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Welcome to the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre (ILC) page! We have been researching issues related to Indigenous peoples and the law since 1981.

The ILC produces the Indigenous Law Bulletin and the Australian Indigenous Law Review. Megan Davis is the Director of the Centre and Professor in the Faculty of Law, UNSW. Melanie Simpson is the ILC Coordinator. Centre Staff:

Professor Megan Davis, Director
Dr Kyllie Cripps, Centre Fellow
Leon Terrill, Centre Fellow
Laura Hunter, Coordinator
Ruby Langdon-Batty, ILB Editor
Leon Terrill, AILR Editor
Lucy Jackson, Research Assistant

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Mining and fracking ruled out at NT park

"It just goes to show what can be achieved with a persistent, patient and united campaign," - David Ross, Director, Central Land Council Traditional owners of the Northern Territory's Watarrka National Park, which includes Kings Canyon, are celebrating the land becoming off limits for mining and fracking. 30/05/2017

ABC iview : Q&A - Noel Pearson, Pat Anderson, Megan Davis, Nakkiah Lui, Stan Grant

Who got a chance to tune is last night?
If you missed it click on the iView link below.
#qanda #referendumcouncil #indigenous From Parliament House, Canberra this special 1967 & Mabo: Moving Forward marks 50 years since the 1967 referendum & 25 years since Mabo. Guests: Noel Pearson, Pat Anderson, Megan David, Nakkiah Lui & Stan Grant. #QandA 23/05/2017

Explainer: why 300 Indigenous leaders are meeting at Uluru this week

Yeah... we know 300 Indigenous leaders are meeting in Uluru this week.... But why?
Harry Hobbs, ILC associate, brings us up to date.

Story: The Conversation At Uluru, Indigenous representatives from across Australia will aim to reach consensus on what constitutional recognition means to them. 23/05/2017

Dylan Voller: Life outside after a decade behind bars

Dylan Voller, a former youth detainee at Darwin’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, speaks about his life outside of detention. Voller, speaks about his past experiences and positively shares about his aspirations for his future.

Shocking images of the treatment Voller received in detention were broadcast across the nation, those images were used for Northern Territory Royal Commission into youth detention after the ABC's Four Corners aired the program "Australia's Shame" in July 2016.

Story from: SBS News and NITV EXCLUSIVE: In the last year, Dylan Voller’s name has been splashed over newspapers both nationally and internationally; the image of him strapped to a restraint chair and hooded has been etched onto screens worldwide. 23/05/2017

‘Rushing elders, fail on jobs’

'Mr Shaw claims he and Mr Forrest hurried indigenous people in the Goldfields, including an elder who was seriously ill, to accept $25,000 each to allow the $1 billion project to go ahead.'

Story from: The Australian An Aboriginal businessman who worked for Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest to negotiate the billionaire’s early native title deals says indigenous people were rushed into signing agreements and made promises on jobs and contracts that were never kept. 08/05/2017

Eora Nation 46: Aboriginal water rights

ABC Sydney has a wonderful radio segment titled: Eora Nation.

Short 15 min segments discussing loads of Indigenous topics, from spotting the emu in the sky to Aboriginal Water Rights.

Wendy Harmer funny as always whilst asking insightful and respectful questions.

Follow the link below, pop in some headphones and brush up on Eora Nation.

Byte sized segments with thousands and thousands of years of history.

#indigenousaustralia #eoranation #aboriginal #podcast Most people by now have heard about Aboriginal land rights. What about Aboriginal water rights?! 06/05/2017

A moment in the mirror: Politicians and bureaucrats at the NT royal commission

A moment in the mirror: Politicians and bureaucrats at the NT royal commission. Taking responsibility for your actions is what Adam Giles's government always insisted juvenile criminals in the NT must do, but his example before the royal commission fell short of his own sentiments. 04/05/2017

Government defends cashless welfare 'set-up costs'

The Federal Government defends the $20 million spent on the cashless welfare card system.

The compulsory income management program is being trialled on about 2,000 people in two communities with high Aboriginal populations ahead of a potential expansion. The Federal Government defends the $20-million price tag for a Centrelink trial restricting how people can spend their money, but the Greens say the money would be better spent on support programs. 04/05/2017

Kinchela Boys' Home survivors tell of removals, sexual abuse and redemption

"That tree — it felt our pain," Richard Campbell says.

Richard is a former inmate of the Kinchela Boys' Home, near Kempsey on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, where he was identified by the number 28. Two survivors of the notorious Kinchela Boys' Home recount horrors from the institution — where children were referred to as numbers and routinely raped. 03/05/2017

Feel better about the nightmare world for 30 seconds with this tiny kid doing the haka

Thank you NITV for this. Just what we needed this afternoon.
This teeny Māori toddler already showing off his Haka - a traditional war cry for the Māori people of New Zealand.
Family passing on age old traditions, keeping culture strong and alive.
#indigenous #māori #haka It's easy to get overwhelmed by how terrible this nightmare garbage world can be sometimes, so it's important that every so often something funny and pure and delightful comes along to cleanse our palates and let us get up every morning and continue to live. 03/05/2017

Luke Walker – when one doctor degree isn’t enough - Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association

Congratulations to Luke Walker leading the way for many Indigenous students to come.

Luke believes that mentoring is extremely important for Indigenous medical students.

Story was found through Nura Gili AIDA spoke with Luke Walker, one of our Indigenous medical student members who is now in his final year of studying medicine. Luke is a Wiradjuri man from a small town called Narromine located about 30 minutes west of Dubbo, in Central West NSW. In Year 12 he was awarded Narromine’s Young Citizen of... 01/05/2017

Treaty or Constitutional Recognition?

Podcast: Speaking Out with Larissa Behrendt

Community aspirations for an Aboriginal Treaty in Victoria ahead of a government forum on the issue, The grassroots movement garnering support from the rank and file of the ALP, And the national Referendum Council holds community talks in Brisbane on Constitutional Recognition. Politics, arts and culture from a range of Indigenous perspectives. 28/04/2017

Hog-ties, use of dogs for discipline to be banned in youth detention

Almost two decades after an investigation revealed failures in Queensland's youth detention system, several of those issues still remain, a damning report has revealed.

The Independent Review of Youth Detention was ordered by Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath in August. Almost two decades after an investigation revealed failures in Queensland's youth detention system, several of those issues still remain, a damning report has revealed. 27/04/2017

Flu vaccine won't make you immune, but it's more important than you think

UNSW is offering staff and students free flu vaccines on campus. Laura Hunter (ILC coordinator) got her one yesterday.

Off campus, you can get vaccinated for as little as $10.
alternatively, if you meet these requirements you are eligible for a free seasonal influenza vaccine: all people aged 65 years and over, all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 6 months to 5 years and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and over. Just ask you GP for more info. As we head towards flu season, many people are wondering if it's worth getting vaccinated against influenza and if so, when. Here's what you need to know. 24/04/2017

Constitutional recognition must make Indigenous lives better. Otherwise what’s the point?

Constitutional recognition must make Indigenous lives better. Otherwise what’s the point? Reform is about building a better and fairer Australia as well as making good on past promises – to treat Aboriginal Australians with dignity and respect 20/04/2017

"I am not an outcast": Kids in care speak out against social stigma

"I am not just another black kid in care," - 16 year-old Indigenous Australian Shanneika

#snapthatstigma A touching new short video and social media campaign has been launched by a children's advocacy group to help break the stigma that kids in out-of-home care face every day. 20/04/2017

Why Indigenous Australia will reject a minimalist referendum question

Jeremy Clark and Jill Gallagher were to co-convenors of the Referendum Council's First Nation's Regional Dialogue in Melbourne.
'And though we disagree on many things, we have unity on one: we all want real change and we are all prepared to fight for it. We are also prepared to say no if we have to.' If the politicians have cooked up a "done deal" for mere minimalism on constitutional recognition, Aboriginal people will say no. Substantive reform, or nothing at all. That was the clear message relayed at the Victorian dialogue in Melbourne this weekend. It is a message we, as convenors of the gat... 08/04/2017

Miss First Nation searches for the country's hottest Indigenous drag queens

Saturday Sparkles.

Miss First Nation is a county-wide competition for all "First Nation divas", and will be held over five days in Darwin, in late September. Organisers hope the competition will raise the profile of Indigenous drag queens and sistagirls from around the country. 22/03/2017

UNSW Indigenous Winter School | Nura Gili | UNSW Australia

Do you know any Indigenous students in years 10-12 that are considering further studies beyond high school?

UNSW Indigenous Winter School is a weeklong residential programme that will provide students with an insight into life after year 12.

There are a variety of subjects offered from Medicine to Visual Art.

Share this with any families you think could benefit from this wonderful opportunity. To add to the experience, accommodation is provided in colleges on campus and the whole program is at no cost to the student. Monday 3 July to Saturday 8 July 2017APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN 21/03/2017

Cabinet to change Racial Discrimination Act wording to 'harass'

The Coalition party room has backed substantial changes to the Racial Discrimination Act that retain the offence of "intimidate" on the basis of race, but replace the words "insult", "offend" and "humiliate" with "harass". Federal Cabinet is proposing substantial changes to the wording of the Racial Discrimination Act.


SBS Australia

CONTENT WARNING: The news article below contains language and information that may be distressing to some readers.

Former Don Dale youth officer, Conan Zamolo, has admitted he filmed himself interacting with the children at the facility asking them for oral sex and also verbally demeaning them.

Shocking testimony has emerged from the Juvenile Justice Royal Commission. 20/03/2017

New Zealand just gave human rights to a river

The union between Indigenous People and country runs much deeper than a constitution. We hope that the continual efforts are able to set legal precedents all over the world, in an effort to protect places of importance to Indigenous People.

"This legislation recognises the deep spiritual connection between the Whanganui Iwi and its ancestral river and creates a strong platform for the future of Whanganui River." - Mr Finlayson The Whanganui River in New Zealand's North Island has become the first landmark in the world to be recognised as a living entity. 16/03/2017

A leader for the next generations: cultural crusader Terri Janke

Did you see UNSW Law alumna Terri Janke on NITV last night? If you missed it catch up on the episode of SBS Living Black here
A leader for the next generations: cultural crusader Terri Janke Living Black takes a look at Terri Janke, providing a rare insight into the mind and motivation behind this amazingly successful woman in both her work and personal life, including a major health crisis that changed her outlook forever. 16/03/2017

We won’t close the gap if we put an “Indigenous spin” on western approaches | Richard Weston

'Often, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are retriggered in their trauma through ongoing social exclusion such as experiencing racism or feeling that their voices are not valued. This keeps people in a negative cycle of feeling bad and, as a result, experiencing ill health.' On National Close the Gap day, it’s time to address the burden of trauma that has been passed down among our people. There will be no progress without it



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