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Operating as usual 10/10/2020

Next-gen vending machines gain traction in pandemic

We have this technology at Cool Vending now.
Reach out to us should you be interested in such a machine. Thanks to the pandemic-era push toward contactless services, vending machines are no longer relegated to second-class status. Instead, they're nabbing prime real estate in a property's lobby. 04/10/2020

The 2,000-year-old history of vending machines

2,000-year-old history of vending machines Dispensing everything from Sunchips to holy water, live crabs to cappuccinos 04/10/2020

The economics of vending machines

A good article to get to know how the industry works and how small operators can make some good money.

Give us a call to discuss further should you be interested. The pandemic has boosted interest in vending machine ownership. But how much can a new operator expect to earn in the business? 01/10/2020

Date Australia will have a new $100 bill

The new $100 note is the last in an overhaul of the Australian currency system.

Due 29 October 2020 Here's when your wallet will get a refresh. 12/06/2020

Coca-Cola Distributor Offers Bitcoin Payment Options for Aussie Vending Machines

More than 2,000 vending machines in Australia and New Zealand will let customers buy a Coke with bitcoin.

You will need another wallet. More than 2,000 vending machines in Australia and New Zealand will let customers buy a Coke with bitcoin. Coca-Cola Amatil, the Asia-Pacific bottling giant, has partnered with digital assets platform Centrapay to integrate bitcoin as a payment option from its vending machines across Australia and Ne... 26/05/2020

Mum buys vending machine and gets kids to pay for their snacks with pocket money

I'm not sure if the parents are mean or training the kids to become vending technicians. 😁 But healthy snacks are free. 01/05/2020

Face mask vending machines pop-up in NYC - KYMA

Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer vending machines.

We will soon be providing Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers in our office and workplace vending machines.

Drop me a line if you have a need for these products New Yorkers can now pick-up face masks on the go — for a price. 29/04/2020

Easter Vending Machine Specials

$250 savings on the new M-Series Combos.
New stock, just arrived.

The ongoing medical emergency has changed the lives of many across the globe. However, we are still open and operating within social distancing and other health guidelines.

Lots of industries like manufacturing, construction and large retail outlets are still operating to supply the public and in fact, have also increased sales volume and staff numbers.

I hope you are keeping safe and working on strategies to expand your business. Now is the time to think outside the box and seize opportunities while others are scared.   * 6 selection Chocs   * 6 Selection Chips   * 18 Selection Drinks   * Coins & Notes    * Advanced electronics   * Consumer friendly.    * 12 months parts warranty 11/10/2019

Next Generation of Banknotes: $20 Enters General Circulation | Media Releases

The new $20 has now entered general circulation.

Give us a call should you wish to have your Pyramid Apex or Spectra note readers upgraded to accept these new notes. The new banknote entered general circulation on 9 October 2019. 18/07/2019

RBA unveils new $20 note and says cash is no longer king, but no 'court jester'

Get Prepared. Contact us to get your Pyramid Apex note readers upgraded to take the new $20 notes being released in October. The Reserve Bank unveiled the new $20 note on Friday, featuring enhanced security and features for the vision impaired. 12/06/2019

The Easy Side Business You Can Start from Scratch - Daily Reckoning

Don't hold back. If you’ve been searching for a side business that has low overhead, requires minimal technical skills, and will generate passive income... 25/05/2019

How to Start a Vending Machine Business

US article but useful for those considering getting into the vending industry. Give us a call to discuss making it happen in AUS. Low overhead costs and flexible schedules make entering the vending machine business an appealing option for entrepreneurs, but what does it take to get started? Find out how you can break into this industry in a few steps. 26/04/2019

Michigan State University Study, in Partnership with USA Technologies, Finds Revenue Increases of 110% After Cashless Payments Technology is Added to Low-Performing Vending Machines

Revenue Increases of 110% after Cashless Payments Technology is Added to Low-Performing Vending Machines

Michigan State University Study, in Partnership with USA Technologies, Finds Revenue Increases of 110% after Cashless Payments Technology is Added to Low-Performing Vending Machines

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 25, 2019--The NAMA Show - While many vending operators prioritize equipping high-volume machines with cashless technology, a recent study found that low performing machines can offer significant revenue growth as well. According to a recent study that was conducted by Michigan State University (MSU) in collaboration with USA Technologies(“USAT”), a premier digital payment, consumer engagement and logistics service provider for the self-service retail market, vending operators who added cashless technology to machines with less than $2,000 a year in sales experienced top line sales growth of 110 percent on average over the first 18 months following deployment; this compares to the average 35 percent increase in the total population of machines.

The study found that, following the deployment of cashless technology, machines experienced an increase in cash sales as well. While cashless sales increased by 131 percent on low performing machines after 18 months compared to 78 percent on the total population of machines studied, cash sales increased by an average of 97 percent on the low performing machines during that same period, compared to 17 percent on the total population of machines.
“We believe that the results of this study underscore the real financial and operational value of adding cashless technology to every machine,” said Jim Turner, a senior data analyst at USA Technologies. “Not only could cashless technology facilitate more sales because it enables people to pay with whatever method is most convenient for them, but it could significantly increase cash sales as well, which is partially driven by the ability to offer premium products and an increased awareness of machine performance due to online management tools. We believe that having the data to make better decisions, even on a low-performing machine, can potentially result in significant additional revenue for operators.”
The study also found that on average, over the first 18 months following deployment, for machines equipped with cashless technology:
There was a 26 percent growth in total transactions
There was a 74 increase in credit card transactions and 13 percent increase in cash transactions
70 percent of all growth was accounted for by increased transactions
Spend per transaction was up seven percent overall
The study was conducted by Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business - MS Business Analytics (MBSA) program, which provides an educational experience that combines a number of University resources in addressing the study, research, and application of analytics. As part of the program, USAT provided MSU with access to its “Knowledge Base” database which captures sales and transaction data on all machines connected to USAT’s cashless payments platform. MSU then analyzed the data on select machines to evaluate sales activity up to 18 months following the addition of cashless technology. Results were based on sales activity of 250,000 vending machines connected to USAT’s cashless payments platform nationwide, including 95,000 low performing machines. Press release content from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation. 04/04/2019

Medium VM3 Combination Snack and Drink Vending Machine for sale | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Parramatta Area - Girraween | 1214684592 Medium VM3 Combination Drink and Snack Refrigerated Vending Machine Message David for a brochure or more info Features Medium VM3 6 Selection ..., 1214684592 20/02/2019

Summer Specials 💥💥💥

Summer Specials 💥💥 - We are receiving the next container of our new M Series 3000, 4000, and 5000 combo units next week.  The previous container sold out quickly and we have received excellent feedback from clients. These units are an enhanced version of the VM Series that have been in the market for more than 10 years... 05/11/2018


Keep an eye out for the new $50 banknotes that have come into circulation. No need for standard vending operators to upgrade as very few accept this denomination. For those that do, it's yet another round of upgrades. The Bank has released images of the new $50 banknote that will be issued into circulation from October 2018. 15/10/2018

The Dad Who Sent His Toddler Into A Vending Machine To Steal Nintendo Consoles Has Been Arrested

Dad of the year? A father has been arrested after he sent his toddler inside an arcade machine to steal Nintendo game consoles.


Coke vending machine that accepts Bitcoin payments through Lightning Network

The way of the future. Cool Vending will be looking into this. 18/07/2018

Farewell Coke Zero: drink canned amid battle for sugar-phobic drinkers

People just did not get that Coke Zero had no sugar causing the name change. Why not say that it tastes more like Coke classic. Bingo, huge sales increase. Coke Zero will disappear from Australian shelves in September. 03/07/2018

China's vending machines get smart

Tap and go will be so old school soon. Palm readers are the next big thing. Palm scanners dispense with need for cash, credit cards, even smartphones 29/06/2018

How crows can use a vending machine

Don't call them bird brain. Watch how Emma the crow creates the currency required to operate a vending machine. 25/05/2018

Canberra-themed vending machines are popping up around the country

Can you believe it? Canberra has been ranked third in Lonely Planet’s Best Cities to Visit in 2018 This week VisitCanberra is launching their very own brand of soft drinks, offering Australians a taste of t...


Return and earn price increase for NSW

We have just been informed by one of our suppliers that the Exchange For Change will increase the Return and Earn pricing to $0.1131c per bottle from 1st June 2018. Expect price rises again. 19/03/2018


The new $50 banknote will be released next, into general circulation in October 2018. The Bank has released images of the new $50 banknote that will be issued into circulation from October 2018. 04/11/2017

A reverse vending machine has arrived in Prospect

The first of many to spring up across NSW November 3 2017 - 4:21PM A reverse vending machine has arrived in Prospect Local NewsfacebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsapp One of the state’s first reverse vending machine kiosks has been installed in Prospect as part of the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme rollout.One of the state’s fi... 17/10/2017

Recycling being stockpiled and dumped in landfill as glass market crashes

There seems to be no real market for recycled glass in Australia, so what will happen to the glass containers after the introduction of the Container Deposit Scheme in NSW and the forecasted 40% reduction in litter it aims to achieve?

It will most likely just be dumped into landfill. One recycling company is going public to raise awareness about the issues being faced by industry due to what it describes as a failure of regulation. 15/10/2017

The hidden cost of the tap-and-go boom

It's even more involved and expensive in Vending Machines. Lots of middlemen need their cut. Banks appear to be keeping some contactless payments more expensive than they need to be for retailers, raising questions about the extent of competition.


The NSW Container Deposit Scheme is to start 1 November 2017.
Expect increases of up to 20 cents.
The idea is to reduce litter but it's just another tax on citizens.


New $10 upgrade now available for the Pyramid Apex and Spectra models.

We have received the latest firmware update for these two models. If you want to beat the rush, please give us a call. 01/08/2017

You’ll soon be able to get a refund for your empty cans and bottles — but there’s a catch

Would this be like making Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank? COCA-COLA Amatil is among major beverage companies that will oversee the NSW government’s incoming container deposit scheme that could push up the price of drinks in bottles and cans by up to 20 cents. 08/07/2017

‘You could put a trace on some of these notes’

Michael Andrew, the head of the federal government’s Black Economy Taskforce said too much cash was being hoarded under pensioners’ beds.
Wow! their surveillance must be world leading. THE man charged with cracking down on the “black economy” has revealed how he would like to keep track of your $100 and $50 notes.


Why Japan has so many vending machines

Why Japan has the highest number of vending machines.

What vending machines can teach you about this country Subscribe to the Vox Borders newsletter for weekly updates: Follow Jo... 09/06/2017

In Russia, You Can Use This Vending Machine to Buy Instagram Likes

Is this fake news? If it is true, one needs to question all likes, follows and feedback on the net. It's the same old maxim 'Caveat emptor' This isn't a joke. Despite plenty of people not believing that it's real, what you're looking at is a genuine Instagram Likes vending machine, spotted in a 19/05/2017

World's Largest Vending Machine Dispenses Luxury Automobiles

World's Largest Vending Machine You could go buy your next Ferrari at the corner dealership. Who couldn't? But, if you want to be classy, buy your next luxury car from a vending machine. 21/02/2017

Next Generation of Banknotes: $10 Design Reveal

Stage 2 roll out in September 2017 of the new $10 note. A whole new round of upgrades. The Reserve Bank has today revealed the design of the new $10 banknote that will be issued into circulation from September 2017.



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