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Hi All, not a Salt Horsemanship post, but was wondering if anyone else is doing the Whinbury Hill Australia Day weekend. I have booked in and can ride the beautiful Lilly again.
Hope this was ok Kevin and Bec to post.
This is a follow up ride from the 3 day clinic over the weekend. Amazing the massive turn around in this horse, would turn & run prior to the clinic.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kevin Salt for passing on his knowledge to me to help me with my horse. I had a wonderful 3 days & learnt so much about my horse & just as important how to get the most out of my horse. I would to like thank Bec as well for all the work she did in the background. I couldn’t recommend a Salt Horsemanship clinic more highly. The knowledge I have taken away will help my horse no end!
Photos taken by Connor in Victoria, 6th and 7th January 2019, filter effects and all, are now posted on the Confidence/Horsemanship Clinics with Kevin Salt page (because I can't work out how to post more than one photo here and Connor took 131 photos!!).

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Thanks to everyone for making him feel so welcome. A huge thank you to Kevin and Bec for giving Connor such a fantastic opportunity!
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kevin Salt for another wonderful clinic . Another weekend of such big goals kicked not only by myself but by others as well. Thank you again for everything!
Thank you Bec for hosting a lovely weekend and for all the awesome photos ☺️
Salt clinic 19/08 McKenzie Park more photos in comments
Hi, where can I get the halter and lead please?
A massive massive big thank you to Kev for an incredible clinic , massive goals were kicked and I could not be happier ☺️ everyone did an amazing job. Can't wait for the next clinic !
Big thank you to Emma for organising a wonderful clinic ☺️ ❤️

Tuition and clinics for beginner to advanced rider levels. Performance training and re-training problem horses. Confidence coaching to achieve riders goals

Kevin began his life with horses as a 15 year old when he became an apprentice jockey and followed on to be an A Grade Jockey for several years. After retiring from race riding he took up breaking and pre-training thoroughbreds and discovered a new found interest in riding and handling young horses. Kevin started to think more and more about alternative techniques to starting horses under saddle a

Operating as usual


Hi everyone it’s been a while and we were hoping to be able to put a positive post up but unfortunately things are still not great and my neurologist has told me I have to wait another 6 months before they will look at trying something else. Unfortunately the Ketamine infusion wasn’t a success and basically did nothing for me. So I’m really sorry as I know you are all keen to come to a clinic but sadly it’s not looking like anything will be happening any time soon. I am so sorry I don’t have better news and I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your messages and support at this hard time in mine and my family’s life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and you are enjoying yourselves and now have some time for your horses 😊🎄🐴 cheers from Kev and Bec.


We hope you all are getting out and about with your horses now that the weather is getting better (except it seems on weekends 🤔🙄). It would be lovely to see some photos or comments from you since we haven’t been able to catch up with you while Kev is recovering from his surgery. He is still battling on and will be having some treatment in the coming weeks so fingers crossed it helps him enough to get him back to his normal routine 🤞🏼🤞🏼.
Our horses are all looking amazing. Thank you to Southern Cross Feeds (Peter McGivern) for your great feeds that make them healthy inside and out.

I’ll start the photos with Louie looking beautiful having his feet trimmed by Adam our son 😊. 26/10/2019

SCF| Horse Supplies | Horse Nutrition Feed Supplier | Horse Food

It's been kind of bad timing with Kev's recent operation but we are so proud and excited to announce that we are Brand Ambassadors for Southern Cross Feeds. We have been using their products now for a few months and are so thrilled with the results that we are getting. Not only have our horses thrived on the products, it is also so easy to feed. We have been dealing with Peter and he has been amazing with matching the right feed with each horse. If you are looking for a feed that is economical and easy to feed that the horses love, give Peter a call on 0488 004 188. Equine Nutrition is a renowned horse supplies by Southern Cross Feeds, a nutrition supplier. We specialise in horse supplies, horse food & feed.


Things have been a bit slow on the Salt Horsemanship front. Kev is making small improvements in his recovery after his hip replacement, not at all as positive as we had hoped for. A massive thank you to all of his valued clients for all of your kind and thoughtful well wishes and support - It has really helped him soldier on through this tough time 💕


Kev is home and doing well. It’s going to be a slow road to recovery but when you think of what they have done to his hip it is amazing that he is up and getting around! Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and support over the last week. We both really appreciate it ###x.


Kev is doing great after his operation 👏🏻👏🏻. He took a long time to come back to the ward last night but after 4.5 hours (at 8pm) he finally was back, hungry but still very sleepy!!
This morning he is bright and well. Sitting up in bed and he has also just had a physio session which saw him up out of bed taking a few steps with a frame!! His pain is relatively low which is so exciting. More physio this afternoon which will have him out of bed again and walking further but on his crutches.


“Important Announcement”

This is to let all of my clients/friends know that I have been given the go ahead to get my other hip replacement. As most of you know I have been trying my best to keep going but unfortunately it has gotten to a point where I can no longer put up with the chronic pain. Over the past year or two I have been dealing with the constant pain in my hip and this has been a massive fight both physically and mentally. To say I have been fighting some major demons mentally would be an understatement and unfortunately it has taken its toll on both myself and my family. So I am letting everyone know that all of my upcoming clinics,lessons and horses to come in for training will be canceled and all money will be refunded. I am truly sorry for this but I need to look after myself and take the time to heal both physically and mentally. I am not sure what the future holds but in saying that I will be fighting hard to get back to and even become better than what I am right now. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has supported me throughout my journey so far. I couldn’t have done it without you all.
Till we meet again “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”


Another amazing 4 days over in Tasmania! I would just like to say how proud I am of all the horses and riders I got to work with either with lessons or the 2 day clinic! Yet again I am blown away by the support I have in Tasmania I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Words cannot describe how you make me feel about being able to help you all with your horses journey! A massive thanks to Sheryl and her family for everything I can’t thank you enough! Also thank you to Sue for the use of her beautiful facility that is “Violet Banks “ and to Nic for her amazing photos you’re awesome! And to everyone who brought food just to make us feel like we’re all part of a little community thank you all. Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”


Great day today with our 1 Day Horsemanship Clinic. Well done everyone, you all did a great job and it was great to see everyone doing so well 😊.


It’s been another busy few weeks here at Salt Horsemanship! Four awesome days over in Tasmania consisting of 2 days of lessons and a 2 day clinic. Then we had another 2 day clinic with the Colac Adult Riders and finally a 3day obstacle clinic at Burong! I am blown away by the people and horses that come and support me and how everyone is so determined, inspired and driven to be a better person for their horses! Of course none of this happens without the awesome people who help me organise these events and allow me to use their beautiful facilities. So a very big thank you firstly to my wife Bec you work tirelessly to make sure everything runs so smoothly and then Sheryl over in Tasmania I really don’t think I could do it without you both, also to Sue at Violet Banks and Tony and Fran from Burong and Jen from Winchelsea a big thanks to all of you for allowing us to use your awesome facilities.Would also like to thank our generous sponsors who we are proud to represent Southern Cross Feeds and also Whoa Steddy Neddy hay nets. Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”.


The sun is really starting to warm up now and so is the second group ☀️😁


Group 1 did an amazing job after their frosty start 😊


Day 1 of our 3 Day Obstacle Clinic off to a chilly start. It’s great to see so many keen and dedicated participants on these fresh mornings 🥶❤️.


Hi guys, it’s Bec here. Letting you all know that Kev has just had a procedure on his right hip in hospital that will hopefully give him some pain relief for up to a year. Fingers crossed it has been successful as this will allow him to do his job without the ongoing pain that he battles each day 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️❤️❤️


Another great few days working with awesome people and their horses! Started with a rally/mock competition at the amazing facility that is Grandview Park Mountain Trail on ANZAC Day. I know I say it a lot but it’s true and I mean every word. I am so proud of everyone that attended the rally it was a day filled with people doing amazing things with their horses. The competition showed me how far you all have come in your journeys with your horses! You all should be so proud of yourselves and your horses! Then a 2 day Confidence Clinic at the beautiful Burong! What a fun and relaxed 2 days it was. Everyone came searching for confidence and I believe that is what you and your horses found. So happy for you all and can’t wait to hear about your future goals being achieved! Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your Time with your Horses”!


Thank you to our sponsor Whoa Steady Neddy Hay Saving Nets for your continued support in supplying us with all of our Hay nets that we recently used on our trip to Tamworth for the Quarter Horse National Show. They kept Harley content for hours whilst cooped up in the trailer and stables.


We are proud and excited to again be sponsored by Whoa Steady Neddy Hay saving Nets. We use these hay nets everyday and highly recommend them for home and travelling. Thank you Cherry for your support :)


Been a busy few weeks at Salt Horsemanship! We have had a 2 day Horsemanship clinic at Jenny Holmes beautiful facility in Apollo Bay with the Forest Trail Riding Group then a 1 Day Trail Riding clinic with the Moderwarre Adult riders and then a Confidence clinic at the beautiful Mckenzie Park! And will be another busy couple of weeks coming as I head off to Tasmania for another 4 days of lessons and a clinic then back home to a 2 day clinic at Burong! To say I am blown away by the support of everyone that attends my clinics and lessons is an understatement. I am lucky to be able to do something I am passionate about. Here are some great photos of all these recent clinics.
Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”


We love this quote and think it is so true. And found that this photo went well as Pete is so keen to push himself to be a better horseman, but perhaps his horse 'Fishin' doesn't like the idea's that Kev has as much (notice his tongue?!) 😂😂


Grandview Park Mountain Trail Clinic photo’s!


More awesome shots of the Grandview Park Mountain trail clinic!


GrandView Park Mountain Trail Clinic! What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who came to work on their Horsemanship skills to then go out and test them on the awesome mountain trail course. Big thank you to Luke and Kristy for the use of their awesome facility that is Grand View Park also to Bec for putting together another great weekend I really couldn’t do it without you. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.
Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well and Enjoy your time with your horses”


Australia Day weekend Obstacle clinic! What an awesome way to spend Australia Day! Working with people and their horses! We had a mixed bag of horses and riders from unbroken to Clydey’s to Thorougbreds to Morgan’s and so on! Thanks to everyone who came to support me in what I do also to Fran and Tony for the use of your beautiful facility that is Burong. To Bec for her tireless work behind the scenes I couldn’t do it without you. Till next time
“Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your horses! Hope everyone enjoys the photos it was a fun weekend!


Another massive 4 days of lessons and a clinic in beautiful Tasmania! It was a great 4 days of learning and laughs. A big thank you to Sheryl for yet again putting together this weekend also to Sue for the use of her beautiful facility that is Violet Banks! I can’t thank everyone enough, who came to support me in what I do! Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”


Fantastic weekend clinic with the Moderwarre Adult Riding Club at the beautiful facility that is Mckenzie Park! So happy and proud of everyone that came. We saw some great changes and also some big milestones for people that came. Thank you to Modewarre Adult Riding Club for having me and a big thank you to Shane, Margaret and Danielle for the use of your awesome facility Mckenzie Park! Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”!


Day 1 of our 2day Horsemanship clinic at Mckenzie Park! Everyone kicking goals!!


Another great weekend at our 2 day Horsemanship clinic held at Burong Equestrian Centre! Thank you to everyone who came, it was a clinic full of variety. We all got to see so many different aspects of Horsemanship with all the horses that came for the weekend. Everyone should be very proud of themselves and their horses I know I was. Thanks so much Fran and Tony for the use of your awesome facility that is Burong also to Bec for pulling together yet another effortless clinic! Till next time “Stay Safe, Ride Well and Enjoy your Time with your Horses”.


Great first day of our Horsemanship clinic at Burong! 19/12/2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year | Merry Christmas and Happy New YearDec 19, 2018admin Wishing our valued clients, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy new year!! We hope you enjoy the festive season and look forward to seeing you in the new year. 20/11/2018

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Garry from Benmor forge farrier service has been doing our horses feet for years and with his years of experience and expertise is always the first person we call upon for any lameness issues. He is now teaming up with Golden Plains Equine Vets to hold regular lameness clinics where clients can bring their horses along to be expertly examined to pin point any lameness issues. Garry and the vets are all there on hand to then treat the horses on the day. This upcoming Lameness Day is Saturday 1st December at the Golden Plains Equine Hospital in Lethbridge. Please see link for further details. Find out all the latest news from Salt Horsemanship - Teesdale Vic - Geelong Area 16/11/2018

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Exciting news!!! We now have a website!!!

We would love you to have a good look at the website and see what you think. If you find that we are missing something that you would like to see on there, please contact us to let us know. We have a WebsiteNov 13, 2018admin   We now have a new website (as you can see) and we are very happy with it. We will continually update Events and the Gallery as new information becomes available and keep you up to date with any relevant News. We would love you to have a good look at the website ...


My first obstacle clinic in Tasmania was awesome! It’s such a good feeling helping people to learn how to guide and teach their horses to want to be on an obstacle! So proud of everyone and their horses! Thank you to Bradley and Eilleen for the use of your beautiful property and obstacles! A massive thank you to Sheryl and Ian for organising and also making the majority of the obstacles it was an awesome effort. You guys work so hard to make these days happy and I appreciate it so much! Thanks also to Deb our master chef and anyone else who helped in the slightest of ways it all makes a difference! Till next time “Stay safe, Ride well & Enjoy your time with your horses”


4 Day Extravaganza was just that! Great food, great people, great horses, great facilities, great fun! It was a big 4 days of working and learning together with our horses. So happy and proud of everyone’s achievements throughout the clinic. A massive thank you to Bec and her Mum for the awesome food we had it was a huge effort and I know it was much appreciated! The evening entertainment was a lot of fun as well! Thanks also to Tony and Fran for the use of your beautiful facility that is Burong! Till next time “Stay safe, Ride well & Enjoy your time with your Horses”


A big congratulations to Simone Webb on being the highest bidder on the Salt Horsemanship cap, halter and lead rope in the Ben Hall fundraising auction for Dolly’s Dream. We were honoured to have been able to donate these items to such a great cause.

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And the next run was a huge achievement for a nervous and tense little mare who started the clinic unable to even contem...
We would like to share a couple of runs from the short course that we put together to end our obstacle clinic on the wee...
Last one finishing off nice and soft and relaxed!! Love that stop!!
Ride 7 cantering on the other lead!!
3rd video from ride 7.
2nd video ride 7. In this one we also canter showing up a little more resistance but not bad for a little mare that hasn...
Here is Ella at ride 7.  Still got work to do but no swishy tail also starting to get a better rhythm and so soft. Also ...
2nd video day 1!!
Here is some video footage of Kristy Benning's horse Ella. Sent to me to further her training. The first 2 videos are of...
Here's another.
Hi guys. Sorry but I won't get to putting any photos up tonight. Here's a little video from the lake though. Hope all at...
Last video I have from today.




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