Le Reve, Independant Consultant, Donna-Marie

Le Reve, Independant Consultant, Donna-Marie

I am an independent consultant for Le Reve. Le Reve is a 25 yr old Australian company that produce 100% natural health and beauty products. I sell Le Reve products.

We have a great range of 100% all natural essential oils, candles and skin care. We also have a range of beautiful concentrated perfumes.



WARNING: Aromatherapy oils that do not have an AUST L number printed on the carton and label, are not guaranteed to be pure and free of synthetics, and are cosmetic in nature with no therapeutic benefits.
Le Rêve pure essential oils ALL carry an individual AUST L number and offer real therapeutic benefits.
There are many oils on the market that greatly differ in quality. Imitation fragrant oils are marketed and sold as aromatherapy, but have no therapeutic benefit. Inexpensive essential oils are diluted with low grade or synthetic oils – they may smell nice, but will not deliver the same benefits as pure essential oils. There are even some companies marketing so-called ‘pure essential oils’ which are not certified as premium grade and therefore carry no guarantee of quality.
The only way to be sure of the quality of any pure essential oil is to look for the AUST L number printed on the packaging which is only given to products who meet strict government standards and regulations.

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Le Reve | Shopping Guide October 2016

Here is our great new shopping guide.

lereve.com.au Le Reve Perfume, Aromatherapy, Candle, Reed Diffuser Product Catalogue from October 2016



Breathe Easy is great for your head. It helps with hayfever, sinusitis, coughs, colds, flu and headaches. Use it when you are all clogged up in the head, your headache is pounding and you can’t think clearly with a stuffy nose. You can roll it all over and around the nose – rub it and massage into the sinus points on the side of the nose (every sinus sufferer knows this, it’s the point where you apply pressure on the nose, just below the bridge of the nose). After applying it to the nose, massage it under the cheekbones, towards the ears.

Winter Wellness is for the chest and throat. It’s for when you have all that mucous now heading southwards. Rub it all over the throat, chest and back, and under the feet at bedtime. It’s also helpful when you get that tickle at the back of your throat. You can also use this as a germ killer on your hands when out and about during the day.

Rescue Me will help fix up all the body aches and pains. When you are coming down with the flu, there tends to be a lot of those! This is a handy blend to carry with you through out the day. It has Wintergreen in it, which is a bit like aspirin going in to target aches and pains. Plus it has Peppermint and Ginger so it’s great for upset stomachs, overindulgence and hangovers. It comes in a Bath & Body Oil for an all over massage, or to add to the bath.

Travel Well is fantastic for anything to do with the digestive system, whether it is for indigestion, colic, reflux, motion sickness, sea sickness, and car sickness.

Brain Power is a must for clear thinking and giving you more energy and motivation when you are feeling tired and dull. It’s ideal for long distance driving to help keep you alert and is great for shift workers too.

Headache Help is simply lovely. Apply it to the temples and sides of the neck – there are large blood vessels that help transport it to the rest of the body. I also use it on the base of the neck – there are two spots on either side (the hard bony area) and massaging this area is very soothing.

Sweet Sleep gives you a more peaceful nights sleep, so you don’t wake up tired. As women we tend to store a lot of stress in our shoulders and I always get my customers to massage this on the soft area at the top of the shoulders, between the neck and shoulder blades. It helps all the stress and tension to fade away. It contains Marjoram, which helps ease muscle tension. In the afternoon when you get home, massage this in right away.

PMS Ease is of course for period cramps and pains. It’s also helpful for mood swings. Some of us women have hormones pulsing through us that go off like a time bomb. If you have a teenage daughter then this blend might be particularly useful in your household. It even comes as a lovely all over body moisturiser in our Bath & Body Oil. So you can go for the body beautiful look, whilst feeling fantastic.

First Aid is for insect bites, stings, burns, cuts, scratches and sunburn. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties are even helpful for head lice. First Aid blend serves as a great insect repellent which I’ve used to stop mozzies from biting me. Simply roll it all over your arms and ankles to protect your skin.

Stress-Less is heaven in a stick and beautifully fragrant thanks to its strong dose of Ylang Ylang! Did you know that Ylang Ylang is often used to treat panic attacks? I use this blend for my son who has Asperger’s and it is so beneficial.


I love all ten of my Intensive Hit Roll-Ons. They can be stored.
inside two Roll-On Wraps, that are also available. It’s like having
a natural first aid kit with you.


Winter is on its way !! Here I have a couple of tips for you.

1. Tips to help promote good health and a ‘defense line’ against viruses.
2. Tips to help bring a quick recovery, with conditions and ailments that the winter months can bring.

Have Essential Oils diffusing in the home/workplace at all times. It creates a great line of defense, and brings a warm ambience.Use our fantastic Ultrasonic Diffuser. The Ultrasonic Diffuser is the latest technology for vaporising essential oil molecules in the purest form for inhalation. It also works as an air purifier, releasing anions, which combat dust and air impurities to assist healthy breathing. It’s an ioniser, creating negative ions, which protect against germs and increase oxygen to the brain. It’s a humidifier, dispersing moisture into the air to counter drying effects of air-conditioning (note this is not hot moisture and therefore does not create mould like the old fashion vaporisers are prone to do).
Wipe down all surface areas – the kitchen, bathroom, baby high chairs and change tables, etc. Using a water spray bottle, blend a few drops of Lemon, Lime, Peppermint and Frankincense. With the antiseptic/antibacterial properties of the Pure Essential Oils, this is a much healthier way of cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals that can actually irritate sensitive skin and bronchial systems.
When soaking in a bath, choose the Value Carrier Blend as it contains the naturally derived water dispersant. For massage, I recommend the Luxury Carrier Blend, which is more premium. Both these blends are nut free.
Fever – Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. Add to a tepid bath.
Headache – Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Lavender, and Peppermint. Massage the temples and back of the neck.
Sinusitis – Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Massage the sinus area making sure you do not get too close to the eyes.
Congestion, colds and flu – Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. Spray on your little finger and rub it just inside the nasal cavity then inhale deeply. Massage the blend into the chest, back and soles of the feet. Rubbing oils into the soles of your feet is not an old wives’ tale – we know the reflex points for the lungs are in the balls of the feet. Also use in steam inhalation (take care with children and the elderly).
Earache – Chamomile and Lavender. Put a few drops on your fingers and rub gently behind the ear and under the jaw line.
Aching joints and limbs – Chamomile, Lavender and Eucalyptus/Cedarwood. Use in the bath or massage to bring soothing relief.


Before you decide to go with a particular brand of essential oils, you need to know what you’re actually getting… or not getting!

Some companies advertise that their oils are pure, therapeutic grade, yet there is no guarantee that they are. These companies use terms such as ‘certified therapeutic grade’ or ‘100% pure essential oils’ as marketing claims to entice the uneducated buyer.

The only way to know for sure if an essential oil is indeed 100% pure and of the finest therapeutic grade, is to verify that it is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). The way you can check this is to look for an Australian listed (AUST L) number on the label and carton. If a brand of essential oils does not show an official AUST L number on the packaging, then this means their oils are not registered on the ARTG.

Every Le Rêve Pure Essential Oil and Oil Blend is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and is manufactured according to a strict code of Good Manufacturing Practice, guaranteeing the purity of our premium grade oils.


LeReve Fragrance and Aromatherapy

Fantastic recipes all 100% natural.

Access over 150 Essential Oil recipes online for FREE!


For a direct hit of Essential Oils on the body, our Intensive Hit Roll-On Blends are convenient to use and highly potent. Each Roll-On contains a strong dosage of Le Rêve Pure Essential Oils mixed with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. Ideally sized for portability, use directly on the skin as needed. Along with the 7 Intensive hit roll ons that we already have..............

We now have 3 NEW Intensive hit roll on blends..........

--FIRST AID Intensive Hit Roll-On

Tea Tree, Fennel, Basil, Lavender, Geranium

Antiseptic treatment for a range of skin disorders, minor burns and wounds – an essential first aid stick.
◾ For treatment of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, boils and minor burns
◾ May help with skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and fungal infections
◾ Provides relief from insect bites and stings
◾ Assists circulation and promotes general wellbeing.

--PMS EASE Intensive Hit Roll-On

Lavender, Bergamot, Marjoram, Cypress, Jasmine

A comforting blend that eases the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS – the oil that no woman should be without.
◾ Balances hormones and mood swings, easing stress and mild anxiety
◾ Provides relief from heavy, painful periods and menstrual cramps
◾ May remove headaches, migraines and nausea
◾ Provides respite from sleeplessness and insomnia

--TRAVEL WELL Intensive Hit Roll-On

Peppermint, Fennel, Caraway, Ginger, Chamomile

A relaxing blend to help manage stomach upsets such as motion sickness, nausea and general digestive upsets – an ideal travel companion.
◾ Provides relief from nausea, indigestion, heartburn and dyspepsia
◾ Helps maintain healthy digestive function
◾ May help stimulate the appetite
◾ Assists in the management of overindulgence

These Intensive Hit Roll Ons are amazing !!
They smell great and actually do what they say they do.


Going trail riding on my horse tomorrow. As usual, I will be putting on him some of the Le Reve essential oil calming oils. This will help to keep him calm and relaxed for the ride. Just a couple of small dabs behind his ears and we are ready to go ! There are many uses for essential oils with different pets.

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Go to lereve.com.au to see our full range of merchandise. 100% pure essential oils that can be mixed or bought premixed or in handy intensive hit roll ons. Gorgeous smelling candles and perfumes etc etc. 😘



I am sending in an order. If anyone wants anything, just let me know within the next couple of days. :)


Absolutely love 😍 my new Rose champagne and strawberries candle. Smells so beautiful 🌹

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PMS Relief Massage | Reduce PMS with Aromatherapy

aromatherapy.net.au Enjoy a pampering massage or luxuriating bath with an all natural remedy to relieve your PMS symptoms. Get PMS relief naturally with essential oils.


Love the essential oils for calming my horse. Brilliant !!!

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Aromatherapy For You and Your Pet

aromatherapy.net.au Learn the value of aromatherapy for pets and dogs in particular. Contains recipes to treat nervousness, ticks, itching, stress, arthritis and more.


We have a fantastic way to help you combat that dreaded hayfever.

Breathe Easy
Essential Oil Blend 18mL
$43.25 AU Buy | AUSTRALIA
A calming blend to help alleviate the symptoms of hayfever and other upper respiratory ailments.
•Provides relief from the symptoms of allergies including hay-fever and rhinitis.
•Provides symptomatic relief and management of sinusitis.
•Gives temporary relief of bronchial cough by soothing bronchial airways.
•Provides relief from the symptoms of colds, influenza, upper respiratory infections and mucous congestion.
•Makes breathing easier.

Contains: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon

How to Use: Vaporise in a Le Rêve Oil Burner or use in direct steam inhalation. Combine Essential Oil Blend with Le RCarrier Oil for use in massage or an aromatic bath.

Also available in a handy, take anywhere, intensive hit roll-on.


Get ready for Winter with 'Winter Wellness' essential oil.

A potent blend that alleviates the discomfort of colds and flu whilst also attacking airborne bacteria – a great remedy to combat winter illnesses.

•Antibacterial properties help ward off germs and airborne bugs
•Provides relief from the symptoms of colds and influenza
•Eases deep congestion and fights respiratory infections
•Clears nasal passages and assists with bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis

Contains: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Scotch Pine, Spearmint, Galbanum

How to Use: Vaporise in a Le Rêve Utrasonic diffuser,oil burner or use in direct steam inhalation. Combine Essential Oil Blend with Le Rêve Carrier Oil for use in massage or an aromatic bath.


****Don't want a party but you would like some of our fabulous products ? Go to www. lereve.com.au . See all available products and get back to me with your order.


I am in need of party bookings to kick-start my business for 2015. All hostess' receive $120 worth of product of their choice for only $60. All your guests will receive an appreciation gift of a soy melt. We have many fun theme parties, for example chocaholics, sip n soak, cupcakes n candles etc, or think of your own theme if you like. Book a party with me and have an hour or two of fun, interaction and pampering. :)


Ultrasonic Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser – Mist produced by
ultrasonic waves releases essential oils into the air
in their purest form.
Humidifier – Creates air moisture to combat the
drying effects of air-conditioning on the skin.
Air Purifier – Produces anions which create
electrostatic reactions with dust and germs, in turn
purifying the air, removing allergens and odours.
Ioniser – Negative ions are released into the air,
promoting health and wellbeing.
• Large 350mL removable water tank
• Automatic switch-off functionality
• Mist volume adjustment
• LED belt with fixed or changing colours
• 12-month manufacturer warranty


Hi all. Our Mega sale has drastically reduced items. To have access to these items, purchase one product from the normal retail range and you may choose one product from the mega sale. Purchase two products from our normal retail range and you may choose one product from the mega sale........etc. Contact me for any enquiries, orders ect.


Keep on eye on this page. Le Reve have an amazing January sale coming up. Be excited there are fantastic specials to be had. Be quick though. First in best dressed. :)


Drawing on the calming, relaxing and refreshing powers of pure essential oils is a practical and natural approach to optimum health. Pure essential oils are amazingly versatile and may be used in a variety of ways around the home and workplace…

Aromatherapy massage is the most effective way to absorb pure essential oils into the body and is very helpful for relieving stress and nervous tension, soothing aching muscles and joints or managing headaches and fever.

To create your own massage oil, blend 10 drops of a selected combination of pure essential oils with 20ml of carrier oil.

An aromatic bath can revive you in the morning, prepare you for a peaceful sleep at night, or assist in the management of body pains such as arthritis, cramps and backache.

Combine 10 drops of your chosen pure essential oils with 20ml of carrier oil and add to the bath as you step in. The oils are dispersed through the water and enter the body through inhalation and skin absorption.

Direct steam inhalation may be very effective for relieving respiratory complaints, symptoms of colds and flu’s or congestion.

Fill a large bowl with hot water, add up to 10 drops of a suitable blend of essential oils, place a towel over your head and breathe deeply for five to ten minutes. The essential oil molecules are absorbed via the respiratory system into the body and the healing begins.

Energise your surrounds with refreshing oils, create a relaxing haven with a calming blend, or inspire romance with a sensual concoction.

Fill an oil burner dish with warm water and up to 10 drops of your chosen oils. As the burner heats the water, the oil is diffused into the air for you to enjoy.


Essential oils - mix your own or premixed blends. They are available as single oils, intensive hit roll on's or bath and body oil.

Aromatherapy based skincare -
cleansers, toners and exfoliators cleanse the skin. Hydrators moisturize and protect the skin. There is also anti-ageing range, masques and hand and nail cream.
Candles - aromatherapy and fragranced candles.
All these products are animal cruelty free, made in Australia and 100% natural.
We also have a range of beautifully scented perfumes. They are concentrated with a wide range of fragrances.



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