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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve created new work that I feel encapsulates both my artistic work as and my more craft based work here as . But the new series that I have made for the group exhibition BLUE by marries both my artistic aesthetics in a way that I’m very happy with. This piece ‘Diaphanous’ and her two sisters are on show at Loft 275 Ivanhoe Library. We have an exhibition opening planned for this Thursday evening Oct 12 6pm - 8pm. I’d love to see you there.


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria the annual Be Wise Ball & Auction for the Pat Cronin Foundation have been postponed - more than once! I'd planned to donate this painting 'Hope in the Darkest of Days' to the auction but presently it is hanging here in my lounge - a fact which I don't mind so much as it's a piece that I love. However, it would be amazing to find a forever home for the painting. You can check it out via the link below and there are also a bunch of other works available in support of the Foundation.

Solitude Earrings - Red Black Circle Cutout | MAVA Inc. 08/09/2021

These pretties are available now via Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc

Solitude Earrings - Red Black Circle Cutout | MAVA Inc. One of a kind earrings.

I was a bottle top but look at me now! Experimental Jewellery Range - 19/08/2021

Our pop up shop may have been postponed for now but never fear! The fab folks at Artisan Society Australia have set up an online store so you can check out all the pretty things that would have been on display.

I was a bottle top but look at me now! Experimental Jewellery Range - This experimental jewellery range is made using recycled plastic and has been developed with help from . Every little bit helps to heal our planet.

Louise Bourgeois on Finding Inspiration in Solitude 24/07/2021

The quiet moments...

Louise Bourgeois on Finding Inspiration in Solitude Through moments of solitude, when emotions and inspiration swelled, Louise Bourgeois produced the powerful, deeply affecting work that connected her to others.


The Ground Beneath Us is available now via

For this and other fantastic artworks check out their website


Studio scenes. There's something very nurturing about working in a space surrounded by creative projects, some complete, some in progress. My little studio is becoming very nest-like as I nestle deeper into my practise.


Thank you to the fabulous team behind for sharing a snippet of my latest work. 'You Promised Her the World' is a deeply personal piece reflecting on issues of gender equality and personal freedom. This piece and many other wonderful works will be on display next week at as part of Emerging Women a group show from

Photos from Pat Cronin Foundation's post 30/04/2021

My painting 'Hope in the darkest of days' is a tribute to a young life cut short by a cowardly punch. Be Wise is a group show and fundraiser in support of The Pat Cronin Foundation and is now showing at Montsalvat Arts & Events

Photos from Inchmeal's post 29/04/2021

Pop in to Inchmeal to check out the range of beautiful products on offer, including a small range of experimental jewellery made from recycled plastics from Off The Peg - that's me!! 😉


Finishing touches. Getting ready to ship. I'm just a bit excited. 🚚


A small range of my recycled plastic jewellery will be available this week at Inchmeal 🥳


This is a snippet of a commission painting I've been working on over recent months. She's currently getting framed up and I'm so excited that in a couple weeks she'll be heading on a road trip to her forever home. It's been such a wonderful process creating something special for my client.


'Hope in the darkest of days' acrylic paint and textiles on canvas.

This beauty will be on show at as part of the Be Wise exhibition raising funds for

I'm very excited to be part of this show which brings the valuable work of The Pat Cronin Foundation to a wide audience. Head to for more details on the show and the education and empowerment programs they offer.


This pretty is heading off to this week for the Be Wise fundraiser supporting the


Sometimes the messy ones hold moments of beauty


Hmm colour and organic forms... Where's this leading? Who knows. But it's fun following that golden thread of inspiration.

Photos from Off The Peg's post 24/03/2021

Continuing experiments in plastic. This pendant is made from recycled bottle tops, reclaimed beads and repurposed fabric scraps. Pretty cool, totally quirky and 100% unique.


I'm nearing the finish line with this pretty. It's so exciting that my lovely client is happy with progress so far, just got a couple more tweaks and a bit of finessing to do. 😊


And speaking of detail, here are a few close ups showing the collage and stitch work. 🧵


It's hard to capture the detail of this piece, so here's a shot before mounting and framing. I loved using .paper for the main body of the piece, it's got such lush texture 😍


It's this weekend! Art Blitz is a 24 hour community art project by which is open to all ages and abilities. This year's theme is Future. My finished piece is titled 'The Future is Green' and is a mixed media collage, featuring watercolour and embroidery on .paper 💚💙


I'm so thrilled that this beauty has sold to a lovely local collector 💗 'Where the sky meets the sea' is one of my favourite pieces and is infused with so much love of both the artistic process and the ocean itself. I'm so grateful that she's going to a loving home. 🥰
Massive thanks to MAVA Melbourne and Victorian Artists for facilitating the sale. 🙏


My addiction 🥰


This menagerie of squiggles doesn't look like much at the moment but it's the seed of an idea I've been toying with for a while now. Taking household waste and making it into something beautiful. 💎 Watch this space. 👀

Huge thanks to the team at for letting me play this morning. 🙏


Tiny wearable art


Have you read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? Life changer 💓


I think I need to apply for an internship with Lynne 😍

WHERE THE SKY MEETS THE SEA (2020) | MAVA 25/02/2021

My work 'Where the sky meets the sea' is currently showing online with a fabulous group of works from MAVA Melbourne and Victorian Artists 🙌

WHERE THE SKY MEETS THE SEA (2020) | MAVA The Sea - a place of solitude, of peace, of reflection. At an unparalleled time in our existence, we seek the serenity that the sea offers. To set sail on the wind towards the horizon, where the sky meets the sea, to be engulfed by Mother Nature shedding, the world's expectations is freedom. The pro...

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