURDAY 27th November, 2021
10:00am - 2:00pm
$30 per person
Waroona, WA.

At the workshop, you will join together with a small group, learn about the 3 ethics and 12 principles that guide the Permaculture movement.

Then we’ll discuss how this could look in your specific space, and you will put together a plan of how to make a start.

The ticket price includes your own copy of David Holmgren’s “Essence of Permaculture” book (as shown), a workbook to take notes and create your plan, and a light lunch is also provided.



I'm very proud to say that Sharon has been my coach for over a year now.
I would be lost without her!
Whatever your situation, she can help ❤️

My passion is supporting women to connect to who they are beyond their career.

I do that in my business by helping them discover their inner wisdom and take steps forward in alignment with that.

My approach is different because it is all about you, connecting with you, connecting with your relationship to you, understanding yourself at a deeper level, coming back to knowing "who you are" the essence of you.

Are you interested in developing your own connection with who you are?

If yes, let me know and we can arrange a time to have a conversation.


I'm still on such a high.....
On Saturday I held my first "Intro to Permaculture" workshop. I did my PDC in Feb, and was so nervous about teaching something that I'm still learning myself.... my PDC educator was so supportive, and I'm so glad I did this.
After countless hours of preparation, there were 5 hours of white-knuckled panic prep this morning, then I ran a 4 hours workshop, came home and spent the next 2 hours cleaning (I had provided a "simple" vegan lunch).
And I'll do it all again, and again, and again. The conversations you have in this space of promoting living in harmony with the earth are invigorating. I realise I really do know a lot about it! So while it will always be a lifelong journey of learning and growing, I can share a lot as I go.
Shout-out to all the Permaculture educators, facilitators, and other knowledge-sharing enthusiasts, the effort and preparation behind every single presentation is recognised :-)

Intro to Permaculture Workshop 22/10/2021

Intro to Permaculture Workshop

Live in harmony with the earth 🌏🌸🍂🎋🌳🐔
There's just over a week to go until the "Intro to Permaculture" workshop in Waroona - Saturday 30th October, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Only a few spots left, get yours quick!
For $30pp, get introduced to the ethics and principles of Permaculture, and establish a plan for how to introduce it into your life and home - even your business! Includes lunch and your own copy of David Holmgren's "Essence of Permaculture" Book.


Intro to Permaculture Workshop Be introduced to the ethics and principles of Permaculture, engage 1:1 to learn how you can bring this into your life and home.


I don't usually ask for testimonials, because my work is confidential, it's not my place to share the success of my clients. However, with an upcoming opportunity to showcase my business coaching at a networking event, I decided to ask my clients for feedback.
This just came in. Yes, he is my brother, but that doesn't dilute the impact of his words. It's moments like these I really love coaching.

Permaculture and Me - Evertrue Business Coaching 15/09/2021

Permaculture and Me - Evertrue Business Coaching

When I was quite young, my parents had a Reader’s Digest book called “Back to Basics”. They were always such great examples to me of living sustainably, even though we were living in suburban Los Angeles at the time. They still managed to have vegetable gardens, raise animals, Mum would make her own soap, bake her own bread, sew and knit our clothes, and Dad would knock up practically anything we needed by himself.

I found myself completely drawn to this book. It described the old-school ways of doing things, those traditional frontier skills, and a how-to for just about anything to do with living off the land. Choosing a site, building a solar passive house, preparing a garden, raising animals, all the cottage crafts, it was pretty comprehensive. This book, published in 1981, completely captured my imagination. I would spend hours pouring over the pages, imaging the day when I would build my own house, shear my own sheep and spin my own wool, raise my own vegetable garden, press my own apple cider. I have always been drawn to doing things the natural way. It isn’t so much that I was making these conscious choices, it is just who I am.

Through high school, I developed a keen interest in architecture, and would spend hours drawing up house plans, dreaming of the day that I would be an architect. Then I was a fashion designer. Then I was a concert pianist. By the time I hit the workforce, having not finished high school and a mother at 23, I was a receptionist, which led me to bookkeeping, and that was where I seemed to have found my thing. I was good at it – really good – and it ended up being a reliable source of income for my family as I ran my bookkeeping service from home, around my 4 children, for over 15 years. I thought that’s what I was meant to do. I enjoyed it, I loved the ability to help my clients, and as the years of experience helped me to develop a stronger understanding of all things business and especially small business, I wanted to give more. This took me on an adventurous journey which brought me to business coaching. Oh, how I love coaching!

The funny thing about learning how to be a coach is that you end up getting coached yourself. For me, it was an amazing transformation process that healed emotional wounds, gave clarity and direction to what I was doing, and all right when I needed it. I was right in the middle of establishing myself as a business coach when this process brought me full circle. Yes, I love business, and business coaching, I am still a great bookkeeper, but there is more to the picture.

I needed to get back to living in harmony with the earth. It’s who I am. So I got this crazy huge idea. Such a dangerous thing for someone who’s just been taught how to facilitate a transformational process!


Permaculture and Me - Evertrue Business Coaching When I was quite young, my parents had a Reader's Digest book called “Back to Basics”. They were always such great examples to me of living sustainably, even


Continuing on from my last post about running a permaculture workshop, let's lock in a date, shall we? I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
This first one will be a general introduction to the permaculture principles, and how to begin integrating them into our lives and homes.
In the future, I'll hold other workshops that narrow down on specific topics.
So I'm looking at:
Saturday 2nd, 16th or 30th October? What do you think??
Is $30 a reasonable ticket price for a 4-5 hour workshop?


Evertrue Solutions intends to host a series of regular workshops to promote and encourage the Permaculture way.

My personal interpretation of Permaculture is: "To harness the perfect beauty, synergy, and balance of nature to sustain and enhance our lives, and in return, we give back to the earth to further magnify her beauty."

What this means in our daily lives is living in harmony with nature. Connecting everything we do with nature.

So we don't throw away rubbish, we compost/recycle/upcyle.
We grow our own food, and instead of using fertilisers or pesticides, we nourish the soil and invite beneficial fauna to help us out.
Instead of relying on artificial climate control, we position our home and surrounds to take advantage of the sun, wind and rain.

Are you interested in finding out more? Would you be interested in attending a hands-on workshop? Are you able to attend a workshop in Waroona WA?


Since my childhood, I have dreamed of living completely self-sufficient. Grow my own vegetables, raise my own animals, produce my own fibre, everything consumed by me being the results of my own efforts.
As I get older, and going through a period of being incredibly time poor, the reality of this concept is being severely challenged.
But I have also come to appreciate community.
And bounty.
When my mum grows more tomatoes than she can eat or preserve on her own, she gives them away.
When my chooks and ducks lay far too many eggs for me to keep up with, my friends and family enjoy the surplus.
When someone has a skill/hobby that not everyone has, like baking, or making cheese, bread, soap, preserves, jerky, etc etc, this can be shared in exchange for produce or other goods.
We are not meant to live in isolation. Community, society, a network of people, is vital for our emotional wellbeing, as well as structure and order of establishing a culture.
So, while I now accept that it's impossible, and no longer ideal, to be entirely self-sufficient, I embrace the new concept I have now of being a key member of a society of people who love and live in harmony with the earth.

At Evertrue Solutions, the direction from here on in is aligned with this desire to live in harmony with earth and community.
It's been a bit quiet here while I've been re-aligning the business to my core values.
But now, expect to see activity and events promoting this ideal.

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