First Class Accounts - Seven Hills

First Class Accounts - Seven Hills

Dilum is a highly skilled bookkeeper based in Seven Hills who helps businesses take care of their accounts and discover ways to improve their cash flow.

Dilum is a bookkeeper based in Seven Hills, New South Wales with years of experience looking after accounts for businesses of all sizes. With a professional background in management accounting and compliance, Dilum excels at understanding business operations and helping clients achieve more with their finances. Dilum focuses on taking the time to listen and ask questions of all of her clients to discover all their bookkeeping needs and goals. She works with strict attention to detail and precise accuracy on all tasks, and prides herself on delivering each and every job by deadline. The satisfaction of her customers always comes first, and Dilum works hard to take care of the numbers so they can spend more time working on their business. After graduating from a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Law, Dilum began her career looking after the financial and legal compliance needs of a range of different businesses. She then moved into management accounting, where her focus shifted to analysing the performance of businesses in the manufacturing and electrical industries. Here, Dilum was recognised for a number of impressive achievements for her ability to isolate problem areas in company finances, and create effective strategies to fix them. She joined the FCA team as a franchisee to offer her services to the public with the support and backing of the largest accounts franchise in Australia. If you are looking for a bookkeeper you can rely on to manage your accounts as well as enhance your business, give Dilum a call today.

Operating as usual 07/10/2019

‘Don’t assume how employees will react to redundancy’

Redundancy is an unpleasant but sometimes necessary part of keeping a business viable and profitable. Change Ready CEO Simon Rountree shares his first-hand advice, and mistakes, on managing this thorny process. Redundancy is an unpleasant but sometimes necessary part of keeping a business viable and profitable. Change Ready CEO Simon Rountree shares his first-hand advice, and mistakes, on managing this thorny process. 04/10/2019

Why teambuilding days are in fact breaking teams | Inside Small Business

When numbers and spreadsheets are the focus, dealing with an underperforming team member can feel like an irritation. But new research indicates that ignoring the problem is costing individual business and the economy. So it's time to look beyond token team building exercises and tackle staff performance- and satisfaction - head on. A one-day teambuilding day won’t identify or correct deeper issues at play - that only comes through a deeper and consistent understanding of people. 02/10/2019

"My early decisions were rooted in fear": How good hires can set small business owners free - SmartCompany

Whether you are running a one-man show, you employ a few staff or you’re building a bigger vision, the bottom line is when it comes to your business, the buck stops with you — which can create the ideal breeding ground for unnecessary fears to flourish. Here's how to turn that around.... Most business owners decide to set up their own enterprise because they’re chasing freedom, but the flip side to that 'freedom' coin is often fear. 30/09/2019

How your business can gain millennials trust and loyalty

Generally speaking, millennials are bigger spenders than the generations before them. But whilst they may represent a gold mine, they are also extremely selective when it comes to where they splash their cash. For retailers grappling with how to keep millennial consumers coming back, here are some keys to building brand loyalty with millennials. Millennials (18-34 years old) are one of the most impactful groups of consumers globally. By 2030, they are estimated to account for 50 per cent of 27/09/2019

How the technology you use could be holding back your hospitality business

There’s no denying that technology has streamlined the process of providing quality service to customers.
However, with the constant evolution of technology, it’s hard to know which ones are worth investing into. Here are a few simple ways to ensure that you’re utilising technology in the right ways to best serve your business. Read on for a few ways to ensure that you're utilising technology in the right ways to best to serve your business. 25/09/2019

Budgeting tips every small business needs to know | Reckon Blog

If you are a small business owner, you should be virtually living for a budget. For good reason too, there are many rewards for savvy financial management and accurate forecasting. We assume you have the basics of budgeting and budgeting tools laid down already, so soak up a few tips on how to improve your budgeting. Poor budgeting can lead to planning errors when you are mapping your business’ expected income and expenditure. This could be catastrophic. If you are a small business owner, you should be virtually living for a budget. For good reason too, there are many potential rewards... 23/09/2019

'Stupid idea' wins prestigious Telstra Business Award - Dynamic Business

It always pays to listen to your gut and beleive in your ideas! AN idea that was rejected by an industry stalwart as the "the stupidest thing I've ever heard" has been awarded the 2019 Telstra Business Award . Future Golf which was launched by, Ali Terai in 2014 with a simple Facebook post and $100 website has turned into a game-changer, quite literally, for Aus... 20/09/2019

‘Antiquated FBT rules’ set for legislative tweak

Last week, Treasury released the exposure draft Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2019: Miscellaneous Amendments, seeking to replace the word “taxi” within the FBT Assessment Act and substitute it with “a car used for taxi travel (other than a limousine)”. A legislative fix has been proposed to solve a discrepancy within the current Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act that prevents ride-sourcing vehicles from qualifying for FBT exemptions. 18/09/2019

Hit a quiet period in your business? Here's how to embrace it

Running a solo business can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. One minute you are up to your eyeballs in work, wondering how you are going to get it all done AND sleep, and the next you are scrambling around for clients, worrying how you will pay the bills. It’s enough to seriously consider rejoining the workforce (OK, only joking)!
Here's how to get through those quiet times productively with reduced stress. Are you worried that business has dried up and you desperately need to get more work in the door – right now? Perhaps it is worth appreciating this quiet time as a gift and using it productively as a way to grow both professionally and personally. 16/09/2019

How business owners should approach their numbers - Xero Blog

So, in this day and age where accounting has been made a lot easier and financial information more transparent, how should business owners approach their numbers?
Xero on Air tries to figure it out. Money is a tricky topic for a lot of business owners. There’s the matter of how to account for it, how to present it, and of course, how to raise it. Having worked with plenty of startups over the years, I’ve noticed how their approach to their numbers varies. Some don’t prioritise accounting ... 13/09/2019

Want someone to invest in your business. Here's your to-do list

Getting the right partnership in place for business investments can prove to be invaluable – particularly in your early stages of development.
This could make all the difference in adding influential contacts, building your networks, providing useful mentoring and education as well as giving you a firmer footing with the all-important capital investment.
Here's some great steps to get you started. Securing the right venture capital can completely transform your startup. 11/09/2019

What is the office actually for?

This is a bit of a long read, but a really interesting article on the history and future of The Office. Where will we be in 20 years? Is open-plan the way to go, or do we go back to partitions and quiet spaces..? Ultimately an office space affects both how employees feel and how they perform, so in the name of great work, we should probably pay attention to it… While Pixar’s open-plan office has been an inspiration for many other offices in Silicon Valley, not all of these open principles have stood the test of time. With technology and working styles changing every year, Jobs’ vision for Pixar’s HQ design deserves a second look. So just as Jobs did ... 09/09/2019

Don't innovate, adapt: What retailers can learn from Ikea - Inside Retail

Consumers today have constant access to entertainment and communication through smartphones and the internet.
So adaptation remains far more relevant than innovation in business. Here's what you need to know to keep on-top of the adaptation game: Last year, Ikea announced it would open 30 new store concepts in urban centres. 06/09/2019

So you're considering a franchise business? Here's what you should know

Our Franchise Recruitment Manager here at First Class Accounts has written an article for MYOB that explains the ins & outs of buying a franchise. Well worth a read if you're considering a franchise business, or curious to know more about First Class Accounts. Whether you're considering buying into a franchise business or scaling your existing concept into a franchising model, there are several key things you should be aware of before committing to anything. 04/09/2019

Meet the woman running her eco-friendly business from her campervan

Starting a business can be risky endeavour. But starting a business that allows you the freedom to roam AND is good for the environment, well that's a story worth sharing. Years ago, Lauren Williams decided that the house deposit that she had saved with her partner was better spent on starting a business. 02/09/2019

Don’t fall behind: Improve your credit management through data and technology - Dynamic Business

A Small Business Insights Report by XERO found that two-thirds of SMEs were not yet connected to high-speed broadband and 30 percent of businesses still lodge their BAS statements in paper form, while 14 percent of small businesses use no IT in their accounting functions. Scary stats in this Digital Age.
Don't get left behind, it's time to look at updating your bookkeeping processes... It’s unmistakable that we live in a digital age. So many of our processes are now automated and streamlined through innovative technology. Accounting, marketing, communication, databases and more are all digitalised now. However, many small businesses are still running processes in the old school ... 30/08/2019

Giving negative feedback… negatively

Most small business owners can't afford their own HR department, so here is a great article that can help next time you need to give some feedback to your staff... Giving an employee a negative review? Be prepared for them to reject it. 28/08/2019

'Cashflow stress': Business owners worried about the economy as defaults spike - SmartCompany

It's good news for small business owners, with a recent survey of about 1,000 SME owners finding that worries about the economy aren’t necessarily tempering confidence, with one-in-two respondents confident in their prospects despite economic worries. Here's an interesting overview on the state of the economy from an SME perspective. Most business owners are worried about the economy over the next 12 months amid global trade tensions and talk of a possible recession in the US. 26/08/2019

Why Employers Need to Distinguish Employees from Contractors

Failing to classify workers correctly as an employee or contractor can land business owners in hot water. Determining whether your worker is an employee or contractor will impact the obligations you owe your new hire, as well as what rights they have at work. Here's what you need to know... Promoted by LegalVision. Determining whether your worker is an employee or contractor will impact the obligations you owe as an employer. LegalVision's Employment Guide answers what you need to know. 23/08/2019

What small businesses need to know about scaling and growth

When you’re running a small business, you can often feel like you’re maintaining a difficult balancing act between staying inside your comfort zone and pursuing the growth you need to fulfil your dreams.
It’s a tricky balance, absolutely – but one that can be found, if you structure your business accordingly. Here’s Nancy Youseff’s take on what you need to know about scaling and growing your small business… What you need to know about scaling and growth for SMEs When you’re running a small business, you can often feel like you’re maintaining a difficult 21/08/2019

'A nightmare': Funds push for tougher action to stop unpaid super

It's vital to get your payroll right - for you AND your employees. No matter how big or small your payroll run, be sure you speak to us about it so you can make sure your compliant and all of your obligations are met. Industry Super says businesses should pay wages and super at the same time, but businesses disagree 19/08/2019

How The North Face rediscovered its brand purpose - Inside Retail

In retail, people like to say the only constant is change.
US-based outdoor retailer The North Face has been immune to this fact in one key area. It has had the same tagline for the past 50 years: never stop exploring.
But does that motto still make sense for the brand in 2019?
This is a great read on the value of brand purpose and identity and how your small business can benefit from understanding your audience... By redefining its customers, the North Face rediscovered what it stood for – beyond just climbing mountains. 16/08/2019

How you can apply the Marie Kondo mentality to your work life

Whether you’ve read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, you’re probably familiar with the KonMari method. Her techniques work well for home and personal items, but can you take the key elements of decluttering, and relate it to your work life...? Does your job spark joy? 14/08/2019

5 things I learnt about my small business listening to Brene Brown

The demands on a small business owner vary greatly from those climbing the corporate ladder. But the roles do share some similarities, especially when it comes to leading people. If you need the help of others to get the work done then you need good leadership skills to do it well and prosper.
So how does a small business owner - without a HR department - negotiate a way around relationship roadblocks and inspire people to perform at their best...? There are many times when the nuances of small business ownership highlight how different things can be compared to corporate life. That’s not the case, however, when it comes to leading people. 12/08/2019

The key to keeping up: How to think like a futurist - Xero Blog

As our global workforce embraces digitisation, virtually every industry is undergoing massive change. From accounting to aerospace engineering, the pressure to stay current shows no signs of slowing. So how can we keep up in an increasingly fast-paced industry? The answer is surprisingly simple... Whether you’re a scientist mastering new machinery or a small business owner making the transition from Post-it notes to online accounting, everyone is asking the same question: how can we keep up in an increasingly fast-paced industry? The answer is surprisingly simple. ‘We can’t predict the ... 09/08/2019

Confounded co-founders: When business partnerships go bad

The business world is littered with failed relationships, but not all disputing business partners raise the white flag or hang out a “for sale” sign. So what can you do when the business is going well, but the partnership has turned sour...? The stresses of jointly running an SME can strain most interpersonal business relationships, sometimes to the point where co-founders believe they can’t continue. Fortunately, an equitable solution may not be out of reach, writes Mark Phillips. 07/08/2019

My side hustle: "I wanted to make what I'd experienced much easier for other women"

Staying motivated and balancing a 'side hustle' business with a paid job is a tough gig. Here's how one woman balances a demanding HR career with her own business, so she get's the most out of life. When her life took an unexpected turn, human resources manager, Tammi Cantori wanted to add more money and meaning to her life. And so began her side hustle! A business on the side that supports her financially while also boosting her confidence and enjoyment of life. 05/08/2019

A $23 trillion opportunity: Why Australia must embrace the AI revolution - SmartCompany

The idea of robots taking our jobs is not radically new.
But artificial intelligence (AI) is now completely reorganising the global economy. Some estimates of productivity-driven economic growth conclude that AI will contribute approximately $US16 trillion ($23 trillion) to the global economy by 2030.
Unfortunately — compared to the European Union, Japan, United States and United Kingdom — Australia has been relatively late in turning to address the challenges of AI
But a new ACOLA report is designed to change all this. Artificial intelligence is now completely reorganising the global economy — but Australia has been relatively late in addressing the challenges of AI. 02/08/2019

‘Why has it taken so long?’: Government pressed to close SG loophole

Last week, the government introduced Treasury Laws Amendment (2019 Tax Integrity and Other Measures No. 1) Bill 2019, with one of the measures looking to improve the integrity of the superannuation system by ensuring that an individual’s salary sacrifice contributions cannot be used to reduce an employer’s minimum SG contributions. The government has been pressed to push through a measure that will close a loophole that could be used by employers to short-change employees who choose to make salary sacrifice contributions. 29/07/2019

What exactly does it take to be an effective business leader? | Inside Small Business

Becoming a successful leader is something to which many people aspire but only a smaller number achieve. So what exactly does it take to be an effective business leader? A business leader needs to concentrate on inward reflection and uphold a simple but focused ethos towards their work and their professional relationships. 26/07/2019

What is PPSR, and why should small business owners care about it? - Dynamic Business

In the event of a customer or supplier’s liquidation, PPSR essentially protects your security interests. The PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) came into existence in 2012 as a result of the PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act 2009).
So why is PPSR necessary? Ever heard of PPSR and just had no idea what it was or why it was important? CreditorWatch understands, and has put together an easy explanation for Dynamic Business readers, as it's something that all small business owners should be aware of. Byline: Patrick Coghan, CEO, CreditorWatch




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