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Collaborating with ArchiPro Australia, we're thrilled to unveil an insightful article delving into our latest coloured concrete basins and baths. Discover how these creations seamlessly embody various trending interior design styles, offering visually captivating pieces that infuse spaces with a natural, rich, and earthy ambiance 🌵

"With five gorgeous, nature-inspired colours in the new Fienza collection, designers and homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to basins and baths." ~ Amber Suckling, ArchiPro

Read the full article to explore our concrete colours collection, ideal for minimalist, rustic, industrial, and eclectic design styles:


Indulge in the art of culinary mastery with our exquisite Kaya Pot Filler, where functionality meets luxury 🤝🏻

Available in seven stunning finishes, this elegant time-saver also includes a restricted flow aerator for reduced water flow. Featuring an extendable arm, effortlessly fill your cookware before gently returning flush to the wall!

Discover the opulent finishes of our Kaya Pot Filler and elevate your kitchen experience on the Fienza website today.


Indulge in the perfect pairing – our brushed copper range with pastel tiling 🤍

Bathed in the glow of a stunning skylight, our brushed copper collection captivates. Experience the convenience and luxury of our Kaya Hand Shower, featuring an all-in-one water inlet solution and a sleek mounting bracket. Elevate your shower experience further with the opulent Kaya Shower Arm Set for an unrivaled bathing experience.

Discover the full range of brushed copper offerings on our website today!


Transform your home with the timeless cohesion of our extended range of brushed copper kitchen and bathroom pieces ✨

Introducing our stunning Kaya Pot Fillers, carefully designed to save you valuable time by eliminating the need to lug heavy pots to the sink. Expertly crafted from lead-free stainless steel, this exquisite range combines functionality with luxurious aesthetics, promising enduring beauty for years to come.

Discover the full spectrum of brushed copper options available on the Fienza website today!


Make a bold statement in your bathroom scape with our velvet-smooth Encanto Solid Surface Wall Basin ✨

Available in various sizes and bowl positions, The Encanto is easily paired with a unique tapware finish like our newest brushed copper range. Encanto offers flexibility for any residential or commercial bathroom space.

Discover the full range of Encanto Wall Basins on the Fienza website today!

Photos from Fienza's post 08/04/2024

Unveiling luxury at Yeomans Design and Build's Surrey Hills project with our Nero bath ~ the quintessential foundation for any opulent bathroom space 🛁

Boasting a generous width and crafted from solid surface cast stone, Nero stands out with its freestanding design and crisp organic curves.

Discover the epitome of sophistication and explore our range of versatile Freestanding Baths on the Fienza website today!

Reno 〰️ Yeomans Design and Build
Design 〰️ DewDew Co
Photography 〰️ Caruso Photography


Elevate your bathing experience this year with our luxurious Kaya Floor Mounted Bath Mixer With Hand Shower in brushed copper 🏜️

Paired here with our elegant Jada Concrete Bath in Tuscan, the copper finish sits well, favouring unique colours and shapes.

Head to the Fienza website to explore our other Kaya brushed copper products as well as Jada's other colour finishes!

Photos from Fienza's post 04/04/2024

Step into the luxurious ambiance of this stunning Surrey Hills powder room, showcasing our Encanto Solid Surface Wall Basin in a refined matte white finish ☁️ We love the creative choices involved in this project!

Designed for elegance and functionality, our wall-hung basins provide a sleek and space-saving solution. The exposed bottle traps offer a unique opportunity to harmonise your tapware, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Discover the perfect basin to elevate your next renovation project on the Fienza website today.

Reno 〰️ Yeomans Design and Build
Design 〰️ DewDew Co
Photography 〰️ Caruso Photography


Embrace rustic elegance with our latest brushed copper colourway, a luxurious addition to the Fienza family 🍂

Craft your dream colour palette with the warm tones of our Kaya Basin/Bath Wall Mixer Set paired with the timeless beauty of our Blanca Concrete Wall Basin in Tuscan.

From tapware to showers, bath mixers, and accessories, create a cohesive design for your space. Explore the full range of possibilities today!


Instantly add character and an air of sophistication to your space with a little help from our Minka Curved Wall Hung Vanity ☁️

Meticulously crafted, these distinctive vanities feature soft curved corners and a fluted design with ample room for storage.

Experience the epitome of artistry and functionality with the Minka Vanity collection available to explore via the Fienza website ✨


Beautiful sage green bathroom reno by Novale Bathrooms, featuring our Kaya Twin Shower in urban brass to infuse warmth with its radiant glow 🌿

Beyond its beauty, our twin showers offer the ultimate combination of flexibility and luxury, providing the versatility of a rail shower and the indulgent water flow of an overhead shower.

Take a closer peek at your dream shower configuration via the Fienza website today!

Design by 〰️ Jamie Maree Love Interiors


Immerse yourself in a peaceful soak with our Paola Freestanding Acrylic Bath 🛁

A luxurious addition to your bathroom sanctuary, crafted with UV-stabilised premium sanitary-grade acrylic, this masterpiece ensures lasting beauty and form.

Explore its allure via the Fienza website today!


Indulge in luxury and sustainability with our range of Australian Made vanities 🌿

Crafted with eco-friendly features, including moisture-resistant board made from FSC certified materials, our cabinetry ensures both style and durability.

Expanding our commitment to Australian made products, our vanity range is available in a variety of design styles and configurations! Take a closer peek via the Fienza website today.


Discover modern sophistication seamlessly fused with practicality in our latest Corner Bath collection 🛁

Whether your bathroom layout leans left or right, our Matta Solid Surface Corner Bath effortlessly integrates into your design plans.

Explore its versatile features and elevate your bathroom experience today via the Fienza website!

Photos from Fienza's post 19/03/2024

Dreamiest farm cottage by featuring our Charlton Single Butler Sink, Small with an undermount installation 🌾

Crafted from fine fire clay ceramicusing high quality European materials, this versatile kitchen sink is reversible, allowing for a fluted or flat front surface depending on your taste.

Explore our full range of Kitchen Sinks and accessories and make your kitchen dreams a reality!

Photography 〰️ Tanika Blair Photography
Feature for 〰️ Tradco


Introducing our sleek Australian made Encanto vanity, where soft rounded contours meet the smooth matte finish of the Encanto solid surface basin top, exuding effortless elegance ☁️

With an integrated basin top shelf and wide spacious drawers, ample storage is at your fingertips, while the wall-hung design effortlessly accentuates your space, creating an illusion of expansiveness.

Discover endless customisation options and indulge in luxury at every detail. Explore further via our website today!


Craft a bathroom sanctuary that's innately unique with our new Minka Solid Surface Bath in Forest 🌲

With the finer details always in mind we integrated a shelf for seamless soap or candle storage and an elegant fluted design that transitions smoothly to a non-fluted base for easy cleaning.

Explore our other unique colour finishes via the Fienza website today!

Photos from Fienza's post 10/03/2024

Working with unique bathroom dimensions? Our Isabella Right-Hand Corner Bath is the perfect elegant solution for your space 🛁

Yeomans showcased its stunning appeal in their St. Helena renovation, complementing it with our Hampton Vanity Cabinet featuring a Dolce Ceramic Basin Top for a sleek addition to the space.

Take a closer peek via the Fienza website today!

Reno 〰️ Yeomans Design and Build
Design 〰️ Dew Dew Co
Photography 〰️ RCaruso Photography


Introduce a touch of texture and artistry into your bathroom sanctuary with our fluted Minka Freestanding Basin 🤎

This captivating centrepiece, adorned with a solid surface matte white finish, adds a luxurious dimension to your space.

Explore the exquisite Minka basin range on the Fienza website today and transform your bathroom into a haven of sophistication!

Photos from Fienza's post 07/03/2024

Welcome to Agnes by Mancini Made 🤍 where seaside elegance meets peaceful living.

Our Kaya fixtures in urban brass, nestled between pink pastel tiles, effortlessly captivate as they bask in the glow below the skylight.

To begin crafting your haven of tranquility head to the Fienza website today!

Developer 〰️ Mancini Made
Architect 〰️ Home Architecture by MM
Builder 〰️ Mancini Made
Tile Supply 〰️ De Fazio Tiles and Stone
Stone 〰️ Signorino Tile Gallery
Agent 〰️ Matt Pillios
Realestate 〰️ Kay & Burton
Captured 〰️ Peter Clarke Photo

Photos from Fienza's post 05/03/2024

Discover the day to night beauty of our Sansa Pill LED Mirrors, illuminating each aspect of your daily routine ✨

Sansa boasts an array of features carefully designed for convenience and comfort, including a touch sensor for seamless operation, a built-in demister for clear reflections and a cool white temperature (4000K) for optimal lighting.

Dive deeper into luxury via the Fienza website today!


Muted palettes intertwine with organic textures, evoking coastal charm 🌾 Introducing our Australian Made Reba Ensuite Wall Hung Vanities, where elegance seamlessly meets functionality.

Our Australian Made Reba vanity offers over 20 woodgrain finishes, customisable design options, and a 'confident close' drawer damping system—each meticulously designed with form and function in mind. Its petite wall-hung design maximises storage space, making it ideal for small bathrooms.

Discover the perfect vanity to suit your lifestyle needs on the Fienza website today!


All about embracing nature and its materials, our new Blanca concrete basin range has a unique visual appeal with variations in patina, surface texture, colour and fleck ☁️

Choose your dream colour... Sage, Tuscan, Terrazzo, Warm White and Warm Grey 🤍

Learn more about this carefully designed range via the Fienza website today!


Step into the luxurious ambiance of the Ringwood residence, adorned with our exquisite Kaya collection ✨ Infuse your bathroom with warmth and sophistication through the invigorating touch of urban brass!

Featured in this opulent renovation is our Kaya Twin Shower, Kaya Gooseneck Shower Arm Set and Kaya Basin/Bath Wall Mixer Set with Round Plates in urban brass. Discover the epitome of luxury via the Fienza website today!

Photography 〰️ Kate Hansen Photography
Interior Design & Styling 〰️ GDP Interior Design


Introduce a touch of sophistication and luxury to your bathroom with our Blanca Concrete Wall Basin 🤍

Meticulously crafted to perfection, this basin allows you to experience the seamless blend of artistry and functionality. Embracing the allure of natural materials, our concrete basins showcase a unique visual appeal, featuring variations in patina, surface texture, colour, and fleck.

Dive into the world of luxury at the Fienza website and explore our new concrete offerings today!


Infuse opulence into your sanctuary with our latest Jada Tuscan Concrete bath 🧡

This freestanding masterpiece not only boasts a luxurious design but also a generous 372L capacity, ensuring a bathing experience like no other ✨

Visit the Fienza website to explore the indulgent options available in Sage, Warm White, and Warm Grey finishes, allowing you to further tailor your bathroom oasis.

Photos from Fienza's post 21/02/2024

Our Eleanor Shepherds Crook Basin Mixer in urban brass sitting pretty in the morning light ✨

Querencia Tamworth opted for our Modern Vintage range to infuse character into this bathroom design, seamlessly paired with our Reba basin for a soft, refined finish.

Explore the art of crafting your unique space with Fienza. Visit our website and discover a curated collection of bathware, designed to elevate your personal sanctuary.


Step into the serene embrace of ⚪️ La Casa Curvilinea ⚪️ a masterpiece curated by GT&B

Our Shinto Solid Surface Bath, adorned in pure matte white, delicately harmonises with the buttery walls and earthy brown towels opted for in this project, creating a haven of tranquility.

Explore the allure of our other unique Freestanding Baths, each a testament to timeless design and luxurious comfort via the Fienza website today!

Featured on: The Local Project
Build: Doherty Building Group
Architecture: Dan Van Architects
Images: Dave Kulesza
Styling: Bea and Co Style
Joinery: SCLK
Benchtops: Newgrove Aust
Pool Build & Landscaping: Doherty Building Group

Photos from Fienza's post 19/02/2024

Our newest Arch LED Mirror cabinet offers elegant storage and lighting support from day to night 🌙

Copper free to prevent corrosion, this beauty has been designed to withstand the test of time. Each mirror also comes with a built-in demister and illuminated touch sensor buttons for easy operation.

Take a closer peek at all of its features via the Fienza website today!


In for 2024: forest green tones and solid surface basins 🫡🌿

Our newest Minka range offers a stunning forest green finish, perfect for those looking to make a statement when it comes to their next bathroom update.

Crafted from solid surface to stand the test of time and fluted in design to add instant artistry. Take a closer peek via the Fienza website...

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