Beach Buggy J&S Kalita

Beach Buggy J&S Kalita


I have a question does anyone have any t top style inserts for the roof on these buggies ? I have some home made ones for mine did they ever do glass ones ? Cheers cam
My Kalita, I've owned it since 1999.
Can someone please tell me about this J&S, model, rough year and value?
It’s just the body, standard or shortened pan, I think it’s standard ?
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more member buggies, the Kalita kind


HI. you asked how much is its value ? well priceless, How much do they cost? Theres objective and subjective price, subjective price can be anything, lol, but have seen them from $8000- $25,000 in australia over 2015-2020. I owned the J&S Kalita twice back in the early 80s, I paid $3000 then $5000 for it, but it still had a long repair list.
Objectively, the value is whats built into the buggy, lets take the car apart, it has an old vw pan, cut and overlap welding. Rust and such are a problems, must be checked. Also theres a reinforced box section chassis steel tube running the perimeter of the pan for strength, this platform carries the standard and mandatory single roll over bar, and also the bolted and welded points for the front bumper and engine bumper or cage (optional). Some are better upgraded with a ¾ cage connected to the pan with stronger weld/bolted points and also run around the window frame. So you get better protection but some more weight. Next upgrade is to disk brakes, but the drums are ok, the car is light, just make sure all the slaves and master is new or resleeved and all plumbing is copper, by now the metal pipes and tubes are shot. Adjust the shoes for correct gap. The gearbox needs a harness is a must to stop the motor twisting the gearbox too much. Also twin port head engine is preferable so you can run down draft webbers or such. 40mm is best, don't go oversize. Also cooling is critical on air cooled engine. The air cooling has been compromised by placing into buggy, the air flow path has been compromised causing hot air to circulate back into the blower box and this is not good. Try and drawing fresh cool air from above or from the sides away from hot underdraft. The electricals may need updating but its a bet most has been reused as many were 6v, mine was for a while then went 12v, but you still could still use some of the 6v parts. The was either a dc generator in 6v or 12v (keep 12 as you can drive around without a battery so you have to push start unless you put in a supercapacitor etc) or an 12v alternator ( better). The engines have been babies upto 2200 stokers, but in my needs needs to be at least 1500cc but it will run with any size as the whole setup is very light, mine started with 1100 then i swapped to 1500 single port as they were very cheap. Also the dizzy or 4 point distributor with vacuum advance are probably clapped out and unreliable so swap in a good mechanical dizzy with pointless gaps as in transistor switching. Because is very easy to rev out the motor put 4 more pins in the flywheel (8 total) and shave a little not more off it to lighten it, as run the risk of ripping the flywheel off with aggressive revving and dropping the clutch. You can also shave a little off the heads say around 50 to up the compression and add more power, but its better to up the cc rather than do this, also put a more aggressive cam in it but not so much it cant idle. Move the tank to front for more ballast weight to keep the front down if you can, as its too light at the front. The J&S put the tank box behind driver as standard which is ok, if you add a crash bar in the front you can opt for a light bull bar for some weight. The body looks better with the targa top molding on as well as the side molds which are between the sides wheels. People have left these off for some reason, but are very much part of the original shape and DNA. For the frog eyes do not drive with just high beams bolt ons make sure you have proper low beams, its an easy swap out to just add high beams, so make sure you have proper high and lows. Many do this but don’t go over size on the rear wheel diameter to make it look better, it wont as it kills acceleration and messes with the gearing. If you want to lift it then lift it with camber issues or but a combi gearbox that overcomes the camber issue. Even more fancy is removing the reductions gears off the shaft of the combi gear box and flipping the engine and gearbox around to make it mid engine but that deviates from the vw pan and setup needing a lot of work. Also cut the shift stick down so you can really yank it with shorter throws, put stainless thicker clutch cable and make a small access port on side so you get to it easy to put the hook on. Also good bucket seats that are bolted in not just thrown in. Also renew the old vyna tarp, make a new one and make the style nicer and adds value. Shape the see thru windows, contour it to make it like spider man's eyes. You can really design your own style. The fiberglass body lasts almost forever so long as a good layer of paint is on.

I have a plans to 3d scan the body and share it out so future generations can remake it and enjoy this Australian history. Stephen Justin

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VW Kalita Beach Buggy. Original 4 seater LWB. 1835 motor. 4sp Manual, 1972 circa

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J&S, 1.6L, 1972 build

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Palm Beach, QLD

J&S Kalita 12/08/2020

upcoming project, to 3D scanning the J&S Kalita for CAD CAM....and also move this page to a group

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68 Vw Beach Buggy Max Fx Myers Manx Rep Engineered Mod Plated 1968 vw type 1 floor pan. LWB
2004 Australian made Max Fx model built in qld by Beach Buggy Australia. Fully Engineered Mod plated and has been on full reg here in Victoria and Qld. ADR Compliant. 2010 Rebuult 1641cc vw engine 14000KMS Dual Port Twin Carbs 110 ENGLE Cam 4 speed manual 4 wheel disk brakes 4 seater Dual Roll Bars Sport Seats Brand new soft top never used. Car is in amazing condition, never worked on sand and dunes. No rust on Frame or floor pan. Drives extremely well.
Roadworthy Condition. Cheapest Registered and engineered Buggy on the Market.


beach kite behind beach buggy


J&S Fibreglass 89 Dobroyd Parade, Haberfield NSW 2045

J&S Fibreglass P/L- made fibreglass kit cars in the 1960s , that specialised in making various removable hard tops and other kit cars -

The Hunter Coupe (approximately 20 body shells and chassis units were made. The last was recorded in 1968. ) and The J&S Beach Buggy “Ka[r]lita”

“Apollo, that's the buggy that preceded the Kalita”

“who made them, where and when? I don't think you'll ever know for sure unless you find a hidden name plate somewhere. It was probably from the early 70s and these molds passed from one person to another”