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// Think GREEN♻️// Our Eco-friendly reusab le bamboo tumblers certainly tick all t he boxes - made from a ble nd of natural organic bamboo fibre a nd Polypropylene. They are renewable, biodegradable lightweig ht and very durable.

Kidd Electrical

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We love seeing happy customers a nd we LOVE locals supporting LOCA LS! Thank you Kidd Electrical for trusti ng us with your face masks. We thi nk they turned out great too!

If your local to the Singleton ar ea and need some electrical work do ne be sure to give Scott a nd Emma a call.

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Love these!!!
Kidd Electrical
What can I say! 😍 Ki dd Electrical
We love these! 😊

Kidd Electrical
Servicing fields- Residential, commerci al, rural and light industrial.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 27/05/2022

🚨 🔐 Perfect for feeling sa fe, when your home
Or away. 🔐🚨

Call us f or your free quote. 0413407245 or 0403678803.

Or send us a pm.

Photos from Singleton Junior Rugby League 's post 22/05/2022

Another great weekend of footy.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 13/05/2022

Singleton junior rugby league sponsors.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 10/05/2022

💎Crystal clear. 💎

😎Turn night in to day, with these bad boys. 😎

☀️🌙The se Dahua cameras are just as cle ar at night as they are in t he day. ☀️ 🌙

🚨 Th ey have sirens, white light, and r ed and blue deterrent lights. 4K ult ra high definition lens with a 5 0m motion sensor. 🚨

💡Also installed industrial securi ty sensor LED flood lights. 💡

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 09/05/2022

A big day spent at t he stunning brand new home.

💡💨From batt en lights to down lights.
New penden ts, bathroom heat lights and new Eg lo fans with lights. 💨 💡

Call Scott for your free quo te today.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 04/05/2022

Before and afters from todays job.

Comple te home renovations 🔨👷‍♀️

📱 For a fr ee no obligation quote call Scott on 0413407245. 📱

We can’t wait for the full e nd result of this beautiful home.



✅Check your smoke alarms. Or ca ll us to replace them. Every 10 yea rs they should be replaced. ✅

🔥 A nd if you have a fire pla ce in your home, you should alwa ys have a hardwired smoke alarm in t he ceiling. 🔥

🚨If your wanting smo ke alarms in your roof cavity, or t he ones in your home Replace, ca ll us for a free quote. 🚨

Don ’t leave it till it’s too la te. Smoke alarms save lives. ❤️

📱 Ca ll 0413407245 or message us on Facebo ok. 💻

Archer Guihot 01/05/2022

Archer Guihot

Jump on board and help Arch er get to his goal..

Archer Guihot I have made the decision to ma ke a difference by cutting and donati ng my hair to be made in to a wig for someone who h as lost their hair due to a medic al condition. Please help me and rai se funds for Variety.


We Will Remember Them.

Lest We Forg et. ❤️

Photos from Hunter Designer Kitchens's po st 19/04/2022

Another great kitchen by Matty Hunt er Designer Kitchens Cheers for the po st Matty.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 13/04/2022

Mandy Turner Nicole Proctor Andrew Proct or

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 13/04/2022

How good is this. Winners a re grinners.

So glad 2 beautiful family ’s get to enjoy their new Gif ts.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Easter everyo ne! See you all next week..

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 11/04/2022

👨‍🔧👷‍♂️The Boss was hard at it today.👨‍🔧👷‍♂️

Am ps, volts, circuit breakers, numbers, rambles, calculatio ns, testing, work codes, safely equipment, scre ws, drills, conduit, heavy tools, lots of cab le, And I mean lots of cable! !!! lots of sweat, and so mu ch Sun ☀️ and by the e nd we were still getting along!!



Yes the Bo ss took the REAL Boss to wo rk. 🤦🏼‍♀️👷‍♀️

👩‍💻 And let me tell y ou, by the end of it, I w as lost and confessed. I think I shou ld just keep at the books. 👩‍💻

The re will never be such thing as ta ke your wife to work day. 🤣🤣


Thanks to Hendrix and his frie nd for raffling off our esky winn er.

1st prize goes to Mandy Turn er
2nd prize to Nicole Proctor
3 rd prize to Manda Watts

Thank you everyo ne for sharing and liking our pa ge. We really appreciate it. And a b ig congrats to all our winners. 😊

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 08/04/2022

💡Nothing worse then no outside lights.💡

L ED downlights lite this place up we ll.

📱 Call us for your fr ee quote. 0413407245 or 0403678803.


What a day!!!! CONGRATS JESS

Ov er $4000 raised for leukaemia foundation, in hono ur of a wonderful man.

Jess Anderson we a re so proud of you and so hap py to be apart of a wonderf ul day, for yourself and Our wonderf ul KIng Street Public School.

You smash ed it. 💪🏻

Photos from Singleton Junior Rugby League 's post 31/03/2022

Thanks SJRL 😁🔌💡

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 29/03/2022

Lights 💡 Camera 🎥 Acti on 🚨

Pendent lights power points and fa ns inside.

And Cameras outside.

_📸Don’t lea ve it too late. Everyone is t he past few weeks have left it t oo late. 📸

🔐get us in befo re the damage is done, not aft er. 🔐

Look how clear these reolink camer as are. ✔️

4K ultra high definiti on, motorized lens, bright lights, 3T ha rd drive.

Free quotes available .


💡Trustworthy 🔐 reliable ⚡️great prices 🔌

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 26/03/2022

🤓Night time colour view of o ur new
“Reolink” cameras.🤓

🔐 Another cryst al clear view of your home duri ng the night or when your n ot home. 🔐

🌈The best about viewi ng in full colour, is clothes, ca rs, shoes, or number plates, bikes e tc don’t go un-noticed or are n ot only seen in black and white. .🌈

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 24/03/2022


🐰 East er giveaway🐰

4 Simple things. 🥰


🤞 good luck and our winn er will be announced on the 8/4/ 22. 🤞

We have brought x5 vouchers wor th $20 each from our local sho ps.

Evidence Board Co. Moss and Twi ne Cervo'z Cafe & Catering Redbournberry Clothi ng Co. and SportsPower Singleton.

Hats whe re made by Active Embroidery o ur signage by Incite Graphics and stub by coolers
By Jill Patterson.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 23/03/2022

A day we’ll spent.

Dahua y ou have done it again. ✔️

Crystal cle ar picture and it’s absolutely incredible.

Than ks for having us today Gerard a nd Amanda. We really appreciate it.

🚨sire ns
🗣two way talk
💡sensor lights
📀N VR recording
🎥4K ultra High definition camer as

📱Call for a free quote 0413407245 or 0403678803.

World’s Greatest Shave 23/03/2022

World’s Greatest Shave

Next month A Wonderful client of ou rs is shaving her head for T he Leukaemia Foundation. A Blood cancer th at has recently taken the life of a wonderf ul man/husband/dad and pop. It has tak en so many lives for so lo ng now. 💔

This plays a strong pa rt of our lives and our ki ds School Community at King Street Publ ic School, one of the LSO’s Wi ll be going bold.

As our gestu re of how much this means to us, Kidd Electrical, Have supplied all t he hot dogs/buns/poppers and Easter eggs f or the 6/4/22, They are being so ld to all the kids and 1 00% of the funds raised from th is will go to help Jess Anders on get to her goal.

To he lp her raise as much money a nd Awareness as possible for such a horrib le disease. 

Please find the link bel ow if you would like to dona te. Everything helps.

WELL DONE JESS!!! Y ou should be so proud of yourse lf. ♥️

World’s Greatest Shave I’m taking part in to he lp beat blood cancer! Please sponsor me tod ay.

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 22/03/2022

Clear as.. How good when yo ur away and a notification comes on yo ur phone that there is a cra zy human at your front door. 🎥📷

Luc ky we have the funniest neighbours. A nd we love a little payback. 😁😂😜

Samantha Knodl er

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 18/03/2022

How different are both these fans.

A nd once hung in this incredibly beautif ul home, they looked awesome.

✔️outdoor f an.
✔️high pitched ceilings
✔️eglo fans

The se are the jobs I absolutely lo ve.


📱 call Scott for yo ur free quote. 😊
0413407245. Or Emma on 0403678803.



These commerci al dahua cameras are absolutely incredible. Th ey are everything you could possibly wa nt.

✔️8MP 📷
✔️sirens 🚨
✔️lights 💡
✔️phone acce ss 📱
✔️perfect picture 🖥
✔️night into day ☀️ 🌙
✔️activat ed settings
✔️NVR system 📦
✔️3T HD 📀
✔️mounti ng brackets 🔨
✔️POE 🔌

📱Ca ll or message us for your no obligati on free quote..

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 13/03/2022

‼️6 or 8 Cameras for an incredib le price ‼️

These cameras are a sta nd out for quality and price. 🎥

A ll the information is there. 💻

Messa ge us on Facebook for your fr ee quote. 📖

They have all t he extras

✔️Two way talk 🗣
✔️Phone Notificatio ns 📱
✔️Light activations 💡
✔️Sirens 🚨
✔️Ext ra memory SD card 🖥
✔️3T hard dri ve 📀
✔️Up to 16 cameras 📷
✔️ 4K Ultra High Definition 🎥
✔️Car and Fa ce recognition 😊



We have an exciting next f ew weeks with the install of a ll these cameras. 🎥

🔐 The owne rs of these bad boys won’t mi ss a thing now. 🔐

F or you free quote simply message us on Facebo ok or call Emma 0403678803.

4K ultra hi gh definition with a 3T HD.. 😱


SALE!! 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

X4 Ultra High Definition 4K he at detection. cameras also come with bui lt in microphone, starlight 8 channel HD b ox and 1T of storage..

♦️Sale wi ll only last as long as t he system is on sale. ♦️

💰 Depos it required and install will be do ne in March.

ONLY $1500 + g st fully installed 🔧

You can al so add cameras later on, with ligh ts and two way talk.

🔐 Se nd us a message today and fe el safe when your are in yo ur own or away. 🔐


Monday mornings in ISO…

Thanks everyo ne for understanding, and changing your instal ls.


Transformed this beautiful old home yesterd ay.


What an amazing job our clie nt has done re-painting and styling it a ll. All the new lights and PowerPoin ts absolutely added to the finishing lo ok.

✅ New LED down lights.
✅ N ew LED dimmable Eglo fans
✅ Over 24 n ew double PowerPoints
✅ New LED pende nt lights in kitchen and hallway.
✅N ew single and double gang switches

For a No obligation Free Quo te call Scott on 0413407245. Or Em ma 0403678803.

Or send us a Facebo ok message on our page. 😊

9 Jillaroo Way, Muswellbrook, NSW 2333 07/02/2022

9 Jillaroo Way, Muswellbrook, NSW 2333


One of o ur beautiful clients, is selling their magnifice nt home. 🌸

We have spent a l ot of hours lighting this place up, but not as many as t he owner has organising and putting A cla ss design on this home.

The po ol house is absolutely stunning and t he view is incredible.

I’ve never se en such elegance in a home li ke this before.

We wish her a ll the best with the sale a nd look forward to working on h er next home. 🥰

9 Jillaroo Way, Muswellbrook, NSW 2333 A spectacular custom built wide fronta ge home situated in one of t he Upper Hunter's favoured small acreage fami ly estates. Every detail has been thoug ht about during the 2021 renovation a nd update of this great entertainer• 3 x separa te living areas include formal, casual & children 's retreat...


14 cameras 📸 installed at th is stunning home on Acreage. Safe to s ay no one will be getting in to this place without being seen. 👀

Photos from Kidd Electrical's post 24/01/2022


We stock these beautiful eglo fans in whi te and black. Lights on fans al so come dimmable.

48inch or 52inch wi th 20watt LED LIGHT.
Warranty included wi th all fans.

☀️Full install and supp ly with Light
$399.00 + GST.
☀️ Supply and replace of old f an with light $359.00 + GST.
☀️Ju st supply of fan with light $259. 00 + GST.

☀️Full install without light $329. 00 + GST.
☀️Supply & replace exisiting f an $369.00 +GST.
☀️Supply just fan $198.00 + G ST.

✅ Discounts for multiple fa ns and installs.


📲☎️Message or ring us for yo ur free quote.
0413407245 or 0403678803
Messa ge us on Facebook. 👨 📖

We are also fully vaccinated & Cov id safe.💉


🌞 All good things must co me to an end. 🌞

🏖 We wi ll be back into it on Mond ay, after having a wonderful 3 wee ks at the beach. 🏖

💉 😷 A tm we are fully Covid free a nd hope to stay that way. T he Boss will be equipped to ke ep himself and others safe. 💉😷

✅ If yo ur in need of any electrical wo rk, give us a call. The ye ar is already booking up quickly.

Security cameras in stock ready to insta ll. 📸

💨 fans ready in stock to insta ll and keep the air flow in yo ur home. 💨

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CHECK THIS OUT! After photos in commen ts





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