Carol's Handmade Crafts

Carol's Handmade Crafts

I work part time in a job that I love and raise our three beautiful girls with my husband. I love c


3 birthday gifts in upcycled wrapping.

2 lined gift bags and a wrap, all made from a quilt cover that was in good condition but no longer wanted.


Now the last blanket for my girls has begun.
Again, she has chosen the colours and design, and mummy gets to work.


At last this beast is finished. 121 daisy granny squares and 768 tails all weaved in and one happy little lady who helped by choosing her colours and playing with the squares to pick a pattern.


Do you have a little one who has really fine hair and normal scrunchies are just too big?
Then these mini scrunchies are the way to go.
Yes, the same mini scrunchies as dolly and me Work perfectly for my fine haired little lady.


Dolly and me matching scrunchies.
Regular and 2 mini's for dolly.


Hey there.
I've been missing in action for a while. We've built a house, moved, changed jobs and I've been studying. But, today I had a day and this happened.
A tough fairy pillow, without stuffing because...who knows where that got packed?!?
1 lined reusable gift bag.
8 scrunchies and 1 what I am calling.....a re-wrap.
It's fabric wrapping paper made from upcycled fabric. So it's reusable and recycled.... a re-wrap.

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One little needle book done, and I even found a couple of needles to store in there.


Last week I couldn't find my darning needle, so I decided I should make a needle book for my needles. Well, now I can't find my embroidery needles to do that either. Gotta love moving house.
They're here, just some place safe.


Grab a bargain while you can!
3 lonely little tooth fairy pillows left.
These little guys are hand stitched with a little pocket on the back for safely storing those precious teeth for the tooth fairy to find.

Usually $15 plus postage.

Now just $17 including postage

Grab a bargain while you can



As we start to prepare for our house move, I've been going through my craft stash and found this lovely, UFO (unfinished object).
Do you recognise the painting it is of???


A little keepsake for a special little lady


One gift fabric wrapped, inspired by the furoshiki method.
No pins, glue or ribbon used.


One ruffle pillowcase for a special little lady's doll.
Now to make a quilt.


One delicate floral gift bag.
This lined bag is 10 cm x 14 cm.
It's a great little bag for popping in a gift card, a couple of lip glosses or nail polishes.


The girls helped make paper crowns to go inside their Christmas Crackers for the family


I hope everyone had a merry Christmas.
This year I made some fabric gift wrap and some gift bags.
The kids got their gifts from us wrapped this way and Santa's were wrapped in paper.
Then, I wrapped gifts for family in them before heading out for Christmas lunch. Woo hoo.
Already been used twice and saved about 8 meters of paper.


One birthday present in reusable wrapping.
Instead of making a gift bag, I upcycled a large square of old fabric and made this pretty floral wrap that can be used over and over and over again.


All done.
Now to number the stockings and fill them with goodies.


16 down.
8 to go.


Mini Christmas stockings.
One advent calendar coming up

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Beautiful floral cards that are blank on the inside, making them perfect for birthdays, thinking of you, get well, congratulations or thank you cards.

Just $3 each or a set of 6 for $15.

I can also make a gift box for them as a set of cards would make a great secret Santa gift.

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A few more masks in sizes XS - M
Plus a scrunchie from the last of my lady bug fabric.


And Jazzy has a new mask.
Her favourite.


Baby Lina also has a new outfit.
Fabrics chosen by Jacky who also helped measure and sew.


Old baby has a new outfit.
Mary chose the fabrics and helped me measure old baby then sat on my lap to help me sew it.


3 orange skirts for sports day.
OK...only 2 go to school, but, I reckon it's easier to make a 3rd skirt than convince Mary she doesn't need one!


I made this and hid it last night in the girls kitchen. They found it this morning, but it was in the wrong place. I put it in the treat foods not in the fruit section.


It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas

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More masks in sizes large down to XXS


How cute are these fabric bookmarks?


Mary has been sitting on my lap sewing with mummy.
She does the presser foot, puts the needle down and does the back tacking. Mummy just helps guide and the "pedalling".
She picks out scraps and works out where to place them. Mini quilter.

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Another couple of masks tonight.
One more for me and one for 'old baby'. After all, dolly needs to stay healthy too, and it matches her "mummy"

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Some more tiny masks and a couple of adult size.
I'm thinking one little lady is going to be excited in the morning to see her frozen mask

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Another mask.
Even tinier.
This one fits our 3 and 5 year old.

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It's been a busy time here this last month as we welcomed a little bubba into our family, one sick husband and then the little lockdown south australia had, and my crafting took a back seat.
With the end of lock down, mandatory mask requirements came in for adults but our girls have said they would like one.
So, here is my first double sided mask.
Now to see if it's small enough


Lets support each other!!


When you get up early and think, I'll just make a few biscuits while the house is quiet.
Then while sewing yòu think somethings weird but can't put your finger on the problem.
2 hours later the light bulb goes off and you realise the problem.
Now, how to fix it....


Thank you!!


Wishing everyone a happy mothers day.

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And then there were 3.
3 little worry monsters for 3 little ladies.

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