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Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 23/11/2023

Something a bit left field. The Vinnies store were thinking of buying and fitting a new door. The issue being that the original door didn't allow customers walking up to see which door was the natural entry to the shop.

We looked at two options, the most cost effective was to cut and fit a glass piece to the top of the the exisiting door as it was a non custom size and getting one made was expensive. When you add fitting, painting and new door frame possibly this was the way to go.

We had the metal brackets made up to support the door as we cut out a central support timber. The final bit was to fit a door closer.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 17/11/2023

Termites are no fun. Job the boys got to today to carry out repairs and this is what they found. They even cut a freeway through the vinyl flooring to get to the next door frame.

Great job by our friend James King from Jim’s Pest Control in Mt Barker - he nailed them. Old houses are great but when termites take hold it is very hard to get rid of them sometimes.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 17/11/2023

Finally back on deck working. Todays exercise was to do minor repairs and wash and oil a deck. Worth the investment- came up beautifully.

This deck originally was not in good shape but some regular TLC over the last 3-4 years has seen it hang in there.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 20/10/2023

Sometimes I throw a challenge at the boys. This cottage built around 1890’s is undergoing renovations by the owners. We needed to get new fascia boards up before the new roof goes on very soon.

We also had to rout the fascia’s with a rounded edge and groove to replicate the original boards. After a quick trip to the city I found the router bits and they got into it. No quick job as it is very easy to rout off track so concentration is a must.

I got a call later today from the client thanking the boys for the quality of the job they did.


Got to the job today thinking I had a shelf to put up - nope there is 4 in this room, offset and had me using my grey matter to line them up correctly. We got there in the end

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 13/10/2023

Busy day today, light sand, wash and oil deck ready for summer.

Natural water based oil on Spotted Gum - beautiful.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 27/09/2023

Finally got to tile the porch for a client. Nasa, my tiler, has done a beautiful job.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 26/09/2023

Our latest job was to remove a panel lift door so a new one can be fitted and to fix a sagging carport ceiling.

On face value the ceiling looked ok apart from a couple of spots where it had let go. This actually turned out worse than expected, once the cornice was removed, twice, sections fell down in the removal process. This could have been the cars parked there at all times or worse a person.

In the replacement process many more screws are used as well as the stud adhesive required. To also handle more moisture we used aquachek gyprock and painted the ceiling with Dulux Weathershield Matt white (exterior paint) as a further barrier to moisture. We also put extra timmer timbers in the roof to support the gyprock.

This is a common occurrence in carports built around 20 years ago, the standards have changed and the materials used are better. One of the big killers is the wind buffeting the gyprock and when they used nails it was worse as they worked loose eventually.

Another very good option is to use cement sheeting but in this instance the clients wanted the gyprock.

Photos from Summit Handyman Services's post 26/09/2023

Post Replacement because of water damage from leaking gutters becomes an involved exercise due to other structures built around.

Firstly we had to get the asbestos eaves removed, luckily we have a good local service provider in the area who is responsive and very fair.

We then have to prop everything and then start removing the damaged timber. Often you can’t see the internal wood damage and then we have the extra time to repair and fix the issues.

In the first photo there were 3 structures involved, the house, a carport and a pergola.

So a good tip is, see a leaking gutter get it fixed, the first cost is the cheapest.

BLD 313962

Have a Task - Just Ask

We offer a wide range of services not requiring the services of a tradesman. We will do things like driveway and paver cleaning, small gyprock and painting repair, small deck extension or repair, cleaning and oiling, flyscreens, office set up, tiling and grout repair and much more.

We have been renovating houses in some way for over 25 years and can often come up with some very cost effective solutions to a problem. Because we can do a whole range of jobs it often becomes very cost effective as it eliminates the need for several trades to cover the jobs and the costs associated.

Feel welcome to discuss your task and find a solution that fits your need.

Contact Graham on 0455 977 715, via [email protected] or messenger.

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