Montana Equine Therapy - horse massage

Montana Equine Therapy - horse massage

I am a qualified horse masseur with 10 years experience. Servicing Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine, Ballarat, western district, Horsham and surrounds.

[07/27/16]   I have now began massaging again! At this stage I am only available on weekends and possibly the odd weekday. Please call 0417534938 to book in a treatment cheers

[04/26/16]   Just letting clients know that my baby is due at the end of June so at this stage I am planning to massage up until the end of May (all things going to plan!). I then hope to be back treating horses a few weeks after bubs arrives. :)

[02/29/16]   Current prices as at 1/3/16
$70 per treatment ($60 for ponies)
Travel fees may apply
Group discounts available


Merry Xmas to all my wonderful clients and their gorgeous ponies!!
I will be taking a break until the 11th of January (unless it's an emergency!) See u all next year! :)


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The gorgeous WH Cebu going through his stretches during his massage today. WH Cebu is looking for sponsorship along with many more beautiful horses at The Winged Horse. If anyone is interested in sponsoring please contact Carolyn


How is your saddle sitting??? It should sit behind the scapula so there is no interference between shoulder blade and front of saddle! I am not a saddle fitter but can determine if saddle is fitting your horse through observation and palpating saddle area during a massage!

[07/07/15]   I will be in south west vic tomorrow and friday. If your horse requires a massage please call 0417534938.


My BIGGEST client mr Viking enjoying his massage this afternoon!


Coffee break between massages today


Montana Equine Therapy - horse massage




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I am offering my services around Geelong. I offer hand massage services and Equissage treatments on all equines from competition horses to aged lawn mowers