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Are you ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL? VSS is a team of virtually based support prof


Ever heard anyone talk about and

Do you actually know the different between the two?

like us use to build websites for our clients. It gives us access to advanced and customizable areas within the software. We also host the websites on our servers and can easily keep an eye on them at a glance.

If you're wanting to test the waters out and build your own Wordpress website, that's where comes into play. When you sign up, you select a hosting plan to host your website, and then you can go ahead and start building your site.

Did that give you a good explanation as to the differences? Did you know this was an option? Comment below!


Something we get asked all the time is.... Do we need to organising hosting for our website?

The shorter answer is, sites like WIX, Shopify, Squarespace etc all have hosting already sorted for you, if you are wanting a WordPress website then you will need hosting!

Now we don't want to confuse you further but there is also 2 types of WordPress websites...

Check back in on Tuesday for an explanation on the two different types of WordPress websites 😉.


Do you have a WIX website with a booking system?

Wanting the latest scoop?! Perks of being a WIX Partner 💪.

An enhanced booking experience is almost here!

In the next couple of weeks, any of our clients’ websites with Wix booking capabilities will be automatically updated to the new and improved version.

With this update our clients will be able to:

😎Experience a new look and feel to pages like Orders, Checkout & others.

😎Charge custom amounts, tips and more.

😎Access new features like gift cards, refund & tax options.

😎Offer a better checkout experience.

And the best part about it is... No need to do anything on your side or ours, simply keep a look out for an email confirming the update has finished. This upcoming email will also equip you with the knowledge of how to make the most of the new capabilities.

You're welcome 🤓! Don't forget to share this juicy news with your friends!


From everyone here at VSS, we want to thank each and every one of our beautiful clients for the epic year we've had!

We cannot wait to hit the ground running on Monday 9th January 2023 but for now, we're all going to enjoy some much-needed r&r with our families 🥰.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays. See you next year xx


Meet the Team!

Sally is an Administration Consultant with over 25 years of extensive administration experience in a diverse range of industries including Allied Health, QLD Education, WA Remote Local Government, Domestic Violence, Private Enterprise and as a Small Business Owner.

Sally loves working on getting small business owners organised, social media marketing, presentations, reporting, CRM management and content creation.

Sally is a rare breed, she's always up for the challenge and will figure anything out if she doesn't know it already! She truly loves her work and enjoys supporting her clients, making their lives easier and creating order in their worlds.

We're so proud to have her as part of the A-team!


Meet the Team!

VSS has a new Business Manager and we can't wait for you to get to know her...!

Emma has over 8 years experience in recruitment and events management. She is a problem solver at heart who is focused on meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and creating an overall positive experience for clients.

She is extremely organised and thrives on managing all the moving parts to bring a project successfully together within the deadline.

Emma is passionate about helping small businesses to solve their problems by always providing holistic and educated recommendations that support them long-term. She always shows a level of empathy, understanding and genuine care for all her clients and nurtures their business as if it were her own.

We're so proud to have her as part of the A-team!


Do you really NEED a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Managers can take the stress out of managing your presence online.

Social Media Managers analyse your social media audiences and develop a strategy that's tailored to your business. They create and distribute content for social media profiles, monitor online conversations, and collaborate with industry influencers.

At Virtual Support Superstars we can:
- Create a Social Media Strategy that works for your business
- Report on Social Media Analytics
- Complete regular Social Media Audits
- Manage your Content & Graphic Creation
- Create and monitor relevant Hashtags
- Develop customised social media plans to suit your business and connect with your audience

Check out our website today!


Do you take the time to analyse your own processes? You're probably thinking, what does that even mean...

Well we were having a conversation around processes and it dawned on us, as standard practice, we like to keep changing and adjusting our internal processes to see what is and isn't working for our business. From that conversation (which we find normal), it sparked others around us to confirm in fact that they do not do this...

Do you analyse your own processes in your business? It's a great way to work out what is and isn't working so you can better your business each and every time!

If you are looking for a team who wants to ensure your businesses success, feel free to book a free 30 minute connection call with us today!



Let us do the thinking for you!

Do you need help with graphics or content creation? Let us put our thinking caps on and manage your social media channels for you!

Looking for more of a DIY approach? We also offer social media coaching!

We offer:

🌸Content creation
🌸Content strategy
🌸User engagement
🌸Hashtag research
🌸Social media coaching

Take the stress out of your socials with VSS, book in a free connection call with us today


Testimonial from another happy VSS client!

"Saved our lives! Sally was super quick and amazing.

Stacey was so great to deal with, very happy!'

We are so grateful for our amazing clients!


Andddd just like that, another beautiful website is on show for the world to see!

thanks for believing in our vision and allowing us creative licence to come up with your NEW website!

Definitely make sure you check out her PJ range, they are just beautiful!


Looking to outsource those pesky administrative tasks that are always making their way back onto your to-do list?

You know, the ones that get pushed to the bottom and never seem to get completed 😂? We all have them!

Imagine having someone else take those tasks off your hands!!

We offer:
- Formatting documents and presentations
- Basic and complex, repetitive admin tasks
- Email management
- And more!

Let us support you with your admin so that you can focus on what you do best! Book in a free connection call here:


Are you a QLD based resident? Could you use a $5000 grant in your business?

This support includes funded activities in 5 priorities:

Training and coaching
Website build or upgrades
Professional business advice
Strategic marketing services
Business continuity and succession.

Open for applications on 24th November 2022 from 9am.

Don't forget 😉 websites are our jam! DM us today!



Did you know that the average time a Facebook user is on the platform is 58 minutes??

58 minutes might seem like a long time, but it doesn’t mean users spend five minutes analyzing each post on their feeds.

In fact, the average user will only spend 1.7 seconds on a single piece of content.

This means you only have that long to catch someone’s attention.

With only 1.7 seconds to grab their attention, how are you going to connect with your audience today?


Feeling stuck, unmotivated or stressed?

Are you over boring, mundane business tasks?


Book a connection call with us today and see how we can help take the stress out of your daily business tasks.


What is the difference between working IN and ON your business?

We start off by having a distinctive line on the time we use for both working IN our business and working ON our business.

But... when that line starts to waver and the need for working ON the business is taking up our creative space, that's when we start to realise that something needs to change.

If you're struggling to think clearly, getting confused on the order in which your tasks need to be actioned, or simply just running out of time, then its a good idea to start thinking about outsourcing.

Set yourself some time to do what you do best and let us take over the rest!

If you want to talk through your task list, gain clarity and learn what type of tasks you can outsource, we offer free 30 min calls!

Book via link below;


Do you get bored reading your own website?

Is it slow to load? Tired? Outdated?

If you need help to refresh your website, or completely revamp it so you can put your best web-based foot forward...


We offer:

- Website builds

- Content creation

- Audits

- Maintenance

- Re-designs

To find out more contact us today on:
E: [email protected]
M: 0425 233 660


Maybe you need an online business manager!

An online business manager is a remote based business manager & mentor.

OBM's handle the day-to-day management of projects, operations, and team members. In short, they coordinate and manage the different aspects of your business while you channel your attention towards growing it.


At VSS we pride ourselves on offering the BEST services from:
- Online Business Management
- Social Media Management
- Website Design and MORE!

If you are ready to ditch the stress, comment below!!


What is a Virtual Admin?
A virtual administrator is a self-employed worker who specialises in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office. Tasks a virtual assistant might perform include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing social media and email accounts.

Why hire a VA?
- Takes the stress out of doing the mundane business duties
- Gives you more free time to do what you love
- Allows you to delegate jobs
- Provides you with a team to support you

Need a VA? We got you!


Let's play a game!

Reply in the comments below with your favourite option.

1 - Facebook or Instagram
2 - Website or Linkedin
3 - Youtube or TikTok
4 - Online Copies or Hard copies
5 - Email or Text

Let us know in the comments below!



Does your website need an overhaul? Not getting much traction?

Book in a Website Audit with VSS today and take your website worries away!

We offer comprehensive website audits that are tailored to your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help get your website back on track!

[email protected]



You may have seen recently that Instagram has finally made the move to REELS. Meaning all of your grid posts are slowly being lost as the algorithm favours videos and in particular, Reels.

There has been a HUGE outcry from the Instagram community as it doesn't feel like the same platform anymore. Essentially, they are slowly becoming another version of TikTok.

Why change something that wasn't broken? Well, trends suggest people LOVE a good TikTok, the ever evolving social media market is a tough place to be for a business owner. We need to be able to adapt.
Here are some tips for creating reels, so you can be seen on Instagram:
1 - Create simple, short videos with little text - add text to the caption (PRO TIP: people love a good behind the scenes reel😏)
2 - Lead your audience to your grid, website or email
3 - Add some popular music to boost the algorithm
4 - HAVE FUN with them

If you want to know more about how to create Reels or boost your exposure online contact us today! [email protected]



Have you been overwhelmed by the constant new Social Media Platforms?

Yeah.. there are ALOT!

Newly added is Be.Real, an app that asks you to capture what is in front of you within 2 minutes of a notification, No filters, No time to pose, just what you are doing right there, right then.

It's quite a cool concept, different to the heavily filtered lives we see on socials.

What do you think? Is this something you would add to your ever growing list of social media platforms?

Comment Below

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