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Join this important free online forum "The children of the Intervention - Is the justice system failing them?" on Monday, 24 May 21 at 7pm AEST
You can find more info about the forum at
Tuesday, 2 June 6pm AEST there'll be a special screening of "Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley" to be followed by Q&A with
Aunty Anne Poelina, Nyikina Warra Traditional Custodian and Guardian of the Martuwarra
Nicholas Wrathall, Director, Writer, Producer
MC: Shelley Ware, Yankunytjatjara and Wirangu woman, media presenter
for more info, see
Here is Episode 5 of podcast series “justicematters” which features music written and recorded at the Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre and the Outer Metropolitan Correctional Centre. Please share and subscribe to the series.
We are very happy to hear this ruling..
Despair not depression..
Strive n prosper bruz
#ourkids #kidsofkalgoorlie
It just takes one person to believe in someone and everyone deserves a second chance! Everybody has a story.. #motivationalspeaker #mentoring #inspiring #bethechange #secondchance #realmodels #livedexperience
Welcomed law reform
Tune in NOW!!
Throwback to August 2016 when Keenan Mundine featured on the cover of LSJ.

Inside Out AJC raises awareness of the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the justice system & provides expert advice & innovative solutions to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people, their families and communities.

Inside Out Aboriginal Justice Consultancy is an Aboriginal owned and led consulting firm dedicated to raising awareness of the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system and providing expert advice and innovative solutions for addressing this significant issue. With both lived and professional experience in the justice system, we offer a unique insight and perspective

Operating as usual


Job opportunity!!

Are you a recent graduate or know someone who is? Please tag them below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Please share this opportunity far and wide! We need the right candidate who understands the importance of this project.

We are currently advertising for a deadly employment opportunity. This role will lead the Bugmy Justice Project (further project info on our website - link in bio) and other important, community focused projects.

The Bugmy project will be instrumental in disrupting mass incarceration, keeping mob out of jail and providing them with the opportunity to heal.

Based in Sydney on a part time or full time basis, working between @deadlyconnections and @nationaljusticeproject_au - you will be supporting our orgs to fight for systemic change.

The role is suited to a First Nations person who is passionate about challenging systemic discrimination and demanding reform in the health, justice and child protection systems.

Candidates must have completed tertiary level education, training or equivalent in one of the following fields: Arts; Communications; Criminology; Public Health; Allied Health; Social and Political Sciences; Law; Social Work; Policy/ Research; Indigenous Studies; Education and Training; Community Development; Youth and Community Services

Although this is an identified role, non-Indigenous people who meet the role criteria and are interested in our work are invited to submit an Expression of Interest detailing relevant experience for similar suitable roles.

Please review the ad (link in bio) and here also in our stories/highlights.

All questions and applications should be sent to [email protected] as soon as possible. The start dates of the position is flexible for the right candidate but we are eager to fill the position as soon as possible. Applicants will be required to submit a written piece of work during the recruitment process.

#deadlyconnections #socialjustice #humanrights #employmentopportunity #systemicchange #projectmanagment


Keenan Mundine calls out Turnbull Government for failing Indigenous children

Throwback. Please follow Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited to keep up to date with our work.


This is an absolute SCANDAL.

This is an absolute SCANDAL.

This Government is giving MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to mining billionaires and corporations that pay NO tax.

This is money that they say is being spent on Blak communities. Instead, they’re just giving money to their big donor mates.

It’s so dodgy!! Watch 👇🏾👇🏾 07/01/2021

Home | Deadly Connections


Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited is seeking expressions of interest for the Deadly Connections Expert Advisory Committee for 2021-22.

As an Aboriginal controlled organisation, Deadly Connections is committed to the promotion of self-determination for Aboriginal people, families and communities and other vulnerable populations. The Deadly Connections Expert Advisory Committee has been established in response to the lack of opportunities for justice involved people, families and communities to contribute to discussions, guide the direction of Deadly Connections and provide meaningful feedback about matters that affect us.

The primary function of this Committee will be to provide expert advice to Deadly Connections on the views, needs and interests of the justice involved people, families and communities in NSW, particularly those who are also affected by the out of home care/child protection systems and other social/human services areas including but not limited to; homelessness, mental health, substance use and abuse, family violence, health and other areas in which Aboriginal/justice involved people are disproportionately affected.

You will be engaged to inform and improve Deadly Connections (and other government/non-government agencies) decision making in relation to policy, programs, projects, service delivery and advocating for systemic change.

The information gained in this meeting will assist us in identifying areas of improvement, gaps in service provision and areas for advocacy/change. We will also be promoting this group to other non-govt and government agencies as a best practice model and a resource for them to consult for expert advice and guidance on proposed programs, policies etc.

The Deadly Connections Expert Advisory Committee will consist of a mix of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people from 16 – 75 who have lived experience in the areas listed above.

Members of the committee are volunteers and will meet at least four times a year. The meetings will be held in either the City of Sydney or Inner West LGA (NSW). Our first meeting will be in February, then May, August and November 2021 (online attendance will be considered for those living outside of those areas).

We will be expanding the group to include other States and Territories moving forward once we have all of the necessary frameworks developed and implemented.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved or if you have any questions through our website or via [email protected] speak to Jade our project officer via (freecall) 18004USMOB (1800487662) during business hours (Mon to Thurs).

Please tag anyone you think may be interested? Deadly Connections Community and Justice Services


Men's group happening today.

Come down and say hi! 19/12/2020

Winners of the NSW Aboriginal Child and Family Awards 20200

Huge congrats to Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited The NSW Aboriginal Child and Family awards are held annually by AbSec to acknowledge those working to support Aboriginal families throughout the state, celebrating individuals and organisations that have made remarkable contributions and outstanding achievements to improving outcomes for our childre...


Sharing from Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited

To all of our supporters,

We have reached crisis point after almost a year of trying to locate an office space and community access point.

We are very good at supporting people whilst in crisis however it is proving difficult to do so while we are also experiencing crisis.

We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve this year with very limited resources. We do not have adequate resources to pay high rent for a space as we need to direct the small amount of resources that we do have into investing in our communities.

While everybody is getting ready to celebrate Christmas, we are in crisis mode with a significant amount of uncertainty around the operations of Deadly Connections moving into 2021.

We need a strong foundation in the form of operational headquarters in community to continue to provide place based, best practice, culturally responsive and holistic services to First Nations people, families and communities.

Since acquiring an office space in June 2020 - (during the height of COVID) we have tripled in size across both our staff and volunteers numbers.

We are a small organisation achieving mighty outcomes and changing the lives of the people that we support.

Please help us continue to build safer, healthier, more connected communities!


Rose Jackson


This is not radical anymore. 28/10/2020

Autistic girl, 9, handcuffed by police after meltdown at school

Disgusting. 9 years old! The girl's heartbroken mother believes her daughter has "fallen through the cracks" of the system and is calling for more mental health support for youths. 27/10/2020

High rate of Aboriginal incarceration 'starts young', NSW inquiry hears

Powerful testimony from Keenan Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited on way discriminatory laws and policing drag our kids into the criminal justice system.

“When you enter at 10 or 14 and have a criminal record, what future do you have? One that’s dependent on welfare and government housing. And if that’s not adequate enough, what resources do you turn to? Illegal activity. So there’s a lot of factors that need to be addressed to make a big impact in this climate, and to change this overwhelming and shockingly disproportionate rates of my people that are entrenched in the child protection and justice system." Indigenous children are entering the justice system earlier than others and directly from out of home care, MPs told


Please consider donating to Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Limited cause to end mass imprisonment and deaths in custody of our First Nations people.

"The biggest thing I’d like to see, is the Indigenous people, who are the main voices of Australia, working together. We know our respective communities, and we have the answers, man. We need to look after our own people”

First Nations communities are full of innovative ideas on how to address the complex challenges they face. Support Keenan Mundine's push to fund Aboriginal community-led solutions to the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the child protection and justice systems.

100% of your donation goes directly to Deadly Connections, the non-profit organisation founded by visionary youth worker and proud First Nations man, Keenan Mundine alongside his wife, criminologist and proud Wiradjuri Woman, Carly Stanley 🖤 💛 ❤️ 08/09/2020

NSW police spent $24m on legal settlements, including for battery and false imprisonment

🤬🤬 The New South Wales police spent $24m of taxpayer money on almost 300 civil legal claims brought against officers during the last financial year. The figure, obtained by the NSW Greens, includes settlements for serious misconduct claims including battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution... 26/07/2020

'Prison is no place for a child': Australia to discuss raising the age of criminal responsibility

'Prison is no place for a child'.. #RaiseTheAge Despite repeated campaigns against it, Australia still puts children as young as 10 behind bars. But pressure is growing to raise the age of criminal responsibility with a key meeting on Monday to discuss the issue.


Four Corners

In case you missed it..

Racism altered the course of Keenan's life.

Now, he works every day to try to keep young black kids out of jail.


South Coast Black Cockatoos

No KO this year my people!

The 50th NSW Koori Knockout Announcement 21/06/2020

Hundreds protest black deaths in custody in Australia

Thanks for keeping those fires burning Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc. ✊🏽

#samestory #differentsoil Keenan Mundine is a youth worker and Indigenous justice advocate, who runs the community-based Deadly Connections organisation, and he says scenes in America resonate with the Indigenous community in Australia.


Please support the important work Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc. does on a community and systems level.

You walked with us on Saturday, now walk with us today and every day.

Together we can create stronger, safer communities and pathways for Aboriginal people families and communities.

Please help us continue our vital work - donate now to Deadly Connections through

#TransformingJustice #TransformingLives #TransformingCommunities #CareNotCages #OurKidsOurMobOurWay


Half of Australian prisoners mental health 'massively affected' by COVID-19 restrictions, survey shows

A survey of incarcerated people in Australia has provided concrete evidence of a serious decline in mental health and wellbeing as a result of restrictions brought in to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The survey of more than 60 prisoners and their families asked prisoners how COVID-19 restrictions had affected them. 98 per cent replied that their mental health and wellbeing had been negatively impacted in some way, with almost 50 percent of survey participants indicating that they had been “massively” affected.

The suspension of face to face visits was by far the most common reason given for mental health stress. As one male Aboriginal prisoner from Western Australia put it: “You hold onto visits so much, it’s the one hour a week you can forget you’re in jail. Having no outside physical contact even for an hour with your child mentally drains you." Also mentioned numerous times as a source of stress were restrictions in access to exercise and gym facilities.

The families of prisoners, often referred to as the ‘invisible victims’, also talked about feeling intense distress, noting that video call replacements were no substitute for face to face visits. More than 50 per cent of both prisoners and their families reported being either “unsatisfied” or “very unsatisfied” with the availability and quality of video visits.

“Only allowed one Skype visit a month for 15 mins when I was getting a two hour contact visit a week. Should be allowed at least three 15 minute Skype visits a week” said one respondent.

Numerous accounts tell of the strain restrictions are taking on parental and other relationships:

"Since restrictions my partner has been severely depressed and unhappy. Every phone call he seems upset and down especially when he speaks to his children”;

"Trying to discuss family matters over the phone is hard especially when its sorry business";

"Our relationship is taking a turn for the worse. I feel very alone and isolated being away from him."

The survey also asked respondents about restrictions to essential services they rely on for their wellbeing and parole. One third responded that “Most of [their services] have been suspended entirely” with a further 23 per cent saying services had been “highly” affected. Most critical seem to be the suspension of work and day release programs, which means people are literally spending longer in gaol. This is despite specific legislation being enacted to enable the early release of prisoners during the pandemic.

What needs to be done?

We call on governments around Australia to immediately expedite the parole of all low-risk prisoners. The immediate increase and prioritisation of funding for community rehabilitation and education services is also imperative. We need to ensure that all people released from prison have access to appropriate programs and services to effectively support them during their transition from custody to community.

The risk of inaction is frightful. Incarcerated people are among the most vulnerable in the community. A 2006 study of NSW prisoners on entry into custody found that 80% would have met the diagnostic criteria for a psychiatric disorder within the past year compared to 31% of a community sample . The further decline in the mental health and wellbeing of incarcerated people is everyone’s business, as most will sooner or later be among the community.

Reducing prison numbers will increase safety in the event of a second wave of COVID-19, as governments acknowledged about the first wave in March of this year. It will also free capacity in what limited or restricted services remain, such as video visits with families.

The over representation of Aboriginal people in Australian prisons is amongst the highest of any minority group in the world. This is a human rights and social justice issue of the highest concern, going to the heart of colonial dispossession and systemic racism in this country. Scores of Aboriginal people have and continue to die in custody, and this will only worsen if more is not done to bring people home to their families.
About the survey

This survey was undertaken with the help of families asking incarcerated loved ones questions over the phone or Skype. We received 63 responses, with the majority from NSW, and a sizeable number from Western Australia. Approximately half of responses were Aboriginal people, who reported a notably higher rate of adverse mental health effects than their non-indigenous counterparts amongst NSW respondents in particular.

All but a few respondents were between the age of 19 and 50 years of age, with those under 30 reporting having a harder time mental health wise to a small degree. We received only a small number of juvenile and female responses but we know from our personal and professional community experience that the situation is as bad or worse in this population.

About Deadly Connections and Community Justice Services Inc.

Deadly Connections Community & Justice Services Inc (Deadly Connections) was established in September 2018 as a specialist Aboriginal Community-Led (Not For Profit - NFP) Organisation. This was in response to direct community concerns around the lack of community driven, culturally responsive, grass roots, innovative solutions and responses to address the over-representation of Aboriginal people, families and communities in both the child protection and justice systems.

Please direct media enquiries to:

Carly Stanley
CEO and Founder of Deadly Connections
[email protected]
0433 900 218

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