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Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 30/04/2022

My girl is ENGAYGED! 🌈😍❤️ and she pulled off the most amazing surprise proposal 😭😭😭 Danica didn’t see it coming at all and it was just perfect and beautiful and I’m just SO happy they found each other in this life and that I got to be part of it all 😭❤️

Also can we please acknowledge Amy’s insane floristry skills I mean wtf!?!! Those flowers 😫😍

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 20/02/2022

Family sessions bring me SO much joy…the love, the chaos, the fun! Everything about them 🥰 you want your session to be the kind of experience that when you tell your family the next year that you’re having photos again they are excited 🙌🏼

That’s what this session was last night …by the end the kids are in their undies in the waves not wanting to leave. Can’t wait to be back from maternity leave, creating magic like this again with you all ✨

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 23/08/2021

absolutely obsessed with what my sister and I created today for a little creative project 💫 and just look at her beautiful 34 week twin bump! 😍❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 07/08/2021

my newest little niece baking away in this gorgeous belly 🥰♥

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 17/04/2021

obsessed with this session!!!! 🥵🔥 absolutely perfect night at beach with this gorgeous trio 😍

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 23/03/2021

A few faves from the most beautiful motherhood session on a warm, breezy evening at the beach 🥰 loving on these gorgeous tones so much! 😍

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 21/03/2021

Last night with my beautiful friend and her little fam 💫 we hung out at the special spot they usually ride their bikes too and what a night for it 😍😍😍 I love this dear friend of mine and I look forward to another 17yrs of friendship - I’ll post our glow up in stories 😂😂😂

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 08/03/2021

Everything about this session ✨

I have had 3 shoots and second shot a wedding since Friday and I am ready to slowwww tf down for the rest of the week (until next weekend anyway 😉) I got a message off the BTS vid of this session to tell me I have the best job and I 1000% agree 🥺 My work is my heart and soul and I have so much fun but just putting it out there that I do definitely struggle and while it is fun it’s not always easy...when you run your own business you don’t really ever switch off from it. I’m yet to find the perfect balance..does it even exist? How does that saying go...if you do something you love, you’ll work everyday of your life? Something like that 😂🤪

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 26/02/2021

I’m gonna end my week with a few photos from my brothers session 😵 I LOVE taking photos of my own family, they all are so supportive of what I do and I literally couldn’t do it without them all and their help with my kids!! 🥺❤️

Callum and I both have a hugeeeee couple of months work coming up so we are taking some time out for a date night tonight and I can not wait!!!! first stop is the hairdressers though...any guesses what colour I’ll be going today!?! 😏😂

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 24/02/2021

couldn’t help myself last night and whipped up a quick preview of this session!! (Yolo..I’ll sleep when I’m dead 🤟🏼😂) but omfg there is tooo many goodies!!! Can’t wait to finish this one!! Thankyou Nicki & Jordan - total babe legends!!! 🥰❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 21/02/2021

During every session there is always a particular photo I take and immediately know it’s the ONE! I get home import the photos and search for it straight away 🤣 For me this session, it’s the second pic in this soon as I took it I knew... I love everything about it...mums windswept hair and adoring gaze, baby’s big gummy smile, dads hands wrapped around those baby toes. Ugh 😍 such a dreamy session!

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 31/01/2021

Welcome to the world, Selah Cove ❤ I just adore meeting the beautiful little babies from the bellies I photograph 🥰

To everyone in WA, stay home and stay safe! Hopefully this lockdown is short and sweet so we can return to 'normal' life! I plan to enjoy this time with my family and also hope to get up to speed with all of my editing so I can start fresh when I can shoot again ❤

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 18/01/2021

SO, Saturday was EPIC! Kym and I go wayyyy back so when she asked me last year to be part of their suprise wedding, I just couldn’t say no!

Their nearest and dearest all arrived to the ‘engagement party’ with no idea (and I mean NO ONE knew not even the mums 😂) it wasn’t until I gathered them all for a ‘group photo’ that the incredible @kirkgoodsellcelebrant arrived to announce that he was the MC for the night - “which actually means marriage celebrant”!!!!! Just AMAZING!

Venue: Como The Treasury & Moana Hall
Celebrant: Kirk Goodsell
Florist: Elke Flora
DJ: Yon Jovi
Videographer: Westwolf Media

**please note I am not taking on wedding bookings 🙏🏻❤️**

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 07/01/2021

Coming at ya with a real VIBE 😍 I’ve had a vision of a shoot like this for the longest time and damn it felt good to bring it to life! 🙏🏻 We strolled, ate ice cream and swam... just like a regular summer arvo here in this beautiful place we call home 🌞

Aside from these creative sessions being good for my soul, they are also so important for me to show you that there are NO RULES when it comes to your session - we can do anything and the more authentic to you and your family the better 🙌🏻

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 30/12/2020

My little sister and her FIANCÉ!!!! 🥺🎉👏🏻 I mean?!?!?!?!?!? 😍🔥

I LOVE being able to document all the special milestones for my family - my photography career started with them! They believed in me and supported me all the way! They let me take photos of them constantly for practice and now they all share the load and look after my kids for me when they can while I’m at shoots! I am incredibly blessed to have them all and I love them dearly! 😭🙏🏻

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 09/12/2020

RIP ME ☠️ I introduce to you the human versions of sunshine...these guys are pure joy and good vibes...the kind of people who bring you cooked dinner when your kids are sick 🥺 I am dead over this session and this location!!! 🥰❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 29/10/2020

Nothing cuter than an adorable baby in a field of sunlit bunny tails 😍 loved my evening with this gorgeous, fun loving and down to earth family to celebrate their baby girl turning ONE! 🎈

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 14/10/2020

Could not wait to edit and share a few from this absolute magic session! What a DREAM family - these guys SHOWED UP and just loved on each other from start to finish. I can't describe how wonderful it is to be invited into peoples lives so intimately and being able to capture such precious memories. So grateful 🥰❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 08/10/2020

Would ya look at this sweet little fam 😩🥰 how hard would it be to manage a puppy and 2 small children with a FIFO husband??? Asking for a friend 😂🤔

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 06/10/2020

The most wholesome family session!!! I would like to take the opportunity to say THANKYOU to my wonderful clients for sharing & tagging me in your photos...I had two sessions this weekend and both were referred by/friends of one of my previous clients!! Your shares, tags, referrals & recommendations are literally what keep me busy doing what I love and I'm so grateful for that!! ❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 05/10/2020

Such a hard time choosing just a few images for a preview from this gorgeous and beautifully chaotic session! Laid back and down to earth family, dreamy location and that sunset!! 😩👏 Willow and Freya are the exact same ages as my girls and I literally felt like I was at home with these 2 firecrackers...Willow was even asking to come home with me at the end of our time together🥺😭 ...but I said no because one 4 year old is enough 😂🙅‍♀️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 27/09/2020

Sunrise session with my fave surfie fam to celebrate gorgeous Archers first lap around the sun 🌞 we did a similar session when Halli turned 1 and little Archie was only a little bean in mamas belly 😫😍 bloody love my families ❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 18/09/2020

this family though 🔥🔥🔥they are proof that as long as there is love, light (and a good sense of humour) we can still make magic happen despite the cold wind, the poo explosion within the first 5 mins and the tired baby! 😂 life doesn't just stop when you're at your session but if you can let it go and trust in me, it's alllll gravy baby 😎❤️

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 15/09/2020

we all had an impromptu workout up and down the hills for this session but TOTALLY worth it for this sunset!!!! 😍 damn it's good to be back!!! 🤜🤛

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 06/09/2020

My first session back from holidays and what a dream with the most beautiful & loving family 🥰🥰🥰

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 11/08/2020

absolute dreamiest session with this gorgeous pair 🔥😍 I have almost caught up on my editing and plan to get the last of my galleries out in the next few days!! Please bare with me though as we do fly out to sunny little Broome tomorrow and then will be on the road for 3 weeks camping through our beautiful North West, so I will have limited if any reception at times! Will be responding to any enquiries / urgent emails when I can and I hope to be able to share some of our trip as we go!! 🥰

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 08/08/2020

just needed to share this magic from a recent maternity session 😍

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 02/08/2020

the absolute best time with this gorgeous family last night! We were blessed again by the weather gods with another beautiful sunset and it was actually warmer in the water than it was out haha 🙏 Thankyou to my families for always showing up and having the best time with me!! 🥰

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 25/07/2020

I love indoor newborn sessions but I definitely think outdoor newborn sessions are underrated!! Remember we can always do a bit of both if you wanted to!! Absolutely loved this session and we were so blessed with the most gorgeous winter evening 🥰

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 24/07/2020

shoutout to all twin/multiple parents 😳🤯 holy heck - respect to you!!!! heres the Butchers as a family of now 5...they are officially outnumbered by their kids but absolutely nailing it!! 🥰

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 24/07/2020

I think 6 months has to be one of my fave ages to photograph - just look at those gummy smiles!!!!! 🥺😍😍😍

Photos from Shae Weightman Photography's post 17/07/2020

From a beautiful extended family session recently - yes I do these and I actually have so much fun with them!! I don't know if it's because I come from a big, super close family but I just adore all of the fun and connection and just watching everyone interact together. It is SO wholesome 🥰This is something I have been wanting to organise for our family - the hardest part is figuring out when we're all available!! 🤪

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