Energy efficiency is one reason why California's per capita electricity use has remained flat since the mid-1970s, despite a fourfold increase in real economic output, larger homes and the proliferation of consumer appliances and electronics. In fact, efficiency is responsible for an annual reduction in state-wide electricity consumption of 90 terawatt hours. That's equivalent to 30 per cent of the state's current electricity consumption, and enough to power about 8 million households.

Fundamentally, the least expensive and most sustainable energy is that which is not needed at all.

- Andrew McAllister - Commissioner. California Energy Commossion
“The least expensive and cleanest unit of energy is the one not needed at all."

We assess your site, model the best solutions for you to reduce your energy usage and implement these simply, while you focus on your core business.

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With high, #consistent #energy #usage from #HVAC and #lighting, #commercial #buildings have a lot to gain from efficiency projects. #Improvements in #thermal #comfort and lighting quality #contribute to more #productive work #environments.

With high, consistent energy usage from HVAC and lighting, commercial buildings have a lot to gain from efficiency projects. Improvements in thermal comfort and lighting quality contribute to more productive work environments. Efficient buildings can attract rental premiums and better occupancy rates, increasing net operating income and higher asset valuations. When all the benefits are taken into account, improving the energy efficiency of this building category has a strong return on investment.


With high, consistent energy usage from HVAC and lighting, commercial buildings have a lot to gain from efficiency projects. Improvements in thermal comfort and lighting quality contribute to more productive work environments. Efficient buildings can attract rental premiums and better occupancy rates, increasing net operating income and higher asset valuations. When all the benefits are taken into account, improving the energy efficiency of this building category has a strong return on investment. 24/05/2018

Air Curtains | reducing energy use | office energy savings | Energywise Air Curtains , reducing energy use , office energy savings HEATING AND COOLING AIR IS EXPENSIVE. SO IT'S BEST NOT TO LET IT ESCAPE


Having worked with Voltage Optimisation in Australia for over 10 years, we have vast experience with the technology. Our clients benefit from this. You receive an accurate appraisal of the suitability of the technology for your business and a project delivered by experts in the industry. We manufacture the equipment here in Australia and sell it to clients and energy saving companies across the world... 30/04/2018

Victorians offered cash incentive to cut power bills

Victorian Government offers cash incentive to help households get better energy deal

In an attempt to reduce household electricity bills, Premier Daniel Andrews has urged residents to consider changing energy plans and switching energy retailers by offering an incentive of $50 to each family who visits the ‘Energy Compare’ website. Andrews claims that the incentive strategy paired up with the site use will seek to put an end to energy retailers preying on consumers who lack the technical knowledge to shop around for other retailers with better offers. A $50 cash bonus to encourage Victorians to visit an energy comparison website to get a better power deal is just a bribe, the state Opposition says. 26/04/2018

Plans for a large-scale solar farm in Tasmania's north has some locals offside

Tasmania establishes plans on massive solar farm

With 40,000 solar panels to be installed, project manager Shane Bartel of Epuron says that their company’s project will see to the provision of power to over 3,000 homes and businesses in Wesley Vale. The 12.5-megawatt facility is set to be established between June and July of this year. George Town will also see the installment of a 16,000-panel farm capable of providing electricity to over 1,200 homes. Tasmania is a step closer to its first large-scale solar farm at George Town, but plans for an even bigger plant at Wesley Vale have been met with some local opposition. 12/04/2018

AGL chief determined to turn Liddell into renewables hub

AGL chief determined to turn Liddell into renewables hub
Despite pressure from the Government, AGL chief executive Andy Vesey says that he shall continue his plans to renovate the Liddell coal-fired power station into a renewable hub which could provide cheaper, greener, and more reliable energy to
NSW residents. Vesey says that the transformation of the factory could also provide quality and long-term jobs for decades. However, energy minister Josh Frydenberg as
well as former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce have pressured AGL into selling the coal plant to competitors to prolong its life. Andy Vesey says plant remains an extremely valuable piece of AGL’s portfolio until its closure 10/04/2018

100 per cent renewable energy possible by 2032, ANU academics say.

Australia could reach 100 per cent renewable energy by 2032: ANU prediction
The Australian National University’s professor Andrew Blakers and researcher Matthew Stocks have predicted that Australian energy is headed towards being 100 per cent renewable by 2032. According to the two academics, wind and solar installations have grown rapidly over the years, such that renewables could overtake coal-based energy by the middle of the 2020s. With renewable energy growing cheaper,costing only $55 to $70, the ANU did not have trouble predicting the rise of renewables. Massive growth in solar power installations is pushing the world closer to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2032, according to ANU engineering academics. 09/04/2018

Solar Roof tiles so strong they are backed by Tesla lifetime guarantee.

Tesla’s new Solar Roof up and running with a lifetime guarantee

Soon to come to Australia, Tesla’s new solar roof has debuted in
California, USA with a 9.9 kW system. The system relies on the entire roof being made out of durable glass tiles capable of harnessing solar energy. The strength of the glass shingles is said to be so strong that the system comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Partnered with the Tesla Powerwall, owners are given a constant source of energy to tap at night and during blackouts. What’s more, the Tesla Solar Roof also sports a sleek and elegant design. Glass solar tiles used on Tesla's Solar Roof are so strong they are covered by lifetime guarantee. With Powerwall batteries, homes can be self-sufficient. 08/04/2018

Renewables generated more electricity than brown coal over summer, report finds

Renewables generated more electricity than brown coal over summer
A new report by Green Energy Markets found that renewable energy has generated more power than brown coal during summer in Australia. Compared to brown coal’s 9,000 GWh, renewable energy sources have been able to generate over 10,000 GWh. Additionally, renewable energy was also able to trump gas-generated power by over 40%. GetUp campaign director Miriam Lyons says that the report shows that renewables were keeping the lights on while coal continues to become increasingly unreliable. Renewable energy also produced 40% more than gas and was exceeded only by black coal 05/04/2018

Majority of Australians support phasing out coal power by 2030, survey finds

Majority of Australians support phasing out coal power by 2030, survey finds
In a survey conducted by the Guardian, 60% of a sample population of 1,417 Australians agrees to phase out coal by the year 2030. According to Australia Institute’s deputy director Ebony Bennet, the survey shows that the community is ahead of the government on climate change. 50% of Coalition voters and 67% of Labor voters want to phase out coal, and majority also support striving to cut greenhouse gas emissions 05/04/2018

Privatise TasNetworks to deliver cheaper electricity, report urges

TasNetworks high electricity prices could cause 'death spiral' as customers disconnect, report warns

Australian public policy think tank known as the Grattan Institute found that the high prices of electricity will lead to a ‘death spiral’ that would leave homes and businesses without power. According to their report, consumers who remain with TasNetworks could face an extra $150 per year to the average power bill with the current state of the market. Energy analyst Marc White says that the solution lies with a fair and efficient price for off-grid electricity. Tasmania's electricity market is facing a 'death spiral' of fewer consumers paying more for power, but the State Government rejects suggestions privatisation is the way out. 04/04/2018

Cockeyed bob tears through WA Wheatbelt downing trees and powerlines

Cockeyed bob tears through WA Wheatbelt downing trees and powerlines

After a powerful storm raging with 113-kph winds tore through Wheatbelt in Western Australia, 4,000 km of electricity poles, powerlines, and other infrastructure were knocked down. As a result, over 5,000 homes and businesses have been left without power. Many businesses that relied on refrigeration and didn’t have their own power back-up systems were forced to close and throw out perishable goods. A powerful storm which locals have described as a mini cyclone has cut power to 5,000 homes and torn roofs from homes on Good Friday evening. 03/04/2018

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Energy saving technologies to suit every business
You can benefit from our expertise with a wide range of energy saving products 21/03/2018

Australia can avoid Germany's renewable energy mistakes

Australia can avoid Germany's renewable energy mistakes

German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency deputy chairman Christoph von Spesshardt says that the challenge for Australia is to get good stability as well as a renewable supply. By placing focus on energy efficiency in both residential
and commercial buildings, Australia may be able to curb away from the mistakes that the Germans had made 10 years ago in their ambitious plans on shifting towards renewable energy. Australia can avoid Germany’s renewable energy mistakes and create a more sustainable lower cost system, but it needs to be smarter about the way we use power. 21/03/2018

Residents slam 'ridiculous' $35 power price cut planned for regional Queensland

Plan to reduce power bills in regional Queensland slammed as inadequate 'joke'
The Queensland Competition Authority’s new suggested pricing on electricity seeks to reduce prices by 2.3 per cent for residences and 4.3 per cent for businesses. Residents and business owners alike have slammed this pricing adjustment. This alarming news has brought experts and professionals back to the drawing board to draft a better price reduction plan. A plan to cut power prices for residents by $35 a year, and businesses up to $110, is described by residents as a joke. 19/03/2018

Spikes, records and Tesla: How the energy market survived summer

Price spikes, demand records and the Tesla battery: How the energy market saw off summer

Despite energy market operator AEMO’s warnings of widespread and consistent blackouts to occur over the summer, the Australian energy market fared well throughout the scorching heat of the past few months. Through the use of renewables in
the form of solar and wind, partnered with Tesla’s battery, the market survived the summer with no counts of major blackouts. Six experts and eight charts reveal the key takeaways from the energy market over summer. 15/03/2018

Our love of solar power could soon become a serious problem

Solar power: What happens when we start producing more electricity than we can consume?

In 2017, Australia reached a record of rooftop solar panels installed. The 41% increase in installations has experts and residents wondering what to do with electricity generated in the middle of the day. Grattan Institute Energy Program Director Tony Wood suggests that it be best to employ the use of battery storage to collect solar electricity to be used at early morning and at evening. Australia is a world leader in the use of rooftop solar power, but some experts believe that with so much power coming online it may soon be worthless — and governments will have little choice but to cut subsidies.

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Renewable energy investment 'bonanza' is coming to Australia

Renewable energy investment 'bonanza' is coming to Australia, experts say

After the installation of Tesla’s 100-megawatt battery, the Australian
Climate Council predicted an astounding increase in renewable energy investments.
Overseas investors and companies have been drawn in by the well-publicised energy
crisis as well as the media attention on the rise of renewable energy. Independent
economist Warren Hogan says that the foreign investments in solar and battery storage
would have a great and lasting effect on Australia’s energy market. Experts believe a string of new renewable energy investments could be the beginning of the end for Australia's energy crisis.


'You shouldn't have to depend on charity': The struggle to cope with soaring power bills

"You shouldn't have to depend on charity" The struggle to cope with soaring power bills
Over the past 10 years, the Australian Competition and Consumer
Commission says that the average electricity bill has gone up by 44 per cent. It’s put a
lot of pressure on households and businesses. Reducing electricity wastage and
embracing solar are keys to becoming independent of the grid. Electricity is something that virtually every Australian household relies on. But the sharp increase in quarterly bills over the past decade means the essential resource is increasingly unaffordable. 07/03/2018

All in on renewable energy: Jay Weatherill to ramp up SA target to 75%

All in on renewable energy: Jay Weatherill to ramp up SA target to 75%

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill plans to increase the South
Australian energy target from its original 50% to 75% by the year 2025. The South
Australian government has also granted $3 million to Carnegie Clean Energy to
establish a 2-MW battery in Adelaide. Weatherill says that the Carnegie battery is a part
of the $150m Renewable Energy Fund. The State is increasingly becoming a world
leader in renewables and battery storage. South Australian premier also promises country’s first renewable energy storage target in a ‘rejection of the federal government’s approach’ 07/03/2018

Helping renters get solar panels on their roof

Solar boom: New schemes may help renters get solar panels on their roof

New South Wales community group Z-Net Uralla has partnered with the
Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (CORENA) in order to broker deals
between landlords and tenants to install solar systems on rented properties. Margaret
Hender of CORENA stated that she hopes that the partnership may be repeated by
other communities to get them involved in installing solar as a means for residents to
power their homes and businesses. We look at some of the options for renters who have traditionally been locked out of the benefits of solar power. 06/03/2018

Coal has had its day, says futurist Ramez Naam

Coal has had its day, says futurist Ramez Naam

“The price of solar is in free fall and Australia is one of the sunniest places
on earth.” Futurist and professional technologist Ramez Naam believes that coal is
plummeting as an energy resource and that Australians should turn towards solar power
as the primary means of powering residential and commercial buildings. Futurist, author and energy specialist Ramez Naam says Australia must move away from coal and focus on solar, saying the solution to energy concerns seems obvious. 19/02/2018

Tasmanian Labor's energy policy sets '120 per cent' renewable target

According to Labor Party leader Rebecca White, their party has drafted an energy $32.5-million, four-year policy that shall allow them to produce 120% of Tasmania’s power needs from renewable energy sources. White stated that the additional 20% produced from renewables shall be both stored and exported by the island state. Labor sets a target to generate more than 120 per cent of Tasmania's energy needs from renewables. 19/02/2018

Solar power inverter: an innovative device that converts solar energy

How does a solar inverter work? After a solar PV system absorbs energy
from the sun and produces direct current or DC, this energy needs to be transformed
into an alternating current or AC before it can be used by appliances, lights, and
equipment. A solar power inverter converts solar energy into energy you can use in your home. They come in many shapes and sizes and can save money.

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