F1 in Schools Australia

F1 in Schools Australia


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A great article for anyone interested in studying Automotive Design.
Links at the end list top notch schools worldwide which offer programs specifically in this field.
Just wondering what software people are using to test aerodynamics etc. We used to use Autodesk FLO but its been discontinued. One of my students tried to download Autodesk CFD ultimate but it won't load. Starts to and then dies. Anybody had similar issues. Any solutions?

Worldwide High School Competition - Design, Manufacture and Race your very own miniature F1 Car and win an invitation to the World Championships

F1 in Schools – Australia is an initiative of Re-Engineering Australia Foundation (REA). REA is a not-for-profit organisation with committed partners providing exciting yet challenging educational programs in engineering and design through action-learning of science, maths and technology.

Operating as usual

youtube.com 16/12/2020

F1 in Schools - 2020 State Finals


youtube.com Join our hosts, Motoring Journalist Jon Thomson, and current Australian Rally Champion Harry Bates, as they present the 2020 F1 in Schools State Finals. Held...


Why F1 in Schools is cool.



SUBS IN SCHOOLS TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE - Tell your school about this! Registration now open 🖋 ✨

The 'Subs in Schools Technology Challenge' from Re-Engineering Australia Foundation is on again this year, and registrations are now open!.

Students design either a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) or a submarine which they must operate. Alternatively they can build a three-dimensional virtual scale model of living quarters in a futuristic submarine.

Students develop a wide range of skills from design, engineering and manufacturing to the ‘soft skills’ sought after by industry (project management, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, communication). They have then added the complexities of underwater design, coding and electronics. Get your school registered today and involved in this amazing competition! https://bit.ly/3dWlMPG


Exciting to see teams continuously working on projects via online collaboration, here is a little summary of what Elysium has been doing for the past couple of months...

"We are Elysium, a team of five girls from Canberra High School and Queensland Academy of Health Sciences.

During the past few months of self-isolation, we have had to adapt to the new circumstances and alter how we work together as a team while remaining positive and productive.

We have been doing lots of different things over this isolation period. Sarah has been working on Blender so we can produce rendered images of the car. Annika has been working on creating photoshop images and designing the trade display. Emily and Lauren have been coming up with ideas for the car and testing how aerodynamic it is.

They are also looking at materials and designs for better wheels and noses. Alison has been working on keeping in touch with our community and getting a start on the portfolios. We have also been using programs such as Google Meet, Classroom, and Drive to make this online work easier."



Throughout isolation, Edge Performance and Frontier Racing from NSW have been working hard at rebranding and recreating. After the collaboration announcement, Celestial began work immediately, creating a new brand to represent Australia at the 2020 World Finals.

Who else has been rebranding during iso?


In Motion from TAS have celebrated their one year of participating in F1 in Schools! Congrats team.

The girls have been fortunate enough to collaborate together two days a week in current projects and additionally working towards getting their world finals team off the ground with team Seido. Hopefully, there will be an exciting announcement for the new team and brand, as they have been revamping a few things before stepping into professional class next season.

You go girls!


Nothing but smiles!


Update on World Finals

You may or may not already know that world finals in September have been canceled due to obvious circumstances.

We will aim to update you if anything else changes.


Two months ago today...

Hope everyone is staying safe and motivated during these times :)


Runners-up award for Professional Class awarded to Dark Matter QLD


Soar Racing QLD receiving 3rd place for Development Class :)


“In the time since the National Finals, Nebula have been assessing the feedback received from the judges, and working on improving all areas.
We have had several mentorship meetings, and are evaluating areas that need to be overhauled in preperation for the World Finals.
Overall, we are excited for the opportunity to represent Australia again at the 2020 F1 in Schools World Finals.”

[05/13/20]   We will be posting some updates from teams since the National Finals to provide an update on how groups are going, and what they have been up to.


Edge Performance

Back to Sydney we go, thank you so much to everyone over the week for making this experience so memorable, a special thank you to the @reafoundation for giving Edge Performance the opportunity to compete from the state finals, drastically evolving and changing since that time, Edge Performance was able to achieve 5th outright.
We are looking forward to any news within the following weeks!
To all of our supporters, thank you for helping us and believing in us! We wouldn’t of been able to achieve this remarkable result without your help and backing.
From all of us here at Edge Performance, we thank everyone who believed and supported us on this journey, we hope this isn’t the end 🤩


These two teams were constantly up on stage winning awards 😮

In Motion TAS winning Development Class for Best Manufactured Car and Best Engineered.

Whilst Nebula WA received Professional Class for Best Manufactured Car and Best Engineered.


Best Engineering CAD presented by Thierry Chevrot from 3D Experience Software came to the awards night all the way from France!

Development Class awarded to Aspect Racing (SA)
Professional Class awarded to Nebula (WA)

Amazing effort.



Look at these lovely ladies who came 2nd place on the night. Receiving awards for Best Team Portfolio, Best Engineered, Best Team Verbal Presentation AND Best Manufactured Car. A huge congratulations to @inmotion.rhs from Tasmania. You girls are so inspirational and I hope you kick your goals in the future! #f1inschoolsaustralia @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Best Team Innovation Award...

Development Class goes to Skorosk Racing NSW
Professional Class goes to Hydron VIC... That was their 2nd Award, their first one receiving the Pro award for Best Graphic Design 😮 Amazing work team !!


Engineers Australia attended the Friday Awards Night to present women in STEM awards! These were the three finalists, and the winner is Amelia Tegler (Far Left) from the sunny Gold Coast Christian College! 🤩


Outstanding Industry Collaboration Winners go to Momentum here from Melbourne, Albert Park College! (Development Class)

and for the all-girls team receiving Professional Class (well done 😍) Culturally (NSW)


Tasmania again! Well done to Five Elements for winning Best Managed Enterprise (Development Class)!

And well done to Vivacity (QLD) for winning Pro Class!😍


In Motion (TAS) won Best Verbal Presentation (Dev), Whilst Red Sprites Racing (TAS) won Pro! 😀


All the awards ready to be handed out... So many!


Best Team Trade Display winners are Seido VIC (Dev award). Unfortunately, they couldn't make it to the dinner, however, the Pro award was awarded to Nebula WA shown as pictured.
Great work guys!


Best Team Portfolio winners are In Motion TAS (Dev)! Congratulations


The First award for Best Graphic Design goes to Aspect Racing SA (Dev)! Awesome work.

[03/15/20]   Who is ready for some posts from the award night on Friday!


- Top 3 Teams Currently -

First Place: ASPECT RACING (1.075 Seconds)
Second Place: X-CALIBRE (1.089 Seconds)
Second Place (Draw): IN MOTION (1.089 Seconds)

A draw between X-CALIBRE & IN MOTION, both coming in second place! Well done to ASPECT RACING who is currently in the lead :)


Today is the 2nd day of the F1 in Schools Finals!
Here is a very special team from Pacific Hills Christian School in NSW... 'Frontier Racing'.
Amazing how most of these teams are having items made with their logo on it. So much time and effort into everything! Well done everyone!


X-CALIBRE from Adelaide High School Everyone!
Currently in 1st place with a score of 1.089 seconds.

Well done team!

[03/11/20]   F1 in Schools National Finals Australia 2020!
Brace yourselves for this exciting time of year, the F1 in Schools National Finals is here. 35 teams competing across Australia here today and tomorrow in Clayton, to detect which teams have the best performing miniature F1 racing car to then Compete in Singapore!

X-Calibre is currently first place, with a low score of 1.089 seconds.

Who do you think is going to win? Tag and share it with your friends!


F1 in Schools World Final Day 3 - Racing


F1 in Schools World Final


Victorian State Final F1 in Schools @ Scienceworks


Nicole Nader from BOEING Australia talks about STEM, Girls, Project Management & career pathways into Defence industries.


F1 in Schools Australia

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Why F1 in Schools is cool.
Nothing but smiles!
Right Royal F1 in Schools FunHyperdrive, F1 in Schools 2017 World Champions from Trinity Grammar Kew, today hosted the D...
Impulse Racing from Concordia Lutheran College QLD Vs Zero from Barker College NSW - Zero taking out line honours.





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